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"How The Cult of Bill Gates .. is leading us towards a climate disaster"!


Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 hours ago

Bernie: "Yes. It is time for the wealthy and large corporations to pay their fair share of taxes."

ad iudicium?

Thread: The Jungle
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 13 hours ago

No, "The Kids Are Not All Right .. Concerns for Mental Health Mount as Schools Reopen"!

omnia causa fiunt ...

Thread: Police State Beatings & Murder
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 13 hours ago

"Chomsky: Protests Unleashed by Murder of George Floyd Exceed All in US History" by G.Yancy:

respice et prospice ...

Thread: Conservative Future
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 13 hours ago

Consider "How Do We Stop Corporations From Shoving Fascism Down Our Throats?"

fiat lux!

" An empire in love with its Afghan cemetery" essential read by Pepe Escobar

fiat lux et fiat justitia ...

Thread: OWS Lives On
[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 14 hours ago

"We are witnessing a crime against humanity’ - Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe"

This excellent article shows what happens when RW, anti-science nationalism is allowed to run riot! Alarmingly this pattern is playing out in Brazil and UK too. The US however may have had its worst!

e tenebris, lux?

"America has a serious fascism problem but it goes way beyond the kinds of authoritarianism displayed by people like Donald Trump. It goes deep, now - into the very structure of corporate America." ... taken

timeo 'corporati' et donna ferentes!

This is San Francisco nowadays. Are you still going to "San Francisco", Berkeley, Oakland, or are you going to Austin, Texass ? Taiwan has 12 people having died of CoViD-19 so far. Contrast that on a per-capita basis with the so-called hegemons !

Hong Kong helped South Korea spread its K-Pop phenomenon globally after a microchip shortage in the late 1980s and triggered the rise of South Korea to become a global economic power with soft cultural strength. Hong Kong is however [road-killed] dead now with Floridian Walt Disney(R)'s inspirational rodent friends of the former salt-making 官富場 being digested in the maw of the Red Dragon. What will replace its 天厨味精, as the Asian economic trebuchet ? Online 味の素 ( ajinomoto ) ? Sprinkled by Sky Cook Sum-ting Wong ?

There was a silvery wriggling fish which got away. A half-virgin birth may require a C-section to deliver for the new religion ( I'm most afraid of the death penalty imposed upon one who has left an old religion; Mom was acquainted with 黃大仙 in her childhood but became non-observant with the atheistic Communists' rise; she was admonished by 黃大仙 when she asked for help regarding my sickness after she had arrived in Hong Kong; she appealed because she believed that it was a case of mistaken identity so she added in additional information saying that she wasn't really from Hong Kong; the admonition stood firm and unchanged with ~1% probability via Kau chim { she got exactly the same number as before out of the one hundred numbers possible }; I wondered about why Mom could turn so quickly from being non-observant to being so devout a believer in 黃大仙; she was definitely a bit befuddled alright by serving live-killed chicken as an offering to a vegetarian deity.)

"Libya's FM urges Turkey to withdraw its mercenaries from country"! (Who knew, or cares?)

From which: "Manqoush calls on Turkey to implement UN Security Council resolutions demanding repatriation of more than 20,000 foreign fighters & mercenaries from Libya." cf.Syria/Libya rat line!

cave - bellum se ipsum alet!

Thread: "Let Them Eat Covid!" (says Politicians to Us)
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Albert Einstein - and NB:

“Those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.” G.B. Shaw

omnia causa fiunt - et veritas vos liberabit!

Thread: Business 21
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

"Humanity Does Not Need Bill Gates" - by Rob Larson & Nathan J. Robinson:

ad iudicium?

Thread: Medicare Under Attack
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

"Prescription Drugs in US are Quadruple what they cost elsewhere, report finds" by S. Zhang:


Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2490) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 week ago

Then comes "The Right To Work:"

Quote Tweet Ted Cruz @tedcruz

"Trevor Noah whines that people are fleeing high-tax blue states & moving in droves to low-tax states like Texas, where the jobs are.

"Doesn’t understand why people like freedom.

"Also predicts the Biden years will be the Great Depression. twitter.com/thedailyshow/s…"

Texas people get low wages and sales tax. Property taxes plague the working and middle classes. Businesses get tax incentives, low (virtual slave) cost labor for moving here. Out of state influx of desperation (lost jobs to the labor arbitrage) workers exacerbate the glut of labor. Thanks Ted Cruz, for the freedom to be virtually enslaved by low pay and debt that characterizes the new confederacy!

Thread: Police State Beatings & Murder
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

Re. "Police “Execution” of Andrew Brown":

deja vu?

Thread: OWS Lives On
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

U saw the word "Neoliberalism" and were immediately triggered, weren't U frf, lol?! How dare U

assume that we still here don't do things, other than just "vote"?!! U sound like a RW reactionary!

et temet nosce!

Thread: OWS Lives On
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

But "lazy" is Pro Status Quo, U duopoly dependent dumb dingbat!!! For every "AOC" there are

several Joe Machins, U total fkn moron!! Republicunts or Democraps, they're on U, factsRfukt!

The USA's 99%'s struggle is way bigger and broader than your Dumb Democrap Dependence!

More of the same inability/refusal to see the Class Struggle past one (s)election cycle is idiotic!

ergo - per aspera ad astra!

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

Re. "Collectively, we should be thinking of different funding models, different ownership scenarios & different growth imperatives. Failure to do so .. is simply resigning ourselves to another round of this rigged game" - please consider ...

ad iudicium?

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

Fiat Debt-Money Credit Systems are run by .. Russians, Chinese, Jewish, Arab, Japanese, European, Latino, African and Asian Bankers .. U simplistic moron!!! Look at who issues the 'money'!! Is it Clubs of Private Bankers? Or is it Publicly Owned State Central Banks? As for a Shia/Sunni divide, it's Monarchy, Oily-garchy, Plutocracy & Theocracy v. Theocracy, and an Arab v. Persian historicity. US/UK back Sunni Arab Despots and Private Central Banks - in the US/UK model! Also ...

radix omnium malorum est cupiditas!

Thread: "Why Bernie Sanders (Still) Matters" by Seth Ackerman
[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 week ago

Our economic system is rigged by credit. It's the fountainhead of the discrimination and genocides against the Jews who had figured it all out centuries ago.

Why should someone who has just created credit out of thin air get the same purchasing power as someone who has created something valuable out of their labor ? In our credit system, they can indeed get the same purchasing power. It's the getting of something valuable for spending a little bit of hot air ( I'm not against stimulus programs based upon credit in the short term to support demand when it craters due to a transient event in order to avoid more permanent damages to the productive facilities; CoViD-19 is a transient event" because we now have the technology to halt it if we can provide rather-low-temperature refrigeration { e.g. with liquid nitrogen or solid carbon dioxide so it does suck more than a bit because we have a problem just covering our vast BIcoastal country } and control what dirt comes out of "men's hearts;" "diseases shall be no more": smallpox is gone, polio is almost gone with worldwide cooperation so with vaccines in hand we can go on to eradicate more diseases with global collaboration; we have just witnessed a breakthrough in getting computer-assisted mRNA vaccines made quickly in record short-time for CoViD-19 under the supervision and help of the "deep state" of/despite our Trumpery TeraERex regime.) After a while once after people have found out what was actually happening, they go after the scapegoat, most often the Jews due to Judaism's tolerance of collecting interests which Christianity and Islam prohibit even though Christians and Muslims also secretly collect interests by hiring the Jews as deputies to collect interests for them ( my Mom had told me of the reason why devout Christians went to church every Sunday: it was to clean up their piled-up sins committed during the just-past days of the week by unloading their sins onto the priests via confessions or praying for forgiveness via "And forgive us our debts as we have forgiven those who have trespassed against us" so that they wouldn't have sins piled up so high that they might well be sent to Hell if they should die; this allows the sinning to begin anew on a reset "cleaned-slate" basis; you can probably guess correctly that my Mom considered us "holier than thou" { as all atheistic Communists do but Mom believed 黄大仙; she was brainwashed by the pseudo-Communists who so-called "liberated" women to take advantage of their ignorance, such as about the permanent neurotoxic effects of benzene/benzine used for thinning paints; well, when the men and savvier women refused to paint, what could the pseudo-Communists do ? "liberate" and "mobilize" the naïver women to do it ! preying upon the ignorant ones is a fairly universal method regardless of the political system; one primary reason that bosses hated to take precautions such as wearing masks and banning thousand-people Chinese New Year banquet and international flights to the World with rampant CoViD-19 spreading is to instill CONfidence in hoi polloi, including our Trumpanzies and GOOPy-doos } so we didn't go to church on Sundays; I wonder for what the Muslims pray but if it is the same flattering and begging for forgivenness to re-enable sinning again on a cleaned slate, my guess is that Paradise must be high up there full of devout Muslims, a bit like in Pakistan's mountainous tribal areas, simply because Muslims pray five times a day, far more often than Christians do; I believe that there in Heavenly Pakistan we'll meet again Osama bin Laden and the dozens of martyrs who gave up their lives and gathered thousands more of "the chaff" to Allah's bonfires of vanity on September 11th, 2001.)

Jews thus dominated the credit system and bore the brunt of the wrath of many nations' peoples whenever economic things went awry ( or people figured out what had really been going on right under their noses in the name of protecting them from the ravages of work, work, and work; something for nearly nothing leads to disputes.) Credit created credit cycles, inflation, deflation, instabilities, loss of livelihoods, substance abuses, assaults and batteries, murders, rapes, domestic abuses, brawls, recessions, panics, depressions, bankruptcies.. and wars. It created many overlapping claims to the valuable products of labor. One just needs to look at what overlapping claims can do over millennia in the case of Islam's Shia and Sunn'i schism. Yeah, Mohammed the Prophet had died more than a millennium ago but the inheritance fight it triggered is still being fought over every single day !

Israel's nearly permanent troubles with its land's former inhabitants represented by Hamas, Fatah, and Hizbollah are exacerbated by the U.S. usage of its credit to help Israel house its new Jewish immigrants. Israel was founded upon the CONTRADICTION of being a secular Jewish state, aspiring to be the haven for the ENTIRE WORLD's Jewry. Occupying Palestine by Israel needs not lead to eternal conflict of Jewish state-imposed de facto apartheid if all Palestinians can be Israeli citizens but Judaism made that nearly impossible ( it's absolutely unlike Christianity which openly welcomes new converts, largely disregarding a lot of the human divisions such as skin colors, maternal derivation, national origins, ethnicities, wealth, incomes, etc.; unlike Judaism, one doesn't need to be married to a Christian or was born of a Christian mother in order to qualify to become a Christian; also unlike Islam, one doesn't incur a death penalty by leaving Christianity; among the three major monotheistic religions, Christianity is the most compatible with modern mobile societies due to its flexibility; aside from the vestiges of governmental imposition, no one in the U.S. has ever asked me about my religion; my answer isn't "my Mother," or "semi-virgin [birth]," okay ?! Mosquitoes in Alaska and the larvae in Grandma's cistern water may qualify, though.) The U.S. wouldn't have caused the building of Jewish settlements on the occupied land of the West Bank if our U.S. populace were asked to put up real cash, not credit guarantee, to pay up to support the creeping Israeli occupation ( in order to house and feed the homeless Israeli refugees from the entire world; don't forget that much of that area is desert and near desert which is inhospitable to high-density human settlement; of course, Israel's efforts striving to house and feed Jewish refugees from the entire world infringed upon Palestinians' Lebensraum or living space ) which makes Oslo Accords increasingly farther away from being realized.

Well-meaning U.S. credit contributed at least indirectly ( Obama was upset by this because where Israel built settlements wasn't controlled by the U.S.; he considered Israel's building upon Palestinian land to have exacerbated the Oslo peace process ) to the Middle East becoming the cauldron of Terrorism ( people need to be well-fed and well-fucked to move and stay away from extremism -- i.e. reasonably high glycemic and endo-opiate levels reduce violence and stabilize societies via serotonin and endorphine doses; there are more beyond these such as mission, meaning, and purpose but they're more individualistic and personal so a free state is less able to direct these and it shouldn't try too hard but may gently guide based upon societal needs and greater societal-level knowledge which often takes much learning time for individuals to acquire; "freedom is a state of mind," because work doesn't have to be un-free and onerous if it's fruitful.)

Israel got more than just the officially promulgated foreign-aid amounts. There are different forms of aids which either don't show up or show up in a different less-conspicuous thus-less-objectionable-to-the-U.S.-populace budgetary category. U.S. populace dislikes paying for foreign aids so aid must be disguised politically. It's not accidental that the U.S. has influence, despite our navel-gazing electorate and globally clueless legislators who pander to it, ignoring the continuation of commitments to foreign countries.

I'm actually quite pleased and maybe even proud that Mexico has taken at least for a while the title of having the fattest people on Earth from the U.S. Before Red China becomes a global menace ( congratulations to Red China upon its successful launch of the central and first section 天和 of the upcoming Red Chinese space station 天宮; as usual for any label coming from the CCP, one must consider its possible opposite meaning of 'sky/heavenly war' rather than 'sky/heavenly harmony'; recall those well-armed "weather, weather-radar-, and ship-sailors-rescue stations" with made-to-accommodate-strategic-bombers airstrip runways in the West American Warm Lake, three-year "natural" manmade disaster which starved to death 35-55 millions, Xinjiang's millions-strong "job-training" [voluntary] concentration camps, and Putonghua that is definitely not putong/common; unlike NASA born out of JFK's derogatory aversion of the U.S. Generals running amok again after the Bay of Pigs debacle which nearly triggered the nuclear WWIII, Red China put its space-related endeavors under its military's command; it's good that NASA had the foresight not to have the Red Chinese aboard the ISS to spy upon them, as "our CCP in heaven, hallowed be your name, your coercion come, your will be done, [spying] on earth [in U.S. universities] as it is in heaven [not the ISS, though, yay !]; give us today your dairy [cheesy] lie, forgive us our doubts, lead us now into [executive-bonus] temptations, and stick us into the bucket of black goop," ) its people have grown rather chubby, too. Chubbiness is a manifestation of not starving, the very ancient emblem of wealth. I may well be considered as being abundance- and fat-positive.

The "Capitalism is Broken" Economy.

"The models up and down the American economy are unsustainable. They have been built on the belief that profit — and, in many cases, exponential growth — should, as a rule, supersede labor conditions. In ‘knowledge’ jobs, they have been guided by the false idols of productivity and workism; in the retail and hospitality industry, these conditions have been facilitated by anti-labor campaigns, perverse private equity imperatives, and lax (or non-existent) regulation of the gig economy.

The pandemic did not create these conditions. It simply made them even more impossible to ignore — and created scenarios in which some workers (not all, but some!) have been empowered, perhaps for the first time in their working lives, to opt out.

I want to be optimistic about the potential for a shift in these models. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about American capitalism, it’s the skill and swiftness with which it translates resistance into personal, moral failure — which is precisely what so many of these business owners and politicians have done.

Refusing to prostrate yourself on the wheel of work is not a failure. Nor is it self-care — at least not in the narrow, individualistic way we conceive of it. It can be a means of advocating for yourself, but also your peers, your family, even your children. But here’s the thing about a reshuffle: you’re still playing with the same deck of cards, and the game of American capitalism is still rigged against the worker. Which is why business models in everything from tourism to early childhood care need to be fundamentally reconceived — and built in a way that doesn’t hinge on workers making poverty-level wages.

We should ask ourselves, our communities, and our government: if a business can’t pay a living wage, should it be a business? If it’s too expensive for businesses to provide healthcare for their workers, maybe we need to decouple it from employment? If childcare is a market failure, but we need childcare for the economy to work, how can the government build that infrastructure? If the pay you provide workers doesn’t allow them to live in the community, what needs to change? Collectively, we should be thinking of different funding models, different ownership scenarios, and different growth imperatives. Failure to do so is simply resigning ourselves to another round of this rigged game."


From: https://annehelen.substack.com/p/the-capitalism-is-broken-economy by Ms.Anne Helen Petersen