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Forum Post: gm seed ...gm virus?

Posted 6 years ago on Dec. 4, 2014, 7:50 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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A thought occured to me today...if a company such as monsanto can manufacture crops to resist a chemical that the same corporation manufactures...can a company manufacture a virus and then manufacture a cure? Are there laws in place to protect us from this? What is happening with the vermont gmo lawsuit? These precedents and this stuff is so important to the future of humanity...we can't let it fall off the map. Genetically altered foods, seeds, pesticides, *patenting of life it is evil...we must do all we can to stop what is happening...or we will all be lab rats and reliant on our masters to take away the diseases they decide to inject us with ( we will have to pay for the cures of course). Please update on this court case...keep it going. People matter and we are losing the fight against corporations. Corporations aren't sitting in the bus while we ride in back...they are outside setting the bus on fire and demanding fees for the water. Even Orwell would be surprised at how fast this is all happening. Corprations are busy setting as many precedents as they can to set our futures in stone now so they can profit forever and control our destiny and free will. Our tax money is used in all of these suits against the laws the people vote to make.




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[-] 3 points by elf3 (4203) 6 years ago

I have such a problem that this is very much kept in the realm of conspiracy when it is happening now. The best way not to be obvious is to be...obvious. I have to ask when did companies become known as the benefactors to our civilization? Live brought to you in technicolor...products that define your being...synthesized in a slave factory and voted on by shareholders...your unique sense of style and chicness - you defined by market studies and a consensus of people that want to give you the least for the most. Nobody defines that better than people who can set up a store that gives you a choice of choices and asks you to pick your originality from their defined choices. It is you...defined by a room full of people....you broken into commercial distinction. You can certainly see what taste is...when you buy into taste that has been market tested to say you can pick a good sweater off a shelf...you. how unique! You who relies on the system to save you from the ugly things hidden beyond the fiberglass and lighting...who thinks you are more than a consumer index or profit margin. The truth is...you don't matter...very few of us do. When it comes to real things...like life and death and hunger and poverty, we live under a very fake assumption that someone or something cares if we live...or die. They care if we can pay for their products, and when we can't, we have outlived our usefulness. We are sadly, nothing but consumers. We are a product. We are a margin. We are an underclass of cogs and cleaners. We are here to service. They really believe this. So ...pretend they aren't patenting genes and seeds...pretend you and your family will somehow be exempt from their mass experiments.pretend that gmo is healthy and good for the world. Pretend that you can seclude yourself from the insane ideals of a very small percentage of elites who control our world. Look at your pretty things, pick your identity and life from a shelf, pretend a majority of the world deserves their suffering or that it can't be helped, or they brought it on themselves...and tell yourself that well read artistic people like myself are crazy and dangerous. Buy buy buy buy buy buy buy ....you innovator you. What an individual picking from your selected choices. Such wonderful shoes you have decided to define you. Bravo.

[-] 3 points by pigeonlady (284) from Brooklyn, NY 6 years ago

Yo, honey, you're smart, of COURSE they can. It's part of how the viruses and infectious matter survive and evolve past the point that curative measures would be effective. Also how medical advances are made. They have 'stock' items, like the HeLa cancer which was hijacked from Henrietta Lacks without her family's knowledge or consent. It was an unusually aggressive cancer that took the poor woman out in no time. Look it up, I first read about it in Reader's Digest many moons ago. There are contrived viruses and all they have to do is alter the sequence of whatever to make something new or 'improve' a cure. I've heard the idea AIDS is made up by the rich and disdainful to reduce the dependent populations in Africa and you never know; the wealthy are so gross and rash with others' lives .... BTW YES. We are lab rats. When I had my first C section in183 the Medicaid coverage had stipulations that an intern who never operated had to open or close, I opted for close and he screwed up. However the kids were ok that way! Also they had a clause about medication, we could be given experimental and even unnecessary meds for research and at the doctor's discretion. If he didn't like you he could tox you out. They would also try to persuade all women on med assistance, even if employed and married, to sterilize if white. I look white. But YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN YOU'RE A LAB RAT. Know thy meds. Try writing each company you may worry about for their code of ethics and goals, and q & a with them. Find something negative and report it. If they have reps locally pencil in an action, considering the recent and current actions as immediate. Big pharma' and whoever really owns the profits hustle us daily. Kindly get back to us with your findings.

[-] 3 points by elf3 (4203) 6 years ago

The thing is...I'm not that smart. But even I can see that patenting genes for research is incredibly unethical...and that for profit medicine is a detriment to society. Being a doctor used to be valiant...because they could put the patient first...now the insurance dictates what they can do...and usually that is to give you the least treatment for the most money. However it is still treated like it is not a profit industry. We still respect their authority and decisions as if it is in our best interest. Um...yeah we pay you fuckers...we are your customers. We have a say. If you want to stiff me out of care or send me home when I know something feels wrong...then it is my right to demand it. Too many of us get short changed. Too many of us don't use the law to sue them out of business...yes business. Line up for your extraction....lay on the belt. Don't expect much...you are just percentage. Some percentages are successful...some aren't...but please sign on the dotted line because you are lucky you have any doctor at all given your station. Pharmaceutical companies are just plain experimenting and making false claims. They harm more than help and somehow doctors have become their pushers getting bonuses and prescribing without diagnosis. They use chemicals for diagnostics instead of the technology that they always tout the industry has developed. I guess if you can pay...you don't have to be a lab rat...if you have insurance...you can bet on it.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 6 years ago

Can synthetic biology sidestep the GMO backlash?

The age of synthetic biology has dawned at least a few years ago. In fact, a poliovirus was synthesized from the alphabets of Life using the genetic sequence information fed to a machine. Everything is physical. Corollary of that is ALL Life is physical so with the correct information and sufficiently capable synthesizers, ALL Life is reproducible. Life can be ported as information so it can travel through spacetime even at the speed of light. Extinct viruses can be resurrected by synthesizing them from biochemicals. Choose well for we shall be blessed or cursed.