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Forum Post: Triggered By The Mass-Arrests & Abuse of THOUSANDS of #OWS Non-Violent Protestors (…) #FILMTHEPOLICE

Posted 8 years ago on April 15, 2013, 4:34 p.m. EST by KevinPotts (368)
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Triggered By The Mass-Arrests & Abuse of THOUSANDS of #OWS Non-Violent Protestors, The Zuccotti Park Police-Raid/Eviction & The UC Davis Pepper-Spray Incident…

Inspired By "FILM THE POLICE" B. Dolan ft. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace, Sage Francis #FILMTHEPOLICE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyT1buoyTnY

Dedicated To The-World-Wide-Revolutionary-Struggle-For-Social-Justice-Everywhere…

[ MC KP, Why Don’t You Take The Stand And Tell All These Abusive Police Officers What You Think About All This Fucked Up Bullshit. ]

God-Damn Right…

FILM The Police! Be Glad This Ain’t A Gun, Yo! -Like The One You Strapped With -Be Sad Cuz You A Sell-Out, HO!

Never Did I Dream It Would Come To THIS -Remember Martin Luther King? You Got Me Shaking My FIST! I’m PISSED!-

-Off! -Every Time I See The Latest Atrocity -Abuse Of Human Rights By Puppet Goons Of Plutocracy -Where’s The “Democracy” (?) THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING! -Get The Fuck Up OFF Of Me!

-Before You End Up On The Evening News -If We Can’t Peacefully Protest -Then We Got EVERYTHING To Lose!

And So Do You Too! So Get Yo Knee Off My Back! And While You’re At That Get Yo Boot Off My Neck-Jack!

-Becuz It’s Hard To Make A Sound -When Your Face Is Being Smashed -Into The Mother Fuckin Ground!

Listen To The Crowd As They BOO YA! Pepper-Spray THESE Eyes! -They Still See RIGHT THROUGH YA!

WE THE PEOPLE Only Out Here Trying To Make A Better Way -Trying To See A Brighter Day -HEY, Hold The Fuck Up, I Still Got SOMETHING TO SAY!…



12/ 19 / 11

UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AdDLhPwpp4

“Hypocrisy has it’s own elegant symmetry.” I Am Not Moving / a short film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Td-4dYb9Y4

JFK: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AesVsRvOEo




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[+] -4 points by whammy2 (-21) 8 years ago

I always love that moment, when OWS assholes, are face down on the street, with a cop's knee in their back, getting handcuffed, and they are shrieking like the little bitches that they are. And then comes their moment of clarity..."I'm fucked".

HA HA ..Love it.

Funny...somehow never see TEA Party people getting arrested at their rallies, when there are TEN TIMES the amount of people. I guess we're just not violent, fucked up hippies....like you.

[-] 2 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 8 years ago

Thats wonderful. Thank god the founding fathers had more balls than you sell outs.

Played by the Republicans, voting for more spending than you have ever seen in your life.

Bent over at the RNC, taking it like a champ. Not a single person said "fuck it, Im not taking it anymore".. Just docile, pathetic excuses for patriots.

Talk loud and carrying a fuckin twig.

Again, your Tea never became a party, and theres a reason for that. You got played. Because you were weak.

Maybe next time you get thousands together, realizing the entire system is fucked up, someone may actually raise their voice.

All that loud talk, and not a single arrest. Just getting fucked over three ways to friday. And taking it like a champ.

Fuckin bad ass dude. Glad to see you are willing to take a risk.

There's a few of you fuckers who get it. But theres too many dumb shits like you, talkign shit, and then when its your turn to put up or shut up, you pander to rejects like McConnel and Boehner. Two big spending, freedom killing fascists.

Lame. And 100% useless.

Again, Ill repeat. Thank GOD the founding fathers had more balls than you pathetic hacks. Fucked over right in front of your faces at the RNC and not a single person even attempted to straighten it out. Just a bunch of dumb fucks looking at each other like What Happened.

[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 8 years ago

So you're a Koch sucker?

Your movement got co-opted.