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We are the 99 percent


I began educating myself a few years ago to the corruption and injustice of our government. At first I was afraid and in disbelief. I felt powerless and wondered how I, as one person, could change things. I began enlightening anyone whose attention I had, if even for a few minutes. I was told not to be so paranoid because our 'government', despite it's imperfections, worked for the well-being of the common people. I have since found out that we the people are the least of their concerns when making decisions and passing laws that directly affect us. I am so pleased and proud to be part of a movement of fellow humans that are as disturbed and disgusted as I am by the absolute disregard for true democracy and freedom we have been led to believe we had. The lust for money and power, over people is abhorrent. Change is well overdue. We the 99% must do it. Pledge to yourselves to never give up. To NEVER be complacent and obedient in this fight. To peacefully, but agressively join together, be recognized and heard. That our inalienable rights to life, love and the pursuit of happiness be returned to us!
We want our country back! We will not tolerate this betrayal from our government and/or the greedy 1% that 'govern' them for one more second or we shall perish!

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