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Forum Post: Equishift Resources: The Sixth Extinction

Posted 4 years ago on Aug. 25, 2013, 3:05 a.m. EST by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB
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If you've been paying attention, you will know that only MSM hooked zombies believe human activity does not significantly affect natural systems. The elite know the truth but fool enough of the population to stay in business. The government is at their disposal, not ours. That will change, hopefully sooner than later.







Scholarly enough for me!


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[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 4 years ago

I haven't watched the documentary yet, but since you bring up "the sixth great extinction" I might as well post these here for now. I was considering using them in a post of their own, but this is a good spot too:



And this is an interesting site to play around with if you have some time:


[-] 1 points by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB 4 years ago

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ is widely recognized as the most comprehensive, objective global approach for evaluating the conservation status of plant and animal species.

Nice one, hope to look through this more today.


[-] 2 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 4 years ago

You're welcome. My only complaint about it is humans aren't included in their database. That's an interesting omission, I think. I guess they'd rather the general population not know we're an "endangered species."




[-] 0 points by RobertHod (1) 3 years ago

The economy and war are NWO tactics to see the populations cut by 2/3 in 50 years. Business will end.

People need to unify and preserve the American social contract now.

[-] 0 points by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB 3 years ago

There's obviously a bot or a real big loser/coward down voting posts here regardless of quality, but I'm sure there is more good than evil on this site. Don't let it stop you from helping to drill the truth out there.


[-] 1 points by WSmith (2696) from Cornelius, OR 3 years ago

Smoke a cig

[-] 1 points by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB 4 years ago

That's the spirit!

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 4 years ago

Worthy of a Darwin Award.

Or at least on the way there.

Are crop circles next?

[-] 1 points by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB 4 years ago

Some items are going to be less popular, at the bottom of the recommended list. Thanks for your contribution. By the way, crop circles are not made by pranksters overnight, you have to be aweful simple to think that.

[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 4 years ago

Elves from outer space then?????

[-] 1 points by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB 4 years ago

Getting warmer.

[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 4 years ago

Gnomes from Middle earth?


Bigfeets done it!!!!!!