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Forum Post: Anvaya Cove Lot for Sale - A Seaside Residential Community Like No Other

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 14, 2014, 3:50 a.m. EST by kandicestreet (0)
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A Seaside Residential Community Like No Other.

Cliffside neighborhood PhP 11,000 / square meter Anvaya Cove http://anvayalotforsale.com/ is Ayala Land Premier’s first venture in leisure development. Its unique “mountains meet the sea” topography gives it the features of both a mountain retreat and a seaside resort.

Other Features • Beach and Nature club membership included with lot purchase. • This 1,130 SQM lot is among the largest in Cliffside, (Average size is 794 SQM) allowing for great flexibility in the design of your home and gardens. • Elevation views: This lot is located at the highest elevation of the Cliffside neighborhood. • You will enjoy an extensive ocean view from the upper level of your home.

A seaside residential community like no other, Anvaya Cove encompasses 320 hectares, from a 3.5 kilometer coastline to a peak elevation of over 130 meters above sea level. The development offers neighborhoods with distinctive environments set against stunning views of the mountains of the Bataan range and the waters of Subic Bay.

Cliffside Lots

Cliffside is the signature neighborhood of the entire Anvaya development. This area is the most scenic because of its elevation (35-50 meters above sea level) and commanding views of the beach, Subic Bay, and the Zambales mountain ranges.



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