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Forum Post: One of the few times you may ever hear me defend the rich.

Posted 1 year ago on Jan. 2, 2020, 12:01 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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The college scandal crackdowns are scapegoating. Of all the corruption in this world taking place Panama Papers, Offshoring, Child Slave Labor, election tampering, and on...let's go after some people who were probably manipulated into helping their children succeed in life? (Kind of the way a lot of average folks were manipulated into reverse mortgages by banks).

While the world asks is college even worth it anymore? Does it matter?...We know that the children in these families don't really need college to succeed and they are going to pay for the entire education themselves. Let's face it their futures will ride easily on what wealth their celebrity parents built with their own boot straps. I find it in fact great that they still want to expand their minds and learn despite they will be set anyway. We also know that college admissions are totally subjective anyway. Who even knows how a private university decides to accept students and everybody already knows those who can pay will play. Otherwise we would have universal college where it is a truly equal playing field.

So instead of reforming our defunct college system or developing universal college and lowering student loan interest rates - the government decides to make an example of some well intentioned parents (after so many years of no enforcement it was the equivalent of j walking in that world) and this will accomplish what? Will it make college debt go down? Will it lessen the burden of finding work in a society where automation is replacing workers? Will it stop slave labor? Will it end Corporate Corruption? How much money is being spent to prosecute? I don't usually defend the rich but this is more shiny keys. There are a lot of bad rotten people in this world and Lori Loughlin isn't one of them to deserve the hell she is getting. This is a mistake and the response is just too much. Let them volunteer to help the poor and send them on their way. If we members of Occupy fail to be reasonable and defend people who are chewed up and spit out by our screwed up unreasonable system (even when they happen to be rich) then we are hypocrites and no better than Wall Street. And if we are somehow fooled into believing that this action of prosecution somehow shows or represents the fairness in our system - then we are true idiotic fools.

Amazon Workers - Union Now! (Guess the government can't find anything on Jeff Bezos or others like him?)



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[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

Amazon Workers - UNION NOW!!!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23464) 1 year ago

The U.S. education system is sick from the top down and no matter how Lori Loughlin is punished, I agree, it won't make a bit of difference. Does she deserve to be punished? I think so, but only in the most fair way, she should not be the poster girl for how messed up the entire system is and scapegoated.

The fact that it's been proven that minorities and the poor get much much WORSE educations from kindergarten on is the real problem. Of course they have a harder time getting into college after receiving a sh-t education!

Educate everyone well and equally from pre-school on and provide free public college/university/trade school to all would be the right thing to do. Then the Lori Loughlin's of the world can spend however much they want at private colleges (a waste of money imo unless you want to be a banker).

So long as we have private colleges and universities, we can never, as a country, pretend that our education system is fair and only merit based though!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

I disagree that Lori Loughlin should get a light or easy prison sentence. It's because for every privileged and unworthy kid who got into college by their parent(s) bribing their way in, there is a non-privileged or worthy kid who didn't get into that college. Sometimes not getting into a college can ruin a person's entire life afterwards.

I used to support affirmative action for "fairness," itself an insidiously-light-skin-color-conscious idea ( the grammar of German requires and enforces gender consciousness in most things; I quickly realized that German is a men's language with the concomitant subservient social status assigned to women; despite my Dad's complaint about American culture's "ruining" Occupied Japan's women, I think that the American postwar occupations of defeated countries elevated women's status; a Japanese wife may no longer fetch the slippers and bow down with them in front of her husband when he has just returned home from work but she can likely do more things competently outside of the home ) but I no longer do for the same reason as stated above, having seen the very significant differentiating effects of a college education over a lifetime.

I had a nemesis in grade school who happened to be my good friend, too. I felt very much the oppressive power of his younger years' private-school education. I was definitely handicapped in comparison due to my younger years' public-school education. Private school probably worked him harder than a public school would have and it showed. There are good things to learn, though, by hanging around with someone superior in some areas. It's an enriched environment. I couldn't choose who my parents were but I could choose my friends.

If I hang around with dogs, I learn how to eat shit, chase after bikes (billionaire ikes,) and bark. If I hang around with pigs, I learn how to snort, wallow in the mud, and grunt: "Pigs are more equal than others." Which is the better no-beard Chinese Communist "National Socialist" Party dictatorship that the younger people of the Eastern should choose? The cheapest one like Huawei? According to the tried-and-true criterion my Mom had taught me for identifying terrorists and kidnappers, those three people whose nostrils being pointed downwards were terrorists. Deep Artificial Intelligence recognized their beards so they were undoubtedly Muslim terrorists. Since the question had requested for a Chinese, deep Artificial Intelligence identified all three as unemployed Muslim terrorist escapees from the workers { the video talked about deeds of labor and showed the laborers' tools of a hammer and a sickle cross-laid together } job-training camps from East Turkestan of China. Mom+deep Artificial Intelligence are the greatest anti-terrorism tools since Food: sliced bread, chocolate-chip cookies, and the Biblical "milk and honey" ( and Sex: for each female, an electric dildo with fresh batteries and for each male, a sterilized Red Fuckgina for enforcing the zero-child policy in order to combat Global Warming in the quest to save the World's biosphere.) Remember the "Eyes' Cream" on the video monitors of the avant-garde "The Age of Ai > 18" supervisors' adult workplace and you won't go wrong with the Epstein-Barr viral infection. Anti-terrorism/Respecting-Life is mostly about properly matching the benjamins to the fertilized ova ( regardless of the "-isms.") The greatest success of a teacher comes after the student's learning has rendered the teacher "impotent and obsolete." XOXO ♡♥♡♥

It's not just me who learns by being close to the models because there is indeed cultural viscosity which should be proportional to cultural exchanges. Why do the winds on Neptune blow so fast? Neptune is extremely cold so its atmospheric molecules don't shoot around much at high speeds to create drag with their neighbors thus resulting in very low viscosity so the winds aren't slowed down easily by dissipating their kinetic energy to their neighbors.