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Forum Post: What Purpose?

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 16, 2018, 10:41 a.m. EST by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX
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What is the community?

What does it do?

What can it do?

What is the perceived purpose of community?

Why do we see it that way?

Is our perception what it always has been or is in other places?

What is the evident purpose of community?

That is: What is community accomplishing?

Are there community activities that are at cross purposes?

How have the conflicts of purpose been resolved - past, present and how will they be worked out in the future?



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[-] 3 points by elf3 (4203) 2 years ago

I've been saying this for a while, now it is proven - the powers that be have been stoking racial tensions...divide and conquer. Together we take down WS and this destruction of our democracy and standards of living. Per the actual social security office filings half of all Americans make less than 27,000 per year. We need to stand together to take down the ruling class. All of us. Our democracy is hanging by a thread. Corporations have bought up our politicians, our courts, our media and means of communications, our markets, our housing. They are using us as a servant and consumer class to serve their agenda and need to grow ever richer and more powerful and more exclusive. They were afraid of Occupy, they made a media blackout, they made it seem as if we never existed - they fear we will come together left, right, all races, to defeat their takeover. But we do exist. We are more motivated than ever. We have more resolve to take back our lives from this tyranny and corporate abuse cycle. We owe it to ourselves, the world, and eachother. American used to be great - before the tyrannical takeover of the corporate agenda and new corporate world order. It's up to us to defeat it. Noone else is going to do it for us. There is no rescue boat coming. We need to rescue our country and fellow Americans. The world is full of resources. There is enough. For those at the top who horde it from us...they do not deserve to have a country - they should have no home here.


[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (23521) 2 years ago

Good post and important questions. America seems to be in a battle between the individual and the community but can the individual survive without the community?

Perhaps in answer to these questions: "Next left: Corbyn, Sanders and the return of socialism"


[-] -1 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Individual cannot survive without the community. That's why we need a visa wall against importing culturally incompatible people from abroad such as this man from southern India. I attest that our young girls/women were sexually assaulted on common carriers. This needs to be STOPPED!

All right, maybe his "work visa" should have been issued as a "gap - grope and penetrate" visa, then everything would have been just fine. The reporting had "the gapping" description removed, probably in deference to corporate interests released through a "somewhat flatulent" snapping-turtle-in-Chief.

I don't like it when cars don't stop for our schoolbuses picking up our children. There is no accountability when an illegal alien does that.

I don't want to hear non-English when I call for services in the U.S. I want to hear and talk American. Why should I waste my time listening to things I don't understand? Actually, I am probably more linguistically literate than most other people but I still support "when in America, speak American." (The Brits have called us "the Americans" for a very long time so we use that term to make ourselves understood to our culturally mother country and her many former colonies and beyond; in many ways, the U.S. does possess the strength of a continent so I don't feel it's too much of a stretch; in faraway lands, people tend to balk at "I'm from the United States." "What's that?" However, "I'm from America." "Oh, yes!" Instant recognition comes and culture's dial is set immediately and properly; my Mom actually prided herself on being able to pick the "Made in U.S.A." merchandise because she felt that she knew "better" [that U.S.A. differs from America but means "America"] but to me fluoride is fluoride, there is no "British" fluoride or "American" fluoride; it's Colgate!) Phones should have a language setting that chooses the favorite language of the phone user and tells all service providers to use that language without all the "press one for English" demands.

Even worse yet, some service lines required me to go through extensive questioning and identification process to prove that I am their customer before even letting me talk to a live (yep, AI's getting better but it is still far short of passing the Turing Test - "Press zero for infinite loop" with foreign accents) Homo-genus representative who often couldn't speak or understand American well due to accents and cultural differences. Then there's the humiliation of the U.S. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act requirements to certify that I am not a terrorist-funding source. What the fuck, the U.S. is funding the oil terrorists day-after-day! With whom do you think the prominent families in the U.S. get naked? They certainly fuck us day-after-day. Yeah, I can have "charity" for allahs, too. I wonder if I can wear a friendly ghost costume around and declare it as my First Amendment religious right without getting into trouble with the authorities.

Anytime one sees a contrived acronym such as the P.A.T.R.I.O.T., it's advertising that it's definitely unpatriotic. There was the E.R.I.S.A., the Employees' Retirement Income Security Act, that supposedly shored up our national trust funds by the increased F.I.C.A. tax, allowed the killing-off of the employers' defined-benefit pension plans benefiting the employees, shifted retirement security responsibility to the employees via defined-contribution plans such as 401(k) and I.R.A. plans, etc. When our government worries about our retirement security, we will be in really big troubles. E.R.I.S.A. has turned out to be the Employee Retirement Insecurity Surety Act after decades of its enactment. The bulging trust funds are as worthy as our government's full faith and credit which is as good as Saudi Arabia's bowl of water for my schoolfriend after he had finished pooing and discovered his golden mean. As a non-Muslim child, he didn't know how to exhibit chirality. It only became a problem in his and others' minds later on when he had to eat.


Trumpery re-tire-ments await us.

》Iss Deine eigene Scheiße.《

Hmm, what else are they talking now? Oh, the Trumpanzee tax cut is working well, corporations are drawing up mega-plans to expand in the U.S. and create lots of new highly paid jobs maybe NEXT year due to the tax windfalls, the economy is really strong, federal revenue is up though NOT enough, so we've got a HUGE debt problem (of course, trillions of dollars of tax cut added to the explosives of the debt bomb!) and yes, surely enough: spending is the problem. Yeah, right, Social Security/Medicaid/Medicare must now go on the chopping block and become a part of "the solution."

》Morgen, morgen, nur nicht heute. Sagen alle faulen Leute.《

Runaway inflation tend to accompany chaos so the smarter countries hold tight reins on the inflation rate. The price signals vital for equilibrium and rebalancing of resources and their distributions are so distorted by high inflation that trading is greatly retarded leading to great misery for nearly everyone. Merchants don't want to buy or sell if they don't know whether they will gain or lose through the transactions. It tends to lead to hoarding, the financial equivalence of medical thrombosis, terrible! High inflation adds greatly to profit/loss uncertainty. In modern societies, few people are truly self-sufficient. There are only so many diverse tasks a person can undertake and do well in.

Have you learnt how to make toilet paper all by yourself? Or left-hand/right-hand dichotomy of the Muslims? Decades ago at school, my lunch buddy told me (seeking a fork) of his "terrifying" childhood experience of accompanying his father to visit Saudi Arabia. When he was done pooing, he looked around for toilet tissue paper but all he found was a bowl of water. Do you know what cultural illiteracy can get you? I know what my friend got. Hahahahahah! "Where's the toilet paper?" was an innocent enough but necessary question from him. For any system including the body, there's more than just the output end to handle! An important follow-on question from him was, "Where are the utensils?" After all, the Muslims have a system that has worked for at least a thousand years. The population size attests to the effectiveness of their system. China's invention of paper could not conquer Islam. It conquered America, in the bathrooms and in the demise of the twin towers (so much paper for fuel, so little time to live!) Hmm, I wonder how the French came up with the idea of the bidét. Did they get it from their contact with the Muslims, thus paving the groundwork for my "accidental" baptism before a wedding banquet? The more I know, the more I doubt that there are genuine accidents. Causality reigns.

My young childhood shantytown culture also had a system: store watermelons in the well to keep them cold and unspoiled, always drink boiled water, only sleep inside of mosquito nets surrounding the bed, pour out unused water in the cistern and replace it with freshly fetched municipal water to eliminate mosquito larvae, always wash hands with soap and municipal water before eating, kill the Periplaneta (it was inculcated in us the children so I learnt the difference between the prickly hurtful-when-squashed P. americana [yeah, don't get too fat because despite their faster sprinting speeds than the P. germanica's, P. americana had problems squeezing themselves into tight crevices to hide because small crevices were far more numerous than large ones] and the fast-scurrying-for-crevices-to-hide P. germanica; my Brother's pronouncement that P. germanica had invaded our home from "America" with my Dad's "help" perplexed me quite a lot,) etc. The system worked. As I recall, the cholera didn't spread.

I don't know exactly when we'd started having municipal water, whether before or after the cholera case on the other side of the open-sewerage ditch next to our home. However, my Brother was fetching municipal water with two buckets and his yoke as well as emptying our chamber pots. I went with him to go to another neighborhood and watch him do the chores. We no longer used the ditch right next to our home for sewerage drainage. We still used it for graywater such as from brushing teeth, washing hands, faces, foods, cooking/eating utensils, and clothes. The stench of the public toilet was absolutely horrible because it didn't have any flushing water to clean it. There were flies buzzing around. As you could have probably guessed, I had only been "a curious tourist" at the public toilet once. I suspected that my Brother was thinking about future downsourcing to me when he offered me "the free cruise" but I had never had to fetch water with a yoke or empty our chamber pots because by the time I was big and strong enough to do those chores, we had already moved away and got municipal water and sewerage service. I declined to take any brotherly "free cruise for re-acquaintance." I was not stupid, only at times clueless (due to my suffering from a cultural whiplash.)

The government's taking over the supplying of clean water and rudimentary sanitation was a good thing for disease control so yes, I believe that it's good and important to have an activist government taking on at least the basic-level needs of people such as for water, air, sanitation, pest control, zoning (why a pigsty's trough would cross my Brother's path when he was running in a hurry with his brand-new festivity's clothings on was likely due to the poor zoning,) universal schooling, public free libraries, public transportation, free and universal childhood vaccinations, etc.