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Forum Post: Black Friday Depression

Posted 3 years ago on Nov. 23, 2018, 11:40 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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Company executives and corporations are killing America and the world. Millenials don't know how much this world has changed for the worse in just a couple of decades. This was not the culture when I was growing up as gen x. The world used to shut down. The cartoon Whoville in The Grinch shuts down on Holidays because it reflected life...everything shut down on Christmas. A Wonderful Life actually reflected the feelings of people in the day. Greed has won for now but this is not how it has always been. Why are we giving away our short lives to asshole Companies CEO's and Banksters? Demand it back.

Unionize Unionize Unionize...Ups grow some balls and strike regardless of Hoffa. Screw him and screw greed. Amazon and Walmart Workers form a union now now now!!! Don't wait. Don't work ft and expect a car is a good enough roof or what you deserve. Americans what the hell has happened to our self esteem? Is this who we are now? And for all you IT assholes seriously how about sticking up for the rest of us...cause your jobs are dwindling now too we know you sat back and judged the rest of us as medieval rubes but it isn't too late...you can jump in anytime now. Screw your charity functions...stand up for the working class you too will be moving on down soon to join us.



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[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

I savor the comment from an observant teenager: San Francisco is the City of Bums, with wandering homeless people and so much [man] shit in the streets.

It's not Sili-cone Valley. IT is Sili-con Depression.

Kids have unique, keen, and refreshing perspectives. I'm trans-religious due to a few kids' arguments about Buddha statue, carved-wood bloodied Jesus on the Cross, idol worshipping, and whose god was the greatest. They were ALL correct about why the other one's god cannot be great, surprisingly: Buddha was "made of clay." Jesus was "made of the bloodied wood." Both were "idols" [graven images] and "should be destroyed."

Can we have some peace and quiet, kids? Rule number 1: keep your hands and feet to yourself. Rule number 2: if you must "interfere with another," ask about the target and get permission from the community first.

"They eat dirty trash-eating-pigs' pork. They eat holy cows' beef. They eat baby calves' veals. They eat garbage-dump-foraging dogs. They eat rat-eating cats. They eat monkeys. They eat fruitbats. They eat squirrels. They eat mice. They eat chickens [ both yellow and sesame hens : ( ]. They torture and eat animals." What should we eat, kids? Fruits and vegetables, just as Adolf Hitler did in his latter years perhaps?

The nauseating reaction I had upon learning from Mom that the tasty chicken I had eaten was my hand-raised chicken pet taught me that the nauseating feeling had originated from my mind knowing that fact. There was absolutely no problem before I had known. In fact, my pet tasted better than most other chickens I had eaten. I suspect that religious people's aversion to various foods originated from their minds, too, due to their idiosyncratic religious/moral upbringings. Physically, we are just eating conglomerates of atoms, ions, and molecules. We ourselves make the distinctions so we ourselves get the reactions and incur suffering, sometimes even spilling over to others. Upon eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam's eyes were opened and was duly punished. I think his eyes were not physical eyes but his mind's eyes. Imparting knowledge to blind people doesn't make them see but it makes them "see" with knowledge by opening their minds' eyes. There is a lot more to "seeing" than just the physical act of looking. What we see depends on what we know. This was a major impediment to the advancement of computer vision.

God probably wouldn't have handicapped Adam physically by making him with eyes incapable of looking. God wanted Adam to take care of the Garden of Eden. The task was better done by someone who can look. Looking is not complete seeing. Seeing involves knowing. In fact, one can "see" beyond the corner by knowing. Physical laws are what this knowing acts upon.