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Forum Post: [DELETED]

Posted 8 years ago on May 27, 2014, 12:15 a.m. EST by anonymous ()
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[-] 1 points by nakedsex (94) 8 years ago

We're introduced to these addictive comforts, so we participate because there's no visible reason not to, and we become addicted to the point that imagining ourselves without a house or even an income is horrifying, like it would kill us. But yeah, we sure don't have to participate, even though it's everywhere. I sleep outside and barely eat, and i feel good pretty much all of the time. What do you really need to be happy? What do we really need to have given to us?

Homeless shelters can be a lot of fun, even though they aren't totally comfortable. It's that sense of community. It's such a great way to live. Yoga communities tend to be pretty awesome too, and usually you work maybe 20 hours a week in exchange for your own room and food. These kinds of communities would be so much more functional for people on so many levels it's ridiculous and even shocking to compare it with a house and two cars for every person. It makes people more developed, and it's more functional in every economic way, such as the living where you work model is in general.

I agree that deep down people are capable of putting mind over matter. But not to the extent of changing our rules so much as to suddenly rely upon it. It's social science, the mass of people will follow the trends of a most basic animal instinct. What's to stop people form exacerbating that addiction to comfort even worse? No mistake, that's exactly what would happen. And if people were really satisfied, all the time, what sort of motivation could that possibly amount to? All play and no work would make jack a spoiled boy.

We need to grow up as a collective and that's happening. Mass communication and history are creating a sacred collection of truth automatically. And we have a social structure to constrain our recklessness, like a crib for a child. We use rules because we need them, and when the time comes that our diversity can coexist we'll be so understanding that rules wont even matter.

Anyway, nice post. Sorry I'm rambling.

I really like the idea of caretakers. taking care of something in exchange for living there, just like money but without the money. After all we are caretakers of this planet just for being alive on it. And why not sleep outside if you want to? It's probably the most humane thing someone can do to themselves, and it gets you in touch with the nakedness of the universe like nothing else, especially on star shooting nights, and it certainly doesn't get you addicted to comfort, although it can be very nice.