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Forum Post: Restarting Occupy

Posted 9 years ago on Sept. 29, 2012, 9:53 p.m. EST by elevine89 (0)
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Hey everyone,

I've noticed that the Occupy group has gone out of the presses recently, and I would like to suggest a proposal to get ourselves back on track. I see the GA as a stand alone globule of resistance to the 1% as being ineffective and inefficient, and would like to suggest that it becomes an organizing hub for volunteers, aimed at bringing people together for strategic action, such as voting and demonstrating. I think it would turn Occupy into a more effective political beast that will be taken seriously, provided we begin backing candidates for office and begin throwing our weight behind them.

I see this as functioning primarily on the local level with networks being formed in order to promote action that will advance our causes and bring the changes that we need as a species into being.


Here is a write of up the full proposal.

Please feel free to comment on it and improve the quality of its message.

Thank you! :)



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