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Forum Post: Bartleby

Posted 9 years ago on April 27, 2012, 6:46 a.m. EST by ar261 (0)
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I'm writing an English Literature dissertation about Bartleby and Occupy Wall Street.. wondered if I could have some input of everyone's thoughts if they have a moment. It's under the title of the Uncanny - Freudian reading of Bartleby (if anyone's interested it's very interesting). But I wonder, by reading the story, and taking on the voice of the narrator (the lawyer, the 1%) does this not make the protestors themselves take on the voice of the lawyer and thus all that you're fighting against? Would silence have been more Bartleby's style? If anyone has any thoughts please do get in touch with me, I'm handing this thing in in 2 weeks when I finish my degree in English Literature so the sooner then better. As a final note, I was very much inspired by the reading of Bartleby-to the extent that I'm finishing my degree writing all about it! Thanks in advance for any input.

contact: ar261@sussex.ac.uk



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