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Forum Post: Hong Kong Unrests

Posted 2 years ago on Aug. 30, 2019, 11:45 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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An explanation of the non-abating unrests in Hong Kong is : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6_RdnVtfZPY

Hong Kong is the greatest hub for capital flow and business between Red China and the West (foremost amongst which is not too surprisingly the U.S; we do have many U.S. nationals there, at least one percent of the teeming masses.) Its economy is "slightly larger than Israel's or Ireland's[29][30][31] and its GDP per capita at purchasing power parity was the sixth highest globally in 2011, higher than the United States and the Netherlands and slightly lower than Brunei."

Imagine pulling the plug to drain off the economy of Israel or Ireland!

The totally unnecessary (yep, the colonial Brits would have done better by sipping tea and betting on the horses; when the bosses were mostly having their attention largely directed towards elsewhere for centuries, Hong Kong had grown marvelously well from a small fishing village which even came with pirates in its environs into a major cosmopolis) politico-economic scar will last for at least many decades if not longer.

Time is also running out fast because Beijing is under "terrorist" attacks just as "it was in June of 1989 in Tiananmen Square." See @18:43 a typical example of what Red China has brainwashed its people with and kept them inside of a drum.



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 11 months ago

Do you see what I see? will happen here: https://www.npr.org/2020/11/11/933780136/hong-kongs-pro-democracy-lawmakers-quit-legislature-over-ouster-of-colleagues

[ In Americanese: ] "It's ten o'clock. Do you know where your children are?" -- this mesage has been brought to you by your [ ever-helpful neighborhood ] Ad Council.

The U.S. doesn't intentionally discriminate against Asian attendees in U.S. colleges and universities. Jews are considered as being White, "Cauc-asian" not "Asian," although Palestine is undoutedly in Asia. The [ Asiatic ] buck stops at the Dead Sea.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Heads up, all Hong Kongers--South Korea may start solid-fuel rockets' and more reconnaisance satellites' development in the near future. It's not quite the Busan-Osaka Project but it's still an excellent career path opening up for the talented ones wishing to join a team.

Hong Kong can hardly become independent all by itself if its potable water supply still comes from Red China. When the British Colonial Government and Beijing were fighting for power and control in the 1960s or before that, Hong Kong's municipal-water-supplying time was severely reduced to several hours every few days ( I forgot how much but I do remember that I couldn't play with my guppies or try to figure out Archimedes' Principle for floating objects anymore because Mom was using the big round basin to store potable water.) Eventually after an accord, as I thought, Guangdong Province provided the needed water.

Hong Kong has grown so fast, populous, and so rich that it's still largely dependent on nearby mainland for water and food. There may still be some goodwill left on the mainland due to what old-time Hong Kongers had done to help out the asylum seekers ( as some had used Hong Kong as a stepping stone to migrate elsewhere ) and refugees who had crossed the border. Hong Kong has been collecting refugees from the mainland for a very long time, especially around the time of the Communist Takeover of mainland in 1949 and during the tumultuous Mao-mess mid-to-late-1950s and 1960s { [Maoist/Stalinist] Red China failed to industrialize but starved tens of millions to death, instead, despite the ridiculously huge amounts of rapidly spoiling Soviet-rejected foodstuffs returned by Moscow originally shipped to the U.S.S.R. to pay for the Soviet weapons used for helping to fight the war against the U.N., started earlier by Kim Il-Sung; yeah, what did Red China get from the DPRK in recent years, huh? Apparently Red China's handpicked insurance-policy successor to help stabilize North Korea was murdered by hmm.. Dr. WHO?! } Hong Kong grew rapidly after the injection of the refugee mainland talents. It's quite remarkable [and rather ironic] to often see a photograph of the [not-so-Red/allergic-to-Red/anti-Red] Hong Kong being used by Western media whenever they want to show the iconic growth and modernity of [Red] China--not bad at all for a little irritating grain of gritty sand which has grown into "the Pearl of the Orient" being crushed by the Red Dragon ( well, being crushed means Hong Kongers will definitely have a nationality so that's at least a bit better than being stateless people; some young Hong Kongers might well have been born of the becoming-stateless asylum seekers who were granted refugee status by Hong Kong when the South Vietnamese government collapsed.)

Global Plutonium Association ( "A plutonium bomb under every kitchen sink" ) still has some fucking work to do to conceive the Busan-Osaka Project to deter the Thing from going south.

The World must guard against any and all potential bioweapon being shipped from Red China. The U.S. was probably targeted because it has already third-sourced COVID-19.

Beware of the Xi Jinping/Donald J. Trump/Vladimir Putin not-so-secret-anymore conspiracy to infect the entire World. Was Donald J. Trump really born in the U.S.A.? How much money does he still owe to the Russians? The U.S. Congress can easily pay that all off for him, just a drop in the bucket of the slush-fund bill. It will be money well spent or the U.S. can impose financial sanctions on Vladimir Putin's assets worldwide.

Let us look at Donald J. Trump's federal income tax returns to find out to whom the U.S. should pay the money in order to retire his debts. Yeah, I think it started going downhill with the Original Americans being granted their rights to operate on-reservation casinos. "Taj Mahal" turned out to have male instead of female corpse. Don't be caught being cheap renting helicopters if one can afford to buy and own them outright.

Sochi has a lot of similarity with Australia/New Zealand. Being so far down south, the Aussies surely knew a lot about keeping contrarian warmth ! We love the Black Sea, don't we all?

If the U.S. gets into a Hot War, can the Commander-in-Chief declare a national emergency, round up Progress, and suspend the upcoming election to 2040 or revise the Constitution in line with the Ducktators to assure the continuity of governance until the war is ended, beyond Russia's 2036 or Red China's Infinity? Infinity will soon be cut to size ( infinity cannot exist in a finite world; even Red China will have to figure with new Xi-math eventually )--Lakehurst's pitcher plant from the South has no-nonsense Venus flytraps.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Feel the defensiveness of Red China's official when the issue of universal human rights was brought up. Hong Kongers, whom Red China desperately claimed as "being Chinese" so they accordingly had the right to speak of the human rights under the rule of fascist China, spoke loudly and clearly!

-- despite Red China's Foreign Minister's "your opinion as a person doesn't matter. Leave human rights discussions of Chinese people to the Chinese."

Universal human rights always ( not intermittently, not at the arbitrary whims of a magistrate, etc.) apply wherever a human is. There is the very ancient concept of "blood money" if one cannot undo the past but in a sincere apology it can at least be a token of expression of regret to the hurt ones or their relatives.

The past is often not even passed. Did you sense the heaving cauldron searing in Red China's Foreign Minister in the video? It seems that lifting people out of poverty is a defense against abusive practices. Some kidnappers do no less.

Transcendence to universality is what most religions hold as something to strive for. There is no transcendence possible away from the physical world! Does that make religions absolutely useless? No! How else could we have arrived at the idea of universal human rights if we had no religion? If our Founding Fathers had no religions, they wouldn't have even thought of banning our Congress from legislating for establishing a state religion. They had religions gushing "out of their ears!" It nearly upset the entire enterprise of the American Revolution near its beginning when the colonies' representatives got together to discuss how to respond to the British Embargo on the American colonies.

The first achievement of the thirteen original colonies was being able to agree to and say a prayer.

Commentator A N wrote 2 months ago:

China is not moving people out of poverty because they care- they are doing that to 
keep the economy from the world’s biggest ever crash. The Chinese have a liquidity and 
debt crises. This is why this recently printed trillions off balance sheet and fed half into 
zombie companies other half in western assets. 

Those zombie companies and others are a part of the inter-company Chinese double 
lending feeding the crises - when you lend money, the debt needs to be satisfied, when 
you repay it all, that amount is extinguished from the system. However China is not 
doing that, it’s double lending - so the amount is never extinguished-it just piles up 
interest on interest. Did it ever not strike people as odd why China puts 30% of its GDP 
into building huge GHOST towns in nowhere? This has an apartment over supply years 
ago yet this hasn’t stopped.

It’s the only way to keep the Chinese economy going - makes it look like new money is 
coming in all the time. 

Since its inclusion in the IMF’s currency basket, The Chinese renminbi has been 
officially a global reserve currency. But the patience of folks who’re hoping that the 
renminbi would quickly knock the dollar off its perch continue to dream : In the second 
quarter, the share of the renminbi ticked up a smidgen to a record but tiny share of 
1.97%.The renminbi (RMB) is the short red line near the very bottom. 

Electricity prices are up 45% in China - hence building new coal plants everywhere.

Trumps master stroke tariffs are making access to liquidity even more difficult. 

It’s a bizarre situation

It's why we don't want Hong Kong to crash, in order that Red Fuckgina not be fucked if its liquidity via Hong Kong dries up! The foreign reserve flowing through Hong Kong from largely the Western peoples' retirement funds diversified into international index investments is needed to buy raw materials from abroad to keep the economy from crashing.

People shouldn't worry much because the DPRK going ballistic and the pending Trump impeachment trial will save us all. The "KGV" school will teach our not-so-little-anymore chums how to "fall in love" with each other before slapping each other on the cheek and slugging it out in the buff, all for X'mas pleasure, of course! A nuclear war is a de facto global emergency, not just national emergency which gives our strapped leader supreme power. There'll be a "beautiful letter" mansplaining it to be delivered to the Capitol within 60 days as required by the War Powers Act.

Whoever presses the Big Red Button first "wins." Why do I suddenly feel an urge to call some Russian peace activists of the former Soviet Union back from the dead? They could play tic-tac-toe like "the thinking machine" WOPR and learn! They preferred playing chess back then instead of Global Thermonuclear War. Did the KGB teach chess playing to its cracking agent now in charge of Russia? Joshua is still a human Wong.

The Lord planted two trees in the middle of the Garden of Eastern, put the Man there, and said, "You can issue any DOS command you see here but NOT this FORMAT command. For when you issue this command, your DOS computer will surely die and your eyes will be opened, gushing tears to no avail!" Paper profits can be enjoyed "on paper or screen" indefinitely or even forever ( "forever" is just reliable communication from juncture to juncture, being asymptotically approachable with increasing levels of redundancy; information, knowledge, and wisdom can all achieve near immortality via this approach; maybe had the ancient ones been in command of this technology, we would've been willed most of the lost content of the Great Library of Alexandria burnt down by a monotheistic Christian mob; hasn't Syria's cultural heritage suffered similar fate millennia afterwards in modern times under yet another form of Monotheism again? { Strictly speaking Monotheism isn't the origin of the religious violence problem; it's the intolerance which had often sprouted from Monotheism that caused violence; Polytheism can also trigger violence but those who had already allowed for multiple gods and goddesses tended to find having yet another god or goddess not alarming as long as that god or goddess doesn't upset the previously accepted gods and goddesses;} Thomas Jefferson donated his own library to replenish our Library of Congress after the British from what is nowadays Canada had burnt it down; burning books and archives is a favorite activity of tyrants, despots, fascists, and conquistadors who often progressed to burning people, too, as Spitzbraten ) as long as very few entities ( obviously, I being a U.S. citizen, prefer these to be U.S. nationals or U.S. corporations ) try to get out of them. Still remember Mad-Off?

The Chinese Communist Party was actually very honest and explicit in this matter because renminbi literally means "the people's money" so shouldn't it one day be repossessed by the rightful owners, "the people?" Yes! As an example, no one but the government, the de facto "trustee," owns land in Hong Kong because all of the land there is owned by "the people"--land is only leased to others for interim usage before the lease ends. There's a good side to the system of taking the leased land's rents to help take care of the elderly "retired" ( who are likelier than the younger ones to be infirmed ) and other socially desirable expenditures. Hong Kong's unrest actually originated from its phenomenal success in attracting foreign capital to exchange for renminbi to make the lusting Red Fuckgina greater ( e.g. Shenzhen, Chongqing, etc.) The exceptional increase in asset prices made the asset owners wealthy but young people tend not to own much asset so wealth and income inequality became tremendous. The business people controlling the government frankly don't care about the sardining of the young people because they despite getting old and needing help have the money to hire many maids and laborers sourced cheaply from nearby countries ( Philippines, Indonesia, etc.) The young people of Hong Kong have become economically unimportant and socially irrelevant to the financial élites in control. The unrest is just a manifestation of the young people's long-accumulated discontent ( since the denial of direct elections without Beijing's prior filtering and approval of the election candidates and subsequently, a number of wanton pig-headed integration-policy blunders coming from nostrils-pointing-downwards imperial authoritarianism.) The discontent was caused by political, ideological, and policy errors and inadequacies. It's absolutely preposterous to blame the unrest on forces outside of "the motherland." If there'd been no faggot built up over the decades since the Hong Kong handover in 1997, there would've been no fire!

Red Fuckgina has announced not just the small-caliber "a change you can believe in" but the larger-caliber "a change you must live with." That's the political action being taken to combat climate change in Anthropocene--a breath of coal-fresh air. The "beautiful letter" 'V' of Vass says, "full steam ahead!"--renminbi, renminbi, renminbi! 人民毙, 人民毙, 人民毙!

With the help of domestic enemies on board(s), the U.S. corporate/Wall-Street élites were instrumental in building it, a 人民毙 zombie, up into a global menace.

The U.S. should send a rescue ship with towing equipments in case the salty brownies collide with each other or strand themselves on the high seas. Red Fuckgina rescued so many drowning and stranded seamen from West American Warm Lake and entertained them at the well-appointed island hotel resorts, complete with theater/military museums, that the U.S. should return the favor in Woodstock Spirit to brownies in blue water (DPRK's missing! ♥♡)

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

"Impeachment Hearings - Day 1" by the House Judiciary Committee for the possible eventual firing of President Donald John Trump has started at 10am Eastern Time.

It's great that we are exploring and sorting out the boundaries in the dark recesses of our Constitution which were seldom or never before trespassed. Trump is avant-garde helping to map out new legal areas. When this is all over, we'll have a better and stronger union ( or have one be above the law.) The British themselves probably realized that George III was problematic even though he was legitimate in the line of royal succession. The Germans who had married into the British royalty patched up the relationships of the "breakaway colony" Americans with the British Crown leading to Winston Churchill being born of an American mother. The Roosevelt-Churchill friendship was decisive in influencing the outcomes of WWII/the Great Patriotic War/the "Aquarium Incident"/the War for China. Note that some of the depictions and narratives are incorrect. NO great country has ever come into existence without the wars of conquest ( China just had the mist from a very long history to obfuscate its wars of conquest.) In the beginning of history, every community was small and local. Wars are failures. Small states are generally much more peaceful and prosperous if they didn't have powerful neighbors to deter. All empires are authoritarian and stifle their neighbors. The U.S. is actually a very "small" country in its populace being parochial in outlook ( the U.S. had tried being an empire but largely gave that up [in disgust] but we certainly still have our West India Company's parasitic infection of our polity; at least becoming a banana republic will feed all of our monkeys, orangutans, gorillas, and chumpanzies ) but humongous and powerful as a great nation and a greater supernation [of soft power] otherwise. My Mom who had muttered for a whole year, "I'm going to buy a refrigerator; I'm going to buy a refrigerator; I'm going to buy a U.S.-made refrigerator," and she bought a G.E. one, made me brush with "Made in U.S.A." Colgate (R) toothpaste and eat "Sunkist (R)" oranges but I as a preschooler learnt of the taste incompatibility of the two despite their all being the same "all-American" ( just don't let them mingle in your mouth to produce a terribly bitter taste; there's nothing wrong with either one but.. I winced... I doubt that the "Made in U.S.A." or "Sunkist" label could've made a difference - other toothpastes and oranges would have probably yielded the same bitterness.)

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," - Nietzsche, or at least it gets you to take the mansplainingly lost but much safer scenic routes hereafter. The same principal as that for vaccinations is being followed - it's trying to mate for "Wee, the Peepals. In order to form a more purrfect union..." "Come to the [Stanford] john with me for your job interview. We are starting up!" Don't don't be evil? Oh, say can't you see the "Golden Gate" Bridge behind the rainbow? For one climbing out of the Great West American Salty Lake, it's the silvery apparently crossbarred ( but only for a stunt flier trying to avoid paying tolls or one whose nostrils point downward and is not offering candies, the ones bearing candies for kids being classified as a different kind; doo-tard sounds like an action figure coming out of the re-tards ) gateway across the bay to the New World. I wonder when our corporations will field their own military forces such as the West-India Buttbook Cybercommand in the footsteps of the East India Company or let Manhattan-schist flock-source them. Bury the ash and come with no hate. In the Old World, the removal of a king often required a decapitation but we hope that we can make a New World.

Correction: The U.S. death count from mass shootings is about one-a-day (R) like taking the daily vitamins, not one mass shooting ( 4 deaths per incident are required to be qualified ) nearly every day. The other gun-related deaths are about 100 times greater in number than those from the mass shootings. They, not the mass shootings as I'd mistakenly stated, are truly guaranteed to happen on every day.

Zeus says: the new construction in the ham sandwich of Europa should be fortified with 50% insect keratin to improve the poor acoustics for listening to the mating noises of the 35 migrating drunken geese with our Thanksgiving dinar leftovers. I had the urge to urinate ( the yellow color of urine comes from bilirubin ) upon the war when the red ants were fighting with the black ants over turkey-sandwich remains in one of our shantytown neighborhood's garbage dumps.

I eventually told Dad that I didn't want to eat chicken at every meal ( but not his "cold water and bread!") so his enticement for emigration turned out to have the king Midas curse in it. Be careful with what one wishes for -- one may indeed get it but wish otherwise after a while. Why doesn't Switzerland possess nuclear weapons? Why is the similarly landlocked, high-up, surrounded by great powers, and tribalized Afghanistan not well-off and being nominated as "the Switzerland of Asia?" Why does the Vatican have Swiss guards? The Swiss knew [fierce] fighting for certain but they had been living in peace for more than one-and-a-half centuries.

Surveillance terror superstates will act "With charity toward none, with malice for all" since Lincoln had been murdered in Ford Theater. In what make of limousine was JFK shot?

The Union had won the American Civil War but the Confederacy won its aftermath. The idea that skin color denotes superiority is fallacious because high correlation after rigging the results doesn't prove a causal linkage between skin color and ( largely political and economic ) superiority. Artists say that red is a warmer color than blue, but the blue flame from burning natural gas is much hotter than the flame from burning faggot.

The black slaves brought to settle the U.S. had superior resistance to malaria and therefore could and did produce the crops important to the economy of the South. They also survived a perilous voyage sailing across the Great East American Salty Lake during which they had been partially deprived of food and water. They and their descendants therefore became superior in water retention thus developing high blood pressure in modern society with its abundant drinking water supply and occasionally afflicted with sickle-cell anemia with an elevated probability during intra-racial reproductions. Almost every advantage in one circumstance becomes a disadvantage in another.

There are definitely superiority and inferiority ( we kept on arguing about race and skin colors in the U.S. but the arguments missed the important point altogether -- I propose that wearing socks makes a society economically superior and there is ample correlation to "prove" my proposal to be true but it does sound a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? why?) but they must be base-referenced to a just standard. In basketball, Yao Ming may be a super-tall superior superstar but there is an entire array of Black U.S. basketball superstars ( there are also White superstars but Blacks absolutely dominate.) I have no doubt that a U.S. "dream team" can beat a Red/yellow-star one. Rigging the game is deplorable but absolute dominance while playing justly is glorious, whether the winner be a Yao Ming or a Baby Yoda.

Treasure your country's own bright young talents. The U.S. does pick over "the wretched refuse of your teeming shores" and offer new homes to some of the talented outcasts ( it's not U.S. malevolence to "steal" people but recycling to create anew is benevolent to them.) Maybe we'll find a bicycle dynamo from a shantytown's garbage dump to electrify. "Shine for Jesus, shine your light. Be a beacon in the darkest night. Light the fire burn so bright. Shine your light for Jesus."

What qualities make Deep Ai ( 深爱, it's the Commie atheist flat-lined heartless version from simplifying 深愛 by removing the heart 心 from the godly love 愛 which alone yields the motherly Intelligence ) embedded into a ubiquitous and omnipotent political-credit system so disturbing and fearful to many people? Deep Ai can be so persistently wrong while lacking all qualities invented by the omniscient God to rein in unforgetfulness ( which allows men and women to possess and use the knowledge of good and evil "your eyes will be opened and you will become like gods" ) -- Mercy and Grace, in forgiveness.

All knowledge ( i.e. homomorphisms ) and memories ( communications across the gaps among the junctures ) are information. 》Warum ist die Vorzeihung wichtig? Vergissmeinicht.《

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Election worked. There was massive voter turnout. Throwing Winnie the Pooh under the bus shouldn't be out of character for the "Save-My-DonbAss" bus driver who has thrown down below the wheels on the bus and run round and round over his old toys. Win, Win, Win for Liberty!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Hong Kong Polytechnic University students may get to work on a binary nuclear weapon project nearby in Osaka-Busan in order to design, develop, build, test, validate, and deploy a new class of precision-machined lightweight modular-for-assembling-and-disassembling-ease plutonium nuclear bombs with a plug-in fissile-material core module.

The non-nuclear shell modules are to be forward deployed in Busan subject to radioactivity testing by the DPRK so that the Korean Penninsula may stay nuclear-weapon free. The plutonium core modules can be developed in Osaka and stored there if Japan's Constitution so allows or on any nearby U.S. bases ( including mobile ones ) if not.

There shall be demonstrations of the ease and speed of assembly, disassembly, and effectiveness of the completed binary nuclear weapons in the nearby seas next to the DPRK. Osaka may have the industrial base while Busan has the military base for the joint effort.

The development of this new class of binary fissile-material weapons should be pursued with a view to making it into the fuse for a much higher yielding X-ray-pumped compressive low-mass-atom fusion explosive device amenable to mass production ( for sale to the needy island nations nearby.) Remember Hong Kong, "I shall return." Megahard Corporation's motto will be "a nuclear bomb under every kitchen sink." It takes a good nuclear weapon to stop a bad nuclear weapon.

Global Plutonium Association's Lesson Seven: The number of protons in an atom's nucleus is called its atomic number. The protons carry positive electric charges and the diameter of a nucleus ranges from 1.6 to 15 femtometers, with the atoms having smaller atomic numbers such as H-1, D-2, T-3, and Helium-3 clustering near the 1.6 end. The protons carrying the same type of charge repel each other with a force according to Coulomb's inverse-squared-distance law. The force between any pair of them confined to an atomic nucleus is thus proportional to ~1/{ (10 x 10 ^ -15)-squared } =10 ^ 28 and even higher for the atoms with low atomic numbers. Helium-3 having a pair of protons in a very small atomic nucleus with only one neutron holding them together is thus easily split by being hit. Its fragments can all participate in nuclear fission/fusion events releasing the electromagnetic potential energy when protons fly apart from each other and the strong-force potential energy when protons and neutrons come together and bind with each other. Helium-3 may become a source of nuclear fusion energy and it's available on the Moon, due to its having been spewed there by the solar wind from the Sun over eons. It's likely a reason why Red Fuckgina wants to get to the Moon, to dig it up to mine Helium-3 in order to satisfy its failed-Communism-post-godless now-"money-is-god" ideology.

Uranium ( the ancient-orifice metal from a supernova's explosion: Ur- means ancient, -an- means the most important bodily orifice, -ium means metal ) having the atomic number of 92 is the naturally available-for-mining chemical element with 92 protons repelling each other within each of its atomic nucleus. There are 92 x (92 - 1) / 2 pairs of interacting protons whose repulsive potential energy may be released ( energy is force times the displaced distance in the force's direction by which the force has acted.) Plutonium ( the rich's metal : Pluto- means rich, -ium means metal so poor people shouldn't mess with it because it's intended to be possessed by rich people only as it has a long-term burn of up to tens of thousands of years to get through even fairly deep pockets -- Russia has a much bigger problem after the USSR's breakup because it has kept the huge nuclear weapon arsenal but the economy for providing its maintenance shrank; however, Russia is safer than most countries for storing decommissioned nuclear materials because it has a vast amount of nearly uninhabited land which minimizes damage to humans although its having so many rivers and high water table is worrisome for the radioactivity's migrating downstream but even wealthy U.S. neighborhoods downstream of old nuclear power plants drank tritium water; Seattle will be getting some soon ) has atomic number 94 and has even more ( 94 x (94 - 1) / 2 ) pairs of interacting protons whose repulsive potential energy may be released but it has to be created first artificially since a plutonium nucleus is much more unstable ( i.e. prone to split up ) than a uranium nucleus so no plutonium still exists in quantity as the dying ember from the (four) supernova explosion(s) which had created the higher-than-two-atomic-number chemical elements from lithium to uranium and beyond, but the 'beyond' had disintegrated in the many intervening eons. Plutonium is much more suitable to be used as nuclear-bomb fissile material than uranium because a little bit ( the quantity used to be a classified secret but it could have been easily determined from the unclassified photographs released to the public ) of it can go a long way relative to uranium. Enriched uranium is more radioactively stable than plutonium so it can be stored much longer without as much degradation through radioactivity than plutonium, but the quantity of it required for making a nuclear bomb is much higher than that of plutonium.

The Almighty Creator ensured that we mortals can create a lot of plutonium, ( the most poisonous chemical element ever known via its intense radiation, a dust-size speck of which if it's lodged in a lung can produce lung cancers with near certainty over time ) once we have advanced to a sophisticated level of technology because most uranium atoms are of the uranium-238 type, easily converted to plutonium by being irradiated with neutrons inside of an operational nuclear reactor. However, the extraction of this plutonium from the nuclear-reactor waste in the form of used fuel rods requires "reprocessing" chemical technology sophistication. Japan had the waste and there was a sophisticated country ( not the U.S.A. because we have gas and we have oil ) with "no gas, no oil, and no choice" which did the reprocessing for Japan ■

While abroad, learn from the best military weapons makers and the military training schools ( U.S. citizenships are required for these: United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, United States Air Force Academy immediately north of Colorado Springs, Colorado.) Recruit the bright young stars you know of from secondary/high schools to join these schools to study and train. If U.S. citizenship presents a problem, the U.S. has a huge number of global allies who may take in bright talents. Contacts can be made through these military academies even if they reject admission applications because U.S. allies train with them. Practice for the Homecoming of the Peoples' Liberation Army.

One may not know what connections one already has through parents, siblings, and friends until one tries. The U.S. had been militarily involved in many places. Vietnam was one. In my Dad's case, the connections were due to WWII, the occupation of Japan, and the support of the Korean Conflict.

The U.S. intervention in Hong Kong needs the U.K. connection because the U.S. was not a party to the joint declaration between the U.K. and the Red Fuckgina. The U.S. is a very close ally of the U.K. and may in fact have greater leverage than the U.K. in Hong Kong due to the number of U.S. nationals there as well as the large volume of trade. If intervention comes, it's likely airborne. It's why I had preferred the Hong Kong International Airport on Lantau Island to stay relatively undamaged in case of an intervention or rapid evacuation being needed. Lantau Island is a strategic military place.

If it comes to a fight, our paratroopers can drop to many places, too. Donald John Trump accrued the allegiance of U.S. citizens worldwide by swearing the oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. The U.S. nationals worldwide thereby became included in his responsibilities due to his obligation to protect Liberty, as prominently displayed on every coin of the United States. Should there be proven a breach of trust of that oath, all U.S. citizens shall dissolve the bond. The U.S. has backups for these cases as having been proven before multiple times after the resignation or assassinations of the President. The U.S. may not have unity ( it's written plainly in our nation's name if you understand the principle of irony: United States of America -- our states were so sovereign that they had to get their common name, 'States' into the label of what they had created for striving towards their common good; 'United' shows our states' aspiration, not factual: if we were truly united already, why did we even care to put it in our nation's name? Have you heard of the country called the "United Prefectures of Japan?" I had wondered before about the flags of the U.S.A. because it had so many parts and kept on changing at different times when new states joined the union and we added more stars to our new flags to represent them -- we are actually inclusive and willing to rearrange and accommodate new member states' ego so we tend to be a more bottom-up and freer society than many others, allowing for a goodly amount of bickerings and circus shows; when targeting a country for migration, those who yearn for democracy and freedom such as the Hong Kongers should steer far away from the countries with the label 'Democratic' or 'People' in their names -- they are shithole countries using 'Democratic' and 'People' as lures or excuses to stay undemocratic and enslave the common folks { demos } to serve their élites ) but it is resilient due to the process already instituted in place. Many countries with lifetimers are often one-legged pogo-stick-like ponies falling into chaos while doing the transitions of power. The U.S. transitions were rather muted and boring with the delivery of a speech ( the lack of excitement is actually a great sign of security, peace, and stability!) relative to some countries' very exciting celebrations with civil wars, real blood and ¿Al Gore?

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Hong Kong unrest has intensified greatly.

Hong Kong was not meant to be a long-term settlement location for anti-communist "boat people" fleeing the scourge of Communism.

It's much easier to destroy ( in San Francisco 1906 ) than to build.

共產黨伎倆就係將啲好野彻底破壞,然後停止破壞,等佢自然修復,之後就認屎認屁,話自己管治能力好叻。》 Hmm, doesn't this feel vaguely familiar as the recipe for business development and success ( not only on Wall Street,) especially godly designed for the less educated and more gullible populace of the fifth world? Imperial Japan's comfort chair is an absolute necessity for the patriarch's kitchen with the dead bird, rusting as a pillar of the Delancey MTA subway station.

The parents of the young Hong Kongers who are now blaming their own parents for having trapped them in the iron grip of Communism did what the parents could at the time. Not trying to or unable to flee on yet another leg of the voyage to another more permanent abode of freedom than Hong Kong might be said to be the fault of the parents but few people could choose their own parents and some parents had their very own limitations.

My Dad might have been a bit off ( at least!) with the reasons he had given me ( I could indeed afford eating chicken at every meal but why would I even want to do that so often? perceived stereotypes such as drinking coffee and eating bread all of the time { although it might have been true in his short-term-visit-of-decades-long-friends environment in olden times } are false because the City of New York is well connected to the whole world in food and drink culture and more, with all kinds of everything; I knew all 26 English alphabets; great! I still don't know all English words' meanings!) for why he wanted to move our family to the U.S.A. but the choice he made was still an excellent one. The U.S.A. is extremely unlikely to be taken over by Communism because the wealth and power are downside-up distributed in its people and its government ( gazillion of things happen simultaneously on its people's and numerous institutions' initiatives while the government tries to impose some semblance of "control" and "support" { which some may well call bribery, corruption, extortion, or campaigning } unsuccessfully at times and backed up with the Christian-like remedy of bankruptcies recognizing the truth - it's why the U.S. economy has recovered with very loose credit better than Europe's after the 2007-2013 Great Recession; after black Friday, which of our babies are black, if not the Commie stock exchange's "red is black and black is red?" A greater force is necessary to overcome static friction than dynamic friction in order to get things moving initially but immediately after things have started moving, have the force reduced to the dynamic-friction level in order to avoid a lurch; when Left is Right and Right is Wrong, everything became a Sushi Wong.) Dad had good political sense, I think. Mom had once argued with him regarding his having taken on excessive risk in gambling but he knew when to hold and when to run! Of course, it's not easy to run away from Mom's wrath who'd heard the gossip.. about his being the nonloser. Mom who'd always spared losers told me that she piled on him, using me as a "cudgel" or maybe even better "a ton of bricks." She liked the effectiveness very much.

In choosing a destination as a migration target, language and culture figure prominently. Young Hong Kongers' mother tongue/native language of Cantonese is widely spoken in the Chinese diaspora worldwide. British English is also widely used and mostly mutually comprehensible with American English so with some relatively minor terminology changes, young Hong Kongers can comprehend and use the most widely applicable lingua franca, English. Young Hong Kongers' culture is also fairly compatible with the worldwide Chinese diaspora's so if things have become too hot in Hong Kong, migration to a greener pasture should be considered. It'll be fine to join the Meek Republic of China later for the fight to retake and liberate the mainland even after the strategic retreat. Those who are conversant in Mandarin ( which belies its imperial and pompous official origin ) may find the Meek Republic of China attractive immediately as the spearhead of freedom. A strategic retreat is not a defeat. Guangdongkuo ( 粤国 ) is a viable entity. Multiple millions of "Little Emperors" each raised as a single child can never inherit the earth, not even in the inner space because their garbage will surely overwhelm themselves and most others. Have you ever walked dogs? What do they leave behind for everyone to step upon if the dogwalker doesn't or can't pick up after the dogs?

Previous travels may be a good guide for choosing a migration destination. Every place has something that some people dislike so knowing what one wants helps. I like the balmy to hot climate in Hawai'i but due to its being islands ( shipping incurs the cost of intermodal transfer of land-produced goods and the middle of the Great West American Salty Lake requires very long-distance shipping/flying { for bulk goods, shipping is by far cheaper than flying } to get to,) things are expensive over there. Alaska's and Canada's landscape sceneries are beautiful but the darkness and coldness are no fun at all. Southern Canada is relatively fine near the coasts ( such as near Vancouver.) Toronto also has a Chinese diaspora close to a large lake. Alaska has many mosquitoes and other biting insects so being bitten is likely no fun ( to me and my city-girl Mom ) but the fish eat the mosquitoes so the people who love fishing may like Alaska for its many fish.

Regardless of one's likes or dislikes, having a legal residency or citizenship status is very important for a successful transplantation so the immigration laws of the destination-target country should be studied carefully and observed as much as possible.

Without its young people, every place inevitably dies. Hong Kong is no exception. Businesses can still hold on to power over a de facto cemetery but it won't be much different from the sparsely populated and pirates-infested island of its origin. A cemetery offers relative peace and quiet...

If Israel hadn't been established in Palestine in the late 1940s, there wouldn't have been so many conflicts in the extremely volatile politically fractured zone of the Middle East. History would've been different and much more peaceful if Israel had been established in the vast American West instead of the volatile Middle East. Of course, Israel was a state of the Jewish mind, a "secular" religious state of Judaism, as much as the U.S.A. is a "secular" religious state of Christianity defended by me and my neighborhood-boy playmate ( with our scientific and bottom-oriented minds which were preoccupied with and researched human sexual topology arisen after the Big Bang, "male and female [God] created them," per Adam's request, just two holes or actually three in order to include the [baby not urinary] duct ) the two Corinthians couching in our "foxhole" at the entrance-step hollow of "the birthplace of the wooden gods" and scanning the blue blue sky with fluffy white clouds for any signs of enemy aircraft.

Duma must immediately cease and desist interfering in possess-catharsis Poo Tin affaire and the vagina's other internal affaire, or the negative consequences will boomerang on itself. Vagina will have to take strong countermeasures to defend its virginal sovereignty, security and development interests if Duma insists on making the wrong decisions.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Since Hong Kong had been under British rule ( and "benign neglect" with a high degree of autonomy; the Brits knew that they had been holding a "hot potato" and they likely felt a bit ashamed { few people could choose their own parents but most can choose their own behavior } of how they had gotten Hong Kong by fighting for the right to import opium, essentially being a nation-state dope dealer which had probably succumbed to corporate interests by doing so ) for more than one and a half centuries ( 1842-1997,) it may well take centuries to be fully integrated with mainland China. When the main part of Hong Kong was leased to the Brits, the militias of the local people living on the leased land rose to fight them to try to stay with China, unsucessfully ( though resulting in some restraints imposed on what the Brits could do on the leased land,) so China ( Peking's dynasty ) didn't fight for what it now fervently claims as its very own. It will probably take some time to erase the hurt and the century-long cultural drift apart ( which started about as long ago as when Mexico ceded after war as well as partly sold the American Southwest to the U.S.A. Most Americans which include Mexicans nowadays will agree with California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, etc. having a different culture from Mexico's culture in Sonora, Chihuahua, etc.)

If the Brits knew how to sip tea and had a good time with Happy Valley, the Red Chinese should also know how to sip tea ( which ultimately caused Hong Kong to become such a mishmash of cultures, places, and times via silver, opium, wars, and peace treaties ) only better and have a good time gone fishing! Just don't keep on "picking at the nose to add a salty flavor to the tea." Hong Kongers look down upon that! Salt may be at a premium inland and its production was a state-owned enterprise controlled tightly by the dynasty in Peking but Hong Kong is on the seashore of the Great West American Salty Lake which is probably catching the most sewage effluent on Earth. Mmm, Mmm, let's go fishing in our Moon-sized toilet bowl. Some people can learn patience while sitting ashore pondering. Of course, being a top global hub, instead of applying boogers, Hong Kong has access to much sugar and milk for adding to the tea.

Red Fuckgina is far too impatient ( a general fault with most Leftists who believe that human societies can be rapidly transformed; I'm not a Leftist because I believe that at least forty years { it's how long Moses had led the Israelites wandering in the desert wilderness to wear away the generation which had committed the golden-cow idolatry before arriving in "the Promised Land"} are required to transform a human society; plunking down someone such as my Grandma to modern urban high-rise building living wasn't a good move although I respect her children's desire to "upgrade to modern comfort" their parent's living conditions; successful transplantations require circumspect observations, and careful deliberations and actions; Dad was correct that the language English which I had already learnt all of its 26 alphabets but no 'ö' of 'Königsberg' made the U.S.A. a better fit for us than Germany on whose manufactured Telefunken Fernsehen with which I watched the learning-to-swim scene { which was a harbinger of the struggle for survival they would shortly encounter in the Outback after their dad had been laid off and ended up as the ground-up kangaroo meat replaced by the lighter-colored feather-plucked dead bird on the chopping block } in the blue water swimming pool of "Walkabout" the movie ) and hasn't done much at all to give a plausible glorious future to the younger Hong Kongers except for chipping away Hong Kongers' rights repeatedly by not living up to the terms of the de facto treaty with the U.K. Even worse yet was the proclamation of Red Fuckgina's brutishness, asserting that the treaty was vacuous due to the power of the newly risen strong New China. Of course, there is indeed one country that can truly lay claim to that but it's not the New China. Fortunately for all countries, it's not as arbitrary as Red Fuckgina yet. The fight goes on and the "Constitutional Anarchy" show should arrive on the global stage within this week.

Frankly speaking, studying history pretty much made me doze off in my youth. I suppose that's probably true for many younger Hong Kong people, too. The subject had far too many dates of significant events to be remembered and they didn't connect with other topics.

For example, if Europe being so fragmented was cited as the reason why it did well economically, why was Africa being so fragmented while largely fragmented in Europe's image also cited as the reason why it did poorly economically? Do historians and economists really possess their purported knowledge about the relation of political fragmentation and economic prosperity? How did Adolf Hitler come to hate the French bankers so much and yet he colluded with the Swiss bankers? Why are the Jews such a small segment of the world's population and yet they were written about by other peoples so much ( sometimes being vehemently hated?)

Shenzhen just across the border from Hong Kong boomed but its wealth was retracted into Hong Kong because few people deep down trust the CCP. Look, even the prominent CCP's élites' children were sent ( not as hostages ) abroad to their avowed enemy, the U.S.A., to live or study! I'm pretty sure that their money is also kept in a hard currency such as the U.S. dollar. Hyper-politicization has its costs in trust. What would happen if some idiot like Mao ( oh, by the way, idiocy observes no state boundaries!) should rise to power again in Red Fuckgina in yet another political power struggle? What would happen if neo-Mao wouldn't get lung cancer fast and early enough to die? Send the youth to learn from the people living closest to the mud. What did that produce? Muddied brains? Mao certainly produced one generation ( 25 years roughly ) of youth with muddied brains ( e.g. manifested as bad health habits and terrible manners ) so yeah, history showed that Mao had to die in order for China to rise. Mao used politics for hiding his own blatant policy failures in order to hang on to power. Did he break the Muslim paradise magical number of seventy-two virgins for a martyr?

The only thing I had learnt by walking through a tall-corn field ( mansplainingly lost in a seemingly boundless expanse without any markings; I was a hiker since I was a preschooler so there was indeed a bit of cockiness because I used to walk everywhere in our many square miles of "backyard playground" and never got lost { the largely well-labeled-and-laid-out-in-a-Cartesian-grid Manhattan was even easier to navigate than my childhood playground } because my hike wasn't like walk, walk, walk.. and the surroundings still looked the same: corn, corn, corn.. -- there were landmarks for gauging progress!) in the mud and in autumn's near-freezing cold was that I didn't want to experience that again, particularly the cold as the sky darkened and the fear of being outside in the cold dark night started to kick in ( when and where will I emerge? NO idea! I won't be starved, though, if I eat the corn all around me.) I got the message loud and clear that geez... the U.S.A. is vast and had produced a lot of food!

Good luck finding me there in such a regularly spaced lattice of a tall-corn field if you don't have a heat-seeking sensor! ( According to classical physics, our electrical networks and devices cannot work because wherever there is a "metal-to-metal" connection, there's a place where electricity may not be able to cross because the oxygen in the air can often oxidize a metal surface to form a layer of metal oxide which is usually electrically insulating because electrons cannot go across the metal-oxide layer so how can our electrical networks and devices work at all? Quantum physics allows "Mercy and Grace" in contrast with classical physics so a tiny fraction of the huge number of electrons encountering a high-potential-energy-barrier metal-oxide insulator can bleed across the insulating layer, thereby conducting electricity. A thin barrier and many trials can make "impossible" events possible.)

Where are the independent investigations into the alleged police brutality in Hong Kong? One thing I had surely learnt well in my childhood was that the Periplaneta americana scurried quickly out of the cupboard in which we had put our leftover turkey sandwich and the P. germanica became great Fallschirmjäger when the hapless female pulled out the kitchen drawer where the kid had put his crackers. In both cases, light was suddenly shone and the feeding frenzy stopped fast for a sprint and a jump. Transparency sometimes inhibits some people who may still feel shame. Of course, there are shameless people, too...

When one washes one's face, achieving efficiency means only scrubbing the nose bridge clean because it's what other people definitely see. It's "the Capital!" ( with Socallist characteristics ) Rot scheint die Sonne der Wladiwostok, Turkestan.

The "Constitutional Anarchy" show which may lead to the firing of President Trump has started in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington D.C. at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on November 13th, 2019.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Hong Kong is perching on the edge of a precipice.

If this (within-the-top-3 per Steve Bannon) global financial hub's linkage to the World is cut, the disruptive effects will likely be felt worldwide, mostly finance-related and therefore in the associated real-world operations involving money.

It's past 10 o'clock, do you know where your data are? In South Berlin servers? Isn't Redtube engrossing? Yeah, ahhhnold, the West is red, the sun is rising, the North is red, and the East is red, but still parental responsibilities beckon.

Build that Wall of South Berlin. Hail to Donald John Trump Thought.

Gloria, in excelsis Deo! Carrie Lam said that she did good works. Hahaha! Hell definitely needs her talent!

There's an old saying, "no good works go unpunished."

What good works of hers? An obviously unintended product:


We, the People of Hong Kong, hereby DECLARE that we are a FREE and as of right, a Sovereign PEOPLE. We are not now, nor have we ever been a part of the Communist Party of China. China, as an unfree, undemocratic, totalitarian, surveillance State, is not recognizable to anyone living in Hong Kong. We must state clearly the issue facing us: Communism, the political scourge of this planet, is at our doorstep and threatening everything we hold sacred. Freedom and democracy shall die in Hong Kong or it shall live forever.
This is the great struggle of our time: Hong Kong "shall become all the one thing or all the other". History will record either that Hong Kong became like China or that China became like Hong Kong - no other outcome is possible. None.
Never in history has an elder generation of its citizens bargained for their own freedom during their own time, by condemning their future offspring to live unfree under total communist rule. Such was the Devils bargain made by the UK and the Communist Party of China, and imposed upon our generation and the next, in perpetuity, forever. We are Hong Kongers and we utterly rejects this and call on all right minded nations to step up and end this nightmare. This is the time. This is the place. This is it. Now. Now. Now. On this issue we must be clear: no future generation of Hong Kongers shall be sacrificed and given over to Communist Rule. NOT ON OUR WATCH. We NEVER voted to approve Communist rule of Hong Kong and a Free People could never agree themselves into such a state of utter despotism.


Many countries accept the spouses of their citizens as new immigrants. Some may choose being raped red than dead (such as in occupied Korea under Imperial Japan's Military or conquered Berlin under the Soviet Red Army.) We understand and sympathize with "comfort women." Sex and death are perennial obsessions of all Homos, the latter one being very rare among living species. Society controls sex trade, gambling, and drug trade because they all link to the human biochemical pleasure circuitry and the consequent addictive behaviors which may disrupt social order. It's generally best for anyone doing business to stay away from these as much as possible.

As I see through my sunglasses at the assault weapon, a cowardly man shoves around a steel penis, shoots a few rounds, and scurries off in a hurry back to the safety of the shadow of the BigAss. A woman can also grab a steel penis to supplement her stubby fleshy one (except the Muslim ones possibly missing theirs due to their having undergone genital mutilations) to screw the patriarchy. Flip some road signs when the red invasion commences. Test whether jammer for military communications can work. Determine electrical grid shutoff topology and where the barrack(s) get their electricity. If necessary for long-term resistance, pollute or destroy drinking water supplies of the barrack(s). Start hiding away sharp knives (longer-bladed ones exceeding four-inches { but seven inches or more are likely better } can pierce deeply enough through the ribs or collar bones to kill, there's a bayonet-{often-nine-or-ten-inches-long}-favorite soft spot below the sternum between the left-side and right-side ribs up through the diaphram to reach the heart and lungs,) baseball bats, bricks, etc. to prepare for underground resistance. Get encryption for message devices and VPN service to mask location. Spray paint can render mask visors opaque to block vision. Bags of hard beads such as kids' play-marbles or dried beans can be dispersed to trip up pursuers. Discern how fuel is supplied to the vehicles and seize or knock out fuel depots. Deploy road strips to slash vehicle tires. Find out where barrack(s) food is made, slip in a few tasty made-in-Red-China fentanyl (20 tons of it seized in Mexico had enough dosage to kill EVERYONE on Earth - a little bit goes a long way; in that shipment, the U.S. was a targeted enemy but Red China can get its own друг) "dog treats." Similarly for ammunitions, food, and water. Seize or destroy supply convoys. Food tasters and water drinkers will become the number-one occupation on Earth. That is "a job-creation program you can believe in." 911 Carrera created a lot of jobs in the DHS and added hours to air-travel time from coast to coast (Hillary was at least correct about the existence of "flyover country" where the U.S. still has a lot of undeveloped land with big sky devoid of skyscrapers unlike Hong Kong urban areas; it's more accessible and warmer than much of Siberia due to the grid-like transportation infrastructure) 911.2 Candela should create a lot of jobs in the kitchen cabinet and add hours to meal-ingredients-to-mouth time. Pootin the Great has Novichok door-handle disinfectant spray for the people who need stronger friends than друг for East Turkestan. Strip off the uniforms of newly captured prisoners. Put on their uniforms to scout out their congregations, supply schedules, and deployments.

In order to minimize casualties on all sides, a decapitation strike is often the best.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Hinter jedem Schwein gibt es eine Hündin.

Yellow Stasi may well overrun South Berlin.

Where's the Wall? Hahaha! Red China, the Great-Wall/-Firewall expert, will pay for it with Jack Ma's donation. Jack Ma got out far luckier than the man who wrote their national anthem or the anointed successor to Mao Zedong!

The Left is right, the Right is right, and That is that! After all, Rio Grande flows through South Berlin, doesn't it? Hong Kong has even lower unemployment rate than the much touted number of the U.S. but Hong Kong has more unrest so it's obvious that having a job alone isn't good enough for contentment. Livelihood (what it is, how it's obtained, destroyed, or created, who needs it, when one needs it, where it's obtainable, terminated, or originated, why it matters, etc.) is a much better framework to use for talking about socio-politico-economic topics.

The whole World should tune in to watch our Congressional trial of our sitting[-in-the-hotseat!] President when and if that show begins. It'll be our Constitution-put-to-the-test drama played out for the whole World audience.

Our can't-be-indicted-while-sitting President will experience by himself what defending his own human rights feels like. Can he just plead our Fifth-Amendment right against self incrimination to avoid being "tortured?" I'm fishing and hoping for a "humane solution" to "the crushed skulls" purportedly being over there in "the Skeleton Pit." Mueller's beer has been set out of the refrigerator long enough to become warm by now: urine is auto-warmbeer that saved a city in Belgium from being obliterated by a blaze. There's a very special hotseat reserved for the very special not-necessarily-Trump "most powerful man" in the World. Isn't Red China actively supporting the DPRK to "lock [it]self in a dark room?"

Believe in Red China and one's profit/loss statement will be written on the empty red pockets of "lucky money." Have you bought Canadian and Australian real estate yet? It's a great hedge (do you remember how Swiss banks funded Hitler's war machine using the money of the Jews targeted by it for extinction?) to make Carrie Lam and Xi Jinping (Trump's 替死鬼, who started "the Chinese Dream" to displace "the American Dream") work for you when Hong Kong dies.

Of course, you don't have to be evil by funding Red China's rampage. "Don't be evil," - Brin. Jack Ma was not a great gambler but he was smarter than some others. He knew when to fold. Guess where the children of the CCP elites attend college. Xi Jinping's daughter is in the City of Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A. Why not Beijing University instead? Hmm... My ass is substantive and attractive.

I actually think that it's a good thing to have someone with 关系 guānxì (connection) having lived in the U.S.A. It might have averted unnecessary carnage. I was frankly astonished when Japanese youngsters were interested in knowing which country won in WWII after they had learnt that Japan fought the U.S.A. It seemed that they had thought of Imperial Japan as having a good chance at beating the U.S.A. If they had lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc, and were observant, they might have had a better grasp of what Imperial Japan was going up against. Kamikaze suicide bombers did suicidal attacks due to Imperial Japan's lack of enough oil resources to be able to let them fly home. Some Imperial-Japanese-Army soldiers became cannibals in latter part of the war in the Pacific Ocean's island chains due to the lack of supplies. Some chopped or sliced off pieces of flesh or organs from U.S. P.O.W. for meat and kept the prisoners alive to preserve "the freshness" of the meat on the meat source for yet another meal. Some well-supplied high-ranking officers ate the flesh and organs of U.S. prisoners of war in more of a victory celebratory festival with sake.

In the interest of postwar governance, the rehabilitation of Japan, and peace, General MacArthur instituted the policy of respecting Japanese culture and customs as well as not prosecuting the even worse crimes against conquered Asian countries' civilians (the CCP suppressed this information to court Japanese investment money.) This policy however allowed postwar Japan to keep its horrific wartime behaviors in secret. The Japanese Government has been censoring Japan's history school textbooks for many decades so that their school children didn't learn the truth about the depravity and degeneracy of Imperial Japan. Unlike Germany which has museum historical exhibits about Nazi wartime atrocities, Japan to this very day seeks to hide in numerous senses its even worse atrocities from its own children. Yep, even after dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the U.S. was a peace-loving country. It's why the U.S. needs to defend its and others' security interest in the Pacific island chains ( the state or territory of the U.S. with the highest percentage of its residents serving in the U.S. Military is.. Guam! ) Their and our freedom, security, and peace were won by "the Greatest Generation" ( e.g. my Dad, George H.W. Bush, Douglas A. MacArthur; all of them have passed on so before we lose all of our memories about why our Pacific power and security structure is the way it is, I want to bring this out to the World so that we don't fall into the same trap again; Japan used to have a culture respected and admired by Teddy Roosevelt and many other people but its youngsters lost their cultural legacy so they plunged Northeast, East, and Southeast Asia into terrible wartime depravity and degeneracy; in many senses, Red China is growing fast into the new Imperial Japan with their youngsters being shielded from the truth by the CCP's twisted nationalist propaganda and its Great Firewall in order to preserve its own power; the U.S. will probably have to KILL THEM ALL OFF to de-contaminate the propagandized minds; due to corporations helping CCP with its repressive infowar agenda, soft power espoused since the Clinton administration failed; unless the Great Firewall is breached to give cultural-exchange viscosity-drag a chance, hard power will be the only option left ) with much blood, sweat, and tears so we the trust-freedom babies mustn't give them up.

The Imperial-Japanese Army's disrespect in China for the International Settlements' rights there sealed its fate. Why did the U.S. ally with China to fight Imperial Japan? Japan killed U.S. nationals in China. Of course, the U.S. being a Pacific power in the way of Japan's getting to the oil in the Dutch East Indies (nowadays Indonesia) played a part, too. Controlling that oil was "the Nippon Dream" to displace "the American Dream" via the sneaky attack on Pearl Harbor to cripple U.S. as a Pacific power. I'm starting to think that maybe Trump was on the right track to want a display of American Firepower. "Kill a chicken to scare the monkey." I thought it possibly being obscene but with the deflated and impotent blimpy dickhead, the inexperienced but getting wet and swelling dickhead, the tough hard cold microdickhead, the overheated bandage-wrapped newly circumcised dickhead, etc. all pulling down their pants, this can be far more fun than a bachelor party ( bordering on being obscene but it's educational because usually, NO real action is allowed; after all, the soon-to-be-bridegroom needs to be whipped up into a sex-crazed frenzy so that he can go home, grab his new bride, and "practice [like some so-called doctors]" his [ideally and hopefully but less likely nowadays] new skills AT HOME in holy matrimony { more accurately described as holey matrimoney. } 《早生貴子。 》) We do have the one and only dickhead that shows what it is like to be really FUCKED to live near the bottom of this gravitational well in North-East Syria and experience a sudden spurt of sleeping-baby-erectile dark energy!

Oh yeah, I quiver in great fear of the millions-strong "People's Liberation Army." Aren't you quivering, too? When did it last fight a war? Hmm, in 1979 against Vietnam (a very tough A.. to whip!) Did you know of the U.S. 》amerikanische Staatssicherheit,《 A.S.S? P.L.A. beats it hands down as the People Licking A.S.S. When did the U.S. last fight a war? Interesting question. I defer to the Japanese children. The U.S. is the most peace-loving country on Earth. Never forget that! Our praying mantis prays and cuts off the head of the P. americana in Imperial-Japanese-Army style for "scientific research" into ground spinning objects.

The NBA needs help reaching its caged fans in North-East Asia. That tallest (yet-another-Trump TV?) tower in Pyongyang seems perfectly suited for hosting the sleeping-baby-erectile dark energy unleashed by National Basketball Association's instanton. Can Dennis Rodman help?

I remember the excitement of the pubescent bachelor boys upon dumping the potted mountain-stream water from our canteens. The very hot vexing question about the soapy-wet bikini-clad huge-tit soaping-scrubbing woman whose bathwater we had drunk while we were farther down the gorge and nearer to the beach was, "Would she like a game of basketball?" Dark energy from a horsie stable could surely splinter! Umm... Ahem. Yumm... Yeah, we loved the Amazon-Prime membership for soap opera in the pubescent imaginative bachelors' league.

"Chickens' butts hold much dark energy," was my epiphany after going head-to-head against my Big Brother speed-eating four pounds of "gourmet chicken butts."

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Where's the independent investigation into the violence?

Firing a teargas canister in the proper way towards the sky in a parabolic (more strictly speaking, elliptical, nearly) trajectory is highly unlikely to hit the eye of a protestor. The fact that it happened implies that a police violation of the rule of law likely occurred. It surely stemmed from Red China's backing up to and mucking up Hong Kong. Red China is LAWLESS and ARBITRARY.

The World must diligently study Trump Thought and all must struggle as one to bring it to fruition. Trump is the Man of the People. His budget is surely redder than Red Fuckgina's from the rusty planet, Mars. He's right up there with Pootin the Great and Winnie the Pooh. Recently, he's had his hair rejuvenated at the Burning-Hair[roll?] [No-wo]men's Festival. God was well pleased: glory to the newborn king!

I wouldn't want to be God. 7.4 billion people expect their lives to be improved (billions plan to do so with the cheap and abundant coal.) It's a tough job. It's NOT just a political blowjob.

Red China welcomes what Iran has done to increase oil prices worldwide because it is insulated from Iran and has got Xi thought powering its economy. When you put gasoline into a car in Red China, you are using Xi thought. It's definitely not oil from Iran because Iran sends its oil through Israel's pipeline going from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea in order to reach Europe and beyond, bypassing Africa altogether. Xi thought doesn't leave Africa behind but Trump Thought has higher octane rating for sure.

Iran is a vanguard in the fight against global anthropogenic climate change. Upon the great and influential leadership of Trump Thought, Iran has voluntarily reduced its export of carbon-based fossil fuels to improve its independence. It has successfully fought off the exploitation by the West of its oil wealth under the glorious guidance of Trump Thought. Everyone who calls for the lifting of the sanctions sanctifying Iran's state sovereignty to hold on to its oil wealth is a traitor to the glorious thousands-of-years-old and law-making-and-abiding Persia which had stood alone against the onslaught of the hordes of Jews and Arabs.

Hong Kong was pivotal to Trump Thought.

Due to its superior octane rating, Trump Thought singlehandedly saved China from its poppy lower grades. "Thousands of miles of red mountains and rivers" @6:48 of Trump Thought, the video, were red because they were built out of the bodies and blood, respectively.

Hong Kong has been detached in many ways from several reigns of the China "motherland" for centuries so due to its having been returned to Red China after such a long separation, it should be given sufficient time to overcome the centuries-old linguistic, cultural, political, social, societal, and economic estrangement. Red China should earn its "motherland"-hood over Hong Kong only through gentle ways, not the extremely crude ways used so far which amounted to an insidious promise-breaking forcible union akin to the non-consensual groping and near rape of a CORNERED young girl on a late-night bus (which is a bit similar to what the global-anthropogenic-climate-change-fight's leader, India, has done to Kashmir; in order to help the machismo Indian men to satisfy their sexual fantasies { via the psychological mechanism of "displacement" } rather than preying upon vulnerable young girls or women, www.redtube.com is a free and hardcore sexually explicit pornographic aggregator website that is a modern-day-cultural-and-commercial-derivative { owned by Canadians and operated out of Texas } of the world-famous Indian classic, the Kama Sutra, whose depictions to help some of the ancient illiterate Indians procreate can still be seen nowadays in Hindu temples to enlighten the masses so that they can fulfill the trans-religious biblical mandate, "be fruitful, multiply, and fill up all the earth," of which India has succeeded very well, even here in the U.S, and will undoubtedly surpass Red China someday with coal's solidified stored sunshine energy from eons ago; the online world is truly amazingly explicit for the youth today, with a sex video beating "a thousand words" and maybe even some bachelor parties -- as it took me quite an effort in the third grade reading and puzzling out the anatomical human soft/wet/reproware in my Big Brother's high-school biology textbooks to uncover my Mom's lie that I was picked up as a baby from the stinky public toilet, of which I executed an on-site visit and conducted a firsthand albeit brief examination and multi-sensory inspection and sampling of the dried-up scum, slush, semi-solid brown-matter islands, buzzing flies, and the pervasive stinky smell of the white-porcelain-lined hole on the dirt floor in the outdoor wooden-walled stall, while accompanied by my Big Brother who was the Tsar of our family's chamber-pot operation, probably thinking of down-sourcing to me our family's most important task { the second one being the buying and fetching home of the potable municipal water with two buckets and a yoke, from a tap on the same bluff as the toilet area; } Science beats old-wives' tales { Mom retracted her lie, as I had already expected from my firsthand visit, when I got older; } Note @9:04 of the video how the CCP used U.S. partisan fights and governmental shutdowns to discredit freedom and democracy in order to consolidate its single-party authoritarian dictatorship; Hong Kongers who have certainly lived next to that for many decades know better than to succumb; Hong Kong is analogous to West Berlin during the Cold War years but with East Germany having its greatly feared Stasi infiltrate and kidnap political dissidents and troops being stationed at the heart of West Berlin; New Yorkers have been murdered by this open-border Globalism; in the CCP textbook shoved to Hong Kong teachers to indoctrinate the youth, the U.S. is well identified as THE ENEMY; are we Americans the carpetbaggers like the Clintons or are we red-blooded Texasses who still remember the Alamo? I like badass!) The actions were disrespectful, crude, and rude. Upon hearing, "Don't touch me!" from Hong Kong, Red China should just back off. Redtube beckons and may suffice.

A modern nation is not built upon or defined by its genetic heritage. Were it so, the U.S. should be called the Real Liberal Germany because the U.S.A. was where the numerous liberal losers went when Prussia started uniting German-speaking lands to create the über-militaristic German Empire ("where the Army has a State.") I read that Donald J. Trump's immigrant ancestor from Germany was such a peace-loving loser flushed out by Germany's having gone über-militaristic. I have some understanding of that don't-be-in-Germany sentiment from my Dad about Germany having gone "somewhat crazy" or "Germany is not an immigrant country." Eier, Eier, Eier! ( It's probably less scary to my Dad than Tora, Tora, Tora! or 虎、虎、虎! due to more familiarity { through his Dad's North-Sea/Baltic-Sea trading partners } and experience { as he was likely in Honolulu on "the day that would live in infamy." } ) Kennst du mich, Herr [friedliebende] Kriegsmarine?

Ahh, America! Pootin admires the creativity and openness of the way in which the U.S.A. tackles problems. Right on the button. It's time for the whole world to see why the U.S.A. is so admired by Pootin the Great: hands up, pants down!

Maybe we Americans have nothing better to do than to fancy about what lurks beneath "the Tsar's" underwear (a nuclear-powered hotrod? Just thinking about it sends me towards the repo market.) The U.S. Treasury wants near-real cash for estimated-tax payment, not just credit-card earnings so the Federal Reserve creates it "out of thin air" to help corporations pay their taxes. The U.S. might have become nearly cashless (overnight borrowing interest rate spiking up to 10% showed a confidence-in-the-quality-of-the-pawned-"assets" or liquidity problem.)

Only fools hold "near cash" (which is used by companies to meet payrolls; imagine how quickly things can unwind if workers aren't paid) but when almost everyone is wise, only the fools can save them or the Federal Reserve can paper it over the fiscal-year ending crevasse. Isn't it logical that we often talk about an "October Surprise" in the financial world? "We'll see."

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这是中国一位长期居民的一段视频,他被中国共产党严厉的洗脑专政所困扰。This is a video from a longtime China resident upset by the heavy-handed brainwashing dictatorship of the incompetent Chinese Communist Party. I've just realized that Winnie the Pooh is a loyal customer of the chamber pot, Pootin the Great. That's why they often stick together!

The statue of Freedom perches upon the top of our Capitol, our house of self-governance for our people (Democracy,) occupying the highest position in Washington, D.C. Let's always remember our nation's highest value.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Beijing is under "terrorist" attacks. What can everyone do to avoid the impending calamity in Hong Kong? A potential violent crackdown may only be weeks away!

With that, the rule of law for which so many Western companies had chosen Hong Kong as their homebase of registration, incorporation, and/or operation to do business with Red China would be lost. Edward Snowden who certainly knew at least some things, chose Hong Kong to escape to probably due to its lack of extradition treaties so that the laws imposed on him wouldn't amorphously deform and change.

I don't really see any valid argument why Red China is an arctic country with nothing of it abutting the Arctic Ocean. Maybe it's just greed. Nor can I understand why it claims nearly the entirety of the South China Sea as its very own with the 9-dotted-line map. Red China is a bully in its neighborhood. If the U.S. starts to call it the Western American Warm Lake and changes all of the references to it as the South China Sea in our history, textbooks, and documents, will that make it "American?" We can see by the U.S. denying visas to journalists worldwide who don't call it the Western American Warm Lake in their publications. If they still don't comply, we'll freeze any assets of their countries and impose sanctions.

As a youngster sleeping for eleven hours a night, I sometimes dreamt of the Western American Warm Lake and woke up next to it. The American Empire's influence was close-by and narrow (all great empires were authoritarian and brittle -- cultures and languages are formidable barriers; without committing cultural and linguistic genocides, cultures and languages cannot change in a generation so authoritarian repressive governance is often used.) After her looking at the budgies (budgerigar means "good eating" in aborigines' language) and the boy biting into the berry, he said, "it tastes like meat," but it wasn't, as the radio broadcast, "today is Armistice Day." I didn't like the Empire's Abrahamic influence on my Mom, though, who started sounding more like a movie director, "cut, cut, cut!"

The Northern Europeans handled the situation of discovering oil and gas resources in the North Sea fairly peaceably. Red China and its neighbors may be able to borrow some ideas from how the resource boundaries were drawn.

It takes nineteen years to grow an adult human being starting from a fertile mating couple and nurturing parents/guardians. Heavy military equipment left behind in a hurry on the beaches of Dunkirk wouldn't take long to be replaced by "the arsenal of democracy." The liberation of western Europe was largely won by the convoys and their sailors in the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic.

A child once asked me whether the Earth is overpopulated or not. My answer was, "both overpopulated and under-populated." The kind of the people makes a huge difference.

Red China may crush Hong Kong people militarily but all we can save will be back with better training, tactics, and equipment to conquer (or liberate with the Peoples' Liberation Army) China, with the help of the caged and oppressed Chinese people and the freedom-loving peoples of the World.

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Has Xi Jinping resorted to eating beans and cabbages instead of hairy pork due to the pandemic?

We need to send him a cigarette lighter with butane filled up in it so that he can burn away the hair if he so desires. Generally though, it's better to refrain from eating much animal protein if one is eating beans and cabbages en masse due to the sulfur/sulphur contained in the animal protein. One may even be disqualified from using the abstemious Indian-style bamboo stick ( meat consumption produces very sticky stool not easily dislodged from the stick which works better for vegetarians such as a fairly large number of Indians ) if one should run into our very American ( Venezuelan included ) problem of toilet paper shortage. Venezuelans are resourceful people and showed us how to cope with that ( do they get the "People's" Daily newspaper delivered to them? We need that service to avoid being "traumatized" by being challenged with only a bowl of water being available after pooping. My lunch buddy was to be sure a bit melodramatic because I bet that one doesn't catch malaria there as much from pooping as doing a bombing run while squatting above a hole cut into the bamboo platform built upon a fish pond next to an extremely fresh-fish-and-chip, locally integrated-ecosystem restaurant of the very short and traceable cycle of life: butt blood->mosquitoes->fish, anus' export->fish, fish->restaurant->mouth, mouth->stomach->intestines->anus' export, intestines->butt blood.)

Has Red China just got a sex-change operation from being Mutterland to being Vaterland?

Increased funding is coming to the so-called "People's Liberation" Army ( which had connections with the Republic of China's high-level founding military commanders since both sides' high-level commanders were learning and serving together under Sun Yat-sen, ) the armed wing of the so-called "Communist" Party of China ( which is absolutely clueless about how to govern an ultra-connected global-hub metropolis; it's not a mainlander's political bat cave but a neutral zone ! The British had a more gingerly experience with handling Hong Kong so they may and can probably offer some good advice about brewing a cup of hot tea, poring over a newspaper about "horsies," and heading over to Happy Valley { and coming back out with money stuffed in their pockets, no-sweat win, win, win ! living with the trinitroglycerin inside a powder keg doesn't have to mean blowing oneself and others up; taking it as a heart-disease medicine can save one's life if one has a heart, as Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite containing trinitroglycerin, had demonstrated }--Hong Kong boomed economically under British colonial rule due to its { heavy investment after WWII in education and infrastructure as the Republic of China, Taiwan, also did, but where was Red China meanwhile, still politically wanking for decades in the mainlander's political bat cave? we in the U.S. shouldn't expect a Silicon Valley to sprout up in our largely Red "Silent" "Majority" States with light investment in education and infrastructure as it had previously happened in California which in the olden days attracted the disillusioned hippies' generation with its free public higher education ( e.g. at flagship UC Berkeley ) and freeways } and apolitical culture which came into ascendancy after some deadly and riotous clashes about politics; it's idiotic to stir up the hornets' nest ! "keep your hands to yourself"--a kindergarten's rule { advanced masturbation techniques are a learnable skill for achieving peace and quiet--national security follows from these }; did Xi Jinping go to a kindergarten? religious sectarianism could have derailed the British North American Colonies from uniting to fight the British Empire but the formidable foe the colonies faced pretty much convinced their representatives to the continental congress that they really needed to rein in their religious selves and go for a single prayer; a secular but not an atheistic state is compatible with many religious sects and religions--the U.S. became the most religious country despite its being a secular state. ) An arms race does wonders. 阿爺! 啊喲! Eier!