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Forum Post: Occupy without Occupying, we can all foster change

Posted 10 years ago on April 30, 2012, 2:05 p.m. EST by ForEverYoung8 (0) from San Francisco, CA
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I have always heard throughout my life in order to beat someone you must beat them at their own game. I have worked for two of the big four banks for a short period of four years. I can not say my experience shows much or that I have seen everything, but I have seen enough to understand why Occupy Wall Street exists. We need to think “are we actually wining or getting anywhere with how it is going now?” When people take time to stand out to voice their feelings they may feel that they are accomplishing something. That causing bad publicity and shutting down the doors for a day or two hurts their profits. You really are not. When you give up your pay and your education to take the time to picket you are sacrificing more then what’s being gained. The people sitting in there executive chairs watching it all are thinking the same thing. We can all efficiently and continuously voice ourselves. We have twitter, facebook, blogs, friends and family. Everyday we can make our voices heard and still go to work and make money, gain knowledge. We have to focus more time on beating them at their own game. Hitting there pocket books if we feel that the true cost of lending and cost of opportunity is unfair. Don’t support inefficiency, I have seen rates that are outrageous, yet we don’t hold accountable the fact that we are in an age of continued cuts to operating costs. There are banks storing paper up the wazoo for no reason what so ever, when we have had signature pads for how long now? Yet they can preach that a 29.99% interest rate is fair based on risk and cost. I know that this is all very apparent, but have people forgotten that there are number of options to continue to function financially without walking through any of the big banks doors. There are online only accounts, large networks of free ATM’s tied to those accounts and most people can have a direct deposit. There are peer to peer lending companies that offer much better rates then there bank peers. We have the power to say we don’t want to deal with you and still accomplish are daily functions, make money and beat them in productivity. It is time to not only hold them accountable for fair lending and banking but also the advancement of efficiency for daily banking operations. We need to demand a more advance infrastructure that will facilitate the most cost effective banking. Also we must hold are government accountable, they have too long sat and felt that they have done everything possible to protect use by demanding disclosures that no one reads nor gains any real knowledge from and truly only adds additional cost that we as consumers ultimately pay. It may seem daunting and impossible, but time fixes everything. Whether it be us taking enough business to the point that they change or old age makes them fall to the way side and a new bread of better minded people take their place. This is ultimately not just for us but our future generations. I fully support the Occupy Wall Street movement, but keep your voices heard and take the time to occupy the things that are going to keep you moving past the people that are not holding themselves accountable for not doing everything they can to not hold you back and save everyone some paper.



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[-] 1 points by XenuLives (1645) from Charlotte, NC 10 years ago

First off, paragraphs. They will make your post MUCH easier to read.

Secondly, you are right that it is kind of foolish to keep supporting these banks and their ridiculous interest rates and what-not. Last year there was a big push to get people to move from their current banks to credit unions, and that push was pretty successful with ~600,000 new credit union signups around that date.

If enough of us say "no thanks" to the businesses that are doing more harm than good, then we can force them to either change or fail. We aren't at that point yet, but the push to get people out of those big banks and into credit unions was a successful first step.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 10 years ago