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Forum Post: Hunger Games- TACTICS TO RESIST Government !

Posted 8 years ago on Nov. 30, 2013, 3:38 p.m. EST by Ahbleza (2)
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Tactics RESIST Government, DEFY Corporations, IMPEDE “ Law “ Enforcement !

Making a Simple ANTI- TASER Suit, BLOCKING Cell Phones, BLOCKING Antennas On Law Enforcement Vehicles, BLOCKING Satellite Dishes and Media, BLOCKING GPS Tracking Bracelets !

STOPPING TASER ! You can be CERTAIN to defeat the TASER/ STUN GUN if you WEAR a fine wire mesh- for example, metal window screen. You can make a quick and easy Anti- Taser/ Anti- Stun Gun suit using METALLIC window screen cut and formed exactly like an insect/ mosquito suit outfit, long shirt sleeves, chest, long pant legs. Wear this wire mesh as if it were insect/ mosquito netting ! The TASER and STUN GUN are also DEFEATED, the pulses SHORTED- OUT, by wearing a thin conducting layer incorporated into your clothing ! You may incorporate wearing that aluminized mylar material used for emergency space blankets/ survival blankets, very very cheap ! The extremely thin layer aluminum coating is HIGHLY CONDUCTING, as effective as wire mesh in shorting out the high- voltage TASER/ STUN GUN pulses ! This material is quite thin and flexible, thus easily incorporated into clothing, even invisibly ! You can even experiment using one or two layers, an inner and outer layer as a suggestion. But one layer is probably effective for most barb strikes. The Aluminized Mylar or ' Space Blanket / Survival Blanket ‘ material is sandwiched between layers of clothing, similarly to the way GoreTex moisture barrier is incorporated into clothing. Also aluminum foil or metallic window screen will work in clothing. ( The clothing might take the form of a wind- breaker or rain- suit, etc. ) The screen may not stop the dart and barb from penetrating ( or piercing ) your skin slightly- BUT IT WILL SHORT- OUT THE PULSES OF HIGH VOLTAGE HARMLESSLY ! ( Lacking this suit, you, or bystander friend, may find you are able to use knife or small wire cutters to quickly clip that fine twirly wire running from the Taser handle to your flesh. MOVE QUICKLY ! Also, have allies SPRAY WATER on the hand of Law Enforcement HOLDING THE TASER HANDLE !.....their sudden LURCHING and YELLING in pain will let you know what the water does….. ) ( For defeating the TASER/ STUN GUN, the main idea is to present a thin metal barrier all around the target, one's body, as the metal layer will act TO SHORT OUT the high voltage pulses. )

BLOCKING Satellite Dishes : WE NOW OWN THE Law Enforcement and “ MEDIA “ ! Layer single sheets of Aluminum foil, in slightly overlapping rows, onto a cardboard sign ( entirely covered, single layer sufficient ); attach sign to pole; hold up or suspend sign DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF Law Enforcement OR MEDIA SATELLITE DISHES ! Aim to shield towards the CENTER of each dish, reaching, if possible, between the dish and the small arm suspended over the dish's center. Else, just make the foil- covered sign large enough to block a majority of the surface area of the dish. It WILL be blocked, even from a distance ! But, the farther you are from the dish, the larger the sign will have to be. MAKE UP SEVERAL OF THESE; individuals can walk around patrolling Law Enforcement Communication or Media Centers, and can also agree TO CONVERGE ! ( You may DISGUISE THESE as regular- text signs- for example, as a ruse, the sign might proclaim ' SUPPORT ' FOR the Law Enforcement or Network you are BLOCKING ! And, it is OK and advisable to bury the foil layer under cardboard, paint, etc. )

OVERCOMING Crowd Control ! BLOCKING Cell Phones and Wi- Fi ! BLOCKING GPS Tracking Bracelets ! DEFEATING Merchandise Tags !

Have you heard of the new Micro- Wave crowd control weapon that heats/ burns your skin ? ( Developed by US Military- to be deployed DOMESTICALLY. - CBS 60 Minutes ) There is an easy way TO BLOCK the effect of this ' Ray Gun ' Crowd Control Weapon- and many others like it- a thin cardboard shield, body- sized length and width, layered in just one layer of aluminum foil, held up in front of you, IS ALL YOU NEED ! We are simply reflecting away a ridiculous band of microwaves- also aluminized mylar like in the space blankets or silly balloons- or metal window screen, or any other metal foil or sheet- copper mesh, copper foil, thin sheet metal, any metal sheet or fine grid will do wonders ! ( Chicken wire has holes much too large- so NO to that. Use metal window screen or smaller holes. ) ONE LAYER TO ALL ! The body shield layered in the metallic layer should be positioned between you and the microwave source. ( Please inspect the door of your microwave oven- the microwaves would pass through the transparent window were it not for the presence of the fine metallic mesh shielding the window. SEE ? )

But here is MORE : You know how your Cell Phone gets a ' ping ' every few seconds where the Government tracks your location, your every move ? DO THE SAME : WRAP THE CELL PHONE ALTOGETHER IN FOIL- or drop it into a metal can with a metal lid affixed- coffee can with metal cover, paint can with metal lid, covered cookie tin, pot and lid, or wrapped in anything listed above, it is ALL THE SAME PRINCIPLE ! ( Of course, remove cell from wrappings to use it ! ) You can also BLOCK WI- FI by wrapping a piece of Aluminum foil around the Wi- Fi plug- in.

Blocking TRACKING BRACELETS !- GPS Tracking Bracelet signals can easily BE BLOCKED by simply WRAPPING the bracelet ENTIRELY in aluminum foil or any of the thin metallic materials described herein. Of course, all location up- date information WILL SUDDENLY CEASE GOING OUT, thus ALERTING your Monitors that something is ' missing ', but ALSO YOUR MOVEMENTS WILL BE ENTIRELY CONCEALED AND FUTURE SIGNALS BLOCKED. ( OK to wrap just the bracelet completely, not your leg. )

MORE ! : You can BLOCK the satellite dish of ANY Law Enforcement OR NASTY CORPORATION OR BANK OR MEDIA OR GOVERNMENT AGENCY OR PHONE COMPANY OR ISP OR TELECOMMUNICATIONS/ SATELLITE UP- LINK INSTALLATION by wrapping foil around the pick- up horn ( that is the device suspended over the middle of the dish- please experiment on YOUR OWN SATELLITE DISH, or your neighbor’s, if you wish ! ) Wrap aluminum foil over end of arm suspended over middle of dish- single layer of aluminum foil wrapped over end of arm blocks all incoming satellite signals. There is a little arm hanging over middle of dish- wrap single layer of foil around END of arm. ( NO need to wrap the dish itself. )

LOOK ! : DEFEAT MERCHANDISE detector tags ! Detector tags on STORE MERCHANDISE can be DEFEATED by wrapping the tag in a single layer of aluminum foil ! ( Completely wrapped- no tears, holes or gaps. ) Maybe first case- out the environment, and pre- paint the piece of aluminum foil a suitable matching or camo color. ( No need to wrap the round ‘ button ‘ or head of the ‘ ink tag ‘ that retains the detector tag body- just wrap the body- length of the detector tag. )

GOLF CLUB/ BASEBALL BAT shaft clamp sensor- sensor can be wrapped in a single layer of metallic material as described herein; also, the shaft clamp sensor may be REMOVED by activating its internal latch by bringing a powerful magnet into contact with the flat side of the sensor. CLICK !

For LARGER items protected by CABLE- type of sensors : Have a carry bag completely lined with metal- layer material as described herein; wear baggy coat having large inner pocket/ compartment lined similarly. Provide that the tops/ openings of such enclosures are completely closeable/ coverable by the same type of lining- thus fully sealable. ( Also smaller items having merchandise detector tag may be dropped into such a LINED bag/ pocket/ pouch. )

BARCODE HACKING- altering merchandise price tag barcodes- alter the price of a higher- priced item by pasting over its barcode an alternate barcode of a lower- priced item of similar type or physical appearance. Print software : http://www.barcodemagic.com/

MORE ! : OBSCURE the lens of SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ! PAINTBALLS and Air Rifles strike lens of SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ! Take careful aim- wear a hood first ( camera sees your approach ).....paintball smears lens of camera- air rifle shatters it. Also used on traffic control/ enforcement photo- flash systems at intersections. Also BLIND those cameras with visible Laser Pointer DOT directed on lens- dot of any color ! ALSO : Air Rifle/ Sling Shot takes out security lighting and street lighting.

ALSO : A car license plate flapper/ slider that blocks your plate number as you drive thru the intersection- a board cut-out the same size as the license plate, on a moving hinge or rail, using a wire to flap/ slide your license plate between visible and non- visible. False license plate number may be displayed on the flapper's/ slider's visible side.

ALSO : You can BLOCK mobile car phone communications, and Law Enforcement radio antennas, and external car antennas for cell phones, by discreetly PINCHING a piece of Aluminum foil over that short little antenna sticking out from those surveillance team's vehicles, as you walk past. You may even DISGUISE your foil by painting it a matching color if you have time and opportunity. Generally, you have a fair chance at blocking almost ANY antenna on any vehicle or remote surveillance or traffic control system OR INSTITUTIONAL BUILDING simply by wrapping the antenna in foil. Shape and size of antenna are almost irrelevant. ( But for dishes you MUST block/ wrap the ' horn ' or pick- up suspended above the middle of any dish. Of course, you can place a large metal sheet IN FRONT of an entire dish if need be. )

The following are categorized as being more experimental efforts using the above described principles :

Ahbleza Kevin Ahbleza,



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[-] 1 points by Ahbleza (2) 8 years ago

BORDER ‘ PATROL ‘ FENCES, INTERNMENT CAMP FENCES, etc. Some of the motion sensor devices for our silly border ' patrol ' and perimeter control for prisons can also be blocked with similar foil/ window screen shields set up along the fence line, in direct alignment with the fence line- some motion sensor stuff is using radar which is the easiest to block- the devices using infrared might be blocked similarly but less reliably. In either case you will need to make the WIDTH of the portable body shields much larger than just body width- you also need to block a much longer signal path to make it more ambiguous just which location you are crossing- note that setting the shield up to block the sensors will immediately alert the border patrol of your activity and the general border location of the intrusion- the hope is to create such distraction over such A LONG segment of fence line as to make it quite ambiguous exactly where you are crossing ! MANY people armed with such radar reflector shields will render the sensor system and the operators confused and overwhelmed.