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We are the 99 percent


After watching "Inside Job" and reading Joseph Stiglitz' "Freefall" (Nobel Laureate in Economics) I couldn't understand why the American public was not screaming blue murder. I wanted to go to wallstreet and spit on a 3 pce. suit myself. We have a Prime Minister in office who is a G(WMD) Bush wannabe. People I've talked to are either thick or too busy to care. Hopefully this movement will wake them out of a quasi sleeping state and get them thinking.
I'm close to West Edmonton Mall, will there be anything going on here in support of this movement?
Go America!! There is power in the mob! As Chomsky says, it's all about organizing!! If nothing else we can set a world record for longest movement. I'd rather volunteer to go hungry for a while now rather than be forced into poverty for the rest of my life by these multinationals who are are calling the shots and using our politicians to sell it to us. And all the while accepting as much corporate welfare,subsidies, bailouts (our money) as their bank accounts can hold.

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