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Forum Post: Should Hillary "turn in" Obama?

Posted 8 years ago on Oct. 29, 2012, 11:36 p.m. EST by arturo (3169) from Shanghai, Shanghai
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Should Hillary Clinton "turn in'' Barack Obama, by releasing the information she has on the President's refusal to provide security to the Benghazi consulate, which it had requested, and she--according to sources--had approved?

The source of the intelligence that Clinton had ordered a beefed-up security presence is Benghazi is Ed Klein, author of "The Amateur", a biography of President Obama. Klein told The Blaze TV's Andrew Wilkow Oct. 26 that "the legal counsel to Clinton'' had told him that President Obama had denied Clinton's request. According to Klein's sources, former President Bill Clinton has been urging Hillary to release State Department documents that would prove that she ordered the beefed up security presence in Benghazi, but that she has so far declined to make them public, knowing that this would virtually assure Obama's defeat on Nov. 6.

A transcription of the interview is provided here:

Host: "The Obamas and the Clintons have a very behind-the-scenes tense relationship -- ''

Klein: "To put it mildly --"

Host: "-- to put it mildly. I said to you last night, and I think I stand corrected, that it seemed like Obama out-Clintoned the Clintons. But Clinton seems to have gone along with all this because he knew that Hillary would be exonerated in the end. It's almost like she knew that if cards were going to be played, what cards she held. Now, the question I have for you is: Is she going to leave this administration? If they want to pull the final card here, she could walk out the door...''

Klein: "And they know it.''

Host: ''... with less than two weeks, and he's done.''

Klein: "That's right.''

Host: "Is she going to leave?''

Klein: "No.''

Host: "She's going to stay?''

Klein: "I can't imagine that she would resign. Because, if she resigned, as you say, it would bring down the entire administration. He would lose the election, and she would be essentially to blame (by the left wing base of the party).''

Host: "Now where does Bill stand on this?''

Klein: "I checked that out just before I came here on your show. I called some of my sources. They say that Bill Clinton --''

Host: "And your sources are...?''

Klein: "My sources are in the, uh, legal team that the Clintons have put together to advise Hillary on what she should say if she is subpoenaed, what documents she has to make public if they are subpoenaed, and so forth. And this legal team -- these people -- tell me that Bill has been {urging} her to release more -- I shouldn't say more, who knows who released these documents we've seen so far -- but to exonerate herself by releasing the documents that prove that, according to him, that she actually asked to beef up the security in Benghazi.''

Host: "But, but if she releases this, it's just as good as her walking out, because if she's says ``I'm not to blame here, it goes to the White House -- he didn't send...'' -- we know how this works. He still loses! She's still to blame!''

Klein: "That's right. And so therefore, she's arguing back, and in fact not taking Bill's advice. They've had big fights about this, for weeks now. For two or three weeks. I mean, they always fight, about everything -- it's, it's part of their, their marriage. And she will not, because she says ultimately she'll be exonerated, and she will not be tarred with the blame for bringing down this administration.''

Host: "If she could provide this security -- if she was asking for security ...''

Klein: "Right.''

Host: ''... who was she asking, and who would be in position to say 'No'?... ''

Klein: "Well, you can only imagine, that if she's asking for more beefed up security, she has to go through either the CIA, Special Ops, and/or the Pentagon. But, (none) of that would happen without the National Security Adviser to the (President of the United States), Tom Donnillon, going to the President and saying, "We want to send reinforcements to Libya because our Ambassador is in jeopardy. Mr. President, is that okay?'' (raises his eyebrows) ...And?... What did he say? Apparently he said, "Not yet, my friends.''



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