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Forum Post: Real Dangers of Subcontracting Replacing Good Workers and Unions with Ex Cons.

Posted 3 years ago on Nov. 5, 2018, 8:38 a.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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As for sub contractors: Tri Wire a Comcast subsidiary ( rather -subcontractor) has a former level 3 child rapist working for them to install cable. I know because he is registered in my town with the police and listed as working for them.

So when companies like Comcast or National grid send a subcontractor into your house,with lax training- after the New England explosions, and they lock out hard working union people, are the subcontractors insured if they fall down your basement steps, blow up your house or rape your wife? Answer...NO!

So is that highly likely to reoffend TriWire guy a risk to Comcast customer after being called to install that replacement router, as they obviously don't perform hiring background checks? Answer...YES!

Or if the subcontractor guy mistake blows up a whole city and kills people? Answer...do we know? NO!

Liability now falls to the subcontactor, who may or may not have insurance, and has a fall back plan of bankruptcy... may possibly even be hiring low wage unemployable ex cons:

So if he falls down steps fakes injury and sues ( which your insurance won't cover uninsured contractor injuries), blows up your house with his lax training, or possibly comes back later and robs you, or worse rapes a child or woman, you can try to sue his nonexistent insurance company, but I guarentee the actual service provider company, will shrug it off as your problem now.

Um so ok ...the level 3 sex offender guy's crime appears to have been befriending a mentally disabled woman and luring her away from her group home to sell her body for sex 20 times in one night... so he could purchase drugs for himself and his gang. As well as um raped a CHILD under the age of 14 and is now installing your alarm system!!!! (BTW Some LANDLORD is renting to him right near my house)

So yeah have that subcontractor delivering boxes now too (casing houses, testing doorknobs, making mental notes for his gang buddies). Great idea WallStreet. Employing the unemployables. Ex Cons for cheap labor...coming to a home, neighborhood, school, or dorm room, near you -possibly yours!!!.

This is what competing for lower and lower labor wages and corporate greed gets us. Puts our families and kids at risk. Puts our good deserving citizens out of work and replaces them with subcontracting ex cons. Race to the bottom.



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

When a guy makes a good wage, when he had to compete to get his job, when he isn't going to risk that good job and insurance.by comitting a crime - we are all better off. Wall Street is ready to employ the ex con labor force and send it right into our communities via subcontracting. The molestors, the rapists, the burglars, the gangs...installing cable and ALARMS!! , replacing or reading meters, bringing boxes to your doorsteps and into schools, airports, dorm rooms. This is what competing for lower and lower labor wages gets us. Puts our families and kids at risk. Puts our good deserving citizens out of work.

Race to the bottom.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

Where is Homeland Security when you really need them? Speaking of unchecked hazardous material and or possibly Fentynal.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

Oh and servicing schools, dorm rooms, airports, hospitals...great idea.