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Consider "Despite the hype, iPhone security ... NO match for NSO Spyware"!

multum in parvo!

Thread: No War, Not Now, Not Ever
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 15 hours ago

"Drone Whistleblower Gets 45 Months in Prison - for Revealing Ongoing US War Crimes"! ... by Marjorie Cohn:

fiat lux et fiat justitia - ruat caelum!

Forests in Siberia and the Russian Far East are burning, often deliberately let-it-be uncontrolled because they aren't worth the money of putting them out. ( Maybe Russia has the great foresight to institute the non-interventionist policy imposed upon our Yellowstone National Park after its major conflagration had taken out the underbrush [due to the perennial lack of the Trumpery raking] and much more: if the fires aren't artificially started, they're in God's plan, let them burn ! )

I think that Russia hasn't MBA-optimized its forest-fire policy enough yet. No forest fires need to be put out even if they're artificially started because God created Man so all which came of Man such as starting a forest conflagration is in God's plan. Our omniscient and omnipotent God knew that the conflagration would happen to serve a mysterious purpose in due time so let the Will of God be. Our omnipotent God could just send the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean upon Siberia and the Russian Far East to put out the conflagration if it's so Willed, by God Himself. Or simply act as Aquarius of the fire-victim-refugee-resettlement building did, to pour out the blessings of the heavenly chamber pot off of a side of the building. A shantytown boy, I, was thus chosen and "baptized." Hmm, when I come to think of it, is this why I'm urine-headed because of God's plan to make me golden boy by flushing me down from up on high ?

Heat waves will become much more common with all of that carbon emission into the atmosphere. Expectations needed to include feedback effects. The great news is that we are being hedged against the global cooling effects of a eruption of a supervolcano such as Baetu or Yellowstone. Pray for a supervolcano's eruption to halt global climate warming and great wildfires to prevent excessive cooling after the eruption ( great wildfires may be a bad idea due to the soot they may produce to exacerbate the cooling so they are removed from the prayer list ). This was Einstein's explanation of relativity in a concise form: when we stick our heads into a cold refrigerator and place our feet near a burning fireplace, time greatly slows down and on the average, we'll be comfortable after these separated upheavals.

Russia has lots of trees that act as sinks for greenhouse-warming gas so they burn to become sources. Russia's forest being burnt help with the warm-up ( or is it the cool-down due to the soot ? ) possibly uncorking the me-thane champagne, which really isn't French anymore in Russia by law but Russian in Siberia. Everything seems bigger there. Much soot being released will cool the Earth so God is fulfilling His Promise to make Earth endure forever.

Don't worry, wealthy people: hard-disk magnetic domains will retain their magnetization so your "money" is still "safe," ( i.e. as long as there isn't a EMP attack nearby to scramble the binary digits; the likeliest source of such is the DPRK. Do you see why nuclear non-proliferation is necessary to keep you "wealthy" ? The U.S. couldn't print U.S. dollars fast enough to stabilize the world's financial system in 2008 after the Crash so it outsourced a part of that urgent task to... )

So, re. Afghanistan ... just what the fuck has that b-s, self-referential screed got to do with anything, whatsoever - U fkn annoying dumb numpty?! Here try this instead .. IF U really want to stay on topic:

ad iudicium?!

Thread: "Let Them Eat Covid!" (says Politicians to Us)
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 day ago

"3 Million People Have Died of COVID19 - Since Rich Nations Began Obstructing Vaccine Patent Waiver"! by Jake Johnson:

fiat justitia ...

"Civil Rights Leader, Educator Bob Moses Dies at 86" ... by Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow!

respice et prospice ...

"Record-Breaking Heat Waves Have Arrived Decades Earlier Than Predicted"!! ... by Sasha Abramsky:


Thread: Trump's Army; Scorched Earth
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 day ago

"First 1/6 Hearing Reveals What We Already Know: It Was a GOP Riot" - by William Rivers Pitt:

Meanwhile, this important report from Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez ... from Democracy Now!:

respice et caveat!

Thread: Prison labor, Slavery, and Capitalism
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

Prison Labour in the USA, Slavery and - the 13th Amendment!

e tenebris, lux?

Tucker Carlson and RW American TV Poison! (25m vid)

respice; adspice; prospice ... et veritas vos liberabit!

"Don't You Know There's A War On?" - by Patrick Lawrence:

"This is the war some Americans, a few, wage against most Americans in the service of an empire that must be occluded so long as this is possible. This is how it is waged, and where. Understanding this is the first step out of our darkness and toward some flickering light."

e tenebris - lux?!

Thread: Medicare Under Attack
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 6 days ago

"Nearly One in Five Americans are in Collections for Medical Debt" by TH & an alternate^link:

fiat justitia ...

Thread: Medicare Under Attack
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 6 days ago

"Healthcare Parasites are Sucking Americans Dry"!

Consider: "The only way to deal with parasites is to remove them from their host. It’s time to expand Medicare to All Americans so that we can dislodge these healthcare parasites from our body politic."

ad iudicium?

Thread: There is no joy until de joy is gone
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 6 days ago

In Joe Manchin’s West Virginia, decent paying union jobs are now being wiped out by layoffs ... even

as the politicians have gone AWOL leaving the workers feeling like they have been forgotten and totally

abandoned. Isn't this guy from the Corporate Ass-Kissing Party that U keep pushing on everyone here?

et veritas vos liberabit ...

"Joe Biden Bows to Force Majeure"! ... by Philip Giraldi:

"Kneeling before Israelis is latest indication of who rules in Washington." Meanwhile also consider:

fiat lux ...

Thread: No War, Not Now, Not Ever
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

Consider: "The Jeffrey Epstein Cover Up . . . Pedophilia, Lies, and Videotape"! .. by Nick Bryant:

NB "Numerous procurers and perpetrators integral to Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell’s crimes against children have not been indicted & current officials are finding new ways to obfuscate the sordid truth."

sub rosa?!

Corruption isn't an excuse to hold back improving Afghanis' living conditions. Corruption is to be confronted and cut out. Hong Kong's Colonial Police was corrupt but it was greatly improved after the replacement of its Governor had injected Red China's and Hong Kong people's Will to clean up Hong Kong before its handover in 1997. Red China's relative weakness after its Cultural Devolution made it willing to compromise with the British Colonial Government despite its actually holding decisive control over Hong Kong if it so wished.

Most of Hong Kong's food and water came from Red China. How many British Military's Gurkhas could the British field to fight against the PLA located just next door ? It's even true that 99% of the people in Hong Kong were either born Chinese or of Chinese descent. Chinese have this idea of the country being one "Big Family" so China tolerated the indifference or even endured the hostility ( one reason why some Chinese had ended up in Hong Kong was because they { such as dispossessed landlords, confiscated business owners, and former military people who had fought against the Communists } had problems with or disliked Red China ) of its "Lost Children" of the Century of Humiliation.

Hong Kong Police was cleaned up after a long grace period. The Will was there and the Means ( a British Governor, an old-China hand who had trained Chinese guerillas to fight the Imperial Japanese ) was also there so corruption was greatly diminished to make Hong Kong Police become the least corrupt "Asia's Finest" or nearly so. The Afghan people need to push hard to get rid of corruption.

NYPD taught me a long time ago via victim blaming that "Racism" works to prevent crimes. We didn't have much idea about races ( overwhelmingly one single race at 99% Chinese; I had never met an American Black person while in Hong Kong, not even a natural-colored image except for an advertising caricature one with extremely white teeth and a "watermelon" smile on a toothpaste container; on our black-and-white TV, everyone was black, gray, and blue-tinted white; Muhammad Ali "I am the Greatest !!!" was a genuine American Black whose TV image I saw ) until we got to the U.S. I would say that we had all learnt in the school of hard knocks how important "Racism" is for keeping our personal properties and security. It's just a fact of life which had taken us decades to learn the "prudence". I therefore point it out to spare people who try to understand or live in the U.S. the UNNECESSARY GRIEF.

Hiring Whites may be worthwhile even at their higher wages, as Joe Biden had already pointed out that the easy path to finding employees quickly was to increase the wages offered to them. This is why Whites have become preferable because they generally want and get higher wages so they have become more employable. In practice, "Racism" works !

Make no mistake. People such as customers usually prefer Whites. It's best for businesses to get rid of the undesirables at this great opportunity made possible by Red China's CCP's extremely malevolent decisions to weaponize the virus in service of "the program."

Businesses' purpose in Capitalism as practiced in the U.S. is to make profits ( not all businesses are for profit ). "Racism" helps to achieve this purpose. It's actually performance [at all costs], which most investors crave.

Here's a good advice for people who know the police: DON'T GO to the places where the police are very reluctant to patrol and often offload the tasks to minority cops such as Asians. The police know the statistics and want to be able to come home safely from their shifts to their families. Some areas in Brooklyn are quite notorious. Manhattan also had "ABC town" now Alphabet City near which young Black males robbed and brutally assaulted my Mom during "the Black Mayor's" administration when Blacks had "gained an entitled attitude" { chaos was actually gathering increasing strength prior to Dinkins' administration; the lead-up to my familial security catastrophe of 1987 started prior to 1987 due to the wanton lawlessness in one of Brooklyn's notorious "thieves' nest" "urban-enterprise-zone" neighborhoods, not Brooklyn Heights; decades later, I still tried to heal the lingering wounds present on the wheelchair as well as the sorrow deep in the hearts of most members of my parental family; wounds would "heal" when all of the characters involved had been "gathered to our people" } and New York had gained a reputation of being a "big humongous piece of rotten pork" according to a hiring manager. Guess why New Yorkers then voted for Giuliani as the next mayor ? No mystery there -- he wasn't Black and was a prosecutor ! Shove-it-up-the-Black-anus police repression "worked" and took back the streets. [Black] squeegee men were no more. New York became much safer than before to become "the safest big city in America."

Here's my life experience about locations. Locations don't really matter as much as the people who would be there with you. They can make any place Heaven and/or Hell for you. The security of an area determines whether it can advance, economically. Peace is the handmaiden of prosperity. The reason that some areas remain urban blight zones is because the residents living there actively drive out with their behaviors any venture-some entrepreneurs. Jews from the old Jews-Blacks civil-rights alliance could honestly say, "Bye, bye, Blacks !" as they have already moved to the upper class since those shoulder-to-shoulder days collaborating ( and at times, also breeding as 近墨者黑 ) with the Blacks. Why did Jews and Blacks split ? Note that these are American Jews here, not in Israel which got billions upon billions dollars worth of U.S. foreign aid so money wasn't the reason but values. Jews have a certain Culture !

When did you see a young Black person put in front of a congregation of hundreds to recite by heart a Holy-Book passage ? Jews do that to their children who must learn Hebrew, a once dead language, in order to recite. They have extremely highly regarded solemn rituals and spent tons of money on a community celebration when their kids have achieved, be it a bar mitzvah ( for boy ) or a bat mitzvah ( for girl ). I doubt that it was the learning of Hebrew per sé which was significant but the teaching of the lesson of successfully overcoming difficulties, achieving, and becoming accepted into a { 近朱者赤, 近墨者黑。 } LITERATE community. A real adult Jew knows at least some Hebrew. ( When I come to think of this issue of childhood education, I recall that my Chinese education included learning Chinese proverbs, some classics, and stories such as the one about a crane on a beach pecking into a big heavy clam to eat its flesh and its beak was caught tightly by the clam so it could neither eat nor fly away, and after days with both sides not yielding despite either side not winning a bit, a fisherman spotted them, carried them home, cooked and ate them both; as Afghanistan will soon have a chance to attain a long-lasting peace without much American military presence, Afghanis can learn from the moral of this story that yielding a bit may be wiser than holding on to all one can; Afghanistan's to the Afghanis, as Iraq's to the Iraqis. U.S. values fair election results { it's the reason why I consider that Trump's Big Lie about Biden's legitimacy from the 2020 election is a CANCER on the U.S. The election results were unsettled for a short while because of the closeness of the election but the integrity of the election had certainly been well established by the time of the January 6th insurrection storming our people's Capitol; there must be no tycoon's roadblock to our Constitution. } )

There is a difference between a Jew and an Israeli. Many people don't seem to grasp that distinction. People and their government can be on opposite extremes because not every country's government is under the control of its people. In many cases, the governments are in fact the kidnappers holding their peoples as their enslaved captives.

Enhanced environment worked for me. Let much shit be thrown onto the wall. Some might actually stick to and build up the Great Wall of Redfuckgina. Culture, information, knowledge, and wisdom can be taught and learnt. Hanging around with people of different cultures can open one's mind and make one question one's own culture, possibly leading to a beneficial improvement. Mental intensity and capacity differ between people but having much over-my-head information is vastly more preferable to having too little information inhibiting my ability to understand ( I've spent a lot of unnecessary effort to transcend the limitations of a so-called simplified model which breaks down and has to be discarded ). I don't want to become yet another spoon-fed mental zombie animated by so many authoritarian states and dictatorships. I assume that some people can think for themselves. God planted TWO central Eden trees.

I'm not an extremist who seeks to control people by filtering what they can see, hear, and feel ( I had to hold back my giggling to myself when I discovered that an internet content filter filtered away its maker because it was evaluated to be obscene -- deus ex machina; our "mind children" learn ruthless brutal absurd "morality" because they have been created in our image ! ) Control freaks' behaviors speak volumes about their depraved and/or deprived upbringing. Totalitarians and authoritarians are shitty possessive fools and know it but cannot extricate themselves due to "what's in men's hearts."

I'm a gradualist who prefers looking far ahead and steering gently as if I were on a high-speed expressway.

STOP spewing self-referential, RW b-s on my posts and threads gripes - U utter fkn dolt!!! + Consider:

multum in parvo?

"Top US scientist on Melting Glaciers: ‘I’ve gone from being an ecologist to a coroner’" (by JM)

"Diana Six, an entomologist studying beetles near Glacier national park in Montana says the crisis has fundamentally changed her profession."

omnia causa fiunt!

"Bronx Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - best known as AOC, is DSA’s foremost socialist superstar. Her June 2018 primary win — a 29-year-old taqueria bartender ... defeating the third most powerful Democrat in the US House of Representatives - inspired up to 10,000 people to join DSA."! from ...

per aspera ad astra ...

Re. "Afghanistan" OR anything else on this still extant forum, gropes .. just fk off &/or note:

For 1/2 hour, gripes' brainfart^was just 4 lines but after sniffing them up, he's spewing again!

U've already identified your Mom, dad & brother as racists gripes, so - what about Grandpa?

minima maxima sunt!

Thread: chomsky on cuba
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"Don’t Use Cuba Protests to Justify US Intervention, Say Activists in Mexico"! by José Luis Granados Ceja:

et fiat lux ...

As Afghanistan's Space Force of 0 Commander-In-Chief, I present to the world the intelligence about the Wealth of Afghanistan ready to make Afghanis wealthy.

People, peace begets prosperity. Opportunity lies under your feet "as dirt". It takes a Mind's Eye to see it. Of course, not everyone is 'pure' ( per Iranian standard ). This time is Red China's turn to play 'Empire'.

"I can smell the mud in your speech." Guess what ? My Grandpa was far wealthier than his grandchildren because he owned mud, lots and lots of it ( and with occasional flood-victim human skeletons emerging, too ). You've got to appreciate the beauty of mud. Where's the city of mud of Russia ? Definitely not a shabby place because without it Nazi Germany would have conquered the U.S.S.R. 》Sprechen Sie Deutsch, mein Herr ?《

See, I can "fk off" when I no longer hear "the Sound of Silence" with my 'retarded' tinnitus. Resonance due to vibrations in synchrony is necessary for detection. Human ears have tiny harps, too, to be able to hear the music of the harp. Synchrony of the phases of two harmonics ( i.e. monotones of possibly the same or different frequencies ) is necessary for the accumulated energy over time of the mixture of the two waves to average to a nonzero value for detection. A radio has a tunable oscillator. A television set has a tunable oscillator, and so on. A blacksmith striking a heat-softened iron rod at different protruded lengths generates different pitched sounds.

Oscillators upon oscillators upon.. can trace out ARBITRARY continuous curves. In a similar way in pre-Copernicus astronomy, an epicycle upon another epicycle upon.. traced out the orbit of a planet with great precision. Newtonian mechanics coupled with Copernicus' Sol-centric ideology did away with these epicycles while surpassing their computational accuracy.

During physics' quest to solve the wave equation modeling traveling waves on a string with both ends tied down and freely vibrate with small amplitudes in-between the two ends, there emerged two seemingly rather distinctive solutions: one has two arbitrary continuous waves traveling in opposite directions while the other is the sum of sine waves anchored at both ends. Since these solutions must be the same, having come from the same equation and boundary conditions modeling a single physical string, an arbitrary continuous wave can be represented as the sum of sine waves. The first Fourier series was thus born. This was a GIGANTIC BREAKTHROUGH in physics allowing many linear differential equations describing physical systems to be solved via series expansions. Examples of these include Maxwell's equation(s), wave equation, heat equation, diffusion equation, Schrödinger's equation, etc.

Differential equations can describe how a set of variables co-evolve with each other over time. A physical system has properties modeled by variables so differential equations can model how a physical system's properties co-evolve with each other over time, and thus allowing predictions thereby fulfilling the primary quest of Science. There are renormalized laws of Science. A long bout of extremely dry weather in the American West tends to make a ferocious wildfire season likely. A simple way to observe approximately how wet the weather has recently been is to take a look at a reservoir's water level. Great civilizations monitored this because "life is electric fire burning slowly in water." Water-users' behaviors must change as potable water becomes scarcer. 》Alte Not gilt es zu zwingen

In my young childhood in our shantytown, we lived only upon the potable water fetched by my Big Brother so we were "camping" and always brushed our teeth using only a single cup of potable water. We didn't take showers but having soapy wet towel wipe downs every day upon waking up and before sleeping: one facial towel, one towel for the body, and one for the feet. We used a small basin of potable water for the face first, then used the same water for the body, and finally with the feet. We never mixed up the towels but transitioned them in the same order down the body towards the feet as they got worn down ( they were of different colors and we hung them out to be dried by the sun so they were often bleached and disinfected by the ultraviolet light in sunlight and wind-dried ). Usually, every weekend or so we took a bath with a big basin of water ( in winter, with a kettle of heated water mixed in to warm up the water first -- hygiene and personal comfort were important to us; these were typical American values we had even before we moved here from Greater America to become real American citizens; Mom was a babysitter for a very wealthy family living in a "security-caged" mansion requiring a long lead time of two hours for arranging security-detail vehicle(s) and guard entourage before going outside { she said that it was as if they were living in a prison except that she could apply for a parole-equivalent; think about why authoritarian rulers can obtain such uniformity of votes in favor of their motions; thousands of highly secured "free" democratic representatives all concur; a heavily armored G-man comes and says, "You're under my security protection per Supreme Central's kindness; for your own good and Materland, Obey." }; I believe that she picked up quirky & delicious ideas from her work such as poaching eggs in boiled Coca-Cola(R) to make sweet egg-drop soup containing poached eggs -- didn't the boiling drive away all of that effervescence from the expensive soda ? Her reaction to me when I suggested that I should drink the extra coffee left over in the pot after a guest had visited us made me feel that coffee was an adult aphrodisiac because she said, "Children must not drink coffee -- its power is too great !" )

More recently in experimenting with water conservation techniques ( California's reservoir water level reported in the news alarmed me ), I came up with a few. I can reduce dishwashing water usage to near zero. The Indians pour a little bit of drinking water into their food container after eating a meal using it to rinse down and swallow any food residue. I having watched the video regarding the Avars of the steppe of Mongolia having their women lick clean to dry their bowls tried likewise combining Indian food-calorie efficiency with steppe monolingual dish-cleaning method, it worked well. I used a single medium-size smooth(for licking)-edged single-hand-held bowl for every meal, washed it clean afterwards by hand and rinsed it with a quarter cup of potable water to set it for the next meal. I completely did away with using an automatic dishwasher. The go-everywhere Corningware(R) caught my eyes at Mom's place partly because I saw its potential to eliminate dishwashing altogether, yay ! ( if it were made in a smooth shape for licking; also food containing nitrates if contaminated by bacteria may produce nitrites/nitrosamines over time especially overnight which can trigger stomach cancer if eaten; hence fruits' and vegetables' dishes are best eaten up completely while fresh and not stored overnight to be eaten on the next day; for the same nitrate-nitrite/nitrosamine reason, it's best to minimize eating cured meats to avoid stomach [a.k.a. gastric] cancer )

In my effort to control relative humidity to below 44% ( usually on hot summer days; winter heating usually dries up the air to below 44% already so I would neither run an air-conditioner nor a dehumidifier to dry it ), I generated cool distilled water so I used it to wash my feet in a basin. It was very pleasant for me on hot days. It evoked my happy childhood memories of wading in a near-mountaintop spring's brook on Unicorn Ridge trying to catch tiger-striped/zebra fish ( for me, as always, 'zero' fish but so what ? all die in captivity anyway, i.e. ones my Big Brother caught & brought home for me to take care of; they likely died of low oxygen living in water which didn't run & bounce around; { my guppies were far more long-lived in captivity, for years in multiple generations, but still mothers eating their young babies took the toll and all eventually died out } I'm a pro-lifer so zero dying under my care was the best, as guaranteed by having caught 'zero'; it's a fun experience splashing around with an 'aim', not really about catching, like a sport fisherman -- who seemed to me to be catching and releasing the same fish ) and crayfish ( not a prawn or a crawfish, so my naming of it revealed my cultural affinity's geographical focus: Honolulu was as close to my birth city Hong Kong in Asia as any U.S. city could be ) with a handkerchief. I dried my feet with the foot towel after cleaning them with soap & rinsing them with warm water. Hopefully, these techniques help Californians and other drought-stricken people of the U.S. West improve their water usage efficiency while maintaining a high level of personal comfort.

At what frequency do you vibrate ? Do you vibrate in synchrony with your neighbors ? Why do the stars twinkle but planets don't blink ? That's due to coherence & incoherence of light's phases leading to interference interaction or not.

Pythagoras' venerable /R. Langland's intuition about arbitrary<->geometry<->discrete Cosmos may yet come true. It's all beauty & music to our senses ( as protected under the linchpin First Amendment to U.S. Constitution ).