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Forum Post: Russian Infultration of Occupy

Posted 2 years ago on Jan. 27, 2019, 11:05 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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So who are the hired hands posting here? Dividing Occupy. We need to reunite and fight Wall Street and the banks. It is wrong that the little guys and citizens of this country and the world are being trampled by big monied investment firms and a wealthy 5 percent has taken ownership of not just America but the world. The citizenry of this nation has the power to stand up and take power out of the hands of the corrupt and heinous individuals who have decided they are going to be the deciders for all of us. This movement has the most chance of tearing apart this corrupt system which is now also infecting the world. No one is going to do it for us. We must re-unite despite all the Russian and Wall Street infiltrating this movement and posts. Surely they have been. Corrupt governments including ours have a specific interest in keeping the corrupt and powerful running the ship. It belongs to the people. (The ship that is - you can keep the corruption). This movement is a movement for and by the people of this country to prevent tyranny and the destruction of our democracy by banks and multi-national corporations, as well as foreign governments who seek to influence and takeover our democracy. Our forefathers fought as Patriots to free us from tyranny, to give all people the right to vote, and to ensure an equitable distribution of profits and rights to our resources. That is all being stolen now. Wall Street is happy to stand at the auction desk. WE need to stop it.



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[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

from democracy to plutocracy

Read the Treat of Paris - 1783. to see where America started to go to hell.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Name who the hired hands are, according to your best estimate. I don't consider talking to the enemy as going against one's principles. In conflicts, the usual ending short of a total annihilation of one side is some form of truce, treaty, consent decree, etc., achieved through talking, compromising, and accommodating. Enemies are potential new friends in the new circumstances even though the objective remains unchanged. There must be Contact of some kind to change. Even if you only have to flush the toilet, you must still press the lever.

I understand how it works because I had lived under the utter physical domination of my Big Brother for a very long time. It's easy for a high-school teenager to beat up a kindergartner! However, my Mom put a quick stop to his attempt to "teach" me, essentially "over my dead body." There's a kind of dynamic balance among us because I talked to Mom in the evening after our outings during the day. He could ignore my requests during the day when I talked to him but I could exercise my First Amendment right in front of Mom, possibly having her revoking our rights to roam. He didn't want to be grounded, nor did I, his de facto license-to-roam.

Of course, I liked his gratuities such as ice-cream cones, chewing gums, coconut drinks, orange juice, savory morsels of snacks, Coca Colas, movies, beach parties, hiking/fishing/boating trips, riding on bicycle, speeding fast with the wind whooshing in my ears on a motorcycle, shooting puny firework rockets at "the enemy" in a "5% as opposed to a 1%" neighborhood who also had the same rockets and shot back with some having tiny non-hypersonic firecracker warheads (so our idiotic or just-playing-for-fun shantytown neighborhood kids started making swords and helmets by folding ¡newspapers! to defend ourselves in "a Crusade" {I as a preschooler kiddie-war veteran grew up with "toys" containing small amounts of gunpowder so I instantaneously recognized the dark potassium sulfide K2S plumes of smoke at the Boston Marathon Bombing videos} -- we became "a gang" and the conflicts escalated and almost { for someone had the good sense to call the B2B B2-bomber-over-Beijing police to break up a "gang fight" confrontation with many deadly weapons: spring-loaded and hunting knives, bicycle wheel-to-pedal chains, glass wine bottles with bottoms broken off to make sharp jagged chevrons, wood chisels... the adolescent "gangs" dispersed as the Manta ray whooshed quietly by } got terribly out of hand eventually due to "turf" rivalries in the sky {with paper-kite "drone" wars using broken-glass-dust-glue-laced strings to tangle "the enemy's" kites' strings and saw/cut them off and retrieve the captured drone which had "violated our airspace"} and on the ground, {for public recreational facilities, a basketball court built upon an uninhabited tidal rock in the South China Sea; Achtung! Mein Herr, 》stummer {Magnesium-Brennstoffzellen} Unterseekrieg kommt bald, Isa. 27:1《 Lektion zwei des globalen Plutonium-Vereins} according to my Brother who was in "the airforce" and "the army" while I served in the kiddie "drone" wars so I think that there was much evidence that Iran had spoofed, hacked, or cracked GPS systems leading to our overly-GPS-dependent Navy sailors and drone being led astray and captured,) etc. Drones may be wrung dead by the Stuxnet STI virus.

During our roaming, I followed the examples of the three Japanese monkeys: Hear-no-evil, See-no-evil, and Speak-no-evil. I certainly knew a little Confucian propriety and some Gestapo discretion (my utter cluelessness about liquid gold being unacceptable to the Earth-bound ones as the first drink in the womb and the genuine desire not to see my kindergarten-class rank in the "babysitter" mirror perhaps saved my kiddie butt, and likely some classmates', too, due to my leadership from behind.) Often, some battles are best NOT fought but resolved. There are tolerance,《忍一时风平浪静, 退一步海阔天空。》(Red China apparently has an idiotic diplomatic corps which thinks that instead of playing fairly, it can just buy off powerful people's family members to influence U.S. policies; the rule of law in the U.S. seems to be incomprehensible to the culturally-whiplashed-and-accustomed-to-arbitrariness Red China's CCP leadership which ¡believes! in its own made-up propaganda -- it reminds me of das zweite Reich with the spikes on its soldiers' helmets or the samurai swords carried by Imperial Japanese soldiers -- Medieval mentality with modern warfare capability and the rapacious cultural import from the dominant European/Anglo-American cultures) forgiveness, Mercy, Grace, fences, non-competitive agreements about spheres of influence, etc.

In adulthood, I couldn't even recall why we the two brothers had fought each other. What was it all about? I don't know. I forgot. I don't remember. I headed my kindergarten-class butt once too many in the Super Bowl.