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We are the 99 percent


I'm a single Dad up in Gloucester, Ma raising two beautiful children in an America the exact opposite America I expected it would be. Hoped for 'Star Trek' got... "The Jetzons ON GLUE"...
I am 52, a former IBMer /Support Engineer / IT Director / Networking Expert Who has to scrounge work and had to give up the big house to keep the kids. I worry about what I am leaving for my 12 year old boy and my 9year old girl. They work like dogs get incredible grades and are fine human beings. When I look upon MY NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS AND COUNTRYMEN In Liberty PLAZA and the short straw they have gotten, and how the system's greed stuck behind me. ... I am ashamed for having been so gullible.
I have the following skills: After 25+ Years of recording the Grateful Dead, I can probably help out scrounging media stuff and when I get money in hand I can get away for a day or two to come help.
I worked for over 20 years in Tech Support for MicroSoft, Shiva Corporation (RemoteAccess), Intel Network Systems IBM/Lotus etc ... I can help remotely with data issues...
I hope and pray this is more than a moment. And my most heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who are already there taking up the cause.... PLEASE ... Let me know how I can help

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