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Forum Post: Wallstreet Information Control

Posted 1 year ago on Oct. 24, 2020, 8:43 a.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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Wall Sreet is waging a quiet technological war on our citizens and our government rather than reign in this attack on our citizens is backing it with full support. Information control is how Nazis won support. Each time we go to read the news or do anything we are being tracked, and manipulated in unprecedented ways. Not only this unregulated DATA MINING enables groups like VERITAS to wage covert attacks on average citizens who disrupt their new world order designs. The end of Net Neutrality coupled with the decision by the supreme court to consider corporate entities and multinational conglomerates full of Saudi and Chinese businessmen citizens allowed to donate any amount they wish to a campaign alongside unregulated tracking and data mining has brought a Trojan horse to average people which is destroying democracy. We must regulate technology. We must bring back Net Neutrality. We must overhaul the FCC and hand Ajit Pai his walking papers. For the first time I would say every time you read something please realize that you are being evaluated while Wallstreet gages the trend and decides what to do with you. It is a sad day when I have to say - staying uniformed is better than handing Wallstreet the keys to destroy us.



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[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago


Free unregulated expression.

Individual thought.

Freedom not to be monitored or tracked or algorithmed, predicted, and manipulated


This is mind control the likes of which we have never seen.

The internet is being used as a weapon against average people.

Every time we post. Everything we read. Everything we do The books we buy, the paperwork we file, the choices we make. Our fears, our dreams, our inner worlds, are being calculated to the advantage of one percent profits. More than this it gives them a way into your personal life that is frightening. Groups like veritas are silently attacking citizens who upset that order. Those experiencing this can't prove it and there is no place for them to turn. Our government has turned it's back on this unprecedented targeted terrorism of our citizens. When you are politically active, when you get too loud, when you push back against the new world "normal" - I believe you are in danger of being targeted. When everything you need to do to function passes through a matrix, which seeks to control and subvert you - then we are not free. Ending net neutrality was the end of freedom. Ajit Pai has lead this war with the backing of the technocrats he fed the common people to the wolves.

The internet is an abusive husband. Controlling all we do. And we can never leave the relationship. We are trapped.

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

This is corporate TERRORISM.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

It's why Trump's ability to generate so much fake news is applauded by so many of our people. When fed a lot of garbage, our media reverberate with garbage disposals' moaning and groaning sounds which are sexy music to the ears of our political eunuchs and incels. The dying GOP is trying hard to castrate more voters, potential or actual, as we speak, with age-old election-rigging tactics done to own the vulva/womb ( matrix, in Latin.)

The problem didn't arise from our being embedded in the matrix and being nourished e-duc-ationally. The problem arose from the matrix feeding us polluted fluxes for those of us not wearing filters and draining us as human batteries for its owners' purpose--often profit to support lavish lifestyles including gourmet restaurant foods, fancy clothings, gargantuan [ gated ] mansions ( yeah, "Big-Sky" Montana seems White enough for social distancing [ from hoi polloi ],) country retreats, lake houses with boats and canoes, luxurious automobiles, trophy playmates/secretaries/spouses, private or boarding schools for the kids, yachts mooed from marinas, silverware- gun- and art- collections, offshore tax-haven bank accounts, vacations to tax havens to access the money to visit balmy sensual places, tasting Epsteinian freshly baked cupcakes while flying "the Lolita Express," etc.

The reason that many people wrongly associated lavish spending with being rich is actually due to the need for some people to consume their ill-gotten gains quickly and lavishly lest the bogeyman catches up to them someday soon. Of course, most of them know well how they often got their wealth by using loans and systemically generated persistent inflation to confiscate the honey-savings of the worker bees, so they neither keep cash nor save ( the U.S. does confiscate "suspicious" hoards of cash because they're presumed to be narco-money notwithstanding the Bill of Rights stipulating that private properties not be seized without just compensation for pubic purposes; { our "Original-13-colonies'" Colonists were forced to house and feed the "Redcoat" soldiers of the British Crown prior to the American Revolution and that was a cause for the rancor precipitating it; China did the same regarding the Mongol soldiers, precipitating the revolution still being commemorated annually by the mooncake-eating Mid-Autumn Festival; more recently, the CCP's policy in Xinjiang/East Turkestan/East Turkistan swooped close to that: are the Han minders sent to acculturate Uyghur families required to demonstrate to the children "the-most-successful-in-the-world-by-far" Hans' mating techniques? India has its Kamasutra so what's the Hans' equivalent book? I wonder how people figured out this knowledge. Yeah, I really missed out on those lessons--it's not good to have an absentee father... for posterity's fecundity might suffer due to the lack of paternalism; of course, I could've learnt from the U.S. and con-fiscated the "suspicious" hoards of fat sloshing within the ¿narco-trafficking? people's "fiscus" } guess who in fact knows how much cash had actually been confiscated in the name of the state to fight the drug traffickers but ended up being donged on a thong at a strip joint ) but have large credit lines. They don't spend money--they spend credit which will be discharged systemically over time as long as their cash flow covers credit-loan servicing. Even if their cash flow should get into trouble, they could still lobby/arm-twist [ -with-the threat-of-shutting-down-business-to-fire-the workers ] the government for bailouts or go bankrupt in many well-improved-towards-leniency "limited ways."

Hoi polloi's student loans have been "improved" in the opposite direction. Now student-loan borrowers' social security benefits will be docked to pay for their residual loan balances still outstanding in old age. I wonder whether "the greeters" who do 熱臉頰去貼冷屁股 have been students who got into financial lean times in old age.