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Thread: No War, Not Now, Not Ever
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23643) 6 hours ago

"Climate Change is the only story that matters."


"Last week, the remnants of Typhoon Merbok slammed into hundreds of miles of Alaskan coastline. There was no ice to slow it down and most of the permafrost was gone, so the heavy rainfall made the earth unreliable. Houses came off their foundations. One was spotted sailing down a river until it snagged on a bridge. The typhoon came ashore with the strength of a tropical storm, if not an actual hurricane. From Alaska Public Radio:"

"National Weather Service climatologist Brian Brettschneider described the storm on Saturday as the “worst-case scenario.” Forecasters had predicted earlier this week that it could be one of the worst storms to hit Alaska’s western coast in recent history. And it was. “In some places, this is clearly the worst storm in living memory,” said University of Alaska Fairbanks climatologist Rick Thoman. Hundreds of people across multiple communities are sheltering in schools, which are serving as emergency evacuation centers. In some communities, local leaders’ early actions helped residents do what they needed to move valuable vehicles and boats to higher ground. In other communities, the storm overwhelmed efforts. “This is the first time I’ve seen it this bad,” said Alvina Imgalrea in Chevak. In Napakiak, Job Hale said, “It’s just a lake everywhere.”

"The climate crisis has taken away all of Alaska’s natural defenses, so now it takes the full fury of storms that in earlier days would never have made landfall intact. They would have expended themselves on the frozen sea or shattered on the rock-hard earth."

And "Low income countries bear the brunt of climate change."


"Capitalists long ago learned that they could profit by manipulating both supply and demand to create or sustain “shortages” that would enable them to get higher prices. Capitalism created the advertising industry to boost demand above what it might otherwise be. At the same time, each industry organized to control supply (via informal agreements among producers, mergers, oligopolies, monopolies, and cartels). Social conditions and changes beyond the control of capitalists require them to constantly adjust their manipulations of demand and supply. In reality, markets are useful institutions for capitalists to manipulate for profit. In ideology, markets are useful institutions for capitalists to celebrate as somehow ideal-for-everyone pathways to optimal efficiency."

Richard Wolff gets it, capitalism will never be fair because even if left alone a "free" market will always need to exploit someone, somewhere, in order to secure a profit and therefore, it never can and never will work for everyone.

Consider "The CIA was founded in the wake of the 1947 National Security Act. The Act foresaw no need for the Courts and Congress to oversee a simple information-aggregation facility, and therefore subordinated it exclusively to the President, through the National Security Council he controls.

"Within a year, the young agency had already slipped the leash of its intended role of intelligence collection and analysis to establish a covert operations division. Within a decade, the CIA was directing the coverage of American news organizations, overthrowing democratically elected governments (at times merely to benefit a favored corporation), establishing propaganda outfits to manipulate public sentiment, launching a long-running series of mind-control experiments on unwitting human subjects (purportedly contributing to the creation of the Unabomber), and—gasp—interfering with foreign elections. From there, it was a short hop to wiretapping journalists and compiling files on Americans who opposed its wars.

"In 1963, no less than former President Harry Truman confessed that the very agency he personally signed into law had transformed into something altogether different than he intended, writing:

  • “For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble…” - FROM:

  • "America’s Open Wound: The CIA is not your friend" by Edward Snowden: https://edwardsnowden.substack.com/p/americas-open-wound

et veritas vos liberabit!

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

Note "Sanders Calls State of US Health Care an 'International Embarrassment'”! by Sharon Zhang:

MULTUM in parvo!

Thread: Yay Biden
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

"The Supreme Court Won’t Save Us - It Was Founded to Defend White Supremacy" by Claudia Garcia-Rojas:

From which: "The court’s recent rulings are part of the Republican Party’s attempt to restore absolute rule through a RW ideological takeover of the courts.Though the groundwork for such a takeover has been underway for decades at a state level ..Trump’s presidency undoubtedly helps accelerate plans when, after the GOP undemocratically facilitated the appointment of two new justices to the Supreme Court, Trump unfairly & illegitimately appointed a 3rd.

"The stacking of the court with far-right justices .. is a strategic move meant to defend white Christian nationalism"!

So WTF's that ^ $H!T up there; you $H!T $pewing Moron?!!! Are you losing the plot?!! Get treatment!

et temet nosce!

Thread: No War, Not Now, Not Ever
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

"A War on the Earth?! via https://tomdispatch.com/

"In so many ways, you still wouldn’t know it - not, that is, if you focused on the Pentagon budget or the economic growth paradigm that rules this country and our world -- but this planet is in a crisis of a sort humanity has never before faced.Whether you are even considering heat in the American West, floods in Pakistan, the drying up of the Yangtze River in China, record drought in Europe, or the unparalleled warming of the Arctic, we are, as scientists have been pointing out (& ever more of us ordinary people have noted) - in an increasingly, “uncharted territory of destruction.” In the process, ever more climate “tipping points” stand in danger of being passed as the overheating of this planet becomes the stuff of everyday life.

"And sadly despite all that,Vladimir Putin’s Russia brutally invaded Ukraine,ensuring the release of yet more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as among other things,various European countries were forced to turn to greater coal use. Meanwhile the U.S. & China, the 2 largest greenhouse gas emitters, are now heading into what’s being called, without the slightest sense of irony, a “New Cold War.” In the process & responding to House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan,China recently suspended planned climate talks between the two countries.

"Today - TomDispatch regular Stan Cox, the author of - "The Green New Deal and Beyond: Ending the Climate Emergency While We Still Can", explores just what it means, in climate terms, for the U.S., no matter the administration, to pour ever more taxpayer dollars into the Pentagon & the rest of a national security state. Yes, it’s long been a commonplace to claim that war is hell (and if you don’t believe that, just check out the nightmare in Ukraine right now).One thing should be ever clearer sadly enough; that way of life is now all too literally the path to hell. Let Cox explain." IN ...

Now please go & consider "A Big Carbon Bootprint and a Giant Sucking Sound in the National Budget"!

per ardua ad iudicium et veritas vos liberabit!

Thread: Celebrating Labor on Labor Day
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

"What your awful, rich, heartless bosses do not want under any circumstances is a well-organized and pissed off labor union in their companies. That would really screw them. That is something they cannot discard. That is something they are forced to deal with, by law. It is also one of the only things that can actually make them stop treating their employees – you – like trash. Why - if you were to channel all of that angst and fury and cynicism that your job has instilled in you into organizing a union, well … that'd make your boss very unhappy. They might even let out a long, painful sort of moan..." - Followed by ...

"I don't blame anyone for feeling like you want to just say “the hell with it” to your crap job. It's the labor movement’s own fault that we haven't educated all the soon-to-be-disappointed young people entering the working world on what unions are all about.But that can change.And you can be the one to change it. Organize. Do not do it for the historical precedent, or the political imperative - or the economic gains. Do it to make your boss cry."! + ALSO PLEASE NOTE:

"'Amazon should be afraid,as the Teamsters are now here standing shoulder-to-shoulder with so many communities demanding change,' the union's president said at the Seattle rally."

per aspera ad astra!

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

"Sanders to Democrats: If You Support Progressive Policies - 'You Win Elections'!” by Sharon Zhang:

"“If Democrats are going to do well in 2022, in my view, they’ve got to stand up very firmly for working families,” the Vermont progressive said. “Now is the time, if you want to win an election, to say … ‘I’m prepared to take on greedy, powerful corporate interests who enjoy record breaking profits, while you Americans can not afford health care, can’t afford to send your kids to college and work for starvation wages.’ That, to my mind, is how you go forward and win.”

ad iudicium!

Former colonies not quite grieving Queen Elizabeth II.


"Among many residents of former British colonies, such as India and Kenya, the reaction to her death ranged from benign interest to anger and disdain."

“We’d rather mourn the loss of our freedom fighters,” he added.

"Even though the queen had a "terrific" reign, Chaudhary said, she symbolized the cruel colonial institution that devastated India and other colonies for centuries. A series of famines in colonial India, the last of which, the 1943 Bengal famine, killed an estimated 3 million people, are seared on the collective memory of the country of 1.4 billion."

And, this: "What many Kenyans don’t realize, Gathara said, is that Elizabeth was already queen when the British brutally put down the Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s that helped pave the way for the country’s independence in 1963.

They put people in concentration camps, they murdered people, they tortured people,” he said. “I know she wasn’t involved in the day-to-day decision-making or what the colonial government was doing here, [but] the fact that she was silent about it — never once did she acknowledge it and never once apologized for it.”

How does the nation state control memory? By propagandizing. The Queen is propagandized in the minds of British people and so many others around the world. 70 years of what? Brutality, poverty, inequality and now we see repression of basic rights to protest in the UK. I don't see how it's 70 years of rule to be proud of, frankly.

And, of course, Hedges gets it right!

Carefully consider "Why capitalism should abandon its ... 'Secular Religion Around Markets'"!

Furthermore - also please try to reflect upon the empirical facts that are alluded to in this sad report:

ad iudicium et veritas vos liberabit!

Consider "Our Voting Rights Are at Stake in Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling"! by Allison Riggs:

"Soon, the U. S. Supreme Court will once again rule on whether multiracial democracy has a future in the United States."

And: "The highest court is expected to rule on Moore v.Harper by June 2023, & the stakes of the case couldn’t be higher. If it goes the wrong way, this case could unleash widespread purges of voters from voting rolls, dramatic restrictions to popular early voting hours and locations, discriminatory barriers to voting access, and fewer protections against voter intimidation."


"Dr Michael Hudson on Debt Relief, Inflation, Ukraine Disaster Capitalism, Petrodollar Crisis" with Benjamin Norton (Video and Transcript):

per aspera - ad iudicium!

Indeed "Humility was not the Queen's thing, as they like to portray - nor was it Britain's thing but it may be forced into just that as it falls apart." also please consider:

From which "The royals are oligarchs. They are guardians of their class. The world’s largest landowners include King Mohammed VI of Morocco with a 176 million acres; The Holy Roman Catholic Church, with 177 million acres, the heirs of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with their 531 million acres - and now, King Charles III with 6.6 billion acres of land. British monarchs are worth almost $28 billion. The British public will provide a $33 million subsidy to the U.K Royal Family over the next two years, although the average household saw its income fall for the longest period since records began in 1955 & 227,000 households experience homelessness in Britain."

ad iudicium et multum in parvo!

Thread: Time to Wake up!
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 days ago

Again "Meghan was an Occupier, an environmental activist, a teacher, a poet and an all around beautiful person and it matters what happened to her and she deserves justice." Also consider..

requiescat in pace.

Map of Occupy Wall St attendees:


Looking at this map never ceases to amaze me. Occupy was a truly global movement and as the books of history are written, it will be the trigger of a watershed movement where regular people beginning demanding true respect. I predict it will take decades to truly actualize and climate change may ruin it all, but Occupy will at least have set in motion these ideas for a better future for everyone.

Thread: First OFFICIAL Release from OCCUPY WALL STREET
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23643) 1 week ago

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

Bump. Yes, we're still fighting for justice for these grievances but the seeds that were planted 11 years ago are beginning to bloom. Even on the darkest of days we can see the light peeking through.

We are the 99%! Never forget it!

"Some Say Occupy Wall Street Did Nothing. It Changed Us More Than We Think"!!! -- by James A. Anderson:

"In his 2016 book - "The End of Protest. A New Playbook for Revolution" (Micah) White wrote that ... “an honest assessment reveals that Occupy Wall Street failed to live up to its revolutionary potential: We did not bring an end to the influence of money on democracy, overthrow The Corporatocracy of The One Percent or solve income inequality.” He concluded, by calling Occupy “a constructive failure because the movement revealed the underlying flaws in dominant and still prevalent theories of how to achieve social change through collective action.”

And so "At first glance, it might seem as if Occupy came and went without leaving much of a legacy. It never solidified around a specific set of demands - nor did it generate a concrete platform. There is no significant flesh-and-bones organization to point to as its heir. And it never anointed a leadership team.

"There is a Big Problem with that conclusion, however - Occupy’s messaging just won’t go away! It now permeates political discourse about the global economy and it has cemented notions of economic inequality squarely in D.C. policy debates. Ideas that were thought to be too socialist since the demise of the Eastern Bloc - class struggle, wealth distribution across social strata, even flaws in the capitalist system — were suddenly aired loudly and frequently for the very first time since the Great Depression."

MULTUM in parvo!

Through Occupy change has taken time, but change always takes time. People were quick to call the movement a failure but 11 years on we can see the changes are coming. A decade is nothing in the span of history.

"We need to celebrate incremental change" says Rebecca Solnit


"Change itself becomes invisible when your timeframe is shorter than that change, and the short-term view breeds defeatism and despair."

Occupy was never going to bring instant change. What it did was plant the seeds in the minds of the American people that they ARE the 99%, that they MATTER, that the economy should work for ALL of them. It takes time to plant these ideas and even more time for the actions to create the change.

Take for instance the fact that, "student debt emerged as a focus in 2011’s Occupy Wall Street uprising" says Solnit. Right and what victory did we just win, a large debt jubliee. A perfect debt jubilee, no, but would David Graeber be thrilled? Yes, I think so.

She goes on to say, "Nevertheless as soon as Occupy began, pundits were asserting it was a failure, and when the Zuccotti Park presence in Lower Manhattan was violently broken up by police in November 2011, they declared that it was over. But even when the rock’s on the bottom of the pool, the ripples are still spreading."

Thread: Time to Wake up!
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23643) 1 week ago

Silence regarding Meghan Marohn's death from the District Attorney and police is appalling. Some kind of update for her family and friends is necessary.

Meghan was an Occupier, an environmental activist, a teacher, a poet and an all around beautiful person and it matters what happened to her and she deserves justice.

"Britain grapples with its future after Queen's Elizabeth's death."


“The Queen played a huge role in masking the underlying divisions in the kingdom by being such a point of consensus — it was almost misleading,” said Jonathan Freedland.

"Britain’s colonial history is getting exposed to more rigorous examination, in part thanks to the reverberations of the Black Lives Matter movement across the Atlantic. The story looks very different from Bombay or Bridgetown than from the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

“For many of us from the ‘colonies,’ the death of Elizabeth II signifies in very particular ways that she was the symbol of an empire built on genocide, slavery, violence, extraction, and brutality, the legacies of which continue in our present day,” Anna Arabindan-Kesson, a professor of Black diasporic art at Princeton University, told Time magazine this week. “She was not only a symbol, she was complicit in this empire.”

Hmm. Yes, and imagine the hubris and self-importance she had to design such a funeral as this bloated, excessive show of pomp and circumstance for a funeral! British people who aren't appalled are mere sheep and that goes for Americans and anyone else following this false pageantry without questioning why millions and millions have suffered under the rule of this "monarchy" for centuries and even still into the 21st century!

Humility was not the Queen's thing, as they like to portray, nor was it Britain's thing, but it may be forced into just that as it falls apart.

Thread: Time to Wake up!
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"Meghan Marohn: remains found confirmed" (30s vid)

désolé ...

"'Towards a United Ireland' .. As Britain Mourns Queen, Northern Ireland Considers Its Future"!

ad iudicium?!

Thread: Celebrating Labor on Labor Day
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

Per the OP - "'Disgusting': Starbucks to Help Its Workers With Student Debt—Unless They're in a Union"! by Jessica Corbett:

Which starts with these very words: "After withholding raises from unionized employees earlier this year, "Starbucks is doubling down on the illegality," said one critic.

And ends with these - "Labor organizers are planning to mark Investor Day with a rally & protest outside Starbucks' Seattle headquarters Tuesday morning. One local union said members will be demonstrating to urge Starbucks "to stop union-busting and to give workers a seat at the table."

Finally, U fk-wit; d'U think that I read your ever mutating, fkn random, retarded, ramshackle, ramblings?!

et per aspera - ad iudicium!!

"After Queen's Death - victims of UK Imperialism share why 'We Will Not Mourn'!" by Brett Wilkins:

"This is Queen Elizabeth's legacy. A legacy of colonial violence & plunder. A legacy of racial segregation & institutionalized racism."

Also see: "It Is Time to Throw the Monarchies of the World Into the Dustbin of History"! - by Chris Hedges:

.. "The fawning adulation of Queen Elizabeth in the United States, which fought a revolution to get rid of the monarchy, and in Great Britain, is in direct proportion to the fear gripping a discredited, incompetent and corrupt global ruling elite.

"The global oligarchs are not sure the next generation of royal sock puppets; mediocrities that include a pedophile prince and his brother, a cranky and eccentric king who accepted suitcases and bags stuffed with $3.2 million in cash from the former prime minister of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, and who has millions stashed in offshore accounts – are up to the job. Let’s hope they are right."

respice, adspice, prospice et fiat justitia ruat caelum!