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Forum Post: CoViD-19 Vaccine Breakthroughs

Posted 1 year ago on Nov. 16, 2020, 8:17 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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The Biden-Harris team is exceptionally good at doing biotech breakthroughs. Now just within days after the "lighting up gloriously Red { on a coronavirus map of the U.S.A. With our flesh and blood, let us build our new Great Wall ! The American nation faces its greatest danger, without Trumpery Wall }" Election, two vaccines have been announced to have extremely high levels of effectiveness: >90%; and in early data, up to 94.5%. Wow !



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Vaccine breakthroughs by Biden-Harris team. They are hired !

The U.S. is a "meritocracy" ( as we hire the best such as Trump ) and we almost re-elected Donald J. Trump ( J stands for a "Christian" john, as H stands for a "Muslim" hussein ) to a second term as our President because he had given the U.S. our great economy during his first term.

We don't fire people. We move them on to "better" opportunities 機 ( Trump Tower-Pyongyang -- tallest free-standing Manmade building in the world in its time but still the tallest unoccupied one; it's good to have a realBillionaireKim bosom buddy in charge of the real estate in the D.P.R.K.) away from danger 危 as the Chinese had long encoded in the Chinese characters for crisis 危機.

"Trump Tower-Pyongyang" exhibits an aspiration alright: "It shows how the government wants the people and the world to see this country as a beautiful Asian nation, with an amazing history and eccentric beauty. But inside, it really shows the police state and forced labour nation that North Korea really is."

When I first got my Zebra(R)-brand red ballpoint pen from my Big Brother as a child fallen under the aspiration and spell of the Apollo Project's promise to get [me and everyone else to see up close] a piece of the Moon within two years ( the U.S. N.A.S.A. { then under the [most importantly fund-raising] leadership of Dr. Wernher von Braun } knew how to do advertising and promotion but actually achieving what was eventually planned and advertised, i.e., to land men on the Moon and get them to come back safely with lunar rock samples was impressive,) I practiced rocket-launch countdown sequence, stage separation, docking, re-docking, and re-entry. Propelled with my "Titanic" hands of God ( getting that re-entry angle just right was vitally important,) my model [multistage capped pen "rocket"] never got very far: only to a watery splashdown in the big silvery aluminum [Pacific all-wet] basin { originally used for my warm water baths in our no-running-tap-water shantytown } in which my guppies swam where I had floated a silvery-colored ¿probably aluminum? Japanese 一円 coin from Dad's global loose-change coin collection ( other coins just couldn't be floated because they were just too dense as I only learnt later on from reading my Big Brother's secondary-school Physics textbook; before my playing with water was put to an abrupt end, probably by an international political power struggle over how Chinese or British Hong Kong should be between the British and the Chinese { China didn't want to take Hong Kong back early at that time but it had to be returned when the lease expired so the British got a free hand to shape it for decades longer thereby providing stability for growth and investments }, I gained an inkling though that water displacement was somehow involved because my chewing-gum wrapper could both float or sink depending upon whether it was spread out or crumpled and I could sink a floating one by letting water come into its middle; this experience with being forced dry to read was one motivation why I went from a "guppy herder" requiring water to a dry "[text]bookworm" because ancient Archimedes' answer was right there all along in the textbook already in my possession ! ) I did see a piece of the Moon, though, a moonrock which was fetched "before this decade is out." The U.S. Space program nurtured the integrated-circuitry electronics industry in its infancy. The U.S. was exceptionally good at converting one-time military technologies to civilian usages: { Nazi Germany dreamt and prototyped a little bit of what was expanded to the Autobahn which inspired the U.S. } interstate highway system: dispersed mobile ICBMs, Global Positioning System: whipped Iraq's élite Republican Guard unit's ass, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's Network: built for survivability under nuclear attacks but became internet, warplane industry became civilian airliner makers, penicillin and other antibiotics, compact cavity magnetron and radars, etc. In the wartime mass production of antibiotics and magnetron, the U.S. again proved its capability to improve upon British discoveries/inventions and scale up rapidly to meet wartime needs and subsequent civilian needs. Large-scale antibiotics production was undoubtedly a major medical breakthrough for all time, similarly for compact radars, breaking communication codes, and a scientific paper determining the critical mass necessary for a nuclear bomb, unbeknownst to Nazi Germany, proving the feasibility for the U.S. to make nuclear bombs before the end of the war by undertaking the huge-scale crash nuclear project codenamed Manhattan.

After the foreign-policy fumble over the Bay-of-Pigs invasion of Cuba and Earth's near-nuclear-annihilation in the Cuban Missile Crisis, there emerged a call for peace ( which was probably taken as a sign of U.S. weakness by the U.S.S.R.'s leader Leonid Brezhnev, continuing the Cold War for another generation until it got a leader Mikhail Gorbachev who saw the [radioactive] "light" of Chernobyl's nuclear-power-plant explosion and fire and tried to reform the [rotten and decayed] central-command system.) Peace largely rests upon "creature comfort" as Dad had told me what he liked about the U.S. At its foundation is a high enough but not excessive glycemic ( glyc=sugar, em=blood, thus: blood-sugar's ) level for all. ( In New York, N.Y., one doesn't have to eat bread as the only cereal food available at every meal as my Dad had so erroneously believed. Stereotyping/extrapolation was so very far off the mark ! Just because on his every visit to the U.S., his having eaten bread at every meal didn't mean that it was the only every-meal cereal food available in New York. My Big Brother was also wrong about my having to ride a bicycle to get to school. I nearly lost my "balls" trying to learn to ride the hand-me-down novel backpedaling-to-brake bicycle due to his poor [BBC] intelligence gathering using PeGasUS probed by PeKing. New York was special with many different options. There is some truth though that many people in New York could { maybe no more in this pandemic for many } afford to have "chicken at every meal." Another very affordable item is dairy cows' milk. I consume it nowadays mostly as yogurt. Consuming the vitamin D in dairy products is probably important for surviving illnesses such as CoViD-19 because of its many important functions in boosting our bodies' immune system. I primarily consume this fat-soluble { those people who cut fat out of their diets perhaps to control obesity can cause vitamin-D deficiency which may weaken their bodies' immune system } vitamin to avoid deficiency from staying out of the sun in order to reduce my chance of getting skin cancers to compensate for my many childhood beach days in the strong subtropical sunlight in Hong Kong without any suntan protection. Another very central-for-health nutrient is magnesium. Remember that both vitamin D and magnesium have deleterious effects in too-high dosages so exercise moderation.)

I add to "creature comfort" a warm water bidét for cleaning the bottom. How did I ever get by going all around for decades of my life with a soiled residual bottom? Ignorance ( I reckon that I might be excused because all of the cultures, from which I had much heritage, used toilet-tissue paper.) I could've been more inquisitive about my school lunch buddy's childhood cultural shock as a visitor having to defecate in Saudi Arabia without using toilet paper afterwards and eat without using utensils ( he brought up the subject when I asked to borrow utensil(s) to eat with because I hadn't brought them on that day.) He was about to say more but held himself back, probably because of lunch etiquette. I had no problem talking about post-shit processing while eating my lunch concurrently -- avoiding forty to fifty years of shit stuck to my bottom was well worth a bit more of my effort to get to the bottom of this [Muslims'/Moslems' ¿secret?] matter. It's not like God didn't try to educate me discreetly [ but definitely "in your face" ] at my inadvertent "Adam's choice" baptism by a [ single-hard-squirt-button cold-water no-butt-sensor late-1960s-"N.A.S.A.-shooting-for-a-¿double?-Moon" ] bidét ! Only once in a blue Halloween Hunter's Moon does Pasta-maker, Schrödinger's cat, need to learn the [Chinese]Kanji/Japanese characters and/or icons on the bidét-controls' buttons for "survival." Learning from Fresco the cat who used a tremendous amount of White [scented] toilet paper to cover up can work, too.