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Forum Post: choose

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 15, 2018, 11:10 a.m. EST by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX
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Non psycho/sociopaths make a choice between good and evil. Those who choose conservatism choose evil and are ordinarily too stupid to know it!



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

US' ''FBI-CIA Collaboration Reveals Blatant Illegitimacy of Guantánamo Trials'', by Adam Hudson:

From which - "This is the reality of perpetual war. Like the Bush and Obama administrations, the Trump administration points to the 2001 'Authorization for Use of Military Force' (AUMF) - which gives POTUS power to use force against nations and terrorists linked to 9/11, as the legal authority for War-On-Terror policies, such as drone strikes, indefinite detention and keeping Guantánamo open.In an October 2017 Senate Foreign Relations Committee, then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that the 2001 AUMF “provides statutory authority for ongoing US military operations against eg. al-Qaida, the Taliban ... and associated forces, including against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS,” along with a “domestic legal basis for our detention operations at Guantánamo Bay.” “Associated forces” - is a term created by the Obama administration to cover groups fighting alongside al-Qaeda .. which expanded the scope of the AUMF. In that same hearing, Tillerson and Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis said that there should be no geographic or time limit to the War on Terror.'' So - welcome to the U$A's Endless Illegal War State!

et fiat justitia ruat caelum ...

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

Good and Evil are only relative to a coherent domains of people

There is nothing relative about evil. Evil is the harm done. Good is the absence of evil.

Capitalism is an anti-social, anti-community system ruled and operated psychopaths and sociopaths. It is a positive evil, because it harms the community we depend on for human survival. The morons, like Trump, who own the world are not less evil because they're unaware of the damage they do. Their evil is not mitigated by their stupidity or their ultimate self destructiveness.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

U.S. auto-mechanics stole wheel nuts off of cars brought in for check-ups and repairs. There is no harm done until additional nuts come off and the wheel breaks away, potentially causing a car crash and injuring and/or killing someone. By your definition, it is good. I say, "Absurd, it's Evil!"

Our shittoad's unilateralism got us into the failure to condemn DPRK at the UN for its human rights violations. It's NOT good! DPRK is very SHITTY on this human rights issue so let us go to WAR with Red China!!!

The U.S. can certainly destroy Red China for now so we should do it now before the opportunity escapes from us as the Evil Red Dragon grows its repressive strength day after day. The Draconian Empire shall not stand.

The Stars and Stripes Forever! There was a Free City called Danzig. 中南海 or Bust.

Geh mir nicht voran  - ich könnte dir nicht folgen
Geh mir nicht hinter - ich könnte dir nicht leiten
Geh nur an meiner Seite und sei mein Freund.

As the wheel nuts come off, we can at least crash the clown car at a worthy place.

Maduro should share some Russian bomber sandwiches with us before we embark for our final examination. What color is your parachute? Note that a video exists BEFORE the first airplane hit the North Tower and there was a fireman standing by @0:38. What were the fireman and the videographer doing there? Did they know that there would be an attack happening soon?

Free at last, Free at last! Thank God Almighty. We are Free at last!

"Blame the Russians for why 9/11 happened! If the Soviet-Afghan War never happened, then 2,977 innocent souls would never have been lost!" 9/11 came out of the Cold War thrusting a Muslim back[land] country, Afghanistan, to the forefront of superpowers' struggle. Jolting the medieval countries into modernity has terrible consequences. The U.S. jolting feudal Japan with gunboats for trading rights unleashed the barbarity of the inferiority and superiority complexes of the Japanese Imperial Army. Crimea/East Ukraine and DPRK/U.S.A. are developing in a similar way. Russian-hacked strategic bombers will figuratively bring down the twin pillars of world trade. No country on Earth shall be spared the grave consequences.

After the 9/11 attacks on America, Russia was greatly rewarded by the hundreds of thousands of tons of rubles moved across the divide. In jubilation to thank America for the riches, it generously donated the victory memorial which showed the gigantic сталь-vagina being inseminated with a semen ball clad by ¿melted 5-cent U.S. nickels? or perhaps the foreskins stripped from the ¿old-fart Russian strategic bombers in circumcision rites. The 11-sided memorial commemorates first responders' numerological superstitutions worldwide: 1/11, 3/11, 5/11, 7/11, 9/11, and 11/11. Some of which definitely reflect human obsessions and depravities. When I was a young child playing alone in my shantytown neighborhood (most often at the garbage dump nearest to home,) my Mom was afraid that I would be kidnapped so she taught me how to spot kidnappers, robbers, thieves, and terrorists. It was a tried-and-true and successful formula that had kept me safe and alive: any unrecognized person whose nostrils pointed downwards was a terrorist. Our U.S. Department of Homeland Security can benefit from my Mom's wisdom, too. As shown from actual experiences, a transregulated shantytown neighborhood can entrap outsiders such as thieves very well. Its power was well demonstrated to my Brother, a recent newcomer to the shantytown neighborhood, when he wearing his brand-new festivity's clothings and running in a hurry, fearing (fear is such a terrible emotion for acting correctly) of missing out on the festivity's opening ceremonies, landed in a pigsty's trough of hoggyswasch. Transregulation works. Have you ever wondered ¿why? his battle-cry was "Drain the hoggyswasch!" but pork will become scarce, won't it? Besides, how can we then re-enact the fairy tale of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs?

In the afternoon on the day before the twin towers came down, I talked with a person who was destined to perish as a victim in the next morning there. I understood life's fragility and how the parental love for the children had led to a family's tragedy at the WTC. It was emotionally difficult for me to keep my mouth shut (although I did to allow the authority to inform the next-of-kin properly over some time as a sign of respect for the family -- one never knew what was still under the huge piles of debris until they had been sifted through; telephone connection was knocked out for a few days but I eventually made connections with the missing ones who weren't caught in the WTC collapses and were instead stranded by the numerous flight cancellations after the attacks; it's cruel to tell the family when one's still unsure that their loved one shall never return because what if the person walks in through the family's front door? all of the grieving would become unnecessary suffering) before all hopes had vanished for the return of the loved one to the family. The truth hurts but it takes time to sink in. Not knowing the truth can spare people the anguish for a little while longer. What more can we hope for but a moment of happiness in life?

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

Purpose: What is the community? What does it do? What can it do?

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Good and Evil are only relative to coherent domains of people such as "Americans" meaning "the people of the nationality of the U.S.A." For any such domain, unity can make it great but what's good for one domain can be evil to the adjacent domain. For example, Red China broke most international norms of proper behaviors and got away with it due to, in my opinion, the U.S. politicians' corruption. Obviously, China's CCP considered the breaking of these norms as good for it but it's extremely terrible for the global community of nations. There will be HELL to pay so yeah, people around the World will eventually get it when it hits them in their faces. Then they will recognize that it's evil.

Most people are now delusional about the success of Red China's economic development model thinking that authoritarianism was why it had succeeded. It's absolutely false. It succeeded because the repressions provided the political certainty that allowed otherwise unpalatable changing of the national direction to be carried out without opposition. Ask the "Volunteer Army" old-timers who had fought the U.S. soldiers in Korea why the murderous Yankees (or even much worse, the deviously sick Japanese who had committed war crimes in China) should suddenly become welcomed and honored guests to be treated with courtesy and respect. They will tell you that they dislike it but they won't say it openly so there was the manufactured unity.

Then the CCP bullshit about the repression being necessary for the economic success to justify its clinging to power. Well, there are many overseas ethnic Chinese communities with similar genetic and cultural heritage such as in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Britain, Australia, Canada, the U.S., etc. which were all better off economically than the community of Red China and most of them did not need the governmental political repression to become economically well off. There were also many repressive regimes around the world such as North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc. They certainly didn't become economically successful. What's true was that trading with the U.S. played a major part of becoming rich or well off for Japan, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Poland, and China.

Yes, Virginia. There is "a Santa Claus" as well as "Santa Claws" in the invisible field "the Force" whose configuration in people's minds constituting trust determines business confidence and success, thus prosperity. It's why cybercrimes and confiscation-of-property crimes are so devastating to prosperity. The wealthiest person of China, Jack Ma, worked for years on his business Alibaba with no great success so what was he working for then? Although there was no apparent success, the trust was being built up in people's minds every single time a transaction was successfully completed through Alibaba so its business volume increased over time. Amazon grew in the same way, showing years of negative, no, or low profits but its revenue was increasing greatly.

Remember that the trust is an informational field so it can collapse as quickly as the speed of light in free space which limits how quickly information can travel. Repression seeks to "destroy" the negative information, stop, or slow its spread. My Brother exercised repression by editing his school grade report before handing it over to Mom but in the close-knit shantytown neighborhood, the truth had legs! Yep, Mom luxuriated and bragged about his "success" in front of the neighbors but flew into a rage beating him up after she had been stood up in front of the neighborhood children who were his classmates. Doesn't this feel familiar? Having gone to the Dark Side, the U.S. has become the butt of the Joke, laughingstock of the World, and the flabby droopy limpy Dick with a vascular obstruction problem, waving it helplessly in front of the beauty craving for "the consummation." Yep, Niagra. Hahahahahah! Sad... Yeah, edit the grade report to make Mom proud until she pulls down his pants and things go Whack, Whack, WHAAAA!

My Brother didn't check with Mom's rules first. If bad grades were the trigger for being spanked, my "leading-from-behind" kindergarten class rank should have made Mom spank me but I was spared because I was not stupid but clueless. That explained my terrible grades well. My Brother kept on saying even years afterwards that Mom was showing favoritism and that I was "Mom's Pet." I heard it straight from Mom's mouth that she did not and would not spank any of us for bad grades so I asked why my Brother was spanked. She said that his lying to her by editing his grades merited his being spanked. She did have a point because she said that she didn't spank me for my family-record-breaking kindergarten class rank. I think that I was actually the greatest pupil in that kindergarten class because I had made all of my classmates great in comparison and spared them from being spanked for bad grades at home -- I might have been the Savior of kiddie butts, "ich dien." My Brother and Mom misunderstood each other. It led to violence because my Brother went for Mom's trigger. I think the severity was exacerbated by her being group-shamed due to his deliberate misdeed.

I was wondering why I seldom found strongly flavored fish such as mackerels and sardines for sale anymore, most now being imports from southern Europe and northern Africa. We certainly share the Atlantic Ocean with these exporting countries and these fish can certainly swim to our side of the ocean without tariffs or passports. Why were there Polish (probably from the North Sea) sardines for sale? Of all places, we have lots of apple trees in upstate New York so the Polish apple juice seemed oddly out of place because of the long distance that it had to be shipped incurring cost. Poland was doing business with the U.S.

The parents of Red China did get it right when they decided that their children should learn English instead of Russian so trading with the U.S. would be facilitated. Learning English was also critical for some adults such as Jack Ma. It's not the repression that made a country rich. It's the unity of purpose that enabled carrying out the necessary reforms.

If you ask businessmen in which country they would rather do business, an arbitrarily ruled country such as Iran or a rule-based country that has clearly stated laws with stipulated penalties. They will tell you the latter. I think Iran had strayed very far away from its Persian roots because Persia had Cyrus the Great who stipulated laws in difficult-to-change stone, probably the earliest instance of setting the legal foundation for a law-based civilization.

I prefer freedom for people so of course, I don't mind young women wearing nose rings to decorate and fashion themselves after the former (sex?) slaves if that's what they want and like but I think it's not in "good taste." I'm a bit squeamish just thinking about human beings being pierced or punctured. Can you picture crushed human skulls in "the Skeleton Pit?" Eew!

A community sets obscenity standards and punishes hawkers of obscenities. What's obscene is determined by the state of mind which can be programmed. This programmability is exactly what the largely leftists or religious fanatics exploit for selfish ends to make others commit terribly scary deeds. Then there'll be HELL to pay later most likely by the innocent people because information is conserved. Any "constitutional" country which amends its Constitution to suit the whims of its ruler(s) collapses the positivity in its Force. Good things will just wilt on the vines and people will scurry for shelter and sustenance elsewhere.