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Forum Post: Iran, Minnesota and Pakistan

Posted 8 years ago on Oct. 8, 2012, 4:02 p.m. EST by udacious (12) from Plattsburgh, NY
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Glad I don't live there!

"The legislature has found and hereby declares that the availability of legitimate courses and programs leading to academic degrees offered by responsible private not-for-profit and for-profit institutions of postsecondary education and the existence of legitimate private colleges and universities are in the best interests of the people of this state. The legislature has found and declares that the state can provide assistance and protection for persons choosing private institutions and programs, by establishing policies and procedures to assure the authenticity and legitimacy of private postsecondary education institutions and programs. The legislature has also found and declares that this same policy applies to any private and public postsecondary educational institution located in another state or country which offers or makes available to a Minnesota resident any course, program or educational activity which does not require the leaving of the state for its completion."

"This makes it for companies like Coursera and Udacity illegal to teach in Minnesota without its government approval. To show that it is not a joke or my personal interpretation, here is the quote from Coursera Terms of Service:"

"Notice for Minnesota Users Coursera has been informed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education that under Minnesota Statutes (136A.61 to 136A.71), a university cannot offer online courses to Minnesota residents unless the university has received authorization from the State of Minnesota to do so. If you are a resident of Minnesota, you agree that either (1) you will not take courses on Coursera, or (2) for each class that you take, the majority of work you do for the class will be done from outside the State of Minnesota. Which is not surprising, given the broad definition of what a "school" or "degree" is."

"Chegevaras are fined $500 per day per violation, which for this course alone runs up to $37,500,000 as of today."

What's up with MN?



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