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Forum Post: Who will talk now?

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 13, 2018, 11:29 a.m. EST by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX
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If there's to be any hope of making the world a better place we have to see it for what it is. It's not fair and never has been since the beginning of civilization. But worse than the belief that we can change anything by complaining that it's not fair is accepting it the way it is. We've got to fight for change. Get in the face of the dismissive fools who ridicule hope by labeling it "the good fight."

Will Michael Cohen's sentence protect Trump by discouraging other bona fide whistle blowers? Is the National Enquirer rollover a red herring?

"Everybody knows the war is over. Everybody knows the good guys lost...." - Leonard Cohen

The red herring may be a little paranoid. Maybe not! GMA this morning mentioned the rag's willingness to talk almost in the same breath with Cohen's sentence. There was never a word about the repression of honesty that might come of the judge's and prosecutor's decision to harshly punish Cohen after he spoke up. In today's news stories such failures to garnish the facts with speculations about consequences are rare.

ABC, NBC and CBS are more trustworthy than FOX but that's really not saying much. The main stream media in general, like the politicians (with rare exceptions) support the corporate entities [which they are among, of course] who fuck over the real human beings that are 90% of the population.



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[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

These will talk: Master Bone Saw, Pootin-UFloorO erectus, 天安门, [Toad is Life] request-to-send-nudes-to-comprehend-human-nature granted.. Heaven's Gate cult, Pills-Bury Bore, -stanis, Mullahs, Houseton, Periplaneta americana-in-Chief, Dodo-turd, Shittoad, Trumpanzees, thirsty turkeys gobbledygooking while stretching their necks straight-up to catch rain but instead be drowned when the Deluge comes from the firmament above...

Elon Musk was a bit weak in assessing distances such as how wide the Atlantic Ocean is, how long a space elevator cable needs to be (62 miles up, not "60,000 miles," even a cable reaching geostationary orbit doesn't need to be that long because such orbit is about 22,000-23,000 miles high from Earth's surface {22,236 mi above mean sea level} at the Equator), or how far Tokyo is from Los Angeles while discussing "the Tokyo Express." Oops! It's no longer Tokyo anymore.. I was shanghaied. The Earth has a rather thin atmosphere, about as thick as a quarter of the distance-by-car from New York to Washington D.C. Hmm, is this why people have such a tough time comprehending the frying of the Earth coming due to the artificial perturbation of the thin atmosphere? Yeah, he is correct about the need for some humans to colonize Mars, leaving everything behind in Houseton, even the beloved kiddie toy monkey. Make sure that we use the hot air from a hair-dryer to drive out and kill any Periplaneta trying to sneak onto a ride to Mars.

I was a great killer of the Periplaneta germanica in a dorm-room which I had worked my butts off to pay for. I squashed more than fifty of them on my first night staying there. They were easier than the Periplaneta americana to be squashed with my bare hands and feet because they were much smaller than P. americana so they didn't have the hard and sharp spines on their legs.

I agree that we must fight for what we stand for. I knew that I wouldn't let the P. germanica overrun my home away from home. After all, what was my crossing the greatest ocean on Earth for? It's heirloom legacy because I voyaged from Tokyo to New York, much farther than "the Tokyo Express" whose travel distance across the Pacific Ocean was greatly underestimated by Elon Musk but that may be irrelevant if it flies exo-atmospherically.

However, if it does so, what's there to prevent our (i.e., U.S. and allies' such as Japan's and ROK's) THAAD, Aegis, and Patriot PAC-3 anti-missile systems from mistaking it as an incoming ballistic missile and shooting it down? Re-entry imposes radio silence so any identification must be done before then. What's there to prevent the DPRK to fire nuclear-armed missiles at New York and Los Angeles in a mistaken self-defense? It takes ZERO energy to fly exo-atmospherically and ballistically across North America and the Pacific Ocean but we need to remember the lessons from the shooting-downs of the flights KAL-747, TWA-800?, MH-17, and the Iranian civilian airliner (гласность: sorry, Iranian people, I think Saddam Hussein's pilot who supposedly was a U.S. ally [well, at least Saddam was allied with George H.W. Bush, the CIA director] around that time struck fear into our navy-sailors in the Persian Gulf so they [probably having or fabricating mass delusion] got itchy fingers to reduce uncertainties; lowering tensions can avoid mishaps such as these during Cold War I and our Cold War II; why should the U.S. pay for protecting international shipping at the Strait of Hormuz and incur the needless wrath of the peoples of the Middle East? the U.S. didn't collect policing fees from the Karama Maersk whose call had initiated the chain of events leading to the shooting-down of the civilian airliner; maybe it's best to teach everyone there how to create WMDs at their homes so that they can all fight it out to the deadly end to determine whose allah is the greatest! Our NRA-inspired foreign policy will work magic.) Peace on Earth needs to come first before sub-hour transglobal travel becomes safe. Sending in invincible warriors to a crowded conflict zone ensures their killing off the others if any uncertainties should arise.

I am not disparaging Elon Musk because he is truly a technological visionary. He has imagination (soon AI machines can even replace him in this! I sort of knew that artists might eventually lose their livelihoods when a "dying through lobotomy" previously well-trained neural net exhibited great creativity in composing new songs; Robo habilis is being born to replace the Homo genus so the concept of a job providing livelihood must die leaving us with a vast political social problem; NRA may have the solution already so we should teach each person how to make and use WMDs for neutralizing Homo excess to achieve "rebalancing") and many realizable "dreams." I love going on long hikes but I don't like drinking the strange-tasting thirst-unquenching soapy mountain-stream water that has "roll[ed] through the dale" of a bikini-clad "gorgeous wet" bathing woman with "very Big Tits!"

Yet I still love the Bikini Party.

I don't mind drinking ISS-quality water originated from piss and pee when enroute to Mars. It's probably higher quality than the boilwater used for steaming the crabs trapped and caught off of Coney Island, downstream from East River (IMHO: it's the greatest river in New York maintaining the health of millions of New Yorkers. In the olden days when New York City was young, that honor went to the canal draining the pond in the neighborhood of "Five Points," Manhattan. The pond was filled in to become nowadays Columbus Park. The canal survived in spirit in nowadays Canal Street - lots of commerce happen there with intense competition; near there on a side street was where I ate the pretty good and cheap pork dumplings at a quarter dollar each, wow!)