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Forum Post: Probability

Posted 1 year ago on Jan. 10, 2020, 10:06 a.m. EST by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX
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No matter how smart we are or how hard we work, we can't all choose to have 1000, 100 or even 10 other people work for us and we take the profit, while paying them so little they must go in debt to us to live. It's mathematically impossible. I'm an American, so I can't question the morality of an economy that serves less than 1% of the population and allows only 10% or less to live and/or die debt free.

Wannabe winners think taxes and welfare are responsible for their failure to rise above the norm. About ten percent of taxes go to welfare*. More than 50% goes to the military [industrial complex]. It's a testament to conservative propaganda that otherwise intelligent people can believe the poor and not billionaire Wall St Oligarchs, who own the MIC and most of everything else, are sucking up all the money!

*Social Security and Medicare are not welfare. They are a prepaid insurance benefit funded by the payroll tax on the poor and middle class, The cons in CONgress have borrowed and spent the SS Trust Fund to fatten their rich owner operators. And themselves if they're also billionaires or family members.




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[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

''Capitalism's Uneven Development'' by Prof. R.D.Wolff:

radix omnium malorum est cupiditas!

[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

Thanks for the link to Wolff's presentation. He implies the low probability of becoming a billionaire by pointing out that it takes millions of people living hand to mouth and/or in debt to create one.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"The ability to buy power ... is not proof that people like what you do - for Bloomberg or for Trump!"

e tenebris - tenebris!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

It's not true. It just takes two parties willing to bid up in smaller and smaller portions of the "assets" they own using monopoly money ( credit and/or access to the "printing press" ). In fact, one would create TWO, not just one, billionaires in this way.

It becomes real when the worker bees believe in the "market value" of the assets and join the game by paying with their savings. People who don't know how the game is played complain of the unfairness, propagate the illusion to the other worker bees, etc. It's all just credit-fueled inflation stealing from the worker bees' paychecks and savings. Do you know of the world-famous Anglo-Boom in economics? It does work because what is money, really? The English speakers with access to the Jewish front know and play the game. Of course, Red Fuckgina being "the Jews of the Orient" has also figured out this game and already played it for a long while. Hint: look at Australia's economy and ask how it has grown like that.

At one time when I was a kid, I wondered about the power of money. I saw that my Big Brother got me my chewing gums and ice-cream cones by exchanging these fancy and colorful pieces of paper for them. My worker-bee parents taught me to get this paper by working at j o b s, j o b s, j o b s! Have you heard of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" book? Rich Dad has tens of metric tons of plutonium and poor Dad can't pay the medical bills of the veterans thus affected. The U.S. should therefore package the plutonium into security souvenirs/germ disinfectant and sell them worldwide as a part of "the Atoms for Peace" program to raise the money for the sick veterans. Anyone who wants to get rich must inhale plutonium ( metal of the rich ) to disinfect the lungs. The opportunistic bacterial pneumonia which sometimes follows the COVID-19 ( previously 2019-nCoV ) viral infection to cause a twitching death by suffocation cannot resist plutonium's alpha radiation.

Many years later, another kid ¿working clandestinely for Stormy-Prophet Infidelity Tee-Off Investments? even smarter than I had ever imagined presented me with a bank's withdrawal slip with astronomical numbers filled in and the customer's name written in ¡Greek! alphabets. One day, I even discovered a "For Sale" phrase written on my residence, a g a i n by this kid !

An actual U.S. national treasure, this kid if born and raised much earlier could have made an excellent salesperson, e.g. to sell all of Manhattan Island of the Native Americans' to the original Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam.

Worker bees' bank savings and home equities are unsafe with this kid's observant mind hovering around. Florida-sun-kissed Orange-utan says, "I've just got a bridge in New York to sell to you." Just ask Rudy Giuliani, the former prosecutor. Read J. Updike's "Couples," as I had always wondered as a pubescent teenager where on Sesame Street the letter 'J' had gone to. Believe me that one could pick up a free copy of this lurid-instructive mistresspiece from the roadside trash of a tony Manhattan neighborhood.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

The funny money created on Wall St by the winning elite parasites/billionaires can be spent or lent to buy real [material] goods and services. That's how we the people are robbed and why prices move us out of the black and from the middle class.

So, NO! It is true that it takes millions to create a billionaire. Looking at the fraud they perpetrate on Wall St in the abstract and failing to see any part of the reality it describes is your mistake. You need to wake up but I fear you may be too old to grow out of your specious weltanschauung.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

The reality is that there are worker bees who will exchange their fruits of labor for vaporware. It doesn't take millions but it does take fools.

I can make you a billionaire if you and I have a secret pact. It'll be a bit like how the duopoly can render "outsiders" moot. Most countries brag about the growth of their Gross Domestic Product and how high their stock market goes. Yes, there is some truth in those measures but by no means are they the only relevant ones. "Man does not live by bread alone but on every word which comes from the mouth of God."

For example, let us take a look at what many people hold as "the China Miracle." Why does the Chinese Communist Party ( all three words are lies if you are knowledgeable about what their definitions are ) have to keep people building ghost cities, West American Warm Lake artificial islands, maintain such a large populous army, pour in trillions of renminbi to shore up the stock market, arrest doctors/healthcare workers who tried to warn the World about the onslaught of a pandemic, etc? It's all about creating power and retaining power for the élites by marshalling the motley fools also known as worker bees. It's no different from the "capitalistic" U.S. There are ways to keep power for the moneyed and powered class. It's all done with the so-called "smoke and mirrors."

Let us say you and I own one half of the outstanding shares of a corporation and we each own 10,000 shares because we are the founders of this corporation and we decided that we should issue 20,000 shares to represent our shared ownership. Let us say that each of us put in 10,000 dollars initially as the startup capital for our corporation so our shares are worth 1 dollar each. Now the corporation engages in some business and it has profits and losses from its operations. Let us say it made some profits and I being an insider who know of these things coming because I track the income/losses so I want to increase my ownership in this corporation so I go to a bank to borrow money to buy shares from you. Will you sell me your shares at 1 dollar per share? Of course not! You want a payoff so let us say I pay you a dime extra per share and you sell 100 shares to me and I pay you 110 dollars. How much is the market capitalization of our corporation whose initial market capitalization was 20,000 dollars? You now own 9,900 shares at market price of $1.1 each so you own $10,890 in stock plus $110 that I paid you for the 100 shares so your wealth is now $10,890+$110=$11,000. You got richer by $1,000. I own 10,100 shares at the market price of $1.1 per share so I own 10,100x$1.1=$11,111.1 in stock now, subtracting the 110 dollars I had borrowed from the bank, my wealth is now $11,111.1+-$110=$11,001.1 so the total wealth we got together is $11,001.1+$11,000=$22,001.1. My single buy of stock from you changed the total wealth from $20,000 to $22,001.1, a net gain of $2,001.1 for our little clique. Now suppose that you have seller's regret and you wanted to buy your shares back but I want a gain so I agree to sell you 50 shares at $1.2 each. Won't that make both you and I even wealthier? Absolutely!

There's a slight problem though. It's all wealth "on paper." We need to eat sushi, play golf, or fuck a porn star, etc. What do we do? We sell a bit of our shares to a worker bee! At what price? I want a gain and you want a gain so let us say that we sell 300 shares at $1.24 a share to the worker bee to raise $372 to hire a prostitute for an hour for our ménage à trois. Aren't we behaving like "Wall Street Tycoons" by now? Yes! How many more hours of fucking can we get with the shares we hold? Lots !!!

Now tell me why we need to ward off shortsellers of our stocks. For the CCP, they need the backing of the People's Liberation Army/PLA ( again, all three words are lies, unsurprisingly ) to do so. Do you wonder why the PLA had never pledged allegiance to the Chinese People but they pledged allegiance to the CCP? Look at those hero busts on display in their parades. Do they in their big beards look anything like indigenous Chinese ( they seem to me like terrorists from the West, foreign to China )? The PLA is actually the power élites' worker-bee-enslavement male bouncers ( it's better and less troublesome to confine to the PLA the excess males produced from the decades-long one-child policy; I doubt that the PLA provides conjugal fucking rooms or services to their soldiers; yeah, even our murderers had enjoyed fucking rights with their wives { I'm being a bit sexist here but we have far more murderers than murderesses indeed--it's both biological and due to social conditioning; testosterone is the aggression hormone in both sexes; can you guess what toys my Big Brother had bought me, his so-called "Little Brother-Monkey ( his license to roam )" who often holds on to his neck, sits on his shoulders, or hugs his back? things that move and things that shoot but I didn't take a liking to my carbine assault rifle; I was more impressed by the slide rule made in Germany that his former schoolmate had left behind shortly before he flew to the U.K. for graduate studies; encountering it felt like the finding of a calling card from a far-and-reborn-advanced-consciousness or the decoding of a tripartite Rosetta Stone whose scales, markings, purpose, and formulation I had only partially understood and begun to understand more of the symbols and formulae printed on the white plastic strip which came with the transparent-top-lid green-body plastic carrying case }; of course, I understand the difficulty of getting millions of vaginas to the barracks but in America, we managed that for our select prisoners--it doesn't take much if there is a will ). Of course, using the backing from the bouncers, the corporate insiders with shares to dump can be stopped from "being negative energy." The Nazis did it pretty well in the 1930s ( as "flip" had said so ) and there are certainly emulators.

Well, it hasn't quite come to the level of the Nazis yet in our good old U.S.A. but what do you think that the freebie "Wall-Street analyst" reports and the Big Birdie tweets are aiming to achieve? Boom, boom, boom economy. Feel good and be happy. The rich grades the rich. The stock market indices gauge the rich's optimism about future profits. If you're not rich, why does it matter how the rich people grade among themselves? It matters when government generates persistent inflation to bail out "the irrational exuberance" of the rich people addicted to the nearly free money for stealing the honey that the worker bees have stashed away for the winter. It's far easier to discern the nuances of the statements of the monetary authority than it is to found, develop, and grow a new successful business. Borrow the money via cashier checks, take over existing businesses or buy back shares, or simply pay out hefty bonuses to the living gods.

Trumpanzee Thoughts Forever! Vaginas absolutely qualify as precious resources worldwide ever since ancient times but penises don't qualify as much because the males don't get pregnant but the females may. Most of our traditions and customs worldwide in all cultures seek to harness, control, and regulate this primal drive of life itself--reproduction. Evolution ( or God if you so prefer ) generally made it so pleasurable ( non-consensual sex is an absolute perversion and very often used as an aggressive act because it's the same old testosterone working overtime; besides bodily organs, humans have both minds and feelings so consent is a vital and integral part of any good and enjoyable sexual experience ) through the opiod-addiction pleasure-reward biocircuitries because it is about perpetuating Life itself. Nearly all non-sexy ones born of sexy organisms have gone extinct over time. For example, the PLA is a transient thing as excess males alone don't create new human lives to replenish losses to aging infirmities, diseases, and death.

Societal economics ( female genital mutilation, patriarchy ), cultures ( opiod-drug addiction, prostitution, divorces, crimes ), customs ( sex, long-term sex/prostitution civil contracts also known as holy matrimony, food preferences and taboos, religions ), and traditions are all about properly matching the benjamins with the fertilized ova. The seed for Man's corruption as well as salvation was in the opiod-addiction pleasure-reward biocircuitries which give life its "pep". Like the fiery explosions within the cylinders of an internal combustion engine of an automobile, they need to be well controlled and fine-tuned for optimal performance balanced in the phase-space region between overheating and no-go stalling.

A feedback loop is a powerful thing underlying the automobile, radio broadcast, wireless communication, and the digital revolution as evidenced by the superiority ( at the expense of stability ) of infinite-impulse-response over finite-impulse-response digital filtering to reduce the signal-processing component count for a given level of signal-discerning performance. The U.S. Constitution sanctified this feedback loop right there in its First Amendment. It's the source of the fine-tuned balance between institutional evolution and instability. Of course, the systemic problems of the U.S. have grown out of the loss of this First Amendment right immediately upon one's joining a private corporation ( where climbing Jackoff's ladder of success may mean doing a blowjob, fucking, or being anal-fucked to high Heaven by a patriarchal Jew on a casting couch ). Unlike socialist and happier Germany ( where my mind's-eye-opening slide rule was made,) there is often no labor representative on the U.S. corporate governing boards. My Wiener instructor said that the Austrians/Germans sat even on weekends in a long traffic queue on vacation! My analysis showed that a single queue is indeed superior to short ones. Fast-cutting Ignoramus caused many U.S. traffic jams.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2503) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

Yes, some of those are specific instances of 10,000 year old usury frauds. [I know that "usury fraud" is redundant] I'm talking about the general harm to communities that abstract economic activities cause and you're talking about how some of them are carried out and how the ruling elite parasites are supported by government. One of us is reading the score of a jingle and the other is examining a tragic symphony. How can we get on the same sheet of music?