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We are the 99 percent


Dear people:

Just so gosh darn proud of what you are all doing, and wish I could physically join you. My story? Was raised up on the American Dream. My father's folks sailed right by 'ole' Lady Liberty on the way up to upstate N.Y. Mother's folks, a century earlier, came through NOLA, melded with the locals, and the Original People along the Missouri River. The American principles, as they are already written down, with some inspiration by some of the early N. E. Native Americans, I think are pretty cool. One nation, indivisible w/ liberty & justice for all ... equally! ... w/ certain inalienable rights; the pursuit of happiness/ freedom! When I say The Pledge, I say under the Creator of All, and keep my hand on my heart. I am still a believer in the American Dream, and the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and totally for Civil Rights.

Come a parade through my town, the family gathers up the lawn chairs, drinks & snacks, and off we go, & I wave the flag w/ the rest of my community, and think of my father's military funeral after serving in two world wars, and I always cry when 'Amazing Grace' is sung. My Kucinich for President bumper stick wore itself off. Obama 2012 replaced it. I feel it is my duty as a citizen to support our president once fairly elected. I have never missed voting in 47 years. My parents always took me with them as a child, as I did my children, and theirs.

I really like Pres. Obama, recognizing he is just one person, doing the best he can for family and country, while trying to stay alive politically and more than likely personally. He seems really smart and that gives me a lot of hope. It is up to us, the people, to direct him. I believe if the people, that he is sworn to represent, support him by clearly standing up and speaking out, so he has no doubt of the direction he needs to go, we can break those handcuffs that were placed on him when he became president by big money.

This nation must get the money, and the corporations., out of politics. No way the corporations are the people. Profit motives in politics, i.e., the people's voice, healthcare, clean air, water, food safety, all other critical human services, even prisons, is just fueling the greed for the few, the 1%. To me it is immoral, unpatriotic, and uncivilized. American can not be allowed, by it's own declarations, to be ruled by International Profit Kings. The Robber Baron's season has passed thankfully into history.

I heartily stand with the 99% who would rather deal in issues, not individual personalities, or particular parties. Regardless, I do consider myself a Democrat that believes that it is the people's responsibility, in whatever party they feel comfortable with, to make up, agree upon, and present to the public a platform that considers the well being of all Americans. Then we vote for the leader who swears to represent that viewpoint if elected, and work to make it policy.

I believe the truth matters, and the facts count, and I sincerely wish you, and yours, and theirs, all the best.

Victoria Wolf


My version of what the people want in America:


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