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Forum Post: Clintons best Buddy George HW Bush went into the Hospital

Posted 6 years ago on Dec. 25, 2014, 12:53 a.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe ()
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Gee I wonder did Hillary call him!? Does anyone know?

Look ole.... HW..... will go down in World History as the lowest scum bag in Global History.....out doing Stalin, Hitler, even Judas Iscariot.

Let US list ole HW accomplishments .....to gain a place along side Hitler, Stalin and Iscariot:

  1. In the 1960s he worked for Tricky Dick Nixon along with Henry Paulson, John Ehrlichman and the rest of the bums.
  2. Took the CIA into deliberate Drug Running and Money Laundering and this fact should have seen him be put to death.....more than once
    considering the number of civilians that George HW Bush has killed
    for his drug buddies.
  3. Was part of the Reagan - Bush team that economically suppressed the Black Ghettos in the USA when they took away Gov Sponsored Funds helping businessmen in those neighborhoods create and keep businesses going.....but instead.....Bush's drug buddies supplied the Ghettos with drugs "cheap drugs" and that money was laundered by HSBC....making the drug cartels even more successful in killing American civilians. Again HW should be put to death for this fact alone.
  4. The George HW Bush financial collapse of the US economy 1988,89,90,91 and part of 92..... started in large part by American Saving & Loan Stockton Ca. ....cons....and contributors to Reagan and HW through a company in Beverly Hills, Ca. called Trafalgar......yes this is absolutely true.....the Saving & Loan so called "scandal" was again all started by George HW Bush buddies.....who later became Washington Mutual and destroyed the economy again during Georgie Jr's reign of terror on the American People.
  5. And the simple fact that when .....HW went into Panama 1989 as he stated "to Save the People from Noriega" ..he actually went in to shut Noriega up...for at that time good ole pal and drug buddy Noriega was telling the World's press of HW's involvement in Drugs and Money Laundering, starting with the CIA which by the way after Noriega was removed by .. HW...in an illegal invasion of that Country...which killed a 1,000 civilians and did $100s of millions of dollars in damage....The Banks in Panama are now controlled by Drug Cartels and corrupt corporations such as HSBC, which is owned in large part by the Windsor Family ...ole Queenie herself.....the little ole lady in the yellow dresses that pans herself as a nice ole lady ....grandmother to Kate and William......lovely people those Windsors.......HSBC has been so successful at laundering drug cartel funds ..... drug cartels kill more people in Central American then poverty, poor health facilities, bad water, etc..10s of 1,000s of Mexicans die each year.......yes thanks to HW and ole Queenie....and her bank HSBC.
  6. Remember HW went to War to save Kuwait....August 1990....1st letting it happen "the Gulf War" , which ran up Oil Prices 4 fold and made oil producers in Texas and Saudi Arabia 100s of billions of dollars. Ole HW was in Aspen Colorado when Hussein entered Kuwait and deliberately failed to counter attack for days.....actually the more than 100,000 Iraqi troops that moved down the highway from Baghdad to the border with Kuwait should have been stopped or taken out on the road South .... remember little Noriega was taken out by thousands of US Troops the year before. But by letting it all happen...the Gulf War......HW......buddies in Oil took billions out of every ones pocket.....and then let Hussein stay in power only so Georgie Jr.....could start another needless War with lies....that all of this has gone on to destabilize the entire region for more than a decade and cost the People of the USA $$$..trillions....and thousands of mainly Poor American Kids White-Black & Brown their lives. This again is a good reason HW should be put to death. It is estimated the bribes and kickbacks to HW and His Family is into the billions of dollars and is kept in Saudi Arabia and Panama, both from deposited by Drug Cartels, HSBC and the Saudis. So with a new US President in 2016 and Chris Swecker in as US Attorney General ....Hell-O Chris....the Panamanian Banks will be taken over and drug cartel assets along with the Bush Family's billions will all be liquidated. Starting in 1994 met bankers from Panama who are willing to testify to the above.
  7. Then we have how Remember Tricky Dick Nixon buddy Henry Pauson and HW got it over again on the American People ....1st by the Clintons selling out to the ....HW.... faction in their trip to Max C. Chapman's Ranch the -B- and W.B. President's house James Wolfensohn in the Summer of 1995.... by the time Henry Paulson was moved into the command of Goldman-Sachs his goal was to take the Economy away from Gore and the Clintons let him get away with it....YES....good ole Henry what another..... HW dirt bag ... from GoldmanSachs.....see in March of 2000 a good friend of mine Marcus Healey and I watched Henry Paulson from the Headquarters of Merrill Lynch, watch GS ripoff Small & Mid Cap Investors belonging to GoldmanSachs as the Top Got Out.....committing investor fraud where by good ole Bush buddy Pres. Clinton and SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt did nothing..for 9 months..but the Clintons after leaving the W.H. so called broke had more than $12 million dollars in the bank 2 yrs. later......Thanks to HW ... GoldmanSachs and Henry Paulson...... Henry's reward for destroying the Economy the TECH BOOM starting in March of 2000 was to be appointed US Treasury Secretary......where He Paulson and HW's lame kid Georgie Jr...went on to ripoff the Planet including Greece.
  8. .....maybe Greece will put HW to death or at least the Greek EX-son-in-law of Alex Spanos should or will.... but that's another HW Bush criminal activity....unto itself. Will count that one as # 8 >>> What happen to Alex G. Spanos' Son in Law???? Remember Malta Summit ..where did HW go after that?? and who went along and where is Spanos' Son-in-Law. Ex - Son-in-Law??
  9. The establishment of the Financial Services Modernization Act or also known as the Gramm < HW Buddy from Texas, Leach, Bliley Act which destroyed the Glass-Steagall Act which was protecting our financial services system from being ripped off, But good ole Bush buddy Clinton signed the Act 1999, as pay back for 1995 the Clintons were not prosecuted for the White Water Real Estate ripoff, where by the way people died and others went to prison, but not good ole HW buddies Hillary and Billy they got off scot-free, for now that is, and of cause screw ball Nancy Pelosi signed the Act as well.......she is one of my older brother's best political friends....."Brother".....oh that's right..... "Impeachment is Off the Table" a very famous statement by another Bush buddy Pelosi. Ever seen the State of the Union Speech just after Pelosi took control as Speaker of the House and Georgie Jr. gave his State of the Union Speech.....watch it... it looks like Georgie Jr. is using a political dildo on Pelosi...seriously watch it. The only other video You have to watch is the Receiving Line to a party the Clintons gave for the King & Queen of Spain .... watch Billy & the King checkout the chicks as they come through the line....both are notorious pervs....whore mongers, like Queenie of England's husband so-called prince Phillip and the boys.....God was New Zealand all the buzz when the English boys and the Queenie husband screwed all the whores up at the Huka Lodge along the Waikato River after the eruption of Mt Ruapehu..1996.....as the Manager's girlfriend and the housekeepers tell the stories.....Why mention the perverts at all... Well one they are all married to Women who should Not be looked up to at all ..as Leaders at All for Women...for Wives who go along with their husbands perversions only teach their children and grandchildren its acceptable behavior and it isn't...again watch the White House video of the Receiving Line for the King of Spain and his wife Queen Sofia.....!!!! And Clinton ....Billy....blames his dead Mother for His ways....B..S..!
    10 ......for now we will make this the last one for The Night Before Christmas.......So guess WHY the Clintons, Paulson, Jeb Bush, the two Georges.....Dan Cook the III, Walter Scott Jr...and the rest of the Jackson Hole Gang and ..H W...cronies like the Carlyle Group never lost a dime in the Financial Collapse of 2008.....yet they publicly said....Gee We didn't know it was coming!!! ...... Look up John Ellis Bush LLC (JEB) and see who sits with ole Jebbie, another Bush weasel, in that Company of his and what its been up to for the last 3 years or so and how all of them got out of Real Estate and the Markets before the Crash of 2008.......

In closing maybe when HW goes into the Hospital the next time he won't come out a live and save himself from the Gallows.....but not from what "Real History" will write of "His Betrayal" his evil against US all, every American, for ...HW...is the Creator of Deliberate Chaos and He is a Judas Iscariot. ..... by James Peter Evanhoe on Christmas Eve December 24th, 2014 ...........Merry Christmas....To ALL and to All A Good Night!..............Thank YOU for Being.. Occupy Wall Street!



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[-] 0 points by Shule (2638) 6 years ago

Also let us not forget as Governer of Texas, George Bush ordered the execution of 200+ something inmates on death row who were found not guilty by DNA evidence that was unavailable at the time of their trial, except for one; a serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas who though not guilty of some murders he falsely confessed to was guillty of several others.

[-] -2 points by factsrfun (8294) from Phoenix, AZ 6 years ago

Given that would you like to explain why you work so hard to help elect the GOP? Like this poster here, who seeks to discourage people and convince them that they have no real choice when nothing could be further from the truth, the people have complete power and could create total change in a single election by simply telling each other the truth, but truth doesn't serve the Greens so people come here to keep OWS from spreading it.

and people in Texas are put to death so the Green Party lovers can dream....

Keeping people confused and feeling powerless is a classic control technique of the 1% and when they can get the radicals to do it to themselves that's priceless.

[-] 5 points by Shule (2638) 6 years ago

The truth is Clinton is a 1% quisling, i.e. Wall Street bootlicker extraordinaire. No smart minded liberal/progressive would vote for her. Clinton is a guaranteed loser in the Presidential election. Thus a vote for Clinton in the primaries is like a vote for Romney. And if the hag actually gets in she'll do the same as Romney. Given that choice, liberal/progressives have nothing to lose if they stay in bed on election day. So, the action is in the Democratic primaries. If the Democrats can get somebody else nominated in the primaries, one who does not lick the same boots that the hag does, then the Democrats have a good chance of winning the next Presidential election.

[-] -1 points by factsrfun (8294) from Phoenix, AZ 6 years ago

Did you get your talking points straight from Paul Ryan, or Scott Walker you are clearly a dear friend of them both!

Go ahead do what you will to elect your buddies the GOP but you won't do it here without being exposed.

[-] 2 points by Shule (2638) 6 years ago

I conclude you're a paid party hack on the Clinton payroll.

[-] 1 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 6 years ago


[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8294) from Phoenix, AZ 6 years ago

So are you saying that the GOP actually pays you to put up this shit? I knew they were rich but are they that rich? because dude you are not good at this, if you are getting paid the GOP are getting ripped off, so i guess that at least is a good thing.

If it walks like a republican. talks like a republican, elects republicans it's a damn republican! I've concluded you are a damn republican whether paid or not.

The proof is in how you run to label people rather than addressing their point, classic con technique when you are wrong on the facts attack the debater.

[-] -1 points by factsrfun (8294) from Phoenix, AZ 6 years ago

and to think his son was made President because Ralph Nader couldn't find a difference between W Bush and Al Gore just goes to show you how important it is to make a damn choice sometimes