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Forum Post: The Union Of People

Posted 8 years ago on Oct. 15, 2012, 7:38 a.m. EST by bullfrogma (448)
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I have to say something and I hope that good people can hear.

http://jerniwerks.angelfire.com/ was started a long time ago. Shortly after it went online some people entered my life, played mind games, forced me to be homeless (is actually quite nice), and made it clear that if i tried to unite people they would bury me. That ended my artwork.

I have no death wish, but i also cannot neglect saying this.

If they are so afraid of people forming a Union that is exactly what has to happen. We need this, an open source organisation, fueled by every person, which can hold and champion that wisdom, to vote in or out anything that we need to, not only a puppet for president.

I don't understand how somebody could disagree with installing our collective wisdom at the top chain of command, because it is in the best interest of our situation and every person. They must be greedy, jealous, one dimensional, and not care about any future beyond themselves.

We have made everything so overcomplicated it's amazing that any of us can see straight. About 90% of politics could be deleted and we would still be able to say the same things. So much junk and wasted art. So much concrete and wasted space. So much hate and wasted life.

People you are awesome, give your best to everyone. Good Luck.



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