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Forum Post: The "Border Crisis"

Posted 2 years ago on Jan. 13, 2019, 1:52 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX
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Many believe it's a deliberate diversion of focus to protect the conservative agenda of further concentration of wealth. Unquestionably it's a diversion but it's unlikely that it's deliberate. Those head in the sand morons aren't that smart. They act unconsciously from the lizard brain core of their intellectual existence.



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 2 years ago

5 billion dollars ceded will mean SSI won't get properly funded and elderly people will suffer. We have some walls - and they are full of tunnels. The vast expanse of our border can't be monitored despite whatever mechanisms we employ because we lack tax funds since corporations no longer pay in and wages are low and thus we lack funding and thus we lack manpower to monitor said wall. The best way to deal with crime problems is through local funding to thwart gang activity, as well as avenues of upward mobility that don't include crime as well as cracking down on illegal employers. A good percent of gangs members are legal citizens in their teens and twenties and aren't going to be "kept out". And anyway probably our biggest threat since gangs mostly focus on killing eachother is an enemy that will out technology us from the sky, an enemy we continue to build by using it's people as slaves to feed the American consumer market and Big Corporations and kill American labor and wages and thus the systems that rely on our taxes such as our goverment - China!!!!. If you like to conspiracy theory then you may wonder if their recent backwater moon trip as their people starve and toil was actually a plan to evade our satellites and hide their own signals. or maybe government went bankrupt after all their loopholes and charity to WS and rather than admitting it we are pretending it's a (Mexican) standoff. Operation Standoff? We are too busy examining rocks on Mars trying to outspace them while we deposit our entire economy in their arsenal and they send us poisoned products full of who knows what chemicals in the plastic water pipes we all drink from which are now imported from them. Frankly that worries me more than any other security issue.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

This fascination with "the backwater moon trip" worldwide is getting to me. As someone who has grown up with the Space Age, I want to put this into a proper context. It's far more challenging to land a man on the Moon and bring him safely back to Earth as the U.S. did in 1969 and multiple times in the 1970s. The life-support system is unnecessary in a robotic system but it's a big challenge (astronauts died in its quest but their deaths spurred on the invention of the home smoke detector which had saved many lives from fiery deaths.) I actually think that we don't need this complication to explore many worlds for scientific purposes but hey, "Everything is BIGGER in America! Including Texass but not Hair Little Finger." I remember eating five huge pillowcase-size watermelons bought at ninety-nine cents each in our summer of contentment after basically going broke and tapping into "the Force," 》die Zustandssumme,《 or 阴功积德 built up starting from decades and more than a century ago by Dad and Grandpa. We were "almost broke" but we had invisible "wealth" through connections or karma (羯磨) so in fact, even when my Mom and Brother were cupping Periplaneta americana into hot water from the ceiling of our dwelling and I was scavenging and playing in a neighborhood garbage dump, we were never poor!

Similar to the protagonist of "the Prodigal Son" Biblical parable, we just didn't scrounge in the right pocket to find it. Accepting the orange juice offered in goodwill can foster spiritual growth. On the high seas when our boat broke down, I realized how grateful I was to be on a speedboat dashing towards home port in the sunset sipping the bottle of orange juice offered me in obvious goodwill. "Framed in the archway of the sunset, see the homeward Cossack go; Noiseless saved for a raven's croaking, and the hoofbeats in the snow." Peace arrives so it's homecoming time.

The U.S. sent the robotic Viking probe to Mars in the 1970s and found no life at the landing site but much carbon dioxide released from the soil sample after processing it so a machine explored Mars in the 1970s. As for lunar buggy trips, the U.S. again did them in the 1970s in the latter Apollo missions. For satellite-relayed landings, the U.S. did them with a number of exploratory missions to the outer planets and their satellites. Yeah, our "mind children" had told us many fascinating stories about other worlds. They in their slow-rolling rovers had been exploring Mars concurrently for many years. I'm hoping that we'll discover Martian methanogens soon. The formula for life works everywhere in the same way. The periodic table of chemical elements is valid in the proper (from about 1 to about 20eV per atomic coupling; it's why the electron volt is such an excellent unit with near-unity accompanying numbers to be used for chemical and biological reactions near the atomic or molecular level) range of energy interaction everywhere.

I congratulate China for the exploration of the backside of the Moon because it shows an imagination to explore where no one, nor any of our "mind children," had ever set foot/wheel before. As for lunar rock and dust samples, I certainly hope that China can return a significant amount of it to Earth for study. The Soviet Union returned some lunar samples way back in the 1970s, too, but they were too small in quantity and were not collected from widely dispersed locations. Of course, I'm curious about what China may yet discover. I suspect that He-3 may be what is being sought because it's in the Cosmic Commons which the Chinese may well be planning to claim in a similar way they militarized uninhabited rocks and islands of the Global Commons into immovable aircraft carriers to threaten shipping and harass aerial and naval patrolling. Unlike NASA which was NEVER a military agency reporting to the Department of Defense, the Red Chinese military controls explorations so they most likely have military purposes shielded by propaganda. JFK wanted NASA to stay a civilian agency after the close encounter of the scariest kind after his following the advice of "those who wore fruit salads on their chests" regarding "The Bay of Pigs" invasion of Cuba. The whole World nearly ended in the Global Thermonuclear War of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Maybe the next one will be the Venezuelan Crisis, the Israeli/Iranian Crisis, the Ukraine/Crimea Crisis, the Russia/Baltic Crisis (I hope Russia truly grasps what this idea of NATO membership means; even just a piece of it will eventually become quite a handful to deal with for an invasion force; in my opinion, only idiots would take on fighting NATO or even just a country in it because it has the staying power in addition to the other forms of power; NATO likely expanded because countries desired the peace and prosperity NATO membership could bring as it has already done for many NATO countries since NATO's inception,) or the Forgotten but Newly Dredged-up Crisis on the Korean Peninsula. Maybe Russia and Ukraine can simultaneously join NATO to avoid multiple crises.

My being interested in rocks is probably unsurprising to anyone who knew that I as a preschooler was looking at the shiny mica flakes in the granite of the veneers of buildings and was excited to see dark reddish basalt for the first time turning wet and black when a rain cloud came to me high up on a trail near the top of a mountain ridge.

NASA had instruments for detecting underground tunnels so I don't see any reason why those tunnels at the southern border cannot be detected. It's so much easier than doing it on an extraterrestrial world. Of course, we all know the reasons why we are so incompetent to find these things -- it's by design, duh! Impose a stiff penalty on the employers of the illegal aliens and see the inflow slow to a trickle. My Mom taught me that even when all of the monks and nuns had abandoned the monasteries and nunneries, the buildings still stayed behind. We may not catch the illegal aliens but we can catch their employers.

This "bother" wall is so simpleminded and blown way out of all proportions. When the paid vacations for the furloughed federal employees are funded upon their returning to work, the federal coffer would have lost at least a few billions of dollars, close to if not completely covering the requested amount for the very stupid "bother" wall.

It's a far too politicized issue (88) that causes all pains and no gains. Even the paid vacationed federal employees will complain about their interim hardship. I was greatly impressed by the fortifications of the Maginot Line with airlocks and tunnels but we all know how quickly France succumbed to the Blitzkrieg despite having those formidable fortifications (they didn't see much military action.) How does one breach an impregnable fortress? One doesn't - one just bypasses it. I can see the "bother" wall used for channeling immigration/emigration but I doubt their value in reducing the volume of migration to support our White-racist regime's agenda to cater to the trumpery-loving base. I've just thought of a brilliant idea to discover Martian methanogens. We enclose our National Cesspool in an airtight dome and feed it shit to incubate the alien microbes, just as what the Viking probe had done on Mars in the 1970s. A million-men piss rally can start the process going by allowing water-based chemical reactions to commence.

Red China needs not sink our aircraft carriers. We ourselves would do it soon by having sunk the costs of two supercarriers by the time when this stupidity catches up to the denizens of our National Cesspool. Remember who'd said the following? "I can shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and they will still support me." A trillion dollars here and a trillion dollars there and it soon adds up to imaginary money. Venezuela beckons with its wealth to paupery story. I need to learn from my childhood lunch buddy who was confronted with only a bowl of water after defecating.

Mentioning having lunch with my childhood school buddies while I was executing my "austerity measure" by bringing to school my own Mom-made hot lunch to eat rather than my previously eating at one of the restaurants with my other school buddies (guess why I complained to Mom about her being sexist and selfish just spending Dad's money and keeping her own,) I learnt a valuable lesson about apparent dirtiness. I came late to lunch so the bench our lunch group congregated to sit upon was nearly full but the still vacant position had the ugliest- and dirtiest-looking hardened wood-glue splash/spots that I had ever seen. I strove to sit with my buddies to socialize so I tried to clean it and clean it and clean it. Absolutely nothing came off! Then I had a sudden change of mind and instantaneously "cleaned it all off." I realized that since nothing had come off with my hard cleaning effort, nothing would come off when I just sat upon it! The apparent dirtiness was totally in my mind so I could wipe it off very quickly. My mind generated my reality so my mind wiped clean my reality. After having sat there eating lunch with my buddies, my school uniform's trousers were not soiled, exactly as my rational mind had predicted. I wonder whether this was how I had acquired a reputation amongst my neighbors for having a strong stomach for yucky things. Regardless, it was a very important epiphany for my gaining a bottom-fishing mentality: reason over emotions. See what things could be or made to be!

Pootin's hacks succeeded via * so here we come together for Global Plutonium Association's Lesson One as "the Force" beckons.