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I am sending you messages concerning very important principles that will work for all of us. Always remember that there is no freedom in the hungry stomach. And a man without a job is the fastest way to destroy this country from within. On this current program,our enemy is from within.There is no acceptable low level of employment when you are speaking of people's ability to sustain themselves. And the only reason that is poverty in this country at all is because we didn't take action years ago to change lower levels of unemployment then.
Right now you need adults in numbers there to protect you.You are in danger because Obama will be having a millionaire roast by you soon,perhaps Thursday.You could be slaughtered similar to what's happened in France,England and the mideast this year.The government will do whatever it takes to get rid of you so that the President looks pretty for the cameras and there are no protesters in sight. Since his presence is a national security issue, that gives them the right to seize everything, arrest, search, disperse your crowd by any method or even shoot you.Some help is on the way but I don't know when they will arrive.You need protection from any adults you can get.The more you have on your side, the less vulnerable you will be to attacks from the police and security forces.Also you immediately need film cameras.Write every college film and theater department immediately to announce your current protest and the one scheduled for October for the DC 10,000 man march on White House lawn and Congress. Send them your videos for proof of what's really going on.Pick liberal colleges and universities like many in California, Illinois etc.Right now you need rain panchos from CVS+Walgreens immediately, and to bag computers to wear them strapped to you in the rain. Do not store electronics in community piles because they are easily confiscated hat way during a seizure which is imminent at any minute.Electronics are the most interesting confiscation for them and yield the most information even though it has been deleted. You need hotels with kitchenettes.Book them for now and future protests in DC.Most important of all buy, only USA made products.Spread that word immediately. Avoid all imports immediately and write every retailer corporate office with daily letters from everyone demanding that USA products be put on the shelves from every category of clothing to electronics, housewares, tools, appliances etc. mentioning that you won't shop there again until the products are on the shelf. If you need something that is not available as USA made, shop thrift stores instead, buy resale, fix your old item or recycle.Your vote at the cash register is the only vote you have been left with that wields any real power. every dollar you spend,determines all the corporate actionin this country by the minute and the hour because of their obligation to their stock holders. Corporations are vigilantly defensive over their gigantic investments in their inventory, which means that one dollar in your consumer pocket has more power than any CEO salary.The entire economy is based on your decisions as a consumer, including the stock market. Inventory that sits without selling, triggers corporate panic, analyzation, introspection and a search for directions of the wave of consumer change.Computers are set up to ring bells with any consumer spending fluctuation just like they are set to analyze any changes in the stock market. Never forget this.Avoiding the purchase of imports has worked in past faster than anything government could do with the exception of changing the import tariffs and duties levied by way of the US Customs Service. In the 80's, the US Chamber of Commerce made demands to open the flood gates to cheap imports from cheaper labor markets that has ended up destroying this country's work force and any hope for future jobs that pay a livable wage.This is why now so many people are forced to work several jobs just to get by. And women were forced in to the labor market in droves.This used to not be the case. More recently,NAFTA and other similar trade treaties sucked the rest of jobs right out the south door and further weakened the US labor market. The injection into the economy by way of Government stimulus barely helps because it doesn't affect consumers directly where the change needs to occur. Returning to the middle class all of their own earnings by abolishing the income tax for everyone in the middle and poor class, would do far more in setting this economy back on a road of full employment and ending the presence of poor class at completely.The poor class is only a sign of lack of jobs and lack of educational opportunities that have not been addressed. Once these two items are corrected, the poor class will be no more.
Corporations will notice changes in consumer demands immediately when it affects their cash register activity. And to keep the money flowing through the door,they will find the way to meet the change in consumer demand.We are lucky in that most large retailers in the US are also the manufacturer of many of their products.Don't forget that they answer to the consumer at the bottom in terms of demand and they answer to other consumers again at the top who are stock holders with demands for higher and higher dividends. So they're surrounded and out numbered by consumers at both ends of the cycle. But the power is at the base where the numbers are.Avoid all imports and write every retailer you can think of daily with your well-drafted letters that you have copied and saved. And petition your own and every other Congress member to end Nafta and invoke the taxing authority of the US Customs Service demanding trade tariffs and duties against all imports, making them no longer the ideal choice to bring to the US consumer market. The US market is every manufacturer's end destination because of the spending power of the US consumer and the size of the market. Europe doesn't let many US products through the door in order to protect jobs in accordance with their unions demands.That's why G summits always causes violent protests word wide.The worlds labor force has seen what happened to the US labor force with the ridiculous open border policy with regard to importing and understands that it doesn't work for the people who live and work in the US, only for business.Why? Because there will always be some third world country somewhere to exploit and draw cheap labor from and further undermine the US work force. But the desirable USA consumer is always the goal for every manufacturer and importer because their products can sell at a much higher price here than elsewhere. Because of this, our power to make necessary changes is immense.That is why business fear protests and will destroy them by any method necessary to keep the status quo and protect their investments.To take decisive action to start reversing all of the damage that has occurred to this economy, every Congressman needs the barrage of constant letters of demanding change from voters in their own districts that list these exact changes mentioned here. This act effectively opens their ears by way of the threat of the vote. House of Representatives are most susceptible to voter demand because they are constantly campaigning to keep being re-elected every two years. Senators tend to be removed from voter demands due to their 6 year term cycle but if they are up for re-election within a year or so, they find a way to start listening. I have found that visiting their office and demanding to see the manager to file complaints is most effective, especially when used with an onslaught of letter writing. Avalanche them with the written word demanding change and threaten to vote them out if the changes are not made immediately. Hold local meetings with organizers from every voting district and demand change from every legislator in that district. Democrats are more responsive to problems concerning jobs and the unions needed to protect some of those jobs. Republicans are pro business using words like "freedom" from their arsenal of rhetoric confusion but meaning it to be used for corporations, not for people. Example:none of us have the freedom to choose USA products right now.They took that freedom away from us by turning our government against our working class. If they had left the USA products on the shelf like they should have, we wouldn't have the un-improvable amount of unemployment that we have right now. We are going to have to restore that freedom to choose USA products from store shelves ourselves by way of demand for change from them and waiting for them to comply.They wrap their corporate communism up with blankets of "family values, right to life'' issues and then drape it in logos of the US flag to form a multi layer facade used to fool simple people with simple Christian values into believing that voting for them is really voting for family values and the American way, quite the monster marketing scheme. And it has been very successful. "Right to life" and similar rhetoric of it's kind depicting an "us against some socialists somewhere" along with the constant need for corporate sponsored militarism over the last 60 years of endless wars for profit, has baffled the truth for US voters.They hijacked the grass roots Tea Party after it had started out demanding truth in government and tax changes etc. Now the Tea Party has been reduces to an empty rhetoric instrument for corporate communistic plan for world order that uses the US consumer tax dollar for its personal banking needs with planned bailouts and tax loopholes, like a bank loan they don't have to ever pay interest on or pay back.
We socialized them on their way up, socialized them again with tax loop holes, then socialized them again when they lost money, in the form of tax payer-funded bail outs.That is where the threat of socialism is. It is not with us, the people. And we never agreed to this system with our vote.This was legislation that we were never even told about, passed secretly behind closed doors, amid special interest incentives to our politicians. Actually, the US spends very little on it's own people in comparison to other countries, in terms of education and an almost non-existent health care system for its people.Peoplecare sounds like a huge part of our budget on the surface of the rhetoric, but that is because they are leaving out any talk of all the bail outs, grants to oil, coal, energy, pharmaceutical companies, etc and their tax loop holes from the discussion.This money, which is the bigger part of our budget than any human entitlement portion of the budget, goes unaccounted for out of the regularly quoted budget, because it is deliberately factored out and dealt with over at another branch of government, remaining unmentioned when they throw numbers at us by way of the news media.The people of the United States have so many fewer rights than Europeans and Asians, that it is sickening. And they don't even know it because the Republican party has done such a fantastic job of confusing people with their constant barrage of rhetoric talk about "liberty and family values," then the use of scare tactics in rhetoric like "Obamacare, socialism, communism, welfare, handouts, and lately, class warfare," all of which, they used themselves to get where they are today.
If there is any class warfare going on, it's because corporate America declared it on us through their silent use of our own government as an enemy of the people.The enormous size of corporations today comes from using our government as their own personal bank.Compliments of socialized corporate welfarism that has been practiced for the last 30 years.The American people never agreed to this hybrid marriage of government and corporations in this new massive socialism, but what they were not able to see is these systems are already here and ruling all of us daily.The only difference between the pure capitalism they say that they are protecting and pure communism right out of the book definition is the presence of private land ownership.And that right has been deliberately widdled away in the past few years by court action in favor of businesses taking private land. It has especially escalated under the Bush administration with a major Supreme Court decision wrongly turning privately held land over to business interests enforced through government action. Do you know that every time the government taxes you through the use of income tax, it goes into the pocket of a company by way of tax loopholes? The net effect of this is that you are actually working for free in this corporatized communist system.
That is exactly the source of all the problems today in this country, the instability of the employment sector, the lack of demand from consumers, the inability to even get the basics in health care for our people. The original ideas of competition in a free market and liberty to choose, as a consumer, whatever you want to spend YOUR own tax-free money on as you determine to do, IS GONE by way of the income tax burdened on the middle class.They have used the government for their scheme to send all of the jobs out of this country and bring us to our knees with the need of jobs. The next ploy will be the need of food. Because they altered the definition of freedom to suit their pursuits of cheap labor somewhere else, with always the US consumer as their end target, their greed has destroyed this country. And now their own greed has come home full circle.Consumers don't have any money to buy even their cheap imports and won't for a very long time until the jobs come back home.This is where and what you demand in terms of purchasing is so very important and powerful. All of the solution is in your hands. Even the last two dollars in your pocket hold awesome voting power at the cash register, more power than any CEO will ever wield. Only people in their great numbers can affect change and the method of affecting it are crucial now because this country is bankrupt.
Have I mentioned yet that all of us need to be demanding US grown food now too as well as storing up dry goods like beans,rice,lentils etc in metal containers.Planting fruit trees as soon as you can in your own yard in numbers enough to feed you and everyone you know will be a good hedge against what is to come.And learn how to can fruits and veggies.Grow your own veggies too.The world has been set on a course of destruction by the powers that be and soon we will be reduced to fighting each other for food and possibly water.Hunger and water is a ploy used by larger powers to break the back of people with a free will since time began. Always remember, there is no freedom in the hungry stomach.And they know it. The food shortages are already here and projected to double soon. It's a holdover from feudalism and slavery, as is the will of the concentrated centralized corporate communism/government hybrid we have in place today.We already have a king and a lot of feudal lords in place too.So prepare for the future of what is to come under their program like having a well dug in your back yard.Buy land that is farmable and farm it if you can.Hold it if that's all your able to do. But start with the yard you have now. Fruit trees take 6 years to mature and more.Always buy at least two or more of mixed variety within same species.Self- pollinating trees stop working after a while. Learn to compost all of your plant food waste so that your land becomes fertile without chemicals and your vegetables will propagate themselves. Buy seeds and store them for back up.There are many natural ways to create pesticides that are safe starting with simple chewing tobacco. Farm bees if you have room on your lot that is not next to neighbors.Learn how online.World wide food shortages are already heading our way.Be sure you are self sufficient in all ways.Learn how to fish and stock your own pond.You can actually build a pond permanently with concrete,mud, lots of varieties of the proper grasses for your climate etc and turn it into fresh water or salt water fish breeding depending on what type of fish you like. Chickens and their eggs are a really handy food source too.They love to eat your food scraps,garbage and bugs like rodents and a lot of large breed dogs do. Avoid soy.Like most grains,it's been genetically modified into a poisonous product that permeates the food supply on every level. Land big enough to graze livestock and farm is always best for true self sufficiency, just like our families lived just two generations ago because they had to rely on themselves.

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