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Also...When workers get tax breaks...the company store increases prices. So the solution isn't tax breaks for the working class...who are the only ones balancing society and keeping the poor from starving (because someone has to in an economy where prices are so high and wages so low and jobs are scarce): The solution is to break up the company store aka the conglomerates who own them and to open the markets and entrepreneurship to the common man...which means breaking up monopolies duopolies hedge funds...subsidiary stock ownership (pooling of investments between multinational conglomerates and banks) etc. No matter what income we earn if the company store takes it all...we never gain a foot in ground even if our tax is reduced. The internet was providing the common man an avenue for independence and entrepreneurship...so they are going to crush it. Corporations and the rich thrive on our dependence.

Giving corporation reduced tax gives them more money to buy our government and change the law to control us. Don't they have enough wealth and power? Funny how the more money they have...the less rise in wages we see...stagflation for twenty years.

He also needs to be held to account for blatantly lying to his constituents. He is basically saying "yeah i fooled you- Suckers! Its your fault for believing me...what are you gonna do about it ...I have the power...you don't." He sees the American People as suckers and fools to be subverted and abused. Are we gonna take this? Where are his constituents to hold him to account?

Thread: Merry-Go-Banking
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (1653) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 day ago

cave cave deus videt :)

Divestment from fossil fuels isn't exactly taking place across the world. But, as with all things, seeds must be planted. Therefore, those who begin to divest send out the message that we all need to start planning for new energy alternatives which are out there, they're just not funded.

There has been much success, see:

"Renewable Energy Surpasses Coal as World’s Largest Source of New Electricity Capacity"


"First coal-free day in Britain since 1880s"


It's a process, flip. Nice to see you!

Thread: What Does Organize - Unite - Resist mean to me
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (22711) 1 day ago

UK Election - Vote Labour - Monbiot piece

"If ever there was a time to vote Labour, it is now" by George Monbiot


"The choice today is between brutal efficiency in pursuit of a disastrous agenda, and gentle inefficiency in pursuit of a better world. I know which I favour."

"The choice before us is as follows: a party that, through strong leadership and iron discipline, allows three million children to go hungry while hedge fund bosses stash their money in the Caribbean and a party that hopes, however untidily, to make this a kinder, more equal, more inclusive nation. I will vote Labour on 8 June, and I will not hold my nose. I urge you to do the same."

I wasn't distressed by the "semi-naked women" probably because of my upbringing. I saw and examined a completely nude pubescent girl when I was stripped naked at age four while being babysat by her. I therefore consider the picture of this "semi-naked" woman rather tame. I understand that Indians have a much stricter standard for covering up their females' bodies so it's possible that you, Indian or otherwise, may have a more prudish upbringing than mine, perhaps closer to the Indians'. Manhattan has racier advertisements than that picture.

Although that "semi-"nude woman has a flirtatious gesture, she's much more covered and tame than the one at a beach wearing a bikini and spreading her legs wide open towards me looking up her body "paying respect" to dead Pangu's(》Urgrund《) bodily landscapes(akin to the "Norse myth of the Giant Ymir, but also of the Babylonian story of Tiamat") after he had finished the Cleaving Creation that separated the male from the female principle. It seems ridiculous to a male like me why the less fabric used on a female's piece of clothing the more expensive it gets(seemingly defying economics' principle). Is the high price of the female clothing due to the male suckers who afford to buy it as an excuse to watch an exposed or stripped female body when it's gifted to the female and she puts it on? At the first time I saw a thong(or more accurately, missed seeing it there, duh!) from behind on a woman more than thirty years ago, I thought that I had just been moonstruck by a nude bonker.

What's wrong with facing the "avoiding the Irish made sense" paragraph? These cultural values or non-values are passed along willy-nilly to the new generations, including our own "mind children" or artificial intelligences. Soon we'll probably be equipping them with guns and teaching them how to target and shoot at human beings effectively, efficiently, and economically (hopefully with no more racial/ethnic prejudices learnt at exceptionally high speed from human beings). It'll just be Adam Lanza(someone said it well, "God couldn't be everywhere so He created a Mom for everyone!" - as His first responder) in cyborgnetics' form running in autonomous mode, doing the wetwork that we in AmokRica deem distasteful.

I don't want me to become the topic of distraction. Yeah, I know that several commenters thought that I was on psychedelics or dropped on my head but I'm taking neither any extrinsic psychedelics nor any medicine, prescribed or not.

As for psychedelics intrinsic to human bodies, I'm on those, the same as almost everyone who is human, being on those. Food is a kind of psychedelics so yes, I eat food but doesn't everybody else?

9-11 building 7 collapse discussions drew many responses and counter-responses bordering on a conspiracy theorists' flame war. We're not supposed to delve into conspiracy theories here. I think that 9-11 attacks were not prevented due to a gross lack of imaginations of the defenders of the U.S. The World Trade Center was bombed shortly after Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993. The plot to crash ten or so civilian airliners synchronously over the Pacific Ocean was thwarted. There was also a foiled plot to crash an airplane into the Eiffel Tower. Where do you imagine the terrorists would strike next and with what?

''Kleptocracy?: How Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Personally Profit from Their Roles in the White House'' (Video by DemocracyNow!)

ad iudicium ...

Thread: MIA Borders Just Dropped and ITS SICK
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 day ago

Somewhat shockingly ... I present the following for perusal:

fiat lux et fiat pax ...

Thread: Merry-Go-Banking
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 day ago

''Public Debt, Printing Money and How Governments Pay for Wars'':

fiat justitia ruat caelum ...

Re. first paragraph and your photos of semi-naked women and other embedded links above - thanx for reminding me why I should never click on your links but somehow managed to do so twice above!!! Re. second paragraph ... more sub-Freudian mumbo-jumbo but re. 9/11 .. well - NO view on Building 7; N0 knowledgeable view on anything from that fateful day!! I couldn't face the third para.! Do try to consider:

verum ex absurdo?

News for you and your British interlocutors: There is a certain demographic of White Brits who bizarrely think that immigration to UK has nothing to do with Empire and at the same time .. that Empire has no legacy! Furthermore, UK's NHS could not have been instituted OR maintained without immigration. Put that to boomer generation indigenous white Brits, more specifically English ones and see what reaction you get! Finally,the UK is resting on the laurels of past glories & the lack of class solidarity amongst its 50+ English population .. will sow the seeds of much tribulation in future. Also, re.21stC British Empire:

respice; adspice; prospice ...

Thread: conservatism and slavery
[-] 1 points by grapes (4835) 2 days ago

Now we can all truly see where the heart of the Democratic Party was. It's no wonder that Dodd-Frank and Patient-Protection Affordable Care Act were messed up. Was this taking of easy money coming from the Change that we could all Believe in (but Not made real)?

To be unbiased, here comes the taxcut bamboozle for the Trumpsters to receive. Dumpster diving inside Trumpanzees' throats revealed abscesses but we all know that turkeys can drown themselves looking up to the raining sky in order to quench their thirst. "No pain! No pain! Just close your eyes and charge up the Matrix(the pebble is still here but the software must be changed)." "We are hard-working people, too busy to look under this sheet." "It's the Mexicans. It's the Canadians. It's the Fickgina but it's not yet, until it gets wet. It's Judge Mosqu-Ito. I'm ficken them All in their Pussies!" What isss it...?

It must be the new-and-improved, new-century version of the Deep Throat!


It's never too late if my people still are. We can be sad (》traurig《) but an olive tree takes forty years(Same number of years as the wandering in the Sinai wilderness took! - one must believe in what one will Never see and what one will Never eat) to grow from a seed to a tree bearing olives. 《管子·權修》: 十年樹木,百年樹人。草蜢仔, the Truth of the Matter is: My Grandpa planted a "seed" and I picked the "olives." (It takes much due time to fruition) Corollary: By destroying olive trees, Israel is cursed and so, are we?

No I would have rather have preferred people have this epiphany back in 2011 when it could have been helpful. The idea was debated and dropped. Now it's too late. Your metaphorical grape vines aren't just dormant, they've been cut and mulched. You need a few decades to regrow.

Would you rather have experienced a collapse that would have hurt most innocent people? It's better(I believe my elders who went through much living hell in the last century) Not to have the Systemic Collapse, well, I hope, at least in my lifetime until I give back to the mushrooms. In any case, as with the Second Coming of Christ, the Systemic Collapse is staved off but not averted.

We have benighted drunkards at the helm trying to "simplify" things(every "simplification" of our tax code in my lifetime has complicated it instead due to the required transitional rules and fixing a systemic problem requires a systemic solution but the U.S. polyticks have no vision other than to suck more sap from the grapevines). As a good Christian looking forward to Armageddon, I have Faith that the Systemic Collapse will come. Folks have been going to church worshipping God for two millennia and Jesus has not returned yet. What's the big deal about coming to this virtual altar day after day and praying for justice, peace, joy, and the greatest of all Love(through mercy), the various fruits of the Spirit? Did you see in the clip that the tides ebbed and flowed as the world turned and a bird flew across the sea? See the 》Hoffnung《 in the thorn bird and 》Gesundheit《 in the "wine-dark" sea.

Just because the grapevines lie seemingly dormant in the hot hot sun doesn't mean the sap isn't filling up the grapes of wrath. The Harvest will come. God's winepress will be busy.

It would have been helpful to transform the occupy movement into a political party when the movement was vibrant and growing. It stagnated waiting for a collapse that never came. There aren't enough people left to throw much of a birthday party let alone launch a political party.

"perpetual motion of money" isn't quite correct. The root of all evils is the institutionalized perpetual theft from labor, "serving the best interest of labor." The stated goal is 2%(just about enough to confiscate all of a human battery's labor after a lifetime of working 40-50 years to make it drained and useless) confiscation of hitherto accumulated labor every year. National health care has become a government subsidy scheme for the medical insurance industry needing a bailout. The costs haven't come under control just because the government had put more money into the human batteries' pockets and forced them to patronize the medical insurance industry.

For the borrowers, there will be tax deductions, credits, depreciations, offsets, allowances, loan guarantees, federal backstopping, etc. Is it any wonder that the most productive country has been reduced to the most indebted country in the history of the world? The Liberals kept on muttering, "the U.S. is the wealthiest country in the world." It may be true but as with the Parable of the Prodigal Son, unwilling to reach into the pocket made the son live poorly. Due to our inbred polyticks, the bankruptcy of the U.S.A. will be remembered forever.

Solidarity with March for Science. Today, April 22, 2017. Over 600 marches around the world.

Historians say the marches today are unprecedented as scientists realize the need for "political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest."


Re: ''The U.K. has already been fed up with what it got from the immigrant and immigrant-descendant population.''

7 July 2005 London Bombings. There were more recent ones than that one, too, but that one stuck out in my mind. Also shortly before the Brexit referendum vote, many Britons expressed their feelings online. I was against Brexit but they changed my mind.

The European Union is a grand and worthwhile experiment. Europe has so many smaller countries that having a single currency and freedom of movement without crossing border checks make much sense. However, every political region is defined by the behaviors on its borders. The U.K. never quite joined up with the E.U. well(its language links less to France and Germany but more to Canada and the U.S.) and it certainly had the English Channel as its natural border even after the opening of the Chunnel. The U.K. has many "grown-up" children worldwide so it is entirely conceivable that they'll continue to trade with the U.K., including the once rather rebellious one called the U.S.A.

Here's a New-York-Yankee-style homomorphism map on a human female. The rule enforced by the females is that the bases are ordered and only to be reached consecutively in order. Mutual understanding and consent(take 'No' as an answer gracefully) are important so know or at least try to learn well the rules wherever one goes. Every human society mates its females somehow so as long as one is not in a harem-multiple-female-hogging-and-being-deprived(e.g., Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Muslim countries) or agrarian-derived-femicidal(e.g., China, India) situation, even big noses are very sexy to some females. The God(or Allah)-chosen sex ratio is very nearly one-to-one to make sure that by and large No one is left out.

9-11 Memorial in lower Manhattan now has two "yoni mandala" reflecting pools at the footprints of the two previous Berlusconi's phallic symbols. Perhaps the aluminum schlongs were too shiny, not trimmed, and therefore offensive to the terrorists who probably love multiple dark and lubricated worldly square feminine holes better(often, four is again a magical number, not just in golf and baseball). Golf allows hole-in-one(aces), -two(eagles), and -three(birdies) probably because aristocrats are obsessed with the goal of cooling their balls fast and therefore impatient with baseball games' rule of sequential fairplay, touching all the bases.

Re: "To avoid the Irish made sense" Why did you dread asking? It's often (though Not always, for there is such a thing as "Rendezvous with Destiny") preferable to live in a separate peace than to die in a together war. Great Britain had some connections to my family. Considering the (sordid) history of Great Britain with the Irish people and vice versa, it's wise to head off the historical animosity even though I believe in the Trans-Racial-Archimedes' Principle(阿基米德超越种族原则) so I have no problem with the human hardware(I doubt very much my own ancestors' having oppressed the Irish people but collateral damage is possible[Sikhs who had been murdered and attacked repeatedly and erroneously were not Iranian Ayatollahs or AhMadDinnerJar!]). Software matters for marital (familial and clan's) harmony, too!

Thread: Original Sin is the invention of a peculiar god
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (1653) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 week ago

Throw off the yokes. Dump Trump and all the Wall St oligarchs.

Thread: MIA Borders Just Dropped and ITS SICK
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

Yep, ''SICK'' that used to be ''wicked'' and before that ''bad'' ... all meaning ''GRRRRRRRRRREAT'' & here is replacement link to the one not working above, with lyrics:

fiat lux; fiat justitia; fiat pax ...