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Forum Post: How George HW Bush did it....from the time he was with Nixon the CIA VP President today.

Posted 1 year ago on June 12, 2014, 1:47 p.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe (5)
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Three yeas ago in Jackson, Wyoming I met a relative to the former President of Mexico, told him if he wanted to stop the Drug Cartel violence in his Country, he had to get the current President to go after the international bank, HSBC, for money laundering Drug Cartel monies. John Cruz has documented this type of international bank corruption in his book "World Banking World Fraud". John was a whistle-blower who has since been paid off. In 1995-96 in contacting the National Bank of Panama, Panama City, Panama, because there had been an article in financial papers on Capital Available through Panamanian Banks...we, Tom Carter and I had a company called "American Boardsports Company, ABC", with skateboarder Andy MacDonald (AndyMAC) and as most new companies grow they need growth capital. I called the National Bank of Panama. Go Back: The invasion of Panama by George HW Bush was watched by the world and covered in detail. One report stated the US Military had removed all of Noriega's papers from his office and home and taken them to a location, a small island just off shore. What happened to these papers? Why did Collin Powell organize for GHW Bush such a violent attack on Panama City, 100s of civilians died, and the destruction ran into the 100s of millions of dollars. By the way it was an illegal invasion. .... Following the events as close as I could at that time I always wondered about the exact details ....Now: so in my very first phone call to the National Bank of Panama in 1995 I eventually inquired by asking the Bank Official, who in this writing will remain anonymous, "so how is Panama now that Bush, GHW, removed Noriega?", Her reply was this "what do you mean President Bush only made things a lot worse!", "the drug cartels with Bush's help control the entire banking system and government of Panama, through money laundering operations." We spoke on several occasions and she eventually disclosed "who they were"! So I have been watching!!! Then in Sun Valley ID two Summer's ago while driving the CEO of Vertol, the world's largest private airforce, planes and helicopters, James Lester Montgomerie, A New Zealander, (conversation started on New Zealand) disclosed to me in a 2 hour drive from the Boise ID airport to his condo in West Ketchum, I quote him here "that the US Military (which controls the airspace over all of Afghanistan) and the CIA were in fact directly and indirectly helping the Afghans distribute Heroin". That Heroin is killing American Citizens in USA. I at once wrote about this to 10 national newspapers, college papers, to friends including the former number 2 at the FBI, Chris Swecker, a personal friend, to columnist George Will, to the Washington Post and the Huffington Post, dozen were told. When I saw James Lester Montgomerie the next time, dropping off another New Zealander at Jame's condo, another customer at that time, seated in the back seat was Henry Ford the III and his wife, the Fords are reservation clients, Montgomerie said to me "your still here? not smiling, and not meaning in Sun Valley, and that he had gotten a little intoxicated during the long flite from Papa New Guinea, explaining his condition when we first met during the 2 hour drive. The facts are in more detail but for now Hear this George HW Bush is a criminal not maybe he is 100%. Those that take part in the distribution and success of drugs and drub cartels in American: the CIA, the US Military, the Bank HSBC its Directors, Managers and Owners, will eventually be prosecuted for their criminal actions: Racketeering, Money Laundering, the death of 1,000s in the USA. Obama allowed the Bank HBSC and its Officials, to simply pay a fine when it was finally revealed they were in fact globally laundering International Drug Cartel monies, the fine, $1.9 billion, no one went to prison, and no assets were ever confiscated, which they should have been, and will be soon, through the next President (which will not be Jeb another Bush family thug or Hillary Clinton the Clintons owned by Goldman-Sachs and cronies of their buddy George HW Bush), Obama actions were documented in an article by Matt Taibbi in the magazine "Rollingstone" too big to prosecute? All these individuals and banking concerns will be prosecuted......I have been asking that Chris Swecker be the next US Attorney General, when he is they the GHW Bush crony bin of thugs will be imprisoned as Home Grown Terrorists .... James Peter Evanhoe



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[-] 2 points by turbocharger (1756) 1 year ago

Things that are now common knowledge due to the internet:

The US is the global leader in gun distribution and does so to promote instability and then promote the "solution".

The US distributed crack into all the inner cities to further create chaos and control.

Bill Clinton- the guy from no where Arkansas- managed to be president via the Bush connect.

The senoir Bush actually helped fund both sides of WWII.

Bankers always fund both sides of the war.

Enjoy free exchange of information for as long as it lasts folks, cuz it wont be much longer. This infrastructure is really making it hard to keep secrets.