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Forum Post: Let Freedom Reign This July 4th By Withdrawing All Assets From the Global Banking Slavery System- Flixya

Posted 1 year ago on July 6, 2013, 1:01 a.m. EST by staireyou (0)
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Source: http://www.flixya.com/blog/5469679/Let-Freedom-Reign-This-July-4th-By-Withdrawing-All-Assets-From-the-Global-Banking-Slavery-System-Wordpress

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Aeschylus stated, “In war, truth is the first casualty.” The Third World War has clearly already begun, as it is a war being waged by the global shadow banking system against all of humanity. Just because the war is not an overt military theater operation (though there are plenty of these as well in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and in the likely future, Iran, just to name a few) does not mean that a shadow war is not taking place right now against the freedoms and economic rights of all of humanity. At their heart, all wars ultimately are about money. In order for the banking elite to keep their monopolistic control over the global monetary system, they consequently wage war against the liberties of humanity.

The real goals of the bogus War on Drugs and the equally bogus War on Terror are to enrich the people that started these wars. That’s it. Though it’s incredibly simple, it still seems to be too complex an idea for most to grasp. There are no further humanitarian or benevolent goals to these false wars. If there were truly a “real” War on Drugs and a “real” War on Terror, then British run and controlled HSBC would have already been shut down for laundering billions of dirty money for the most violent drug cartel in the world, the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel, and contributing to the slaughter of an estimated 20,000 people a year. However, the aim of the War on Drugs is not to end drug trafficking but rather for those waging this false war to profit from its continuation. Likewise, the aim of the War on Terror is not to end terrorism but rather to profit from its continuation. If you doubt these statements, merely study the Prohibition era in the United States during the 1920s. Did gangsters, politicians, and police illicitly earn enormous sums of money during the period when alcohol was “illegal” or did they earn their huge amounts of profits after alcohol was legalized again? Today, the answer to this question remains the same and that is why these so-called wars are stretched into perpetuity. Bankers and politicians benefit the most from the War on Drugs and would not be able to reap their massive profits if the most heavily trafficked illegal drugs were legalized. Thus, when one nation declares war on another nation to gain access to (and control over) their resources, this act is truly no different than one drug dealer that murders another drug dealer to gain control of the opposition drug dealer’s territory in order to expand the size of his distribution network. In the end, either these wars involve a bigger bully gangster killing another less formidable gangster, or it is about one gangster killing off innocents to expand his empire and riches.

Unfortunately, most people continue to be manipulated and misled by the lies of our world leaders today simply because they are ignorant of history. Many people feel that knowledge of history is unimportant or irrelevant because they fail to connect the power structure of the present to the “gangsterism” of the past. But one must understand the past if one ever expects to understand the present. If one takes the time to study how JP Morgan placed millions of Americans in their debt and hundreds of their competitor banks out of business with the schemes they executed to artificially create the Great Depression, then the same plans being executed stealthily by bankers today to the mass ruin of billions would be crystal clear to this individual. There is a mountain of documented factual literature that explains how the bankers deliberately created the Great Depression to enrich themselves and to enslave everyone else back in the 1920s yet even though this scenario is being repeated today, billions of humans believe this information is irrelevant because it is “ancient history”. If one understands why bankers perpetually place billions of people in dozens of countries into massive debt and this tactic is a matter of controlling the people, then jingoistic, infantile and unthinking celebrations of examples of any nation’s military superiority would immediately cease forever because people would understand that by starting and funding wars, bankers enslave a nation with the debt war imposes upon its citizens. Consequently, to vote and support going to war against Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, or to support an endless War on Drugs and an endless War on Terror over attempts at diplomatic resolutions and negotiations is simply moronic. Anyone that votes for war as the first response to conflict resolution is essentially voting for his or her own enslavement and own financial destruction. And how dumb does one have to be to support one’s own enslavement? Again, knowledge of history would lead to this very simple understanding of the ulterior motives of endless wars. Tragically, today bankers have successfully brainwashed millions into believing they are being “patriotic” by supporting their unjust and often unnecessary wars, when in fact, bankers use our unthinking, uncritical jingoism as the very mechanism to enslave all of us. However, if we fail to understand the history of global banking, we are bound to remain slaves to the Money Masters for the rest of our existence (beyond even our own lives as our seeds and their seeds will continue to remain slaves).

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the SAME!

There however, is even a larger casualty of war than truth, and this is the expansion of ignorance. Along with the global banking/military industrial complex’s shadow war against all of humanity, they have also been waging a covert war to control everyone’s minds. Like lemmings that follow each other over a cliff, the majority of humanity today continues to blindly follow their politicians and leaders down a path that will end in their financial deaths. Chris Hedges provided a fine update to Aeschylus’s centuries old statement with his own version: “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” And how is this accomplished? By the global elite’s use of police that have pledged to “protect and serve” but instead “oppress and terrorize.”

So even though it seems that every month, more and more people are awakening to the global bankers’ plan to loot everyone’s assets to recapitalize the world’s major banks, all of which are essentially bankrupt today and cannot be recapitalized by the creation of trillions of more ‘free” money as the total amount of derivatives owned by these global banks are believed to exceed $1,200,000,000,000,000. Consequently, the only way to resolve this problem, since many of these derivatives are worthless or are only worth pennies on the dollar, would be to create so much more new money out of thin air that hyperinflation in all the world’s major fiat currencies would occur. And if this occurred, then mass global revolution against the bankers would undoubtedly occur. And the global bankers fully understand this equation. This is why their much preferred plan is to bankrupt as many people as possible, so that no one will have the financial means to revolt against them when the global financial system finally collapses. If you still are so naïve as to believe that the Central Banking system is not deliberately designed to transfer money from all citizens to the top executives at banks to enrich them at our expense, then listen to these tapes of John Bowe, the Director of Retail Banking and Peter Fitzgerald, the Head of Capital Markets, at Anglo Irish Bank. Note in the audio file in this link, how these top two banking executives express not the slightest shred of guilt about undermining every citizen in their nation through their failures and instead, joke and laugh about how they will never pay back a 7 billion euro loan from the Irish Financial Services Regulator Authority (IFSRA) that was provided to them to recapitalize their failing bank.

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