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Forum Post: Security is another word for opression

Posted 10 years ago on April 9, 2012, 11:40 p.m. EST by Anonymouse2 (0)
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I'm sure we have all seen the media and the government and their scare tactics of terrorism and that someone always wants to hurt us and use that to trample on are constitution and bill of rights. Two big examples are the NDAA . The ndaa allows the government to arrest you, detain you and put you in military prison for the rest of your life without trial just if they suspect you of a terrorist and the definition of terrorist is very vague in the bill so anyone can basically be considered a terrorist. The law is so unconstitutional because as American citizens (and in my opinion anyone) is guaranteed a trial by jury and the supreme court ruled back during the civil war that you cant detain American citizens in a military prison at a time of war while prisons and courts are still operating. This provision was put into the bill under the reason of security. When will we realize that will not give up are civil liberty for security. That is just one bill below is a link to show you a lot more bills either that have passed or are in congress or waiting for Obamas signature. Some of these laws are terrifying.




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