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Forum Post: The Avanti Group: Cyber attacks are more sophisticated than ever – interview with Seth Berman

Posted 1 year ago on June 28, 2013, 9:56 p.m. EST by istophercleam (0)
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Cyber attacks are more sophisticated than ever – interview with Seth Berman


Hi Seth, could you just tell us a little bit about Stroz Friedberg and your role there as UK executive managing director?

We're living in a digital world, where organisations are facing a rapidly changing risk landscape. Stroz Friedberg works with large corporates, law firms and government agencies to understand, manage and counter such risks. For example, we are called in to support some of the most high profile criminal cases in the UK and were tasked by Google to report on the issues around the development of Street View, following widespread privacy concerns.

As executive managing director, I am responsible for the company's London and Hong Kong offices, and the delivery of several services: digital forensics, cyber crime and incident response, security science, forensic accounting, compliance, due diligence, data disclosure and analytics. We have a further nine offices in the United States.

Before joining Stroz Friedberg, I was an assistant US attorney. This offered an excellent opportunity to see some of the digital threats first-hand, as my primary role was to conduct and supervise investigations and prosecutions of computer-related crime – such as intrusions, computer and internet fraud, identity theft and other abuses – involving the theft and use of information over computer networks.

Cyber crime has been in the news quite a lot recently, with attacks from hacking and military groups occurring more and more. Why do you think it's now that cyber crime has become so 'popular'?

Cyber risks are growing exponentially and attacks are getting more sophisticated. The fragmented nature of such risks, from opportunistic criminals at one end of the spectrum to nation states at the other, means organisations are forced to engage in a game of cat and mouse, where the adversaries change with increasing regularity.



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[-] 0 points by istophercleam (0) 1 year ago

Like all wars, like the old school wars we know or whatever definition of wars you might know, cyber war is as dangerous. It can kill, and a bloodless war is more taunting.