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Forum Post: system must take care of society interest

Posted 8 years ago on Oct. 8, 2012, 5:06 a.m. EST by samer (9)
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Each system has a principle, and the principle is a set of concepts, and concepts become convictions if people believe on it , so we must determine what is the function of the state is "tax collection", protection and security or care for the interests of the nation, Because if we say that the state is tax collection, protection and security then the model is will be the a capitalist state, Which means that the state does not interfere in economic matters at all, but if it came to the security and lives of the citizens then she protect citizens. State structure is the democratic system consists of legislatures and parliaments represent their people and the legislation of laws for the State Administration, if you look at a simple look on the system u will like, but if you look deep look you will find things buried do not appear without digging, first .. no limit for Property , you can own anything if you have the money which mean that poor people cannot own anything simply because they don't have enough money or Can not Competition the capitalist , Secondly.... the state have no power because she dont have any resource Except taxes ,so she exposed to be under pressure from the Capitalists, because they have the money and pay taxes to state , On the other hand the state force to defend the interests of capitalism corporation despite the aim serve the state or not , thats make the state the steal hand to strike Abroad to protect capitalism interest . Thirdly.... These capitalists have no ethics and mercy, they have one value the money , they do not care if you hungry or slept in the street or did not find what you wear,if u can get money to them u are useful if not u are A burden on society. Fourth..... when the money be the higher value in community then Bribery and corruption well spread s all over the state , why?! , Every man needs a house and food and clothes and other accessories because Man's instincts need it to Satiate, when u but the human to choose between law and money , the money wins , because the law well not give u house or food or anything it give u A straight man and this contrasts with the concept of the supreme value is money , On another picture they make the law like a donkey ride by the capitalists

State function "care for the interests of the nation" In this function the state Should have a certain conditions available in it, make the state Able to do their duty. First ... Abolition of the concept of money is the highest value in the community, and must activate all values that created with the human ,like Spiritual value and moral value . Second.... All the sources that meet people move in the request, such as oil and minerals must be under the state control Because without it, the capitalists cannot control people or state , their hand will be tied , they can be rich but without Effective means of pressure, on the other hand all the resources provide state with tremendous amount of money, the state use it for Cover expenses, build investment projects usefull for society not aim to maximize profits , because she aims to protect people Interests, and the big resources less the needing of Taxation. May be one ask what preventing state from corruption, to answer this question must know that any idea must have concept so to inflect on human behavior , so when u build a society on certain concept and the society accept it , so the concept wil be Convictions that society will fight to keep these concept in the life Even if it led to loss their life, it's like to change the virus environment so to kill the virus , The nation must be conscious of what works and what happens, and the state have limit which is the concept that system build in , and the state is Executive entity of a set of concepts and beliefs which were accepted by the people. The most important is not the corruption it’s the environment of corruption , if the environment that made by the system clean the corruption will be clear to us , Otherwise The corruption will not be seen in system because it will be who will made it .



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[-] 1 points by samer (9) 8 years ago

1 - State mission to keep the concepts and ideas and secured the people and the application of the law 2 - people their job is to apply the ideas in there life and to hold the state to not violate these ideas 3 - ideas, concepts and beliefs are the basis of the system, which is based on taking care of people and there interest

[-] 1 points by samer (9) 8 years ago

It is not intended comparison between the state and the nation.Intended to meet the nation's ideas, based in concept on taking care of people.These ideas are determined by the work of state sponsors of the nation and any violation of state will the nation address them.The most important thing is that ideas are define the work of the state and the nation and not a group of individuals determine the fate of the nation

[-] 0 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 8 years ago

"The nation must be conscious of what works and what happens, and the state have limit which is the concept that system build in , and the state is Executive entity of a set of concepts and beliefs which were accepted by the people. "

Which one's dedication and morality are more important, the states or the people's?