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Forum Post: Time to March on all Fifity States and Washington this Spring

Posted 9 years ago on Feb. 15, 2012, 4:35 p.m. EST by freedomanddemocracy (72)
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The weather is getting warmer, and the time to march to all fifty state capitals and demand an end to local and state greed and corruption! A campaign needs to be started for people in all fifty states start organizing to march to all of the fifty state capitals in this nation and tell their local and state goverments to stop the greed and corruption in city,county and state levels. This will lead to millions marching from all fifty state capitals, in caravans,buses,cars,etc, to Washington D.C. on May 1st, which is a worldwide workers holiday that pays tribute to workers all over the world, and show Washington and Congress that it's time to end greed and corruption in the halls of Congress, Washington, Wall Street, the Banks and Corporations!



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[-] 1 points by mikepsl (46) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

May Day is usually about the streets, not Congress. And I believe it's perhaps more valuable to organize demos in cities around the country for May Day. We need to continue to make it an important day in the United States. Also people are already planning things around it so I doubt we'd be able to get people to drop those plans and go to DC instead

[-] 1 points by freedomanddemocracy (72) 9 years ago

But change comes first at the local and state levels, when people in Washington see the unrest in their home districts, this is when they begin to worry about what they themselves are doing in Washington. Change comes from the bottom up to the top, give them a sense that the voters back home are restless and angry, which they are, and they will begin to listen and act in Washington. So yes, begin to organize now until May 01st to protest by the thousands in all fifty state capitals and march to Washington May1st by the millions!

[-] 1 points by ShockSMH (18) 9 years ago

I think we should centralize to march on Washington. We need a turn-out like this country has never seen.