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Forum Post: Illuminati Headed For Civil War Or Revolution – Kissinger Rebuffed In Japan

Posted 9 years ago on Feb. 15, 2012, 2:45 p.m. EST by FreedomReigns (72)
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Illuminati Headed For Civil War Or Revolution – Kissinger Rebuffed In Japan, Obama Rebuffed In Iran


There are numerous signs of severe discord within the European and North American secret governments these days.

What we seem to be witnessing is the very dangerous death throes of the Nazi faction of the Western secret government. They have launched a desperate counter-attack over the past week in order to prevent the implementation of the new financial system.

This counter-attack has been triggered because most members of the Washington establishment, top pentagon brass and members of European Royal Families have all been handed subpoenas by judicial authorities in recent days, according to a member of the British Royal family and an opposition source in the US.

The question of what this will ultimately mean depends on how the Pentagon brass decide to react. The likely outcome is civil war in the US, according to the wife of a major oil company CEO.

A source close to Bill Clinton predicts:

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[-] 3 points by energy (30) 9 years ago

People are so scared to be labelled as conspiracy theorists, they have a hard time commenting on posts like this, but they read them while secretly happy that someone else has posted them. The Illuminati is absolutely real. There have been enough people now that speak about it openly, particularly celebrities who know that it has insidiously taken over Hollywood in a very sinister and life threatening way. Thank you for the post and doing it despite that you probably know that you will be ridiculed for it.