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Forum Post: It's April First, do you know where CoViD-19 is?

Posted 1 year ago on April 1, 2020, 5:15 p.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Is its virus gone as prophesied by our Cloaca Maxima? Like a miracle? It's applying Continuous Negative Air Pressure on our national passhit, "it's just a flu." Will we be liking the oncoming gloriously red "screen of death" of our Playstation better than the blue "screen of death" of Megasuck corporation? H1B is working hard on the bait-and-switch.



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[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

In this article is a video showing U.S. shipment to help China fight the virus on February 7th, 2020.

It may be called "foreign aid" but isn't it better for the U.S. to have made a stand against this virus over there instead of fighting against it for the lives of our fellow Americans on the turf of Central Park? ( I don't mind the label "incompetent idiot," though, because far more preparations could have been done to defend our people but sending "foreign" aid abroad should be counted as a positive "effort" alright. Looking out for national interests may require global engagement ( there's nothing wrong with trying to save some Chinese people in or near Wuhan despite their being "foreign;" when every human being may be attacked, it's an earthling problem--no one sharing in common 99.9% { even more than white ivory soap's purity of 99.44% ! } of the modern human genome is actually "foreign" ) Gnawing back at the deployer of EFPs makes Trump a great leader: "Soleimani was a high valued target for his deployment of the explosively formed penetrators (EFP). These EFP were responsible for killing over six hundred of our service members and horribly injuring a thousand more. President Trump got pay-back for our military. I'm okay with that and I believe President Trump acted decisively." )

The Trump administration's ¿Deep? State Department coordinated to send the shipment so not only did the Trump administration knew of the dire situation by February 7th but also acted. If we had the consciousness about what the nature of this virus was, we would have called it the "earthling aid" instead of "foreign aid." It's becoming more obvious by the day that it merits being called a global problem ( so far Antarctica and the International Space Station are still not afflicted, I think ).

Germany's first death from the virus-induced disease pointed towards community spread early on. It seems probable that the CCP was trying to hide the fact that there was community spread in Wuhan and it had known earlier than Germany could have in discovering the community-near-asymptomatic-spread capability of the virus. The woman from Shanghai who only had mild symptoms ( initially thought by others to be asymptomatic but later on she admitted to having mild symptoms ) didn't have direct contact with the deceased but they shared contact with a colleague between them who had met the woman ( interpersonal distance of two hops is as good as the protection of the privacy of U.S. citizens caught during mass surveillance for "terrorists".)

The circumstances surrounding Germany's first death ( outside of the virus' original abode, Wuhan, PRC, in order to qualify as a pandemic ) led me to feel that this virus was very sneaky, capable of killing people indirectly and covertly without the carrier exhibiting overt symptoms. There were likely widespread infections before the U.S. got its will ( playing nice to business by a government { e.g. U.S. and N.Y. State which had ordered N.Y.C. to come up within 24 hours a plan for "social distancing" i.e. re-opening up the streets, tantamounting to yet another ultimatum to serving business interest } which "should be run like a business" by a businessman meant lacking such will until mass deaths had occurred and the virus had become endemic; it's why I became "so negative" about what's still under the floating iceberg with only its tip being vaguely seen through the veil of prayers for "looking good" ) and act together to do mass testing. However, Germany had probably figured out from the death on their soil that the CCP lording it over China was pulling wool over everyone's eyes, including the World Health Organization, that banning international travel and trade was ill-advised because there was no community spread. It was Communist Party control over mainland China's bullshit. I thus named the virus in honor of its origin as the CP/C virus. Germany's figuring out this CCP deception probably contributed to its aggressiveness in taking painful[-to-business] actions to defend the German people. Germany was a different country from China so community spread on its soil away from the virus' country of origin, PRC of mainland China, was necessary for the epidemic in Wuhan to be called a pandemic. The definition of a pandemic has been satisfied. It's well on its way to becoming a global pandemic in which no country will be spared. Those not hit hard yet should prepare and brace for this global "tsunami," much worse in many respects than a theater-level nuclear ( i.e. neither de-oxy-ribo-nuclear-acidic nor ribo-nuclear-acidic ) exchange.

There is "preponderance of evidence" that the CCP is guilty of mass murders worldwide by delaying reporting, suppression of facts, arresting witnesses, lying about the true highly contagious nature of the disease, attempted cover-up, and trying to pin its origin on the U.S. which had actually tried to help.

The CCP's trying to nail the virus' origin on the U.S. incensed me ( Wuhan's seafood wet market might not be the only source of the virus { CCP's narrative trying to pin the origin of the disease completely on the shuttered market made it probable that CCP felt defensive and engaged in a cover-up } so it's likely that it had already been circulating in Wuhan for a while before the information was leaked to the world outside of CCP's Great Firewall and prison walls ). Anyone somewhat knowledgeable about how contagious diseases emerge should be able to ask and perhaps answer this question, "Why did so many contagious diseases emerge from the CCP-controlled Red China?" Think about Nature and Nurture ( Red China's culture: power and money first, hoi polloi be damned as needed ). When's the last time Trump had a bat ( purported source and originating source of SARS' and most of CoViD-19's viruses' genomes ) soup? He would probably feel nauseated just by looking at it, not to mention consuming it. I'll turn it down for him: no way !

There's a country without any CP/C-virus diseases and it is DPRK--a country under U.N. sanctions. Yeah, "walls" of all kinds are great for preventing the spread of diseases. It's why all countries should be put under sanctions to emulate DPRK, Iran, and Russia, all of which being great havens to hide in and hide out from this pandemic onslaught due to their being under sanctions. The DPRK is the greatest because it's so close to the country of origin of the CP/C virus and yet the sanctions imposed upon it have defended it from the virus so well that there's absolutely no such infection in a country with tens of millions of inhabitants. It reminds me of the U.S. almost achieving the same miraculous feat ( around February 27th of 2020, a little more than a month ago; what are those Central-Park-meadow things? "what spires, what farms are those? that is the land of lost content" ) by not doing testing and banning a cruise ship from docking to U.S. soil near San Francisco. No testing means no such disease or deaths from this virus as long as we believe, just like the DPRK populace. The belief about the disease called mal-aria ( bad air--"airs that yon far country put up that kills" ) achieved similar successes: people who shut "bad air" out of their dwellings before going to bed therein tended not to come down sick with mal-aria. Believing is faith, being manifested in proto-action. Everyone is "an instrument of the Supreme Finger" which traces out the phonographic grooves for the planets to follow while they are churning out the music of the spheres.

The "screen of death" isn't "gloriously red" yet because the Red states have been largely excluded from hosting the hot zones, probably due to their lack of wide physical connectivity but the law of diffusion is the supreme law of the universe. If we had a functional vaccine to augment the human cultural genome/proteome instead of relying upon the 0.1% variation in the non-shared modern human genome hosting the mutated genes differing between individuals, we could counter-diffuse ( assuming that we can produce, scale up, distribute, and administer the mutations ) while still obeying the diffusion law. Of course, the Red states shall be culled for choosing to eat of the fruit of the hedge of cause and effect, per the outwash of the unblockable Cloaca Maxima, which is the foundation of New Rome's high-caliber shitting power.

Every great city has at least one Cloaca Maxima ( that one in Rome was probably the earliest breakthrough which allowed ancient Rome to grow to great prominence ). New York's is the East River. The crabs we had caught from a pier on the shore of Coney Island probably fattened partly on the nutrients from the East-River New-York exhaust ( it's a Circle of Life of nutrients which I had traced from my anus to my mouth; everyone living in the International Space Station drinks the lifegiving processed urine of everyone else; no earthling should ever be denied "the asspiration of the batty Hope;" Earth is just a much larger version of the ISS obeying the diffusion law which reigns supreme.)

Where did scorpion go after its takeoff from the granite-foundation runway? To the stars.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago


In step 4. of the comment, not only did I consume the rind of an entire orange, I also ate the inside of the orange. I suspect that it might have been the citric acid there which caused my severe stomachache because I had drunk orange-rind-flavored tea before eating the entire orange. Citrate in the orange is an anticoagulant so it might have alleviated the blood clotting induced by CoViD-19. Autopsies on 10 African American patients who died from COVID-19 showed their lungs were filled with blood clots were performed at University Medical Center in New Orleans by a team of pathologists from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans. They showed that blood clots in the lungs were a common cause of death so alleviating the formation of blood clots might have helped with the "I can't breathe well" problem.

Hmm, the Y sex chromosomes in men are vastly different from the X sex chromosomes in men and women. In a certain sense on the genome basis, men can almost be said to be a distinct species like chimpanzees are, relative to humans. Aside from this major deviation, most human beings are more related to each other than sharing 99.44% ivory-soap-pure genome in common with each other. Hence, the chance of having mutants with resistance already without prior evolutionary selections ( such as genetic, or environmental via the acquisition of immune response through exposure, including cultural selection via the currently ongoing mass culling ) is rather low. Thus, nearly everybody is initially susceptible to this SARS_CoV-2 virus and COViD-19 disease pandemic.

SARS_CoV-2 virus has committed sedition so the FCC must publish the new Center/Centre for Thought Control's free orthogedanken newspaper "America Daily" to rectify national opinion which will be distributed by the U.S. Postal Service to every address location of the U.S.A.

"The highest per base pair per generation mutation rates are found in viruses, which can have either RNA or DNA genomes. DNA viruses have mutation rates between 10−6 to 10−8 mutations per base per generation, and RNA viruses have mutation rates between 10−3 to 10−5 per base per generation".

Three consecutively linked bases usually specify an amino acid. A number of amino acids link together to make a protein. A protein folds itself in the presence of water into a lump with a shape. A few of these lumps must fit together well to make a "key" to dock well with the entrance "lock" of a human cell in order to "unlock" it to enter the cell.

How many generations of the RNA virus SARS_CoV-2 are expected to be required to generate the RNA sequence needed to generate the several particularly big proteins of the coronavirus' spikes in order for the virus to dock with and get into a human cell?

Genomic analyses seemed to indicate that pangolins and bats were the likeliest hosts of the progenitor viruses which might have produced SARS_CoV-2. Do the living habits of pangolins and bats regularly put them together for the significant amount of time for the expected number of RNA generations to take place to accumulate randomly the human-cell penetrating mutations? Pangolins crawl and bats hang and fly.

The swine flu and avian flu were plausible for being zoonotic because people eat pigs and chickens en masse and often keep them in close proximity to themselves in some circumstances such as near the barracks during the Great War ( someone alleged that the 1918-1919 flu pandemic had started or flared up in Kansas, U.S.A. originally due to the imported cheap Chinese/pork-eating laborers who quickly built up the barracks to house the soldiers gathered there to be trained and deployed to fight on the Western Front in Europe; the U.S. certainly imported on multiple occasions numerous enslaved, opium-addicted, indentured, oppressed, legally or illegally leashed, "genius"-visa, interned/job-retraining/traineed, or sex-trafficked workers.) For example, it's unlikely for a Muslim nation which abhors pigs to generate a pandemic swine flu strain as it is also unlikely for the U.S. to generate a pandemic camel flu strain ( we mostly drive automobiles or fly airplanes/aeroplanes across the U.S.A. rather than our riding camels--I have never seen a caravan of camels walking on our interstate highways in my entire life in the U.S.) Cultural practices matter.

It's why an investigation into the probable origin of the CoViD-19 pandemic is important for directing changes to the cultural practices which were conducive to creating it ( besides, it's very American to shut the barn door after the horses have already bolted from the barn "To err is human; to do worse than last time is un-American." ) I largely ate pork and chicken per my carnivorous cultures so guess, with what flu strains I have been afflicted? Swine and avian, of course !

I say: Serve me a delicious dish of pork { hairless, please; if it's hairy, I need a cigarette lighter with butane filled up in it, } and I'll prove to you that I am no Islamo-fascist ( a type of terrorists according to Bushit.) I can emulate the late Chairman Mao after eating the pork by pointing my nostrils sideways in ( a mausoleum though for Mao to transcend his kid-nap-per or terrorist reputation, post mortem ) an afternoon snooze ( my Mom's never-failed criterion for identifying kidnappers and terrorists will thereby certify me as being neither.)

My Big Brother says: Drop me wearing my festive clothes into a trough of hoggyswasch and I'll prove to you that the hungry pigs still won't attack me, for I am Christian God's Chosen One.

“We advise the other side to have a correct understanding of the situation and stop interfering in Trumpanzee's affairs and U.S. internal affairs ( e.g. on no-swimming Pebble Beach in DUMBO where even a heffalump with crinkly ears can fly and suck "hunny" away from Winnie-the-Pooh.) If the other insists on jeopardizing U.S. interests, Trumpanzee will definitely take all necessary measures to fight back.”

Still stewing in the bat cave, Red China just couldn't make it to the third step of Sun Yat-sen's plan for China, unlike Taiwan, which did, despite some inauspicious starts. I know where we can find Red China's conscience, under the armpit.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

"If we did very little testing, [America] wouldn't have the most cases," Trump said last Wednesday. "So, in a way, by doing all of this testing, we make ourselves look bad."

Testing MUST be stopped immediately at the White House in order to make ourselves look good and lead the world with CONfidence like the DPRK's "no such problem." Just talking about catching up--hahaha !

I learnt from my Big Brother's being butt-spanked that his artisanal improvement done upon his school-grade report wasn't worth his erroneously perceived "peace" with my Mom. The truth diffuses so his knowing that Mom's never giving a loser a hard time should have tipped him off to go in the better direction ( e.g. to stabilize the benzene/benzine molecule with a resonance hybrid; bond-providing electrons can yield stronger bonds between constituent atoms of the molecule and make the molecule itself stabler by delocalizing the molecule's mutually repulsive parts; all great things have many parts so adept handling of heterogeneity is required for succeeding with them.) He just couldn't twist "every tounge [which shall] confess."

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Here's how I used tea, orange rind, and cups of water when I got some suspicious symptoms:

  1. I went to a public library. I started reading a book in an alcove but the other person sitting in the same alcove coughed. I moved to another alcove and read. After a while I had to go to the toilet so I went. On my way back, I crossed the path of a person coughing in a corridor area.
  2. On the third day after that, I woke up with a headache and a sore throat.
  3. On the fourth day, I felt a chill and shivered a bit as if I was running a fever. I used a contact-to-temple thermometer to measure my bodily temperature. It was under 98.6°F so I didn't satisfy the criterion for testing for the CP/C virus. Later on, I couldn't breathe well due to my chest having a deep-inside tightness as if it was tied up in a knot. I compensated by breathing more rapidly, thus having the shortness of breath.
  4. I thought that I could help open up my airways and relieve the feeling of nausea with a cup of orange-rind-flavored tea. It made my breathing easier but I thought that maybe more would be better so I ate the rind of an entire orange. I got a very painful stomachache in the pylorus area. I swallowed several cups ( at least three but not exceeding four, i.e. 24 to 32 fluid ounces including both ends of the interval, [24,32] fl. oz. ) of water to flush out my gastrointestinal tract. I felt nauseated and terrible so I lay down.
  5. I felt a diarrhea coming on. I went to discharge it. After that, I was all fine except for a dry cough which lasted for one to three weeks during which I self-isolated, aside from a groceries-buying trip per week with someone else doing most of the shopping in the stores for me but I myself did the heavier lifting for kitty litter near the end of the three weeks.
  6. It turned out later that the electronic contact-to-temple thermometer was faulty by giving lower-than-actual readings. Measurements without first calibrating are useless and misleading.

A simple old-fashioned ( though holding modern mercury-free Galinstan^TM eutectic-metal mixture ) glass thermometer was more reliable than the electronic contact-to-temple one ( perhaps its battery's charge has run down over time due to its not having been used much so I didn't even know that it might give erroneous readings. ) Drinking a few cups of water quickly can induce nausea ( I couldn't tell whether the feeling of nausea had come due to the infection or it was actually made worse by the three to four cups of water I drank to relieve my stomachache ) so I should have added a bit of table salt to the water to try to make it isotonic first ( I wonder whether the salty water may actually accentuate the pain of an open wound in the stomach but a bit of saltiness in the water can reduce the feeling of nausea ) or spacing out the drinking of water. Eating more than an entire orange's rind was probably going overboard. Maybe trying one quarter of an entire orange's rind first would have been better. A little rind being good didn't mean that much more would be better. Avoid being coughed or sneezed upon or walking through someone's discharge plume. Educate better the populace. I was inculcated in hygiene, in the third grade ( essentially as soon as we the children could read; I had started reading earlier than that--I read the book section of "The Readers' Digest" during the summer vacation after completing my first grade )--hygiene was socialist alright !

To err is human, to do worse than last time is unamerican. Previously during the Ebola epidemic, Nigeria turned its large population from a disadvantage of being able to host a massive outbreak of Ebola into an advantage by conducting massive contact tracing using cell phones. My growing up in an information-and-knowledge-rich but already-made-gadget-poor deprived environment made me love workarounds and know their strengths and shortcomings in order to use them in the proper context. Yeah, I ran nearly out/short of toilet paper during my self-isolation ( because I suspected that I had caught the CP/C virus ) so my accumulated bottom-oriented information and knowledge helped out. I think that Saudi Arabia's solution of using just a bowl of water and reserving the left hand exclusively for doing business with one's rear end was and will be the most environmentally benign and hygienic for any water-short area of residence in our hot future but not as flat ( totalitarian regimes will balkanize the internet to mind-control their people much more than they do now; internet's global nature was just a flash in the pan whose phenomenal global growth had been due to the technological gap of the totalitarian countries behind the free world therefore as technology diffuses, the global growth will be replaced by political parties' power grabs--oxymorons such as fake news, alternate right, God's Object-Oriented Party=GOOParty, Bloody Mary's Sucker=Patriot Mitch, etc. ) or as crowded ( SARS_CoV-2 is culling as well as forcing social distancing or isolation with threat of illness or death ) anymore because the Maniacal Artist had turned hands-on to save the Earth in order to fulfill His promise in the Bible that the Earth "shall endure forever" and "the meek shall inherit" the Earth ( meaning that the peoples will be sifted through to remove the chaff ).

Beware of the quality of what comes out of Red China and the World Health Organization. Somebody/somebodies there may have tried to manipulate stock trading. Note the date allegedly the Chinese study was posted on WHO website and later pulled. Was Gilead Sciences' stock being manipulated so that somebody of Red China/WHO could buy Gilead Sciences' stock cheaply ( if at all ) by releasing the bad news of the Chinese study before the U.S. larger-scale study's good news was released to the public and retract the WHO's posting of the Chinese study to cover up the manipulation? Anthony Fauci said that he learnt of the positive news on "the Friday before [April 27th, 2020]" by a call and the positive report on April 27th.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

I drink tea brewed with some orange rind ( before eating or using them, I wash all fruits with soap and water to remove any pesticide residue, parasites, or grime ). It can open up the airways for better and easier breathing and perhaps help with nausea, too ( I've liked oranges and orange juice since early childhood so I tend to consume them as "comfort food," definitely anti-nauseous to me but "your mileage may vary" as we may not be the same kind of "big oranges" and "little [extremely sour inside but sweet in its skin] oranges"). I sometimes decongest my sinuses with it. Chewing a bit of the orange rind and swallowing it apparently gives stronger decongestion and it cleans up the gastrointestinal tract ( esophagus, stomach, small and large { colon } intestines, rectum, and anus ). As with anything, don't go overboard with ingesting orange rind because overcleaning IS destruction and may induce pain of the pylorus ( or persistently causing over the long term gastric { i.e. stomach } cancer--don't be overly alarmed because common things such as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and some ultraviolet light in sunlight can cause skin cancers, too; I actually pay for these things for disinfecting purpose, so do many other people ) and diarrhea. I think that the pith has the decongestant and the outer skin of the rind holds the organic cleaner whose smell can drive a cat away so separating the two can target them independently for different purposes. There are more experiments to try out.

I figure that ingesting some small amount of orange rind should be safe because my Big Brother had shared a kumquat with me after his peeling off its rind ( yeah, I was wondering a bit why he was being so nice on that day to offer me peeling service; unusual... ) and ingesting that himself. He handed me the peeled kumquat to eat, per my choice--it was extremely sour ! I assure you that he didn't drop dead from eating the sweet and fragrant peeled skin of the kumquat. I tried another one ( because there were variations in sweetness in the oranges which I had eaten before so I understood that a different one might not be as sour--I'm a "retarded" "sucker" to an extent but it's just edgy "science" ) which he served to me. It's again very sour--he ate its peeled skin ! I complained to him that these "little oranges" were terribly sour for eating them raw as we did so he explained to me that kumquats and oranges are indeed very similar but differ in some aspects such as their sweetness distribution.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Running out of toilet tissue paper can be stressful. I being a bottom-oriented person have collected these workarounds:

  1. a bowl of water -- use your left hand only to clean the exhaust nozzle with the water; pick up food to eat with your right hand. Origin: Saudi Arabia's challenge to a lunch buddy of mine who was traumatized while accompanying his dad visiting there as a kid decades ago ( before the 1970s,) after his finding only a bowl of water but no toilet tissue paper. This is probably the workaround with the least environmental impact.
  2. some bigger leaves -- use them just like toilet tissue paper but don't throw them into a flush toilet bowl to discard because you may cause a plugged-up toilet and sewage overflow. Origin: the Pilgrims; what else could you do in the New World with lots of trees? Maple leaves ( sorry, O Canada, this act is not an insult but a paean to the can-clean-your-bottom-without-perfume neighbor in a moment of traumatized needs ) are for obvious reasons superior to our hippopotami-perfumed "American" pine needles. Moss is great, too, but are harder to find than the broad leaves.
  3. a short bamboo stick with an angled cut and buffed edges -- use it to swipe away the cling-on and rinse clean in water for reuse; each individual should have their personal-use-only stick for improved hygiene. Water can be used afterwards for thorough cleaning while restricting to using the left hand for the rear end and right hand for the front end. Origin: India. Poor people who have to poop early in the morning out in the fields obviously don't carry a roll of toilet tissue paper which may become useless after dropping into a water-logged field. These people are mostly vegetarians so they tend to have bulky and loose stool so rinsing with water cleans the bamboo stick quickly for reuse. Meat eaters may not want to use this method due to their often pasty and rather stinky stool which is hard to rinse away well easily. This shouldn't be a problem much longer because the village butcher has died of the viral Deluge.
  4. a bidét -- use it to spray clean the bottom area: men from the back towards the front and women from the front towards the back for hygiene due to anatomical-topological differences between men and women ( women have holes in front which may be infected if contaminated. Origin: Muslims, wealthier Indians with indoor plumbing, French, Italians, and Japanese. I was "baptized" by this kind of in-bowl bidét after being challenged with Adam's choice in a wedding banquet hall's luxurious bathroom with twin bowls. Forever after, I couldn't forget the power of a full glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and the squirtback it engendered after my dash there, golden-shower offering, and activating my choice.
  5. a combination of the above -- I can reduce my toilet paper usage to only one or two ( “One, if by land, and two, if by sea” ) U.S.-style double-ply soft absorbent sheets ( I wonder why there's this vast cultural difference between the types of toilet paper used -- I started with old newspapers, then went on to very waxy single-ply { saving paper might be the reason for using this kind of tissue paper but I often had to use two sheets anyway } non-absorbent and seldom-bleed-through toilet paper, and now double-ply soft absorbent toilet paper ) per poop by following up with a bidét cleaning afterwards. I can emulate a bidét by using a shower-head extended by a hose. Perching upon the bathtub with legs apart for cleaning must be done very carefully because slipping in the bathroom is often dangerous due to the hard tiled floor. After getting the air-dried paper towel and holding it in one hand, I stabilize myself by placing my other hand on one of the two walls ( which make a dihedral angle of 90° with each other ) flanking the bathtub. Then I bend one knee and put that leg over the bathtub to brace against the far wall for stability. I slowly lower my body to assume a sitting position with one leg outside of the bathtub, the other knee-bent leg bracing against the far wall, and one hand pressing against the other wall. The trick for achieving stability is to maintain at least three bracing supports forming a triangle at all times while moving the other(s) to new positions ( have you ever wondered why insects have six legs? It's about maintaining stability which requires at least three supports at a time solidly forming a triangle for stability, according to the science of gaits ) I place the paper towel at the top of the side curb of the bathtub for insulation against its coldness and lower my body to sit upon it with the bulky part of my thigh. The center for cleaning is thus inside the bathtub. I spray it with the extended shower-head and then use soap for cleaning but after the cleaning, I don't use a hairdryer to blow dry due to the possible electrical hazard in a wet environment. I use warm water for cleaning so that there'll be quick evaporation after drying up with a little bit of paper towel which I had air-dried after using it to dry my hands after my last thorough hand cleaning to wash off any potential SARS-CoV-2 ( CP/C ) virus or dirt.
  6. Used newspaper or magazine paper. Make sure that they are not thrown into a flush toilet to avoid clogging it up.
  7. Corn cobs in our farming areas as Venezuelans had used before.

I hope that this can help reduce toilet-related distress in this pandemic and at times violence. I'm not bottomline-oriented because I've a bit of Asperger's syndrome so I didn't line my pockets and only stay bottom-oriented ( the Maniacal Artist isn't bottomline-oriented, either, due to the hearing loss incurred by eavesdropping on conversations and listening to the myriads of prayers' din all of the time ) unlike the hippopotami spreading their specially sumo-wrestler-golden-shower-scent-signed campaign manure around with Inspectors General fired. Quality starts with a clean and fresh asshole ( Muslims ¿ and Indians, too? have known this fundamental for millennia ! 》Ein Volk. Ein Land. Eine Kultur.《 doesn't mean cultural stagnation if beneficial cultural drift is embraced with glee ) -- my innards were rinsed clean by drinking four glasses of room-temperature water immediately upon awakening in the morning and waiting forty minutes before eating or drinking anything. This was a Japanese health habit that I had adopted and valued. The Japanese seem to be at least partially bottom-oriented: for there are high-end Japanese toilets/bidéts which have built-in warm-air blow-dry and a spritz of perfume applied when Area 731 has been dried up.

Some Japanese fragrant-bottom cheeks may therefore be more "kissable" than others' faces. I wonder whether dogs have a perverse sense of smell ( i.e. what we smell as stinky they smell as attractive ) since they often start socializing by sniffing at each other's rear end ( a bit like the European-originated handshaking though unshakable habit of the hairy long-armed Orange-utan ). I'm impressed by hippopotami sporting their Moscow-Mitch whipper at a strategically ideal position without being Redfuckgina's tissue-paper windbreaker.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Data-driven decisions generally work better than the faith-based decisions. In improving the lot of the common people, the application of the scientific method relying on experimental data has far-outstripped religions' millennia of worship, devotion, confessions, prayers, punishments, burnings at the stakes, inquisition, "faith" wars, etc. What "Bible" was Abraham or Job reading as the Word of God? The Universe is the handiwork of God the Creator so before there was the written Word, Job had been reading the Universe. The Bible was created for the verbally inclined people. Was God circumcised? I doubt that there's a toadstool there but I need to undertake more research into the various depictions and sculptures first. If yes, was God's Mom upset about God's bedwetting so she had wanted the circumcision to cure the bedwetting? I doubt that I would find a "toadstool".

The U.S. federal government has fallen flat in defending its people from the SARS-CoV-2 ( really the Communist Party over China CP/C virus ) due to its world-leading number-1 { traditionally where the U.S. sits on many ranking lists, both good and bad } "incompetent idiot" installed with the help of the white Pootinium-laced chamber pot and being maintained by the Moscow-Mitch stooge.

Up to now, we still haven't done enough widespread asymptomatic testing in the U.S. to know well where the CP/C virus is in the U.S. I do know that it will spread. There are probably around 7.5 billions of potential virus "bombs" worldwide. There are now more than a million known exploding "bombs" going off which may trigger ( social distancing helps reduce this from happening ) the other still unexploded "bombs" so we still have quite a long way to go as far as the availability of the "bombs" are concerned. A vaccine may reduce this availability.

The U.S. federal government without the data should be considered clueless at best ( media are counting on Michael Bloomberg's alma mater Johns Hopkins University's tracking of CoViD-19 testing results' distribution, a more comprehensive source than the U.S. federal government's ). The decision on when to reopen the states should thus be left to the states which are closer to knowing what is happening than the kid lunging at the fuse-control box to wag its toadstool-shaped pre-pubescent glow-stick to assert its dominance.

Here's my help for the kid ( i.e. here are the alphabets of life--tee time awaits mastering more than just the "zebra" and "zoo" at the end of my first kindergarten's English vocabulary book ) summarizing the gist of the foundation of life: C GAT Ur-acil; DNA has CG AT, and RNA has CG AU. SARS-CoV-2 ( CP/C virus ) is of the type reproducing with the code in RNAs, thus its having been classified as a retrovirus, whose AU base pairs mutate much more than the AT base pairs of DNA ( using the same idea as how the NSA helps keep certain open wireless communications secure ). It's this high mutation rate which makes immunization shots if any at all for retroviruses chancy ( e.g. the flu, the common cold, etc. )

Reopening can be helped by examining the temporal pattern of how things blew up in the U.S. Knowing the City of New York as being one of the most connected places in the world ( despite Manhattan's actually being an island which fact { of being circumnavigable } had eluded me for a long while, even though I was initially plunked down upon it,) I'm not surprised that it got infected by this virus. What has really surprised me is how bad it got. My conclusion from that fact alone is that we had simply allowed it to get out of control by our predisposition towards keeping businesses going, without knowing what a per-day compound interest rate propped up by near-asymptomatic transmissions can do while being blindsided at the city and state level ( but not on the federal level though, due to the competence of our global intelligence apparatus ) by the Chinese Communist Party's deceit.

Reopening should only be done with a view to the connectivity. For example, keeping international flights with Europe going when our West Coast was already blowing up was a definite mistake ( presuming only a tiny fraction of cases being due to asymptomatic transmissions was another; it's a big deal whether this fraction was large or small because it could greatly affect the desirability of different policies ). Disconnecting is really about gaining time to get preparations into place. Don't the Mayor and Governor of New York have someone who can read news to monitor what's going on in Italy or Spain, for example? Unlike Red China's suddenly appearing and persistent plume of sulfur dioxide near Wuhan likely coming from the mass cremation of the CP/C cadavers' protein, it's not classified information ! There were many many many coffins and I doubt that the Italians would have gone to such length to deceive the world ( unlike the CCP ). In fact, they sent us explicit warnings that the U.S. was about "10 days behind [them in Italy]" so we needed to prepare and brace ourselves.

Cadavers' proteins contained sulfur which changed into sulfur dioxide, a monitored air pollutant, when it's cremated. In and near Wuhan during the lockdown, the sulfur dioxide plume was unlikely to have come from the non-operated automobiles and shutdown factories. Mainland China's cities often have bad air pollution coming from their sulfur-containing-coal-burning power plants, factories, automobiles without catalytic converters which are standard on all new U.S. automobiles so mainland China preferred to smoke the lungs of its people in order to save some money for them so that they can afford to own an automobile with emphysema, bronchitis, lung cancers, etc. as lottery options. The reduction elsewhere of sulfur dioxide levels ( expected due to the decrease of industrial activities ) accompanying the anomalous plume of sulfur dioxide at Wuhan showed why the CCP had probably underreported the actual number of deaths to the world.

There was mass burning of the evidence--dead bodies speak so the CCP had to silence them quickly to look good--disallowing foreign medical teams going into Wuhan to gather important information for formulating pandemic-control policies helped with the CCP's cover-up but made other countries blind in formulating the most effective policies to control the spread of the deadly virus via fomites, aerosol, droplets, r_0 value, survival duration of the virus in different conditions, etc. Nevertheless, dead bodies still spoke ! Counting the dead bodies was surely a task that the foreign medical teams could handle. )

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

The White House knew that CoViD-19 was becoming a cataclysmic event which may very well decimate U.S. Forces overseas.

Of course, this disease would probably decimate the "People's" Liberation Army under the control of the "Chinese" "Communist" Party, too. The CCP treated the PLA as being expendable for its politically "looking good." Not that much is different in America for our siblings-in-arms:

Trump says he never saw the White House adviser Navarro's memo, handed to him in 
January and warning about the danger of ignoring the epidemic.

In 2018 already, Rex Tillerson warned the American people about Trump inadequacy 
with the job of president. "It was challenging for me coming from the disciplined, highly 
process oriented Exxon Mobil corporation to go to work for a man who is pretty 
undisciplined, doesn't like to read, DOESN'T READ briefing reports, doesn't like to get 
into the details of a lot of things but rather just kind of says, "Look, this is what I believe. 
And you can try to convince me otherwise, but most of the time you're not going to do 
that.” And I had to tell him, "I understand what you want, Mr.President, but you can't do 
it that way. It's against the Law, is against the Treaty"".

Trump 2040{ vision } ! Not 2020... obviously, with immunity shielding by Moscow Mitch and the gloriously red-soon-from-Good-Friday's-crucifixion Redtardica. There'll be an auction held for the INRI's loincloth and your [American] life ( the red states may well lose out to the blue states in a bidding war for lifesaving equipment, simply because they are generally poorer than the blue ones and can enlist God Almighty's help by preying. God bless our drama 《這是暗摩院, 午夜黑燈籃球賽...》 Bruh from Queens and on queens ). An excellent place for hiding out away from the pandemic is on the tits of a wet nurse on a yacht ( an already quarantined nuclear submarine which can stay submerged for six months also suffices ) operated by boat people who know how to do BSL-containment and catch fish, but not crabs ( "tea leaves are floating upon the surface of the lukewarm Boeing-707 water while brewing a cup of tea at 37,500 feet altitude; lunkers lurk in murky waters--spoon { .. ? } no, no ! { 撈, 撈 ! }" 呢啲唔係你要搵嘅機械人。) 前世 赤い頭ロープ《蛇精 撈世界, 要醒目。》

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Having violated the prime directive for the five-year mission of the Starship Enterprise, the shit held in the pootinium-laced white-porcelain chamber pot ( from Russia with Love ) has helped create a truly massive SARS-CoV-2 incubator on American soil in order to stain it gloriously red ( the onslaught may well splash globally back to Russia soon with force because the angel of death has awarded a massive killing subcontract to Trumpanzia: massive profits will surely follow soon.) A government is being "run like a business" by a businessman for profits ( i.e. the merchant of death who obviously hasn't learnt civics shouldn't be in power ).

Russia can collect the dividends from its viral Trumpanzian investments in America. I wonder in what ways Russia will collect the dividends from its European investments by destabilizing NATO and the EU on Russia's very wide western border: maybe millions of asylum seekers will rush for the "safety" and isolation of Siberia. A reindeer herder's life though isolated and often solitary or in a small group seems much better than being suffocated to death in the far more populated part of Europe west of frigid-hell Siberia.

Associated Press has traced how we in the U.S. got to here and now. It's about time ( after April Fool's Day ) that it catches up with what has happened. Look at the U.S. SARS-CoV-2 virus map near the bottom of the article. Why was the state of New York having so many more cases than the other early hot spots such as the states of Washington and California? Also why was the U.S. having so few cases on its East Coast while the states of Washington and California were ballooning with cases but then the U.S. surpassed every other country in the number of cases? Policy and leadership ( pro-business orientation tends to kill people galore for money; both the state of New York and the U.S. Federal Government imposed a pro-business policy stance before creating the pandemonium--I'm actually very surprised that politicians in power taking a pro-business stance has no inkling at all about what 10% to 30% compound interest rate a day can do for new coronavirus cases in a few weeks to create bankruptcies ) mattered.

These are what we'll get out of this pandemic: a lot of slushy money going to businesses and then onto political campaigns through racketeering and a lot of cadavers through the "market" competition for life-saving equipment ( i.e. bidding for lives in auctions; yours may well be auctioned if you catch this virus rippling around in the bio-incubators' "wind" globally ). Has any businessman made an artful deal with this SARS-CoV-2 virus for a ceasefire agreement yet? Can't we just bully this virus into political submission? Yes, a lockdown tells this virus that it can evolve into a less virulent strain or die with the host when it kills its host. Cholera strains understood this message. So did other diseases' germs.

The key to much peace on restive Earth lies in providing for the homeostasis/homeodynamics of hemoglycemic level of Homo sapiens sapiens ( i.e. food metabolism ). As most people may have already known, achieving this wasn't difficult "rocket science" in recent human history by Cyb'org sapiens sapiens. The problem lies in "fair" distribution--it's a social and economic organizational problem ( Colonialism didn't work well in Ireland, as policy mattered { having a skeleton corner room in the upper level of the ancestral hall can remind the lucky one of the covenant imposed upon the fertile alluvial plain enriched with human remains of the Deluge } ). Cooperation reduces violence and enhances well-being. We can create [micro]agriculture 2.0 to make a house as nearly self-sufficient and isolated as the world's highest and fastest soon-to-be-Trumpanzian-rentable Swedish motell-sex ( NAsty caSA's steward greets the "Didn't we drink that water?" soapy-slippery sputnik with: "Have fun--I'll switch the lights off for you." ) in a low-earth orbit ( or in an all-too-"Fruit-of-the-Loom(R)-brief" suborbital Vomit Comet arc ) or we can recoup the losses for running and winning the 2016 erection by copulating in a much bigger spaceship, such as a country without inspection oversight, or the entire Earth. Generally, the boundaries of these spaceship(s) should have a relatively high level of impermeability. For example, natural boundaries such as tall mountains, big rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans sufficed historically but modern technologies such as flight and shipping/boating have rendered them much more permeable than before. There can also be artificial boundaries enforced by gates, fences, checkpoints, walls, etc. ( As you can likely infer, I'm not a priori against "walls"--it depends on what purposes they serve; e.g. PPE are vitally important "walls" ).

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Hope can be built upon ignorance and gullibility. It delayed taking the needed actions.

Here's one online commentator's good coping method with the failures of our national passhit:

Over the past couple weeks that I've gone out to the grocery story, I've worn both my 
reusable N95 silicon half-face respirator along with tightly fitted ski goggles. Add on top 
of that, I have disposable plastic gloves. When I get home, all packaging is sterilized, my 
boots are put outside for UV exposure, and the clothes go immediately into the wash. I 
also hop in the shower.

I'm looking forward to Easter and Passover ( preferably N95 or better in solidarity with frontline healthcare workers only if they are all sufficiently protected with adequate PPE as they may also become subcontractors of the angel of death ). Let's prey.

Hooverville pre-dating Central Park is now being occupied instead by the upscale Trumperville accommodations in an "exclusive neighborhood" with a skating rink in those days. It would be great if they could end up staying empty due to the lack of patients ( who stay healthy ! I myself really love being forgetful about seeing a doctor because of my staying healthy--body speaks, listen well. I almost succeeded in squeaking by without getting the H1N1 flu as the epidemic was waning but I failed due to my disobeying this rule--"don't push your luck"--it's no fun getting sick for being impatient by disrespecting the margin of risk; the last step decides the success or failure of the entire endeavor, regardless of how arduous or frivolous the preceding efforts have been ).

Early in life, I was taught, "Early birds get the worms." That was terrible advice as, "The sleep-till-noon lazy worms don't get eaten by the early birds and the other somewhat satiated birds which ate the early worms and the diligent-arrive-on-time-for-the-birds worms, respectively." It's very important to know thyself whether you're a bird, a worm, or something else. The synchronization of the attributes ( bird, worm, etc. ) and timing is vital.