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Forum Post: Inevitable

Posted 1 year ago on Oct. 21, 2020, 12:56 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX
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When the real estate market had ballooned to the bursting point in 2008, instead of fixing the systemic flaw that is for profit banking and finance, or subsidizing Americans' home ownership, our conservative, neo-liberal and liberal politicians, all wholly owned subsidiaries of the Wall St Oligarch Billionaire Class, re-capitalized the banks. The banks chose to take the money that replaced their losses on the bad mortgages they'd made billions in fees to originate and then foreclose anyway. They justified having their cake and eating it too by saying, if they didn't they would be reinforcing "a moral hazard." Now Blackstone, other private equity and the banks' investors own much more rental property than ever before.

The holdings of the private equity [landlord class] investors are about to grow even more monstrous than they've been since feudal times. Small landlords will lose their properties in the foreclosures that quickly follow the evictions of 4 to 20 million families due to Covid 19 job losses. There will be no one with money to rent the vacancies. The neo-liberal government won't help the newly evicted because Ayn Rand. The properties will be foreclosed. There will be no buyers but private equity and investors with money from the next Wall St bail out.

We the people will see our perpetual debt and slavery to it reinforced and emphasized even more. That merely continues the trend of the past 50 years of corporatist domination. We never learn or see the obvious solution: public ownership and non profit operation of the entire FIRE Sector. We will also not discern that compromise with corporatists is futile. We shall be dominated.

What's most unlearned is that by it's own burden, the concentration of wealth has always been unsustainable. We don't know for sure when the ultimate collapse will come ... only that it's as inevitable as the increase of debt by compound interest paid to for profit finance, insurance and real estate royalty.

Video link https://youtu.be/QUu-4nxCMGE



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

The words wall street and politician are interchangeable... Wall Street is out of control right now. In the middle of a pandemic they are doubling down on the abuse of our citizens. The REASON Covid tests NEVER show positive is so BOSSES don't have to pay their workers. They don't WANT the tests to work. Companies have sick people on the line with Covid and we wonder how it is becoming rampant. Forcing someone to work that sick is CRUEL and INHUMAN. Bullies. At some point we have to go walk out the door don't turn now - they're not welcome anymore. We need local economies and self owned housing - you know back when stuff used to function. Yes consolidation of wealth has proved to be a TOTOL failure. I also want to say it's allowed the worst types of people to get ahead. Callous cruel sociopathic criminal minds are holding the strings of our society and we are all abiding. When are we going to realize that we live in a carefully constructed matrix made by technocrats and elite sociopaths and doing what they tell us is causing us all harm. Wall Street is a tribe of uncaring psychopaths. And theiy're our Daddy, telling us all what to do in exchange for our supper and dividing us so they can laugh at us fighting and dying as they hide away in their Montana mansions.TOTOL.as in totalitarian ownership. Run around little sims run around."Oh where will we live" mocking us with their hands on their cheeks". Guess they should have saved up and not spent their money on things like living. Deadbeats!!!!" The deadbeat propaganda is a Stockholm syndrome where the captives have come to believe they have done something wrong.

I also want to say that although I appreciate racial equality - BLM movement is unfortunately thwarting our chance for real change and dividing our nation and taking all focus away from pulling away the powers of the people holding the strings Wallstreet!- it's become a strange negotiation bartering for BS and petty privileges instead of ALL of us coming together to DEMAND what should be ours and that is the pursuit of happiness, equal playing field, and justice for all (not just small groups of the angriest among us). It isn't working. UNITE!!!! STOP NEGOTIATING WITH THE PRISON GUARDS and stop infighting with the other prisoners- US. America to me does now feel like a prison. We need to come together and demand a more caring society that benefits the masses!.As long as the stock market rules - none of us have power and we won't until we prove that empathy wins and greed is a sickness and we do that by staying united and proving them wrong. America doesn't need guns, canned goods, or churches - we need conscience. And most of us have it - but they sure have us all scared wondering what is going to happen. Civil war, food shortages, chaos. Panicked people don't think rationally. OR we help eachother out. We shame greed of the elite, and we change it together by seeking to understand the fears of the "other" and by calming those fears not inflaming them. We are all in the same sinking ship - don't fight for a better view - call in the life rafts and we make sure there is enough for all of us to get in.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

Yes. BLM has fueled the racistis. LGBTQ and Roe v Wade binds religious true believers. 2nd Amendment accounts for the rest of the right wing [Wall ST Oligarchs' minion army] populist plurality. The domination by the aristocracy must be the threat that unites us, if we are to win. But the aristocrats wrote the constitution. The Senate and the Electoral College help assure the overwhelming power of the economic elite class of parasites.

But we have divided our forces and have failed to concentrate power or even identify the strengths of the enemy. We have a long way to go and the time to get our shit together is growing very short. I'm glad my daughter and her family have 25 acres with 1/4 mile of riverfront just a few miles upstream from me.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"‘Boogaloo Boi’ arrest for attack on Minneapolis station .. confirms far-right role in protest violence!" by David Neiwert - giving proof of RW agents-provocateure and possible police plants:

Maybe "BLM has fueled the racists" just by existing but what else were they supposed to do?!! Be paragons of polite patience - in the face of both State Sanctioned Police and Far Right violence?!!

ad iudicium?

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

I think BLM, LGBTQ rights, and women's health are important. I firmly believe that oppression by the elite class of parasites is the common issue that must be dealt with before any other problem can really be solved. It's the Wall St Oligarchs and lesser investors that foment the right wing. To kill the snake, cut off the head.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

"Cornel West: We Must Fight the Commodification of Everybody and Everything!" ...

"Philosopher and activist Cornel West discusses the presidential election and why a democratic socialist vision is necessary to overcome capitalism and build a better society."

I too .. "firmly believe that oppression by the elite class of parasites is the common issue" but alas taking that on is not an either or binary or a prioritized list ... that can only be taken on in a specified order but a singular struggle that is across the board and at the same time. So to "to kill the snake" attack it in every possible way and at the same time & .. "by any means necessary", simultaneously attack The Oligarchy; Plutocracy; Kleptocracy; Military Industrial Complex; Prison Industrial Complex & US' gangster Bankers! That's where"the head" is and that's where our focus must be and is for those youth who are waking up! The day after The Election is over, the fight starts anew BUT IF Trump gets in, it'll be a rearguard action!

per aspera ad astra ...

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 year ago

I want the general attack to succeed too. We must consider military theory, especially "concentration of force."

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago

Well if it's war - then remember the skirmishers, the irregulars and the behind the lines partisan guerrilla forces! Military theory and history aside, U are the sort of quality person who'll get this important lecture:

respice; adspice; prospice ...

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

The head isn't Trump with his "undeniable record of accomplishment” for Black people -- who's really just Don[bass], Goldfish version. The head is Moscow Mitch. It's not Leningrad Mitch. Stalin knew that Nazi Germany would invade Leningrad/St. Petersburg so the Winter War with Finland was fought in his attempt to get access to strategic locations to secure the perimeter for defending Leningrad/St. Petersburg, at great costs to U.S.S.R.

Russia had built up much of its neighbors' ill feeling towards itself due to its domineering behaviors towards them so when U.S.S.R. sought Finland's cooperation in hopefully mutual defense against Nazi Germany, the Finns balked. The Abwehr had contacts with Soviet intelligence before WWII started ( in Europe, Japan had started invading China years earlier in 1933 and probably impressed Hitler as a potential partner for world conquest despite Weimar Republic's good relation with the victim of Japan's invasion--Nationalist China ) so that could have been one way in which Stalin could have learnt of the intention of Nazi Germany. Hitler revealed to Stalin the Abwehr's contacts in Soviet intelligence to get them executed by Stalin. Hitler later on survived an assassination [ bombing ] attempt by his disgruntled Abwehr/Kriegsmarine faction.

Note @1:58 during Hitler's visit to the hospital, the bomb-injured Nazi notables had already been treated with tannic acid and wrapped in bandages. My desperate-for-breathing-well ( my breathing difficulty might have been a symptom of an unconfirmed case of CoViD-19; infection on February 8th, breathing difficulty February 11th ) decision to disinfect my gastrointestinal tract by gulping down 12 fluid ounces of once-hot tea ( one teaspoon of dried tea leaves added to water ) brewed with orange peels soaked and set over night [ unintentionally but luckily, I think ] oxidizing tannin to tannic acid, did have a sound antiseptic basis ( at least for WWII in Hitler's Germany.) When things went rather worse ( yeah, I did think that I could die of this whole mess, perhaps including what came from my interventions: I felt terrible due to a stomachache in the vicinity of where the pylorus was, nauseated and felt like vomiting but I didn't vomit throughout this episode, dizzy, and might faint so I laid down to increase the blood pressure to my brain ) after I had eaten an entire orange ( its citric acid helped prevent blood clots -- it probably stopped a potential CoViD-19 symptom of multiple distributed blood clots but exacerbated the probable stomach bleeding caused by the tannic acid in the stale tea leading me to lose blood and blood pressure, thus feeling lightheaded and about to faint ) together with its rind ( this might have been an overkill or a coincidence when the worst symptoms including diarrhea happened to show up,) I immediately drank three cups ( 24 fluid ounces, less than 32 fluid ounces is probably okay because I usually drink 32 fluid ounces upon waking up and I had already drunk 12 fluid ounces of tea, a slice of orange peel, plus an entire orange ) of body-temperature warm water to flush it all out as I didn't want the tannic acid to stay within my body for long. I don't regret my extremely sour experience with tasting two kumquat kernels while my Big Brother ate the sweet and fragrant rind because I learnt something: perhaps lemon, orange, and tangerine peels are edible, too.

I started with eating a bit of the well-soaked rind from the lemon slice Dad used in his tea. It was rather bland tasting but it certainly didn't make me sick. Even the entire rim of a slice was fine. I preferred eating oranges more than lemons so I went on to eating a bit of orange peel and increased how much I ate to match my lemon rind consumption amount. It was fine. I noticed that I breathed better after eating it. "Oh yeah !" I said to myself -- I could come off of a prescription medicine ( the terrible Seldane(R) which prompted me to go ever higher in dosage to get the same nasal-decongesting effect for allergy relief so I stopped it cold-turkey and suffered terrible nasal congestion instead ) by eating orange peels.

"Man is a machine," -- Leornardo da Vinci. Much more is "a machine," I say. Anyone who has cooked with a successful recipe and eaten the result may well know the importance of sticking to accurate measurements of the quality and quantity of the ingredients ( don't go underboard or overboard--my kid who loved drinking hot cacao once handed me a cup full of ¡dry! cacao powder while coughing ! "a little bit tasted great so a lot more should taste much greater !" not only was cacao bad for inhaling but it's also very bitter if not made properly with sugar water -- please don't confuse cocoa powder/cacao powder with cocaine powder ! ) and meticulously following the instructions.

A thing isn't necessarily good or evil in itself. It can be either depending on for what purpose it's used. The opium of the British killed many Chinese addicts { Opium Wars were why Hong Kong's peculiar status came to be } but a much lighter dose of opium extracted with alcohol saved many Chinese { >100 } from dying of dehydration due to rampant diarrhea ( Dad got into a similar travelers' scourge but found this opium-extract fix from British India { probably Madras, nowadays Chennai }; of course, we anticipated that U.S. Customs' personnel wouldn't understand our possessing an empty light-green-tinted-with-a-few-specks-of-bubbles glass bottle with dried-up opium stains at its bottom and us arguing that it's our family's heirloom--it was a reminder of our intangible connections with our people who were probably targeted with dysentery bacteria in our war against Imperial Japan which used biological weapons against civilians, having become mad about its naïve young testosterone-infused agoge-abusively-trained insular-cultured soldiers having collected too much extra "benefit" from Hong Kong's Vaginal Line resistance womanned by ten-thousand strong prostitutes--not to be outdone by the Indians, the Chinese now have a more modern and scientific-instruction-oriented Kamasutra-equivalent. 《冒着敌人的[友的]火, 前進 ! 前進 ! 前進 ! 進 !》We Americans need to move on from watching pornography if we want to catch up in population count to these reproductive superpowers. Trump 建国 。Which 国 is TBD, though. China's sending in male Han minders to the de-paternalized Uyghur families might be an attempt to boost their sagging birth rate with Han semen infusion. China is doing 建国.)

Eventually, Stalin indirectly finished Hitler off. The Thousand-Year Reich lasted twelve years. Similarly short-lived regimes occurred in China as the Qin and Sui dynasties.