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Thread: No War, Not Now, Not Ever
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 hours ago

Note: "Western Officials Admit Ukraine ... Is Crawling With CIA Personnel"!

multum in parvo!

Re. "The Carbon Cycle" - perhaps consider:

Why are U replying to me on my threads with

reams of your Utterly Unreadable Horse $hit?

ad iudicium?!

Thread: Abortion — An Eye for an Eye?
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 hours ago

Note "With Roe v Wade on the brink of defeat, following the leak of a supreme court opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito and signed by four other conservative judges, the court’s views and track record - on abortion are under extreme scrutiny. 'The Guardian' looks back at what Alito and four other justices have said on the landmark 1973 case in the past. Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch were adamant when pressed at their own confirmation hearings that they viewed Roe v Wade as ‘precedent’, with Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett citing the Planned Parenthood v Casey decision in 1992, which reaffirmed the landmark ruling." - from:

respice; adspice; prospice!

go about their business of raping and pillaging

That sounds like what Russian oligarchs and their much-feared puppet regime are doing. Russians' emulating the Tartars or Mongols in their aggression is stupid. Ancient China fought much warfare with them (over millennia). It's not aggression but cultural assimilation which worked (two of the five {the total number was at least fifty, I vaguely recall} major Chinese ethnicities nowadays are the Manchus and the Mongols, both having been conquering nomadic tribes which had their own imperial dynasties ruling China).

We are still eating mooncakes annually to this very day to commemorate overthrowing the Mongols' dynasty founded by Genghis Khan (which stationed Mongol troops among the people and severely restricted the possession of even kitchen knives). I was under the impression that some Tartars were living near ancient China's western border and there were Chinese wars from time to time resulting in their moving west to Europe. Others such as the Huns (to ¿Hungary?) and some Turkic peoples (to ¿Türkiye?) were also driven west largely by wars, too. Nomadic [raiding] peoples who didn't write things down weren't easily traced ( the Chinese attitude was probably something like "good riddance -- we don't know and we don't care where they go or end up as long as it's away"; steppe nomads of primarily northern and some western China and Chinese agriculturists have had wealth-inequality conflicts from ancient times -- the Great Wall of China was erected to keep the nomads away; the Tartars probably didn't conquer China as the Mongols, and the Manchus { of northeastern China and southeastern Russian Far East/Chinese Far North/Japanese Far Northwest; "billions of Manchu-descended-and-ruled Chinese must obtain what are their rights !!!"; we must all help the oppressed people of the Chinese Far North to declare their independence from Moscow and form via a "special anal operation" the Free People's Republic of FU/富 Manchu/滿洲 } did so we don't have a day of commemoration of the starting or finishing day of overthrowing the Tartars as we do for the Mongols and the Manchus; some of Tartars' descendants are called Tatars which form one of the more than fifty ethnicities of China so not all Tartars went/were driven to Europe ).

I knew that some of my ancient ancestors were definitely non-Chinese because they had left heritable traits, familial artificially made-up bestowed Chinese-office-related surnames and genetic, which were traceable. Others were of very ancient Chinese lineage. ( I studied ancient Chinese History but I no longer recall it vividly after half a century or more not recalling or using it much at all { I wasn't receptive because it was a required subject with lots of names and dates which I've mostly forgotten } -- I think the Bible is correct to state that forty years were enough for the Israelites to wander in the desert wilderness so that the generation which had committed the idolatry of the golden calf could pass away and the memories of the sin faded ). If one looks far back enough in one's ancestry, perhaps everyone will find that every one is all a hybrid crossing tribal, ethnic, cultural, and national boundaries because the number of ancesters tends to double with each generation traced back into the past (at least for the recent millennia until the inevitable ancient inbreeding set in). Another near-certainty is that one was sometime in the past derived from incest(s) and bastards. The Bible stated that Lot the God-blessed one had sexual intercourses with his daughters and had children through them because they were so alone by themselves after the others had been wiped out, being buried by burning sulfur, turned into salt like Lot's disobedient wife who had looked back, and incinerated in ¿what sounded like a volcanic? eruption. If we look near where Israel is, we can see that it's indeed probable that there had been volcanic eruptions there in the past. For example, plate-tectonics implies that Jordan River's valley and the Red Sea are probable branches of the Rift Valley of East Africa and there may be the denser-mineral wealth which had come up from deep in the Earth ( akin to the iron ore of western Australia which solidified earliest from the molten Earth ).

The Original Americans set seven generations as their statute of limitation for keeping their land fit for posterity's usage (they try not to pollute so much that the land becomes unfit for their progeny before the seventh generation has lived through it) so the duration is seven generations times forty years per generation = two hundred and eighty years from the time their land was stolen from them. If we take the founding of the U.S.A. in 1776 C.E., they have until 1776 + 280 C.E. = 2056 C.E. to get their land back. As for the Black slaves, their claims for their ancestors who had arrived in 1620 C.E. has already expired according to the Original Americans' reckoning because 1620 + 280 C.E. = 1900 C.E., which was 122 years ago.

Reckoning from the time when the Republican Party abandoned the Reconstruction of the South in favor of gaining the Presidency with an unwritten compromise in the aftermath of the Election of 1876 C.E., the Blacks have until 1876 + 280 C.E. = 2156 C.E. to seek redress for their being abandoned by both major parties (the Democratic Party was the K.K.K. Party and the Republican Party was the party of the assassinated President Abraham Lincoln who was gay {i.e. homosexual, yay !!! "Free at last ! Free at last !" my Mom had nothing to be sheepish about her three mistakes regarding my spiritual godfather and the other two deities in his temple; my Big Brother was always digging into rabbit holes regarding Mom's mistaken notions and confusions: my spiritual godfather wasn't Buddhist《he was Daoist/Taoist》; he was vegetarian《serving up the best freshest live-killed chicken to him was "way off"》; Guanyin wasn't really a woman because she was a man in India; Mom overcame her chagrin from his digging's results with her firm belief in my spiritual godfather, saying that he knew everything before she had even opened her mouth and would tolerate and forgive any of her mistakes -- faith conquers all; she had an attitude and air !!! No big deal... a GOOPy bar of soap cleaned me right up after my having returned home, shrouded in dirt from a local garbage dump -- a neighbor had told her, "Only his two eyes were cleanly visible"; differences between Daoism/Taoism and Buddhism were "over [her] head" -- "I don't know and I don't care" as a GOOPy doo would say: 我唔知, 我唔識, 我唔懂, 我唔care, 我係Karen; my Big Brother in his secret remarks to me labeled her -- 時局撚化, 我哋唔肯化. 『香港真係好撚靚』、『我真係好撚鍾意香港』兩句都係害人嘅精神白粉. -- as having quintessentially 唔化 attitude; 《屌你老母》《屌你新母》: just pass the tarred-and-defeathered hahahalal chicken to Confuçius to eat in the Chinese Crabs' Party; mercy dispensed from a transgender Guanyin is still mercy, notwithstanding her "big feet" or what's in her crotch; when my Mom took me to a Buddhist temple for making ritualistic things necessary for funerals and "the afterlife," I didn't try to discover whether it was a monastery or a nunnery by grabbing the crotches of the bald-headed gray-robe-garbed ones; here's another confusing item to me: if a person has died, that person by definition has no life whatsoever, how can there still be an "afterlife" for that person ? The only person in the U.S. who had actually discussed "religion" with me [ in a private-home setting due to our talking about my deceased parents who I had believed were "Buddhists" -- my Big Brother, based upon his warren digging, might have called them Taoist Bodhisattva Confusians, I suppose.. ] told me that Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion so if one dies, one's consciousness disappears, for what then were all those funerals and ritualistic things ? it must be for the ones who are still alive; that Buddhist temple may not have been genuinely Buddhist at all; oh, say, can't you see: atheism, monotheism, bitheism, tritheism.. polytheism.. pantheism.. are all compatible, right ? ignorance is bliss: x = y, y = z, z > x; religious Confusionism may be a heritable trait, protected by the First Amendment } ).

It's time for Russia's very capable airpower as already been proven in Ukraine to execute the Kaliningrad Airlift to put the Berlin Airlift to shame. 》Ich bin ein Königsberger !《 ich bin ein Frankfurter; sie ist ein Hamburger...

Israel had blocked any concrete import { breaching Israel's naval blockade } into Gaza City so concrete was indeed classified as a military warring material. If Gazans could make concrete fly, I'm confident that Migs and SUs can make it fly, too.

Losing after a strong & earnest fight is still glorious. Being in second place doesn't invite all of the arrows aiming at the back of the first-place holder who having fought the second-place holder has gained respect for the second-place holder's prowess but without growing envious & still feeling a bit secure, with the Kaliningrad Airlift to feed the starving Zureiche poor.

猫语录: 坚持到底就是老书

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Peierls gave first computations of how little [highly purified] fissile material was needed to create a nuclear bomb. Allied's graphite vs. Nazi-conquered Norway's hydroelectric/NH4 plant's D2O => copycat Stool-in's Chernobyl graphite fire => U.S.S.R. breakup => Russia-Ukraine [Marx:]"Engine of Progress" => missed plantings/fertilizing => famine & jihad я ?!

Shameful SCOTUS.

Today, the Supreme Court threw out the NY hand gun law putting every single American at more danger of being shot and killed.


They also limited our Miranda rights! A fundamental right we've had for decades. Police first. Now we can't sue if they forget to tell us our rights. Unbelievable.



So, what Kshama Sawant and Chris Hedges talk about in this video is ever more meaningful:


Sawant says, "And in fact, it’s quite spectacular now what we are seeing from the consciousness of ordinary people, understanding that the Biden administration has completely failed them. And you don’t have to take the word of a socialist. You can see the approval ratings for Biden are as low as they’ve ever been throughout this presidency. It’s not just him, but the Democratic establishment including his regime have completely failed in passing any kind of progressive program, whether it is $15 an hour or Medicare for All. As you said, he promised to cancel student debt and not even a fraction of that measure has been carried out. And so it’s no wonder. This is exactly the reason why now we are staring into potential clobbering of the Democrats by the Republicans and by the right wing in the midterm elections."

I mean it's unbelievable what is going on in this country.

Sawant points out how "the idea is that you can actually make change by not antagonizing the powers that be and resorting to moral persuasion and prioritizing peaceful – And not just peaceful, but extremely cordial relationships with big business, politicians, with Democratic Party politicians as in Seattle, and with big business lobbyists.

Well, we threw that guidebook out the window because we understand from our study of history as socialists, as Marxists, that that is precisely what doesn’t work in the interest of the working class. And in fact, it is not an incidental idea, this pervasive idea that, well, we should all be talking nicely regardless of our position in society, and that is the way to convince rich people to hand a little bit of crumbs to those of us who don’t have any."

She is exactly right. The powers that be don't give a crap about any of us. If we're nice, they just take advantage and go about their business of raping and pillaging.

I agree that we Americans may be missing formalized Earth-science education because of our educational system.

It's however untrue that we cannot understand Earth-science issues. In the latter half of the 1960s, I understood Alfred Wegener's fuller development of the continental-drift theory. It came with a statement that Earth-science "experts" had dismissed it for many decades, primarily because Wegener wasn't a properly credentialed "expert." Some geologists went into the field of studying Earth because it was truly the biggest thing they could reasonably get their hands on so they had an inherent bias against believing in such HUGE things as the North American continent's moving by inches every year. Whoever thought that was possible was considered to be a bit crazy at least.

The scientific establishment has pretty much accepted continental-drift theory's progeny, plate-tectonics (after discovering mid-oceanic ridges and their oceanic-core-samples' geomagnetization, etc.), as being verifiably true and useful ( yes, there was much real money made by believing in plate-tectonics theory and acting upon it ! e.g. major GPS-enabled-plateform-stabilizing deepwater discovery and recovery of crude oil and gas off of both South America's off-of-Brazil and Africa's South Atlantic coasts, which had been close to each other before the Atlantic Ocean formed ). What led the oldtime "experts" astray was that continents are indeed HUGE but they were both lubricated by hydrates as well as being pushed by HUGE forces.

If we believe in the scientific Genesis of the Cosmos from the primordial quark-gluon soup, we can say that God, the Supreme Dice Player or an overloaded highly frustrated sub-minimum-wage graduate-student teaching assistant grading students' term papers by using a staircase-sorter "mass spectrometer," splashed this soup UP this nuclear binding energy curve starting from the lower-left corner. The higher up a local peak is, the likelier that we get more of that chemical element because its nucleus is stabler. We have Fe-Ni meteorites because both Iron and Nickel are near the global top and they aren't as volatile as the lighter ones consisting of ice(H2O), soot(C), sand(SiO2) etc. Note that H, C, O, Si, Fe, Ni are all at least locally stabler elements according to the curve (Earth has abundant carbon in its reductive lithosphere: coke/char/coal and much O2 in its oxidative atmosphere; subduction of tectonic plates with carbonates creates out of common olivine/serpentine rocks or their precursors carbon-rich gases in the form of methane ice, for example; it's possible to make carboniferous fuels from carbon dioxide, hydrogen of water or hydrates, energy, and reducing agents such as rocks). It's not accidental that we build skyscrapers with reinforced concrete using these commonly available elements. We can also see why Red China was exploring the far side of the Moon. They want to mine He-3 which like milk that has its lactose digested by enzyme still holds much energy to be released if compressed sufficiently to merge. Compare with the upper-right side where the fissile nuclear material U-235 and U-238 are marked. He-3 has far more energy to be released if compressed sufficiently to merge in nuclear fusion. He-3 is the flying ember flung out by the sun. Structuring chaos is how Cosmos was made. It's not just Aufbau Prinzip used for structuring electrons around atomic nuclei to give rise to Chemistry; it's also Abbau Prinzip structuring the splashing of the quark-gluon soup in nucleosynthesis. Western Australia was probably an earliest part of the Earth's crust to solidify and it hadn't been perturbed much by plate-tectonics so it holds very ancient rocks and some earliest lifeforms such as stromatolites. The reddish rock often has iron rust which also gives Mars its reddish color (much blood is reddish for the same reason arising from the iron which role in a less oxygen-rich ancient environment may have been played by a different transition element such as copper resulting in greenish or bluish blood {ionic radius is an important property of an ion which determines its softness/hardness potential in creating its minerals with low/high melting-point temperatures; ionic radius is related to surface charge density which is important in Biology and catalyses involving ions such as molybdenum 6+ with a very strong positive charge and can thus easily suck away electrons from molecules and it's a strong oxidizer; iron 3+ is also a strong oxidizer for the same reason so excessive Fe 3+ in one's body can acclerate aging because "life is electric fire burning slowly in water" burning quickly instead of slowly means it's over sooner; in order to live long and prosper, one must control the fire well -- slowly burning but enough that it doesn't go out easily; the fire is a dance between ions mingling so to make it slow, a lipid membrane separates them so a gradient of their concentrations can exist for a while longer } ).

Plate-tectonic movements are both blessings and curses. India slamming into Asia illustrates this very well with earthquakes (e.g. Allah's Afghanistan's Khost Abbau,) tallest mountains (Himalayas), oil/gas/coal deposits in its periphery (e.g. Xinjiang has likely been bumped higher up than before so its rivers may have changed course directions), geological faults (e.g. the ones running from southwestern to northeastern Red China where close-to-the-Yellow-Sea there is oil and gas), volcanoes (e.g. Paetu/Baetu on the border of Red China and North Korea) etc.

I was an "honor student" in high school so it's true that I didn't study Earth science in a U.S. high school. I think that Earth-science and Biology used to deal with subjects so complex that they became bogged down in nomenclatures. Then teachers resorted to teaching [descriptive] gross simplifications which sort-of became superficial "fast foods [for thoughts]." One got stuffed but still felt unsatisfied. Every field of study "achieved" initial "breakthroughs" with gross simplifications without much detail. In the beginning, there were only black and white, no gray whatsoever. In the beginning, there were only one and zero, no 0.707. In the beginning, there was only cellular nuclear DNA but now there is mitochondrial DNA. In the beginning, there were only DNA-RNA-protein cellular genome-to-proteome phenotype expression but now there is epigenetics (related to what the scientists didn't understand so they simply called the vastly longer lengths of non-gene DNA the junk DNA to hide their own ignorance; it seems that the overwhelming amount of junk was necessary to make possible humans who have a lot fewer genes than the fruits and vegetables they eat).

If I ask you this question, "if carbon dioxide is now 410 parts per million and nitrogen is around 780000 parts per million, why isn't the overwhelming moral-majority nitrogen causing global warming and wacky weather instead of the moral-minority carbon dioxide ?" how will you answer me ? A random shot of a light-/heat-ray particle through air has about 780000÷410 ~=1,900 i.e. many more times chance of hitting nitrogen than hitting carbon dioxide. I could sort of guess at what an Earth-science teacher of mine might have answered me with, probably something like: "We don't study gases' moral-psychology here in this [scientific] class !"

Why shouldn't it be IT'S ALL ABOUT "THE NITROGEN CYCLE" you dumb, ignorant, arrogant mthrfkers! ?

I haven't been taught Biology's Krebs cycle three times as the climate journalist has but I was taught Thermodynamics four times. Now can't I be regarded as being an "expert" ?

Thermodynamics' Laws are:

0th: When any two bodies are each separately in thermal equilibrium with a third, they are also in thermal equilibrium with each other.

1st: You can't win, with any energy conversion process, hoping to gain in total energy.

2nd: You can't even break even, unless you reach absolute zero.

3rd: You can't ever reach absolute zero, regardless of whatever you do.

Quantum physics: There exists zero-point energy, an absolutely inexhaustible source of energy, if you should reach absolute zero; otherwise it always serves to mess up all your precise "ultimate" measurements. (cf. Soviet-style disinformation ordained by ¿hermaphrodite? God as loincloth to cover up [primordial] kaon.)

Almost all dads are mthrfkers (as robobabymakers can't make номо for any dad; where else did babies come from besides mthrs ? carried home atop chimneys by storks ? picked up from public toilets ? 《only microcephalic babies could fit their heads into a toilet bowl's drainage pond -- there's insufficient space there》 maybe you couldn't make it to be a dad yet because it did require a fk and more ? did you or do you give a fk ?) and everyone is a douchebag thermodynamic loser.

If one views a human being as a conglomerate of molecules which transmit information to the next instant of time to form a new conglomerate of molecules, one may say that a human being has survived if the new one is sufficiently reproducing the old one. Claude E. Shannon's 1948 paper showed that this communication process can be as error-free as one desires as long as its data rate doesn't exceed the channel's capacity. Humans certainly have some regenerative mechanisms: in the extreme case, new babies are indeed made.

Yes, near immortality is possible, even if limited to one's own body. The trick is to trigger the regenerative mechanisms without causing data rate to exceed the channel's restorative capacity possibly by using redundancy-containing coding techniques such as in Deinococcus radiodurans.

NB: "Americans Are Missing a Key Stratum of Modern Knowledge" - by Kendra Pierre-Louis:

"To understand how climate change is altering our planet, it helps to know a little Earth science."

By the way, IT'S ALL ABOUT "THE CARBON CYCLE" you dumb, ignorant, arrogant mthrfkers!

PS:Also^note how shit-spewer's reply has "metastasized" from 2 lines to 9 paragraphs of crap!

PPS: To see just how utterly fkn dumb some Americans can actually be, do also try to consider

respice; adspice; prospice - et caveat!!!

Thread: No War, Not Now, Not Ever
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"Glenn Greenwald sounds off on lengthening Ukraine War"

MULTUM in parvo!

Thread: No War, Not Now, Not Ever
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"The Lie of American Innocence" by Chris Hedges:

which starts with --- "The Cold War, from 1945 to 1989, was a wild Bacchanalia for arms manufacturers, the Pentagon, the CIA, the diplomats who played one country off another on the world’s chess board & the global corporations able to loot & pillage by equating predatory capitalism with freedom.In the name of national security, the Cold Warriors, many of them self-identified liberals, demonized labor (& unions), independent media, human rights organizations - and those who opposed the permanent war economy and the militarization of American society, as soft on communism. That is why they have resurrected it."

And ends with: "It is an imperative that we must be better, do better. We owe it to the future. Gather our courage & although difficult - be prepared to speak and act against what is plainly wrong if we have any semblance of conscience within us!"

Re. your "the U.S. is shrinking from its traditional role of championing Freedom and Democracy" - as usual, U are full of RW Establishment PR/opaganda! Just reprise this very exchange on this thread; OR re-read this entire forum-post; OR - just go try to face the facts here below; U $H!T Spewing RWNJ!

Furthermore, as U are the voice of RW, reactionary, American Conservatives here; U'll be resisted, hard and as U are trapped in a world of deep RW b-s gripes I'll put U straight every time U reply; guaranteed!

et nosce te ipsum!

Thread: Pandemic Speculation
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"Another lesson of the pandemic is that when any of us is exposed, all of us are. Universal, effective and affordable healthcare makes us all stronger and safer. The simplest way to achieve that is Medicare for All." - from:

ad iudicium?!

Thread: Pandemic Speculation
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"Cuba, despite its economic limitations, has historically punched above its weight in public health policy.

"The Caribbean nation has a COVID-19 vaccination rate of more than 90 percent, despite limitations on importing precursors and equipment to develop its own vaccination program.

As "The lawmakers said the Cuban vaccines, produced at reduced cost with limited infrastructure,could assist the Biden administration’s goal to distribute cheap and effective vaccines worldwide.

Further “US sanctions on Cuba directly impede these goals - not only by harming the country’s ability to vaccinate its own population but also -- by placing obstacles in the way of Cuba’s ability to produce and distribute its vaccine to other countries that continue to face shortages,” wrote the Democrats.

At least: "Still, the lawmakers recognized that Cuba’s vaccine success has yet to be fully verified by the international medical community, despite evidence of its success." - from:

fiat lux et fiat justitia!

Thread: Assault Weapons is what makes US Acceptional
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

U are the "$H!T Spewing Right Wing Nut Job" and anyone only need read the following reply to your retarded, reactionary, Right Wing b-s to see that - although there is also recourse to reprising the entire exchange thread if U want; U $H!T Spewing Right Wing Nut Job! So read this & weep - U $S-RWNJ:

U are a mendacious moron & a dishonest interlocutor -- as exampled and exemplified by your previous much mutated reply & this^reply of 3 paras (2, 3 & 4 lines long) immediately above - is also up for later alteration too, isn't it - U p-o-s?!


et veritas vos liberabit!

Thread: Prison labor, Slavery, and Capitalism
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"US Prison Workers Produce $11B worth of goods and services for ‘little to no pay at all’!" - by Sarakshi Rai:

fiat justitia - ruat caelum!

Thread: Assault Weapons is what makes US Acceptional
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

And The Truth Will Set You Free!!! with Prof. Gary Younge:

“Do you love the second amendment more than you love your children?!!"

and stop spewing reactionary, self-referential, reactionary gobbledegook!

et veritas vos liberabit ...

Thread: Time to absolve student debt.
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 week ago

If the person can keep herself healthy, she can forego death insurance and get several hundred dollars a month to pay towards her federal student loan.

College education does a great job of fostering class mixing and mingling but that only benefits the ones who know how to take advantage of "connections". That may be why many colleges built so many new sports facilities turning themselves into "country clubs" ( what do you really think happens at a "country club" and a golf course aside from intercepting a porn star on the twelveth hole ? "country clubs" nowadays are admittedly more sex-inclusive than "gentlemen's clubs" which had excluded women right "off-the-bat" there with their names; what do you think Poo-tin was doing taking a "fishing trip" with Russia's Minister of Defence, Shoigu ? Talking over the upcoming invasion of Ukraine ? On a golf course, businessman golfing buddies also talk about upcoming mergers and acquisitions and making 屌/deals ) costing a huge bundle of money to build the facilities and attend as a student.

You can probably figure out by now which college I had attended.

No one loaned me any money for my college education so I had zero student debt. It takes money (an income stream) to borrow money. While studying in college, I had an outgo stream, not an income stream. My parents weren't going to borrow money for me -- they got enough of their own problems.

I went to college before much of the financial industry had figured out how to get something good ( i.e. a debt repayment stream of money ) for nearly nothing except for the paperwork dealing with what's created "out of thin air." The paperwork has largely been "algorithmized" and automated by high-tech computing technologies of the National Association banks.

Does anyone still remember Chase Manhattan Bank's promotion of Bank Americard(R), an early credit card ? I do.

It seems like crocodile's tears to cry about a looming financial hurricane of one's own pioneered "innovative" industry's making. Credit default swap was another well-feared-by-now "innovation" that had nearly collapsed much of the "developed" world's economies in the Great Recession.

In the financial world, the arsonist who cries aloud, "Fire ! Fire !" while running away from the fire set is regarded as a sage and a hero for alerting others to flee the conflagration.

Thread: Time to absolve student debt.
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23590) 1 week ago

Social Security can be garnished for student debt!


Many grandparents have either their own debt or they've taken student debt on for their loved ones. What a scam! College shouldn't cost so much that poor people who love their families have to resort to being death slaves in old age in order to boost up the next generation. It's truly disgusting.


Thread: Time to absolve student debt.
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 weeks ago

"61-year-old Student-Loan Borrower chooses between paying her debt, and paying for health insurance — and Biden's forgiveness plans won't help"! by Ayelet Sheffey:

fiat justitia!

Thread: Assault Weapons is what makes US Acceptional
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 weeks ago

a HUGE Standing Army and umpteen levels of 'Official US Armed Services & Agencies'

These weren't even imagined at the time of the Founding Fathers, who were far more concerned about the continuation/survival of the "experiment" (George Washington) at self governance without a king, or the "republic, if you can keep it" (Benjamin Franklin).

The Founding Fathers were obviously thinking about a citizen militia when James Madison wrote down the first and second amendments necessary for the ratification of the U.S. Constitution by the thirteen original colonies/states (the southern ones being slave-holding ones requiring the constitutionally guaranteed right of bearing arms/guns for their citizenry's coercion of the slaves who might revolt and representation of the slave population at a discounted rate of 3/5 that of White men { women weren't even considered much } in the Electoral College -- it's why I had said that slavery was the Original Sin of the U.S.A., later partially cleansed with human blood in the American Civil War which still didn't suffice because the Republicans, in order to gain the Presidency, abandoned the Reconstruction of the conquered slave-holding South in a compromise with the slavery-favoring Democrats.) The second being necessary to buttress the first, which hemmed in the U.S. Congress which had its discounted representation for the slaves. Citizen militia was necessary to prevent our republic from slipping into a tyranny. Maybe we should upgrade our citizenry's firepower to the level commensurate with our standing army to prevent its being used by the likes of the Cheatose(R) to exercise tyranny.

Global Plutonium Association needs to continue its urgent task to achieve: a nuclear bomb under every kitchen sink. It's more urgent than an electric light on every kitchen ceiling. DPRK should be invited to become a board director of the Global Plutonium Association so that it can teach and direct people how to keep their existing electric lights on with plutonium power. DPRK is so dark at night because it's afraid of nighttime air raids by the U.S., Japan, or ROK, or their kids are so efficient at studying and finishing up all homework that they can go to bed at sunset. I used to be in bed by 8 p.m. but ahh.. those were the good old kiddie days when I was highly efficient at studying, finishing up all homework, and snooze until 7 a.m. the next morning. Maybe the DPRK kids can recognize in the darkness the Milky Way, the North-Star Polaris, how to locate Polaris pointed upward to by the Big Dipper's two stars at its ladle's outer edge at a sky apparent distance of about five times the sky apparent distance between the two stars ("in the northern hemisphere, you'll always know your direction home on any dark cloudless starry night," ) see brilliant Vega, and know Orion constellation, its Nebula (the greenish tint of light from part of it shows the presence of doubly ionized oxygen { oxygen nucleus is most often just three helium nuclei fused together and helium nuclei are already very stable nuclei and very common in the universe so oxygen nuclei are even stabler and very abundant among lighter elements 《the other noteworthy stable light one is carbon so the Earth probably has much deep underground carbon, too -- yes, there's indeed a lot of coal available to make carbon dioxide; tectonic movements can probably create new oil and gas fields or replenish old ones over a long time》; we human beings are by mass comprised mostly of oxygen because we are douche bags of salty water and the hydrogen part of the water has low mass } so with the presence of abundant hydrogen, we may say that primordial water is probably widely available there in the deep when God's spirit hovers over the deep and says, "Let there be light !" and new stars are born brilliant in Shining Time Station,) and its very bright stars Rigel, Betelgeuse, etc. as Simba was told.

It seems that no one who doesn't have a big outstanding loan balance can snooze because the producer price index increase may very well soon become consumer price index increase. All debtors are getting bigger reliefs soon via higher inflation. Maybe the U.S. could break the record set when I was starting out in adult life. My Mom was complaining of groceries' prices becoming exorbitant. ( High-inflationary times are perfect for learning the discipline of fasting 《for most people of the developed world where obesity diseases run rampant ★sleeping counts as the ¿best way? to fast ♥I achieved my best academic performance after I'd slept instead of studied before final exams ♥ so I was fasting for at least 11 hours a day before my Big Brother bought us a television set and I started watching with my family a bit more of a nighttime show★; it works like my tried-and-true highly effective method of refreshing my store of groceries by stopping grocery shopping until I cannot find any more [old] stored groceries to eat》to improve one's health greatly by chanting the mantra, "Delay some more《屌你新母》! " as a rejoinder to the English-speaking grim-reaper teacher's sternly saying, "Delay no more《屌你老母》! ") She told me to get a real promotional break for a new-car loan at 13.9% per annum interest rate.

It was certainly a break from my having to walk through a tall-corn field and when I emerged, being honked at by the ¿surprised? car drivers who had probably thought that I was either drunken or crazy walking along the muddy side of the highway at night as there was and probably still is no sidewalk in rural America. Pity the children in New York City who couldn't recognize Orion due to light pollution. Even in the muddy tall-corn field hemmed in by ¿cornwall?, Orion was visible up there together with many stars.

I spent at least $10,000 in inflation-adjusted-to-2018 U.S. dollars to get my car driver's license (I was the first owner of a car in my family so my learning to drive required me to pay for renting a car and the instructor, both of which are usually available nearly additional-cost-free by the family cars and the parents of typical American families). This expenditure was incurred because I didn't have "American and American-families' car culture." A high-school teacher was telling me and others in his class that he would be available to teach anyone how to drive if we get to school much earlier than usual. It just went right "over my head." I certainly neither wanted to drive nor drove in the City of New York as the Metropolitan Transit Authority's subway system reached to within walking distance (usually less-than-10 minutes of walking) of everywhere I wanted to go.

Boy ! There was a different world outside of New York City. As I strolled through the straight muddy path flanked by the two sidewalls of tall corn stalks indistinguishable where I was or how far I had gone in the sea of ¿cornwall?, I kept on thinking of "Giants in the Earth".

I should've taken up the high-school teacher's offer to learn driving (some soon-to-be high-school graduates might have been going away from New York City so he was probably trying to take up the role of a surrogate parent teaching driving skills to help the kids) before leaving -- it's good to have foresight and cultural knowledge of locale's conditions.

I reread your comment. Nowhere did you mention the First Amendment's relationship to the Second Amendment being adopted as a part of the Bill of Rights which are the initial ten amendments to the proposed U.S. Constitution in order that ALL thirteen original colonies/states ratify the constitution under the shadow cast by slavery which was expediently dealt with, only to blow up later as new territories joined the U.S.A. becoming new states which shifted the balance of power between the commercial industrial North and the rural slave-holding agricultural South. I learnt American History during my high-school years. I suppose that many foreigners may not have studied American History for a whole school year. It's partly why I question whether you've studied American History in detail to know the context of the creation of the U.S. Federal Government after the failure of the Original Thirteen Colonies' Articles of Confederation. The fatal flaw of the Articles of Confederation was its lack of a Continental Army ready to fight the British. Since those American Revolutionary War days, the Army's progeny has definitely grown to a HUGE size by now in terms of its equipment and global Periplaneta scope but not in personnel or warship count. Red China has far more soldiers & more warships, built using Australian coal & iron ore.

It seems that people who were born in a place aren't as interested or knowledgeable about it as the new immigrants. When I was a child, born on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, I neither cared nor knew or understood my Big Brother's big fuss about Boundary Street (an old border) and Kowloon City. ( I did notice the bizarre nature very deeply { every few minutes a huge airplane would roar above our heads ¿screaming bloody murder? while we waited on an extremely crammed building's roof for a chicken to bleed to death, be stuffed into a bucket of tar/black-goo, and have its feathers all plucked off } when my Mom took me to Kowloon City to buy the best freshly live-killed chicken to serve up to the deities { only Confucius was a meat eater, no matter; Guanyin might be a woman in China or originally a man in India, transgender no matter; my Mom agreed with my Big Brother: Guanyin had been male because of her "big feet" in my Mom's words } in my spiritual godfather's temple.) He was a new immigrant to Hong Kong and I was a native-born Hong Konger.

Thread: Assault Weapons is what makes US Acceptional
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 weeks ago

The 2A Text : "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." .. Now compare and contrast that ^; with The Preamble of the US Constitution:

  • "We the People of the United States - in Order to form a more perfect Union, Establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity; do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

So, please consider - IS "A well regulated Militia necessary - to the security of a free state" NOW in present "United States of Amnesia" (Gore Vidal)?!!!!

Surely the Second Clause, ie. --- "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,", is contingent on a "Militia" being "necessary" but HOW is that the case, in times of a HUGE Standing Army and umpteen levels of 'Official US Armed Services & Agencies'?!!!

Furthermore - is it not clearly the case that the "Domestic Tranquility" and - "The General Welfare" of the Citizens of the USA, are NOW directly threatened by the wildest possible reading of the old 2A, from a time of single shot weapons & no standing army?!!

Sadly, there is just no getting over the very deep psychological truth of "for many White Americans the idea of the gun is the only power they have left"!

omnia causa fiunt!


PS: The reactionary reply below was just 4 paras of 1,3,5 & 8 lines 2 hours after my reply, et ecce homo!

Thread: Israel=A brutal terrorist state
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 weeks ago

NB: http://www.davidsheen.com/ & also see: http://davidsheen.com/bio.htm

And also note well, the $H!T Spewing RWNJ's reply below, of 7 paragraphs

(2,2,2,6,3,2 & 2) lines - which'll now soon be added to copiously no doubt!!!

Now please watch -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMlt9Si9Ti8 [66m]

et honi soit qui mal y pense!


PS: Yep $H!T Spewer has started adding crap to prior crap! Oy Vey! + See:


And does ANYONE here even have a clue wTf the $S-RWNJ is on about?!

MULTUM in parvo!

Thread: Israel=A brutal terrorist state
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 weeks ago

Answer: Russia gave tacit consent to Israel's bombings of Syria in self defense, in exchange for not antagonizing Russia (Russia has a military base in Syria very close to Israel which has a record of bombing any potentially unfriendly threats nearby: Syria's nuclear reactor, Iraq's nuclear reactor, USS Liberty, etc.) e.g. not voting at the U.N. to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine and demand Russia's withdrawal from Ukraine. The West also did the same (i.e. let it be) because al-Assad ruling much of Syria is allied with Russia.

Israel bombs Syria primarily because of Iran's supplying weapons and "martyrs" to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

When Israel feels threatened, it strikes anywhere and everywhere. It attacked both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. (I think that my Big Brother inspected the fallout shelter because he might have known what was happening around 1973 Yom Kippur when Egypt and Israel fought over Sinai Peninsula, each side allied with the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. respectively) and I think that most of us (excluding Iran, for now) have learnt our [painful] lessons from Israel.

Israel is under a lot of stress these days. Egypt, Türkiye, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran are all potential blow-ups nearby. Egypt, Türkiye, and Lebanon are suffering from high food prices due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Türkiye wants to send the millions of Syrian refugees back home to Syria because Türkiye has ~74% recent inflation rate and running out of real credible money (in order to feed and house the refugees, despite Türkiye's having bought much grain Russia had stolen from eastern Ukraine; Türkiye has quite a reputation of being opportunistic such as [clandestinely] trading with Iran 《to get sanction-stranded-and-thus-cheapened crude oil <India benefits from Western-sanctions-cheapened Russian oil, too, by not upsetting Russia at the U.N., same as Red China> and Iran still wanted gold which is pretty invisible and untraceable, just done over the mutual border》while Iran was under sanctions so buying stolen grain isn't anything new). Türkiye may start a war in Syria to clear the space for the "returning-home" Syrian refugees to live (among other objectives).

Lebanon has been a [waste] basket case for years now. Hezbollah has been doing Allah's Reconstruction there with Iran's help. The 1960s' "Beirut streets paved with 'gold'" wasn't good enough so Allah wants streets paved with human blood instead.

Iran is acting up again as usual, after further dismantling IAEA monitoring devices watching Iran's nuclear weapons program. Iran-Israel is quite an energetic ready-for-incendiary-action pair for the Middle East.

You do know that the West by and large defers to Allah's Reconstruction plan, don't you ? I'm no exception although my deference might have come from different sources { i.e. my ignorance about Islam, Middle-Eastern customs, 《though somewhat more knowledgeable than my average American compatriots, I think -- partly because my Florida orange juice at our family's Sunday brunches had turned into Tang(R), then vanished altogether; even the brunches disappeared; my Dad was laid off; and we moved away from "Academic Acropolis" aka "White Harlem"; our home being broken into and ransacked was the reason why we scurried away because "White Harlem" was still a "Harlem"; WTF was going on ?! It had to do with Jews worldwide moving back to their ancestral centuries/millennia-of-years-ago homeland in the Middle East; Lebensraum conflicts ensued; there was surely better-life-supporting unoccupied/sparsely populated land around the world than that near-desert but that wouldn't be as meaningful to the Jews, would it ? we were thus dragged into the Meaningful Cyclone via global oil pricing》and Starfleet Academy Prime Directive of Non-interference without abridging my rights to free speech, religious freedom, free press.. as a U.S. citizen }.

Thread: Israel=A brutal terrorist state
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 weeks ago

Consider: How Israel's attacks on Syria, have become so normalized now - that not even a major attack on the Damascus airport can attract any attention or condemnation from the "Rules-Based International Order" loving Western/US/UK MSM! The "rules" permit & indeed even encourage - violence against any 'Disobedient States'!

Damascus International Airport will be out of use for some time after the Israeli attack - likely weeks and even possibly, many months. The planes are unable to move, after the runways were taken out after big strikes on each runway. All remaining flights have been redirected to Aleppo - at huge cost and air travel in Syria is paralysed.

fiat lux et fiat pax!

Thread: Yay Biden
[-] 2 points by gsw (3398) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 2 weeks ago

Children have constitutional rights. Or only 18 years plus.


After Uvalde, a group of pediatricians published a plea for gun control in Scientific American. The doctors pointed out that gun violence is now the leading cause of death among people aged 1 to 19.

"The politicization of guns, they wrote, is "taking priority over public health." How else to explain the endless proliferation of killing machines when we won't even tolerate a faulty ladder?

Many factors drive this politicization.

For one thing, gun sales are big business—some manufacturers with federal contracts even use their profits to lobby against gun control. For another, the National Rifle Association holds great sway in Washington and drives large campaign donations to GOP politicians to ensure inaction.

Thread: Yay Biden
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 weeks ago

Absolutely true, we have the best government in the world that money can buy. Poly-ticking to get a mandate from God must come before commanding. Senators are mostly about allocating money. Ukraine got a lot of money allocated to it already. That's why I had said that U.S. Senators couldn't lead well as a Commander-in-Chief. $40 billion already allocated to Ukraine should last for quite a while but money isn't heavy weaponry in eastern Ukraine. It's called Jews helping the Russian Jew with unrestrained use of heavy weapons. Therein lies an explanation why the Holocaust could have occurred.

As the U.S., Germany is also led by a Deliberator, not a Commander fit for guiding a special military resistance to shore up global rule-based order necessary for weaker countries to thrive. If this order should collapse, there would be a lot more neighbors bullying neighbors.

Of course, the U.S. can retreat from the Old World and just bully our New World neighbors but would that be a good thing for either side or both ? The Old World surely has quite a few bullies to fill in any power vacuum. It's actually why a relative backwater Africa may well be a success story in the making if Africans can avoid warring among themselves and just making money building up Africa and supplying materials for rebuilding the wartorn continents. Both Europe and Asia are going to be engulfed in major wars { Russia for Europe and Red China for Asia; DPRK is just a phallus drooping off of Beijing so it's really an "autonomous" province of Red China like Xinjiang and is subject to spontaneous erections and more during after-lunch naps; has Biden changed baby diapers of Boom Boom Baby and got "sprayed" with kiddie perfume for "my Grandpa" [by Ted Hughes -- "The truth of the matter, the truth of the matter"] ? DPRK actually beats Gaza City by far as the biggest open-air prison in the World; the whole DPRK is a re-education brainwashing camp } so the bullies aren't likely to reach Africa anytime soon due to physical distance and lots of local countries existing nearby to be bullied.

In my reckoning right now, only the U.S. has a truly global reach with its military power. It's doing this with prepositioned overseas military bases (I don't know how many but there are allegedly hundreds; my guess of real ones, not just a cabinet of equipment in a closet, is between 500 and 700, as compared to any other country's fewer than 10 mostly; it's only an illusion that the U.S. deliberately surrounds any country which bans U.S. military bases, with U.S. military bases) and about ten aircraft carrier task groups (relative to other countries' usual zero, one, or two aircraft carriers at most. A task group usually consists of at least a dozen or so warships, each often specialized for a tactical purpose. U.S. aircraft carriers can carry many more aircraft than other countries' carriers because they are bigger. The aircraft can also carry heavier payloads because they are launched by the catapults often with nuclear-reactor-generated power so U.S. aircraft carriers are truly "flat tops" without "ski-jump takeoff ramps." I visited a U.S. aircraft carrier (probably the USS America, now lying deep in the Atlantic Ocean waters off of Norfolk, Virginia) in the early 1970s, probably after the U.S. had already secured agreement on how to end the Vietnam Conflict, with the consent of Red China ( I think that Red China had probably consented to the port-of-call visit by the Kitty-Hawk-class aircraft carrier in the soon-to-be-postwar euphoria; unfortunately, Watergate soon intervened so the U.S. might not have carried out its end of the deal until much later during the wily Vietnam-draft-evading Bill Clinton's Presidency with the help of Senator John S. McCain III who had been shot down and captured as a fighter-jet bombing pilot POW and tortured by the North Vietnamese; there was forgiveness/redemption, somewhat of a Christian concept but many Americans are indeed Christians or brought up as such, whether actually observant or not but religions and politics are two subjects one doesn't bring up and talk about "in polite company" because we have many many sects, all Christian and we ourselves may not even know what we actually believe -- a bit like my Mom who would serve up the best live-kill chicken and roasted pork to my vegetarian spiritual godfather; sure enough, my Big Brother gave her a speech after doing his deity research but there were three deities in the temple, two definitely vegetarian but many believers were serving up meat-offerings, some vastly more extravagant than my Mom's: such as roasted whole pigs or piglets; U.S. First Amendment protecting the freedom of religion could surely work just fine there with those porky offerings !) and North Vietnam. I touched the only aircraft, a Phantom fighter jet (much used in the Vietnam Conflict,) still on the flight deck which we ascended to from the hangar deck while standing with other visitors and guides atop a huge elevator platform.

U.S. GOOPy party has much to be blamed for the coming consequences. George Washington had long ago warned of this pitfall in our republic, if we can keep it. He, being a general and de facto Commander-in-Chief before assuming the newly created Presidency was the main reason why the U.S. has this peculiar concentration of power in the Presidency. The U.S.A. was neither huge nor globally scoped at Washington's time. Most other countries less complicated and/or more locally scoped have a President and a Prime Minister attending to different spheres of operation. Our U.S. Presidency is two very heavily loaded jobs combined into one. Putting an octogenarian in that job is torture and a catastrophe about to happen. Supposedly the Vice President may well offload some burdens but the Vice President doesn't have the legal executive power to carry out the necessary commands. We are entering into midterm election season from July to November so the U.S. President is doing his well-accustomed-to-and-experienced real job -- poly-ticking, at least until after November [Congressional] Election.

Thread: Yay Biden
[-] 2 points by gsw (3398) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 2 weeks ago

Hey, system is working great for the billionaires class