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Forum Post: The One

Posted 1 year ago on Jan. 20, 2020, 9:26 a.m. EST by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX
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Nothing can be made from nothing. In the world of words, numbers and other abstractions, infinite growth is possible. In reality, the world of things, zero sum restraints always apply.

If ten people in a box have ten units of material things [the total real wealth of the community] to support their lives and one unit each is required for survival, what happens if one person owns nine of them. And remember: the nine non owners do all the work to produce and distribute the goods and services that the rentier owns. Would that one be considered good if he loaned the necessary units to the others and charged them interest?

Where would the interest come from. It could be entered on the ledger but that is an abstraction; it's not a thing. If the things were represented by tokens, more tokens, like the marks in the books, could always be created and loaned out or otherwise distributed. But such additional abstractions could still represent only ten things. Right here and now, the world of real things is always a zero sum game.

Given the system by which things are acquired, we realize that if 90 more things are created, "The One" will end up owning at least 95 of them. That's the nature of business. Don't even try to deny it. So while there may be instances in which living conditions are better than elsewhere, there is presently nowhere that can be said to be working well for all ten of us.



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[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

We have been subjugated by financially elite parasites. Don't look for help from the government. Wall St control of the Federal Reserve and intellectual conditioning of Americans neutralize any resistance to ruling class's suzerainty covenants in the land of the free to enslave with debt.

"So basically the libertarians, the free-enterprise boys, advocate a highly centralized economy – much more centralized than Soviet Russia, much more centralized than China. They want everything centralized in Wall Street or the City of London...

"... in America, 10 percent of the population owns 80 or 85 percent of the stocks and bonds. The stock market has gone way up. Government debt has gone way up. But the income for 90 percent of the people have gone down... Yet economists say that we’re getting richer, meaning that their class, the financial class, is getting richer...."


[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Stocks and bonds are worth what the next buyer of them is willing to pay with "money," credit, fruits of their labor, etc, By and large only the people of wealth can afford to buy and own them. The so-called wealth in stocks and bonds are largely the self valuation of the wealthy by the wealthy. The others are simply "worker bees" subject to colony-collapse disease because they are myopic and couldn't tell the difference between fake money known as credit and real money known as the controlled quantity representing the fruits of labor.

Of course, there are some "very wise" drones who borrow like "flip" does because they do fuck with the queen, sweat profusely, and breathe in her sweet perfume so they certainly know something profound ( as they had attended the Female Utero Coital Knowledge class ). They know that the federal reserve aims for long-term persistent inflation which will nullify all debts. When winter comes, they are thrown outside of the bees' nest and probably frozen to death. All of the talks about incomes, taxes, political preferences, elections, etc. are ALL distractions for fooling the worker bees.

The fact is that most worker bees can never get the chance to borrow on the same basis as the queen bee or fuck like the drones. They will accumulate honey alright but the federal reserve will exchange sugar water for them. They will almost NEVER accumulate significant amount of honey. Housing is too expensive. A college education is too expensive. Wages are too low. The boss is too rich. Well, it's the work done by the persistent inflation generated by the policy to bail out and also enrich the rich people. Look at the balance sheets of many rich people. They borrow and owe a lot. The federal reserve always came to bail them out, though, whenever winter came. Also, over time their debts will be rendered insignificant by the federal reserve relative to the cash flows they can get from their holdings.

I had mentioned before that many people in finance were Jews and you flew off the handle. The Jews DO HAVE historical reasons for their global dominance of finance. Due to their religion and arrogant claim to be "the Chosen People," their neighbors tend to despise and discriminate against them so they had to get into occupations which others couldn't or wouldn't do. Loaning "money" and collecting compounding interest is such an activity prohibited by both Christianity and Islam for millennia but hypocrisy afflicted the religiously devout people so they got the Jews to do their dirty biddings. The law of compound interest is the greatest miracle of all as well as the greatest catastrophe of all. It can grow without bounds but the real world, yep, our Spaceship Earth, is absolutely bounded. If compressed to the density of milk, the air sitting between one square inch of the top of my head and the Moon amounts to less than two gallons of milk as can be seen in the video clip as the wisps of red and green aurora on the rim of the Earth. I was indeed somewhat surprised that Elon Musk seemed to be quantitatively challenged in estimating technological fantasies such as a space elevator or a bridge connecting Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Did you hear of the story of putting geometrically growing number of grains ( the next square must get twice as many grains as the current one ) onto the squares of the chessboard having 64 squares? I did as a child.

What is 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+...+2^62+2^63? A humongous number! Enough to cause strifes for sure if it must represent real-world things such as grains.

Micah White tried the correct idea of creating ¿occupywallst? Sparkle digital currency representing labor and have it be a real store of value. It can be a way to quarantine the fake-money rot.

My Mom told me that it's not good to take advantage of others even though I may know more than the others. I agree with her but I have added my corollary that it does mean that I must hedge against the others who had never been under the tutelage of my Mom. I didn't come from a culture where the swastika was abhorred. It signified to us change, rotation, revolution, death, birth, violence, peace, complementarity, balance, and obedience to the laws of Nature, as driven by the power of the "Sun." In the beginning, God's spirit hovered over the water ( H2 - Wasserstoff, O - Sauerstoff, eine Brønsted-Lowry Säure ). The Word was with God and the Word was God ( our God is neither male nor female and potentially both male and female as Adam who had been created in the image of God was, before Eve was cleaved from him; was Adam male or female before the dichotomy? Adam was neither male nor female before the cleavage and Adam became both male and female after the cleavage; male and female regain their bestowed godly generative power to create new life only when they mate, i.e. bring their gametes together, and subsequently incubate the zygote ). Through the Word ( "the left-handed weakling" ) cleaving the firmament, all matter got their mass and the Word became flesh.

"The Senate voted to not allow witnesses in the trial, despite Democrats’ hard push earlier in the week to sway key Republicans who had indicated they would might be interested in hearing from Bolton." In ancient Greco-Roman times, a witness on the stand would have grabbed @1:40 the bull-in-the-china-shop's testicles.

There IS Ruddy-Godjilla Salmonella-americana Evil loose in the World. It's a Man's number. Be prepared.

A trial without any witness when one's available and pertinent is a cover-up by the non-Jew Jew. Most people know where the bull's testicles are, on the turkey farms worldwide, below each phallus in erection. It's difficult to cover up so many bastards.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

exactly! "The so-called wealth in stocks and bonds are largely the self valuation of the wealthy by the wealthy." They make something out of nothing and buy most of the stuff we make by our real work, with the money they create ex nihilo. The entire FIRE Sector is a fraud. The rich are a parasitic wasting disease, a cancer that threatens the existence of the human race.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

I wouldn't call the entire FIRE sector a fraud although I certainly agree strongly with what you had said regarding at least some of the rich.

There are valid reasons for the existence of insurance, for example. I know that my Grandpa underwrote transcontinental shipments of goods for which people craved. Mom told me that he was at the wharves on most days inspecting the ships for safety, the shipments for quality, quantity, and accuracy, etc. before ordering repairs, delays, resupplying/repackaging, or approving the shipments to leave ( risking his own fortune ). It's work alright and should be duly remunerated. It may be said to be a kind of gambling but one only gets rich if one is correct and that is what societies aim for: safe arrivals of satisfactory shipments on time in the desired places.

As an example, I certainly thank Boeing Company for getting our family to America before the U.S. entry visas expired in a few days. However, if it started killing people with known deficiencies to maximize profits, I certainly would call foul loudly. "Man does not live by bread alone." Gratefulness doesn't trump Agape.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

Whether justified, necessary or desirable, all financial activity is technically parasitic. It profits by the work of others. If finance, insurance and real estate services are needed, they must be done on a non-profit basis - of, by and for the people - to minimize the harm they do to the community. All of this was as hidden to your grandfather as it remains to most people today. That doesn't change the fact that the FIRE Sector, as it presents, is a parasitic disease that afflicts the human race.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

I'm interested in hearing your definition of "non-profits basis." I understand the definitions of the IRS. We basically choose what section of the internal revenue code the organization will be governed by when it is incorporated.

I doubt that my Grandpa had a clear understanding of whether what he was doing was non-profit or for profits. He was rich to begin with or no one would have believed in his underwriting to undertake the perilous voyages. He was at least partially socialist in my opinion based upon what I had heard from Mom. He might be doing social welfare work because he had the "take these scrods and start a business for yourself instead of stealing [again to feed your mother]" lesson from one of his [judge] forebears who had freed a thief and gifted him with our clan's scrods to become a fishmonger.

I doubt that hard power is in fact stronger than soft power. Hard power is extremely brittle but soft power can endure longer in its effects. Post-WWII peace in Europe and East Asia is a manifestation of American soft power. Before that, we had the isolationist U.S. which didn't lead so the post-WWI peace became so short.

An unjust peace doesn't last long. Yep, the British and the French didn't conclude WWI well with their Colonialist mentality. They upset Germany, China, Italy, Japan, Russia, etc. setting the stage up for WWII, spawning the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Civil War, the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall, Vietnam and the Cold War.

Here's a comment from a teenaged girl, "all that these adolescent boys think and talk about is war, war, war, war, war!" Yeah, even a pussycat would be spooked by their sounds. Try saying "war, war, war, war, war" to your cat and observe the reaction. How romantic was it? I get what she had meant to say: boring xxxxheads!

Ovarized instead of testified, xxxx is the product of lesbian sexual intercourse.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

"of, by and for the people" means community owned and operated "not for profit." That must apply to the FIRE sector; Medicine and Pharma; Energy; education; mass transportation and communications. All other enterprises must be employee or family owned and operated. Billionaires must not exist. Medicine and education must be free to all. Management of any private enterprise can make no more than 50% more than the lowest paid worker.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

Mainstream America still doesn't understand that "Nothing can be made from nothing." Most still believe that financial activity and profits contribute to the growth of the real economy rather than the reality: Wall St is a cancer that's killing the economy. The worst kind of stupidity is that which imbeciles choose for themselves.

This morning CBS did a good job of explaining wealth inequality in America then cited the ruling class parasites' objection to a wealth tax: "it will hurt the overall growth of the economy." Which is only the case if we believe Milton Friedman's false assertion that the abstract activity of the FIRE Sector is real and beneficial growth rather than the parasitic wasting disease that it is in fact. Ubiquitous stupidity underlies our inevitable down fall.