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We are the 99 percent


Thanks to the OWS folks who have been successful at changing the dialogue across the nation, in the media, with legislators and even with that biggest of devils, the silent majority. Now, instead of causing so much civil difficulty with camps, I hope you will evolve the movement into something the working 99% can more easily support - like coming up with a platform with some specifics. Ask the Super Committee debate to be public and add a financial transaction tax on sale and purchase of stocks, ask to pass the bill to stop insider trading by elected officials (which has been sitting around collecting dust) and to get that consumer protection agency staff. Teach civics classes to encourage some of the 99% to run for office. Maybe switch to weekend camps or marches, but best to stop the "occupy" encampments unless you move them to Washington DC. OWS has been a marvelous success, but it's time to change tactics!

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