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Forum Post: What Occupy's next step should be

Posted 8 years ago on Oct. 11, 2012, 11:47 a.m. EST by Jencats (20)
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I think really we can't necessarily change the political system. It is too deep rooted in many facets of this country and world BUT we can change the type of people we elect to hold these offices.

We need to elect our kind of people. Turn this movement into a campaign to elect OUR types of people to power. It wouldn't be all at once but gradual to slowly change things.

We gotta start locally at the municipal level and build up to State and Federal seats. Get our first Senate seat in 2 years! Plenty of time to build up a real following!

Some may argue this is not how Occupy operates, but I disagree. Occupy is about change, and this is how we change the game. Play by their rules, then once we have the power change the rules! Change the rules for the good of the 99%. Even just getting elected would send a message to those in power that their reign is not safe and Americans can gather together to bring about change. If they want to keep their jobs, they might start listening to what we have to say, if not...they get replaced with someone on OUR side.

Don't throw away votes, focus them like a laser on candidates we support!

Marching in the street can only go so far. We need good, intelligent leaders to pick up the Occupy Mantle and turn it into something that will really influence change in this nation. This way it will be peaceful, no one gets arrested, and the average American can get behind the cause.

Preach logical, rational, intelligence, not emotional outbursts!



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[-] -1 points by dennisthedwarf (-16) 8 years ago

..."Not emotional outbursts"???

...On your fucking HOME page OWS is promoting a day of NOISE. Yea..bang drums, pots and pans. That's what you assholes do best...Disrupt stuff with emotional outbursts...because you really don't have a fucking clue how to solve anything.

[-] -1 points by Jencats (20) 8 years ago

That is exactly the attitude that I want to change! Everyday American's will never want to march around banging pots and pans. I don't blame them, that isn't really that great or constructive of a plan. Sure it may bring attention...but more than likely not in a positive way.

I am talking real change that 99% of Americans can really get behind. We say 1% vs. 99% until we are blue in the face, but in the reality Occupy is just another 1% club. We need to grasp the other 98%.