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We are the 99 percent


I'm a 23 year old Sophomore. I am majoring in History and International studies and plan on going to grad school to receive a PHD in History and East Asian Languages. I am thinking of becoming a pharmacist instead so that I can afford to take care of not only myself, but my family. I am only able to attend College because my grandfather is paying for the remainder of the fees (after financial aid) from his railroad pension and his 401K. I am blessed to have this help, but at the same time I worry that he will not have enough for his own expenses. My mother barely makes 12,000 a year as a school bus driver, with her money going towards food and what few bills that can be paid. My father's money goes towards his own bills and the care of his parents. I have been unable to find a job, I apply and am either not called in for an interview or do not get the job after a subsequent interview. I'm afraid that I will never get out of debt once I'm out of college.

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