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Forum Post: Wall Street's Race Diversion (Divide and Conquer Tactics)

Posted 1 year ago on May 9, 2020, 8:41 a.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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As the public begins to wake up to the callous systemic sociopathy of corporate law, rule, and tyranny - Wall Street and it's information propaganda machine is setting out to create a race war / diversion. Article after article showing people dressed up in strange Nazi get-ups and story after story of black injustice. While yes it is true that there is racism and things are not equitable - those unequitable things which are in fact driven by Wall Street rule and oppression can never be fixed until we stop One Percent Rule and NEO-LIBERTARIAN efforts to destroy our socialist system, safety nets, and UPWARD MOBILITY. We MUST join together and not once again let this movement be deterred by Wall Street's pinpointed and highly coordinated effort to divide and conquer the uprising against corporate rule. We must follow the example of Martin Luther King to understand that oppression and disenfranchisement comes in all colors. Fifty percent of Americans make less than 27,000 per year. We must bring back upward mobility and fair working conditions for all.

The unprecedented corporate greed and predation that has been highlighted during this pandemic must not be lost in the fog. The left always falls for this trick in the WS playbook - they allow the discussion to be shifted to discussions of racial inequity. But I argue this racial inequity (which will eventually effect us all in the same way) will not be solved until we attack at the fundamental heart of this problem: One Percent Tyranny and Corporate Rule of Law that seeks to neo-liberalize our democracy to their own greedy selfish benefit. Ayn Randian doctrine believes greed is good despite all the evidence to the contrary because at it's heart it is a narcissistic philosophy that blinds them to the reality and conditions experienced by the rest of us. It is more than jobs - it is quality of life, upward mobility and pursuit of happiness which matters. What is a job - when there is little else to look forward to? What is a job - when it can't make ends meet? What is a job when one's health is failing due to lack of care or affordability? The False God of "JOBS" is a broken promise when those jobs are thankless, minimum wage, and forcing workers to work more than 8 hours a day with no choice OR because they need to make ends meet. Working 80 hours a week to make the bills is very different than working 40. We need the ability to work for ourselves and that means that monopolies must be dealt with swiftly and with effective punishment so that average citizens are not held as captive indentured workers to a system from which they are reliant on and unable to escape. Wall Street has taken all the cards and destroyed the American Dream. If we can't take it back now - in the face of this glaring greed then we never will. This is the fight for our freedom and lives forever. We must act now.

DOWN WITH TRICKLE DOWN - once and for all and all for Democracy.



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

Class Politics is what I think U are alluding to & so I thoroughly approve of that perspective! Also fyi...

The "Race Diversion' which U refer to - is an old ploy of The GOP & is called 'The Southern Strategy'!

ad iudicium ..