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Forum Post: Systemic Sociopathy - Bullies Targeting the Meek in a Pandemic

Posted 2 years ago on March 30, 2020, 10:14 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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It isn't much fun for the big men of politics and stock markets to go after the other big fat sharks. It takes much less energy and work to pull the rugs out from under the most vulnerable people in our society. It causes the most fallout to their lives too...

How fun it is to drag them into their jobs in the middle of a pandemic Les Mis style and tell them they can always quit when they begin to ask too many questions about Covid stricken co-workers or ask for a pair of gloves kind sir. It's fun to watch their eyebrows furrow in worry and fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It's fun to tell them to wash their hands and leave the sinks without soap or water. It's fun to crowd them into a room together and then tell them everything is perfectly safe and watch the confusion on their faces as they hold their breath when someone sneezes. It's fun to force them to work overtime while the rest of society takes a hiatus and watch their exhausted faces wish for a break.

Is it possible that it is perhaps more than greed, spreadsheets, penny pinching, or shareholders driving the decision to keep low wage workers in unsafe conditions? Or not to pay them what they deserve? Perhaps this pandemic revealed something far more sinister and sadistic than we ever in our empathic brains could imagine.

Perhaps there are people who just plain get off on the control they can wield over other people. The more panic and fear they can instill - the better they feel. Their employees can't imagine it's something other than pressure from shareholders and the usual bunch of bs blather. Neither can we. But what if it's just that? What if certain CEO's and people like Jeff Bezos just posses a sick sadistic twisted need to control others for the sake of control? It's not that they can't afford sanitizers, or cleaning, it's not that they can't issue a notice about options and info about sick co-workers, it's that they love to watch you bleed, and plead, and BEG them to do the right thing. Once we in society begin to understand these sick stricken minds maybe we will begin to understand that negotiating for reasonable things with people who maliciously enjoy harming other people beyond reason - just isn't possible. Bullies only understand one mindset - their own. And the ways they operate just aren't where we are willing to go. But let's at least name what it is they are doing - which is nothing less than sinister abuse.

And though they aren't going to respond to reasonable requests or idle threats - they will respond to consequence. And there is a very real legal consequence for endangering the public and employee health - it's called class action lawsuit or possible arrest for public endangerment.



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[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

Power and Wealth! The eternal plot. Civilization is the story of ruling elite classes that measure the progress of our human community by their increases in POWER and the wealth. The latter is created by our common works that the former allows them to take from us.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

The U.S. contracted mononucleosis from kissing the Cloaca Maxima carrying the Epstein-Barr virus. The Deep Whites' House has discovered that the Occupant's ancestor, a draft-Heer escapee from Teutonia ( obviously being reclassified as an enemy state,) operated a brotherhoochy. The electorate voted not for bullet-hard flavorless non-rotten tomato, but for the bullies' Colon Power to shit.

Wall Street safeguards the hole-in-one [In]Fidelity birdie Investments on golf courses. Why do Little Fingers like them? They're "Indian"-conservation-land reservations made of the 5th element, only to be found on the trans-Aristotelian-crystal sphere where the Supreme Finger traces the phonographic groove to make the music of the spheres.

I was chided for being so "negative" but apparently people's being "positive" is counter-balancing me. The great equalizer's tendency is always towards balance and its acting based upon the fragments of complaints which it has overheard ( "When your ancestral stone lion cries blood, the Deluge'll arrive," but no one had heard our ancestral stone lion "cries," although there was "blood," and then there was much more than bloody teardrops... sickening... )

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 2 years ago

And it's not just Jeff Bezos the same is true for the big men running hospitals, running government, running things into the ground because it gives them a petty thrill watching other human beings suffer. These men are so rich it isn't really about the money - they have enough to live a hundred lifetimes and relax in comfort. What drives them to rise to greater power and positions and to keep working at what they do? It seems apparent that men like Trump while pretending to be on the side of the common man - really enjoys watching and creating and having the front row seat and crown to wield suffering upon the little people. It excites them, it releases their boredom, and inner self hate. Trump even projects his own anger onto Greta Thunberg calling her a very angry little girl - when he is talking about himself. But the thing they love most of all after inflicting pain upon the meek is pretending to want to rescue them playing the hero role admonishing themselves as philanthropists, and great men of the people, stepping in to ease the stage of suffering they set to begin with.

"Here at last is the sanitizer I bestow to you with all the pains it took me to get it here for you. On top of this here is a bonus box of tissues."

But don't get too comfortable - won't be long before he is pulling that rug out again.