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Forum Post: Oh NO! The stock market ...!

Posted 2 years ago on March 18, 2020, 1:30 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX
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How do post issue stock trades contribute to production of material goods and services? What percentage of Wall St activity is reselling stocks that have only an historic (non monetary) connection to the original issuer? Are most increases in the price of stocks unconnected to the entity that issued them and provide no money to grow the capital of that organization?

How does a stock market crash affect the real economy of production, distribution and consumption? What is the connection? Is it because the owners of capital fear to risk their assets, idle their factories, quit paying employees and so the real economy follows the abstract economy of finance into recession?

What physical reason is there to idle factories and workers when the market crashes? Why must we suffer want and put survival at risk because the owners of capital won't hazard their holdings?

If worker/consumers have money to buy products, will the owners of capital restart material production and pay their workers who will then have money to buy the products?

Are Americans morons for putting up with this shit? Are we fools for allowing the owners to put our lives and the lives of our children at risk in order to protect their property?

And the craziest part of all is that the cumulative effect of all the owners acting is the same way to protect their property is that all their property loses its value. But we're the ones who will lose our lives, to protect their property rights!

How much can we tax the owners so we can set up our own production and distribution of critical goods and services?



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[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23590) 2 years ago

Screw the Stock Market. Focus on humanity! A government that only cares about the "economy" which is a manmade farce, is useless to the people.

Our Senate is the most greedy, creepy, ineffectual group of clowns we could possibly have running this nation right now.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

The stock market is a parasitic disease of the economy. It.s a cancer.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

Reasoned, adequate response to people's needs is never a priority for the conservatives in America. We're in deep shit.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 2 years ago

Our psychotically narcissistic President whining about all the money he lost running for president and the things rich people have to deal with. Then don't run! We'd all be better off!!!!! EAT THE ENTITLED RICH SCUM OF THIS NATION. My husband is out working in this and rich scum are ordering wine and zappos. Quote (while pointing) "Um no that goes around back" (from behind the screen door of their house in the snottiest demeanor possible). Others receiving their hordes of toilet paper "yeah baby!".

Meanwhile he has been ordered to work 6 days a week possibly 7 down the pike (his regular days are 12 hours). No pay for time off if he gets sick because you have to prove you have Covid to get it.

His co-workers are working sick as dogs and don't know if they have it and are being threatened with their jobs. Many of them have little children, babies, and children with health problems who rely on the insurance they will lose even if they get paid - because they have to work so many days a week to keep it. They are almost guaranteed to bring this home to their families and spread it all over the place. And in order to get any benefits I guarantee that will be the same for everyone.... but guess what no tests anywhere!!!

Another friend is working in a grocery store with a serious autoimmune disorder and can't leave because you know being homeless with an autoimmune disorder and no insurance would be worse. If he gets it - he dies.

The language and transcript is designed to screw the commoners. Paid time off BUT only "If you test positive for Covid". Goodluck finding the test - suckers! The rich in this country have become so disgustingly entitled and evil it is sickening. They all have a small fake home business designed to maximize tax loopholes on top of their property income and cushy jobs and they are all happily on the take for their extra bonus Covid bail-out.

Sharks are laying in wait ready to gobble up people's homes - and our sick in the head Congress is feeding them our blood. Disband every large corporation of this sick in the head country and jail every CEO and landlord. It's time for a revolution.

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23590) 2 years ago

COVID19 is 2.5x more contagious than flu and at least 10x more deadly. This is according to Dr. Fauci.


Trump and company are trying to convince us otherwise. They're evil.

Just now on Erin Burnett on CNN she managed, of course, to find a doctor to say just that, that COVID 19 "may" not really be worse than the flu. The other doctor from Boston was shaking his head at how ridiculous a thing that is to say.

Erin Burnett is not a real journalist. She used to work with Larry Kudlow over at CNBC. She's a stock market stooge but she has a platform to spin the information to benefit the wealthy stockholders and banks that really run this country.

I'm so sorry for your husband and all the workers who have to go to work putting themselves at risk. And, yes, small businesses are some of the biggest rip off artists around sucking all their personal bills in as tax deductions. It's appalling how the workers in America are treated. It's also appalling how apathetic the workers have been. Perhaps COVID 19 will wake people up.

If this were a real democracy, only the people would be bailed out and then the people could spend their money purchasing goods from the corporations they deem fit for saving. Bottom up. Not top down.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

see the U-Tube version: