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Forum Post: Public Hospitals Want to keep You Out and Prefer You Die

Posted 3 years ago on Nov. 6, 2018, 2:43 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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This story of a patient dying outside a locked ER door while on the phone to 911 enrages me. I hope this husband gets justice but more so I hope his story gets out because I believe this is happening not by accident but a matter of policy all around our nation. They make the front entry door hard to find I believe for a reason. This is a trend. Lack of signs, strange entrances that lead to dead ends. Aside from patient dumping and mental health discrimination...it seems they don't want anybody even coming inside there. They don't want to actually treat the public - they just want government funds? But the exact nuances and reason here eludes me it would be worth investigating. At any rate if I were this man I don't know how I could live with this injustice seething in me every day. Something must be done here.




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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

Laura Levis who died needlessly outside the door to the emergency room of a Sommerville hospital of asthma attack. Peter Demarco wrote the story. (In case the link is broken).

Worst part of this is he didn't know that is what happened - he actually wrote them a public thank you letter for being so kind to them. (As they covered up the fact that they left her there to die).

It's hitting a nerve for me. How they were in a rough patch trying to work it out. How he won't get the chance ever again. How easily she could have been saved. This is more than incompetence, this is more than negligence...this is depraved indifference and manslaughter. The lazy aborhent nurse should lose her Liscence. He should sue her for all her worldly possesions...so she can feel what it is like. Guarentee they mean more to her than any human.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

This foreign site will probably stay available longer because the U.K. has national healthcare so this article will help its people ( actually, I think most people over there have already known that they got a far better deal than "the [SUX 3000] Americans" who got "the penguin" ) realize that the grass is not necessarily greener (grass blades tend to stand somewhat upright so a side view tends to show more green color than a topdown view) on the other side: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6355575/Husband-demands-answers-wife-34-died-asthma-attack-outside-locked-ER-doors.html

It's the profit motive at work in these cases. Hospital emergency rooms are required by U.S. laws to treat all comers regardless of their ability to pay. This is a catch-all for pretending that everyone is covered without the politicians having to disclose whom are actually being covered. Culling filled the gap between what was said to be and what actually was.

I know how it feels to have a loved one culled ( not only at emergency rooms.) It's one reason why I am still here after all of these years. I haunt.

Remember? "Do this in remembrance of me." "Framed in the archway of the sunset, / See the homeward Cossack go. / Noiseless saved for a raven's croaking, / And the hoofbeats in the snow:" This is my body. Eat this. This is my blood. Drink this. I red the Bimbo because I had already figured out elementary bi-ology. Big Brother was absolutely correct: Periplaneta americana has global reach and poWer, especially at its poWer base near Houston. "Houston, Houston, we have a problem!" Maybe "global" will become "cosmic." In NYC, "Houston street" is pronounced as "Houseton street," NEVER "Hueston street" by a native New Yorker. What do you say? I say: Sam Houston certainly has my respect but war is the WORST way to resolve conflicts, though sometimes inevitable (in self-defense; criteria for evaluating inevitability are intention and means; warriors adhere to the warrior's code to allay fears and maximize survival, excellent advice for frontline states DPRK, South Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, and the continental bulwark states of Germany and France, invaded by the U.S. in Normandy, of course, but very unlikely again unless Russia were to overrun Germany; Russia fears NATO due to the U.S., fortress U.K., France, and on-the-front-line-and-exposed Germany which would very likely hold firm against a Russian invasion after an early setback due to the German warrior culture having become soft or even gone under Pax Americana but its industrial might will definitely force a Russian retreat eventually but by that time Russia may have punched through to France already due to the flat and easy German terrains to traverse on a first strike; no one gets out of life alive but legacy endures: I remember seeing the objects and their arrangement near a skeleton in the photograph of an ancient burial site and I said to myself, "they are recognizably very human. I see Love.") It's much easier to destroy than to build. Anyone who has built a tower of blocks for a toddler probably knows the toddler's delight in destroying it and the subsequent difficulty of building it back up quickly for yet another Godjilla-knockdown attack by the toddler before the whining comes. Of course, one can socialize the toddler to help build their very own dream town out of blocks. Then the protective motive displaces the destructive glee.

Machiavelli wrote a very famous book called "The Prince." Many younger rulers who could not dig deeply into who the prince was might have succumbed to its influence due to their fear of losing power. This seemed to be what had happened to Syria, with its destroyed cities and towns, annihilated ancient cultural artifacts (Syria was at the crossroads of the ancient world mentioned in the Old Testament; recall Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus,) its millions of desperate migrants, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians killed, and reversion to barbarity breaching the international norms of behaviors already learnt previously at great costs by the Europeans. The Syrian situation doesn't need to happen to the prince's dominion.

The prince intended by Machiavelli was none other than the Godfather of Europe's Renaissance (which unleashed modernity on the West and far beyond,) Lorenzo the Great. In that turbulent age of political power struggles, Lorenzo was targeted for assassination early in his life while praying together with his brother. His brother was murdered but he escaped. Although he rose to power later on and could have executed his assassin, he did NOT. He didn't follow the advice of the book "The Prince" to install a regime of fear. Instead, he helped take away the shame of Florence by finishing its dome using the long-forgotten but newly understood ancient Roman technology. For the first time in more than a thousand years, Florence surpassed ancient Rome in its glory and it still remains a topmost tourist destination in Italy to this very day, centuries later. European culture exploded into its modern beauty and global dominance from the completion of the dome of Florence which now shields the worshipers of God who had suffered from the rains for years in a grand church (with a ridiculously great hole grander than could-be-finished) and spans "the impossible." For his people, Lorenzo became the beloved "il magnifico!" Europe soared high and free on the winds of the Renaissance liberated by Lorenzo il magnifico. It discovered humanity and modern science.

Man became the focus. Following and extending this grand tradition, I go to my People's Temple to worship more than five times a day, just to beat the Allah-favored Muslims in my devotion. I'll let Allah, God, etc. fight it out amongst themselves. All gods and goddesses, especially the most high ones, don't need my puny mortal squireship although I do recognize that I have my Godly bias because at the wedding banquet, I was baptized by the bidét, as favored by God.

My Big Brother was also chosen and baptized twice as a young child, firstly in a river "accidentally" and secondly with him wearing brand-new festivity's clothings, in a pigsty's feeding trough, hahahahahah (I giggled every single time I thought of this incident ever since Mom had told me about what happened to him after they had moved to a NEW God-planned-transregulated shantytown-neighborhood -- a fact IS weirder than fiction!) God made sure that it was shallow enough not to drown him but filled with a sufficient swill of hoggyswasch to avoid him getting an Achilles's heel. He was chosen to be "God's triumph over the snakes" and destined to become "filthy rich." Mom's consultation with a shaman regarding his grave illness (family members and relatives had even bought him a small coffin that fitted him; the shaman said that he wouldn't need it while saying that even a hammer couldn't knock him dead; he recovered thanks to the U.S.A. making penicillin available) resulted in her telling me that he would never go hungry for the want of food because God would guide him to a feeding trough again, and again.

I adopted the Japanese habit of drinking much water upon first awakening in the morning to ensure my daily offerings could continue unabated. It does wonders for my health. God truly blesses me! Clean air, clean water, pee, pee, pee, poop, pee, pee! This is definitely Moses's Code to the USS America; Shittoad said: what a great cuntry already! 'Tis, all in all. "Theresa, being with Bertha in deer-hunting season I'm in Heaven!"

The U.S.A. was absolutely the greatest. When I tried to fetch the Johnnie-Walker-Black-Label whisky bottle for drinking water, a gigantic Periplaneta americana ran up the bottle towards my hand making me drop it, breaking the porcelain sink below. I had swatted at the species before but the spines on its legs hurt so I grew fearful. Nowadays, the U.S.A. is no longer the greatest country. Our Clitonites have outsourced greatness.

I'll gear my nightly devotions towards the study of the "golden nuggets, the shit of the gods" when they are dislodged from the rectum of the Dodo-turd by the subpoena-backed Anal Rehydration Therapy. A kid taught me that the solution to constipation was to "eat more" to invoke "the law."

The Constipated Kid's Law, "sooner or later, they'll all come back out," derived its authority from the Pauli exclusion principle. It applies to the fermions but not the bosons. Yeah, Hair Bozo still has a chance of dressing up as a massless lightoid bozon in M-oral Babystuffing theory. G-string is the closed-loop нет-erotic savior string. Susskind yet?