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Forum Post: Will Russia & China's New Economic Alliance Squash The Neocons' Dreams For World Domination?

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 15, 2014, 12:18 a.m. EST by spinoza34 (400)
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Will China refuse to become a "privatized pro-corporate bloc", and will this also crush the TPP?

"What's been clear at the meeting [Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC] is that there's a coming together between China and Russia. This has been the opposite of what American foreign policy has been trying to push for since the 1980s. What is ironic is that where the United States thought that it was putting pressure on Russia and sanctions following the NATO adventure in Ukraine, what it's actually done is bring Russia and China closer together."

Then the next question is; Will the European countries who imposed those sanctions on Russia at the US's behest, back out when they may well realize that those sanctions are more deleterious to them than to Russia? The final question, of course is, how will this effect us? Stay tuned...

Note: I am unable to copy this link for some reason. Please go to Truthdig and see - Michael Hudson: "American Sanctions on Russia Backfire as Putin Partners With China," or put the link up in your comment.



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[-] 2 points by grapes (5232) 6 years ago


Putin's lifeline is China so he has nowhere to turn but to grovel at China's feet. Multiple things are all going wrong for him (and Russia) at once (lower world oil/gas prices hitting Russia's major source of income, shootdown of flight MH17 angering the Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia, and other countries, pubescent Ukraine adventure uniting NATO countries, rouble being in free fall making Russians' domestic wealth worth far less very fast, sanctions locking up foreign wealth owned by Russia, inflation of consumer prices, deflation of savings, and stagnation of the economy all occurring together - very ugly triple whammy). I hope Xi Jinping will throw him a bone so that Russia does not descend into chaos. Maybe Madame Xi will still remember his chivalrous warmth and put in a good word for him.

Having China and Russia coming together is not a problem for the U.S. Happy neighbors form happy neighborhoods for all. Do you really think that it would be better to have them fighting over their long common border? I don't think so, considering that both are nuclear-armed, and they did before.

Whether Putin is ousted or not is insignificant as long as Russia stops behaving as a pubescent bully with too much testosterone. It is important that Russia retains its integrity to prevent chaos.

TPP never included China so there is no problem with China.

The Europeans imposed sanctions on Russia after considering both costs and benefits. When Ukraine was first invaded, they were very much opposed to sanctions, no matter what the U.S. had wanted. Putin overplayed his hand in Ukraine and made the Europeans realize that they had to confront him because he would not stop. Those countries which had been occupied by Russia were very agitated by the polar bear on the prowl but those farther away such as the Netherlands were not gungho at all but the downing of flight MH17 changed that extremely fast (the Netherlands were on top of Ukraine! Europe discovered that it had to have "backbone.").

[-] 2 points by spinoza34 (400) 6 years ago

Thanks for the link grapes. For most of my life, I thought like you seem to do now, which from my POV is that we, the United States was and still is a force for GOOD in the World. It was a major disappointment for me, and an epiphany when I gradually realized that my affitmation was not so. I urge you to do as I did, and I humbly admit, I still need to do more of it, and that is to continue to listen and learn, with the realization that things are NOT how the MSM portrays them to be.

[-] 2 points by grapes (5232) 6 years ago

Yes, indeed. We have been somewhat fortunate that a number of states were slow to catch on to social media and internet news so I learnt quite a bit from the real voices of the peoples. I get to read things that people would have never said in public in fear of being exposed to the so-called authorities.

Unfortunately, that is starting to change. Russia has booted out CNN and IS mounts its media campaign. I guess that MSM is actively being expanded to drown out the voices of the peoples. I hope that critical thinking skills will do the filtering to prevent being duped. Antagonists are usually pretty good and often accurate in telling dirts about the opposing side but everything should be subjecf to proof as always. Even Russia and IS do not have big enough budget or reach to drown out all the voices because the internet was designed to SURVIVE even a nuclear war.