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Forum Post: How Barack Obama was purchased by the Wall Street banksters

Posted 7 years ago on June 28, 2014, 9:34 a.m. EST by sky99 (0)
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The other day I watched a movie called "Capitalism: a Love Story" by Michael Moore. It shows that Barack Obama was purchased by a 1 million dollar campaign contribution from Goldman-Sachs. Other major donors to his campaign were Citigroup, UBS, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley. The entire group are known as the "Wall Street banksters". In exchange for these campaign contributions, they were forgiven for over 7 trillion dollars in damage to the real estate market, immunity from the past (no investigation of their illegal activities),and apparently no investigation of what they're doing today and probably not tomorrow. As a result of their damage to the economy, the country has lost 30 million jobs. Not a bad deal for a 1 million dollar campaign contribution!



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[-] 2 points by JackHall (413) 7 years ago

How about the office of Mayor of New York City being purchased by Michael Bloomberg for 3 consecutive terms? After all of the wreckage left in the wake of Bloomberg's imperial reign, New York City is in a deeper hole paying for law suits, City employee pay raises, NYCHA backlog, overcrowding in public schools and whatever else left untouched while Bloomberg was in office.

[-] 2 points by OccupyNews (1220) 7 years ago

There was a reason that Hillary Clinton was thrown under the bus in 2008. Barack Obama was far more approachable not just by Wall Street, but by George Soros as well.

On top of that, his campaign spent more money with MSNBC, so Olbermann and Chris Wallace were in Obama's pocket as well.

To make matters worse, Arianna Huffington doesn't like the Clintons and used her supposed news wire to help Obama get elected.

The bottom line was that Hillary Clinton actually won more delegates in the all the states that allowed voters all day to vote, and Obama won by a 2 to 1 delegate margin in republican states in which the democrats had poorly run caucuses.

Obama believed that if he hired smart, successful people, people with aspergers who have no functioning empathy, that he could just be the conductor.

The funny part is even Michael Moore threw Hillary Clinton under the bus even after Obama had Moore's own state of Michigan's delegates disqualified. Amazing stuff.